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Wisam Sharieff
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Salam Alaikum Abdullah you guys peace be upon you around you and made peace emanated everything that you're doing friends this exact moment we just closed the most of Bilal is capturing it right now friends we just finished the whole does each page broken into five line segments seven times each 20 pages we finished 20 pages times three I can give you the entire hour count right well I estimated 30 minutes on average but we're doing about just over 20 minutes each seven and a half hours in totality a three by three is supposed to be 11 hours

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or more hours from right now yes 11 more hours so I think we could totally do that if we knock out five hours today

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machine right

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turned off Alhamdulillah this Saturday recording and today yeah, we completed eight hours of record time. I think about that solid eight hours solid like crazy Amana it's like eight hours of runtime so we have eight hours of film and we are on our way to complete the first job everyone I just wanted to catch that for both of us. Please keep dreaming please keep making blogs bigger and better if your blogs do not scare you are not making the wealthy enough. So just catch up with everyone I'm gonna go try to figure out what planet I'm on and I'll see you all soon. Along my last Allah Allah Masha Allah Who Salah Wanda Dejong has an endo Sheikh Salah we literally have 12345 6.6 pages

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literally 6.6 pages. We like amazing. I don't I think we should point out to the to the to our viewers. Yeah, it's the team. If it was two people who couldn't work together or or just the energy didn't flow, you couldn't work for eight hours. Yeah, you couldn't record for eight hours. But here's the thing, like we've been working together on this stuff for two plus years now. Yeah, right. I think that we're recording together for two years. Yeah. So like two and a half, actually two and a half years now. Yeah. And so even in a corporate setting, it's difficult to do a full productive eight hours in an eight hour setting. If you're sick for eight hours and go to work for

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eight hours, go to work for eight hours. But you might do if you're super productive. Six hours, on average, four hours of work. And so for us, we started rolling at 11 11:09am. Okay, but we were here before that we were like you got here like 1030 Yeah, yeah. And so and now it's just past seven or almost seven. And we have one minute to seven, one minutes to seven. And we just stopped the cameras. And so and in the middle of it all, I think we might have taken a 30 minute lunch during Min Max. Max out a prayer. Yeah, one time when I went over there. But in between that we were rolling. We had meetings. We were bringing with us a great brainstorming video. Yeah. And Soylent.

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We just want your promotional sponsor here.

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Yeah, don't stop to eat big meals. When when you do this kind of work. If we did a breakfast lunch or dinner, there's no eight hours. Yeah. I mean, like in terms of food, like literally protein bars, dates, peanut butter, peanut butter. Right. And leftover Chipotle? Yeah. And plenty of caffeine. I have. I have one meal setup for now. So and I had Helene, that I brought from home. Ah, okay. Right. So that's helped efficiency, healthy healing. Yeah. Like, well believe.

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Yeah, and I brought my protein also. So as soon as I get in here, right, just put it all together and put it, chug it down. And Bill comes in and makes one of his, he'll make a shake and then put some protein and yeah, on top of it. And you can sip that 800 Like for I tried to

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get it up to about 600 700 calories. Yeah, just sip it through. So yes, you get a little hungry, but you keep feeding the craving. I want to say to everyone, if you don't love what you do, eight hours will not pass. Even if you don't love what you do, as long as you know why you're doing it. Right. Like as long as is driven by purpose. Right? Because at the end of the day, when you're talking about grind, it's a grind. Right? Like nobody likes grinding. Yeah. Right. So it's like, it's a grind. It's a grind. You have to get through the because anyone doing this on their own. Don't be discouraged by the system. We're trying to record all of it at once. If you were doing have five

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lines and then using each video, it'd be very today, how many pages didn't end at nine? Like what 123456788 full pages. Okay, so let's talk about this in total time. We've done seven days of recording

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Okay, in seven days of recording, we've covered

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going through the whole system minus writing except writing was for first, let's go back. We completed in three days. Five pages, which right in the first weekend is a lot of content right person could be sitting there doing a page or two pages a week. Well, my recommendation, full time person, family, hobbies, all that one page a week. Yeah, not five pages a weekend.

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Right. Now what we've shot can be slow drip to the world, the world you all will appreciate this. Maybe over I could say four months, five months. Yeah, we if you did this much work in four months. You should be happy. If you finish it just in four months. Very happy. Yeah. Shoot, I'm talking about finishing touches in like, a year, you

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know, even if I did a page a week and 20 weeks, five months. Yeah. Right. So I'd be done. Right. I'm saying I'm saying like if you're talking about keeping a good pace. Yeah. I'm talking about keeping a lazy pace. slow pace. Yeah, you can still right now again, I'm talking about I'm talking about the 30 year plan. Tell the slow pace. People don't it's about dedication. That's my concern. No, it's about it's about consistency. It's like, like, like you're talking about how you doing jiu jitsu classes. You go once a week. Yeah, right. I mean, it's so but once a week you go exact consistency, though, guys, you have this. I've taken jujitsu as you should take Quran as a lifelong thing that

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will improve forever. Yeah, I'm okay with 15 years of duty, because that makes sense to me. If you see someone I roll for a year, you didn't really do anything, right. I want to get into to get deep in this, like, I got to Quran. Take your time, you had to happen for 10 years. But yes, once a week, stay consistent. And so for those guys out there who's trying to do that consistency is going to be I just realized with someone I can like the flip side, I'm doing to do to four to five times so we can do it on like once a week.

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Like a lot more a week. Yeah. Okay, so that's it guys, right? Like that's, that's where we're at. That's what we're doing. That's what we recommend. Well, this is what we recommend that you to do, not to the same level of intensity.

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But at this level, I have to say, I'm recommending that you all go look at this and get motivated, not just a memorize grind, but didn't go do it. Look, we had overhead issues, and we didn't cry and make ourselves a victim. You went down made something. Yeah. Hold on. Let me flip this around with a real problem. Just a regular technical problem. It's a little thing. I bet you everyone out there could like see this as a motivation what you thought was impossible to take 2423 hours of recording? Yeah, we did it. Yeah. So you guys get out there and go do something fantastic. And then we'll watch you well, it's still like, you know, we still have this idea of bringing the Quran to the world.

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Yeah. You know, such as it was a to 2010 I made the I was like, You know what, I would love to be able to bring the Quran to the world. I just don't know how, but that you know that. So I showed below the level 12345 Yeah, you showed me toward 2009. And that was part of it. Part of the inspiration. I just didn't know what you were talking about. Yes. Right. Like I understood like a you want to help people read Quran I get it, right. I had my own thing, like, you know, I would love to bring cloth to the world. Right? Okay, this makes sense. I showed bill all the equivalent of all of Braun revolution curriculum, the whole curriculum for Quran by number everything in one

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hodgepodge in five sentences. So I was like, level 12345. Here are the acronyms for them. And this was everything from letters to finish a memorization. And I remember in 2009, he just kind of stared at me like, well, so that wasn't your fault. But the thing is, it took a couple of years to decode. Yes, right. I got it. I absorbed it. We had many conversations afterwards, you know how to get it out. Even then you're like, Okay, I want to teach this. But I didn't know how to just fast forward in 2011. Again, I showed it to a business person and the whole system. And they were like, it's amazing. I just have no idea where to go with this. Like what could we do? And then this whole

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subscription thing, and it'll be awesome. Look back 2020

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It'll be awesome. Look back at 2025 and pull back your own 2029 2009 bid every 100 year yeah. Every 100 years Allah will send a new group and they will and will you live in history or something? I don't know. I was funny your time Yeah, right. It was I was pretty angry at them just for not coming to class. So I was like, yeah, so why are you sitting in a room Lee? Bata Yes, go who learned it, lived it

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to do nothing. And that clip if you guys see it as something awesome and intense. Those are just staring me like

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an automaton it's like, you're living out of your suitcase because of the travels and stuff. Yeah. Later.

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I will be learning how to suitcase them. But it was great. The students were still like why is he so? Passion can be seen as eccentric yeah right they were just like

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we can you tell us to write some notes like no recrop just be real guys don't don't don't don't do things that make you feel better do things that are right. Do things that actually make you better. Ah, I was looking for it. I was like, not something that makes you better. But yeah, so that's it. I think it's a good note to end on. Yeah, great day. Excellent day man. Sales tomorrow. I shall look inshallah

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