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Salam, alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone, those of you who are tuning in, if you don't mind, before we begin, just tell me how you're doing. Tell me where you are and how you are treating this whole isolation thing. What have you been doing? What have you been keeping yourself busy with? There's just a couple of things that I wanted to share with all of you that I think is important, and we should talk about it. The first is, it's unbelievable how many Muslims out there are still trivializing how serious it is to be isolated, and to not go to the massage it or not have large gatherings. And it's really troubling. And the reason why I bring this up is still I get questions

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after questions, so many emails and text messages of people asking me Should we have Gemma? Or what kind of job geometry should we have? How many people should be praying? It's so and so place. And the Juma topic still continues. I really don't understand why but it's still out there. I personally, as all of you know, I don't I don't get involved in those kinds of conversations in the sense that I don't get on Facebook or social media, and have debates with anybody. I think for me personally, this is just my humble opinion. But I believe it's a complete waste of time. But that's my choice. If somebody else wants to do that, it's up to them. But really, and truly, we have to

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sort of, I guess, get over this. And just understand that jomar is not happening now. And we don't know when we're going to be able to gather as we used to in our massages, but at least for now, just understand the very important authentic narration of our Prophet Ali's slot was Salim that a lot and silica gel will never hold us accountable for the things that are beyond our control. This is why the believer when something happens we say Kadar Allahu Masha, a feral that this is by the will of Allah and he does whatever he wants, we usually use that statement that our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam taught us. We use it during the times of things in situations that we can control. So if

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you're so for example, if you're not waking up for failure, and you can't just wake up everyday at like 10 o'clock, or one o'clock in the afternoon and be like, oh God, that Allahu Masha Pharrell, it doesn't work that way. Because what you need to do is you need to set your alarm, you need to go to bed early and do the little things so that you get up the next day. And this is, again brings us to the to this whole issue of blaming Allah for everything. We have a lot of accountability that we have to take within ourselves, we can't just blame Allah for every little miniscule thing in our life. And so for the things that Allah gives us some control, the things that Allah allows us to

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make choices in, we have to be accountable for those kinds of choices. And so, please understand that whether it is Juma whether it is the Salawat whether it is congregating in the massage it and believe it or not, I've already started hearing conversations from different places around the world that taught all we is is a big subject now and Ramadan because we're getting closer to it. A lot of these massage it and organizers have already started thinking about what life would look, if there was no toddle, we in the masjid and no ifs thought in the masjid. So it's that's where we're heading so far. I don't know. I don't think anybody really knows. When that time comes in, shout Allahu

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taala what it's going to look like but at least for now, many of them as Sajid, have already started to discuss this and have already started taking precautions and preparing whether or not Muslims will be congregating during Ramadan.

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These times are really something and what I'm learning so far as we've been isolated, obviously, we have a lot of time on our hands, what I've been learning about and reflecting on quite a bit is just how serious this virus is. And the more people I talk to, it's really amazing to see that how many people in general not just Muslims, but people in general, just don't see this as a serious thing. They might say, yeah, it's serious, but I don't care or Allah knows best or I just go about my day, I haven't really changed much of my routine. Like seriously, I mean, all honesty, what are you doing? You have to be able to take this thing seriously because it's this is a plague that's

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affecting everybody across this planet. And so panela perhaps maybe in the next few weeks, life is going to really change for all of us. Our routine, our choices, a lot of things are going to change. So it is something that all of us should take seriously. When I'm sitting in front of my driveway. I mean, that's the only I guess you could say outdoor time that I have is I literally sit in front of my driveway. I'll pop up or pop up in the gutter

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I will just sit there and I'll have my kids just play right in front of me. And that's really about it. Every so often we would see neighbors and people walking by. And sometimes they would say hello. And we would have social distancing, distancing, of course, right. So they would be very far from us, but we will be talking Hey, how's it going? So how you coping with this whole Coronavirus thing? And it's it's mind boggling how much most of them say it's no big deal. We just go about our life like any other person. So what no big deal. And as we're learning more and more about the implications of this virus, some people can have it without any symptoms. Like that's scary. And so

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brothers and sisters, like we all have to truly, truly take this as serious as possible. And and follow the advice of officials and health officials and experts follow their advice. These are the times where a lot of our fatawa comes from these people. A lot of our direction in our choices comes from them. ie moms don't have direction and the moms won't have all the answers. We're not medical experts. We don't know and understand how exactly a Coronavirus works. We're also following the same instructions that everybody else is following. So that's really the first thing brothers and sisters is just that, please try to express and talk to people and post about it bring awareness to that

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people have to continue to take this seriously, and especially brothers and sisters, especially fellow Muslims. The second thing is this guys.

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So about a week ago, I started feeling like I had symptoms of the virus. I started coughing, I started getting like a chest cold, I started getting headaches. I didn't have all the symptoms, but I was getting a lot of them. So the first thing that I thought of was let me call these telehealth for the telehealth phone number. And to get at least some advice and direction. And then least the pre screening would start over the phone that would ask me certain questions. And depending what my symptoms were, they would tell me get to the hospital or isolate. So I called and nobody answered the phone. So eventually, I just left a message I left my phone number, believe it or not about four

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or five days later, somebody called me back and asked me how was I feeling. And I'll come to the lab by Allah's grace of feeling like 99% better, most of the coughing and the chest cold. And all of that is gone now. So hamdulillah I think it was just a flu or just a regular cold and nothing more when he let you come with this person on the phone, this young lady, when I told her everything and she said, You know, it just sounds like you have a cold, just keep resting and relax and isolate yourself. I just I couldn't help myself, I said to her, you know, I before you hang up the phone, I just want to say to you that God bless you. And we are praying for you guys, the nurses and the

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doctors and the health officials, that you guys are the ones that ultimately at the end of the day are in the front lines of this virus, and subpanel. And now a lot of you are also getting the virus by treating patients with the virus, like, just want you to know that we are here we're praying for you guys to stay healthy and to stay strong. And just thank you, you know, this, this lady on the phone, she started crying. And then I couldn't help myself. So guess what I started doing? I started crying with her. And I just said, you know, things will be okay. We just have to trust each other and look out for one another. And she just kept saying yes, yes, absolutely, absolutely. And then

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the best part of it was that she just kept saying thank you. And she appreciate these words. And she says it's always a relief, to heat to hear these words from other people, it's always a relief to know that they're being appreciated, and they're being there's concern for them. Some of them have been working 24 hours shifts just because of the demand. They're sleeping at the hospital, they're taking naps on some of the hospital beds. They're just trying their very best to keep up with the demand. And I just thought some panel, just imagine if if we were in their shoes, just how much of a demand and how much pressure, these health officials and these nurses and doctors have to cope with

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each and every day. So everybody listening to this, please take some time to pray for them. But also, if you ever end up talking to a doctor or a nurse, just take the time and just tell them look, God bless you. I just want you to know that I remember you and thank you for everything that you're doing to keeping us safe. I just want you to know that we pray for you and we love you just take some time to tell them just a few good words and you will see the reaction you get. And the last thing that I wanted to share with you guys is just do the little things that we're hearing about and we're reading about how to cope with this virus.

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Taking care of your immune system drinking warm liquids, try to stay away from sugar as much as possible and if anything that would help boost your immune system so that if if

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There was a possibility that we'd got this virus, and then at least we would have an immune system that could combat it relatively well in sha Allah hoteller. These are just little things that I'm hearing about little things that doctors tell me and we read about online. Which brings me to one last point that I wanted to share.

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What's happening on social media as well is so toxic. I mean, you guys probably see the amount of information, false information, but even the amount of bickering and arguments that are happening over this particular subject, again, a lot of it to do with Muslims fighting and arguing with other Muslims differ. They can't seem to agree on anything. Just bickering at one another. You know, one guy is saying he's upset of all the Imams of North America for making the decision to cancel jamara like he was God's gift to North America that he had all the fatawa answers and all of the direction to solve every problem, like who made you God's gift to everybody else. This is an HD head, this is

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something that we have set as a committee, as administration as people who are part of and run and lead these communities, we made a constructive decision. So if you want to have an input, you should have been involved with it since day one, otherwise, just respected opinion, even if you don't agree with it, respect it. We don't know what else to do. Some methods end up staying open for whatever reason, they end up staying open for a little bit longer. But ultimately, they were forced to close down as well. Why because people got infected. So if at the end of the day, these decisions, my point is, is that they're not being made carelessly out of nothing, we're not just pulling this out

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of left field and say, Okay, here, let's just cancel everything. But some kind of law, you know, we're trying our best, every single day I've been in about, I think it's like five or seven WhatsApp groups. I've been part of show you and medical doctors and experts from around the world, we're all together in this massive whatsapp group. And we're all just exchanging ideas and talking about different things. And believe it or not, guys, listen to this. If you think this virus can get any worse and can get any more scary. Just listen to this. There's been some conversation already about patients who have died from the Coronavirus that the virus still survived in their bodies after they

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had passed away. And it actually survived for several hours after their death in their fluids. And so there was the big question of when people had to prepare these bodies and bathed them and clothed them and wash them and bury them, they would obviously come in contact with this deceased body in front of them, and that they could potentially contract the virus. So now even our fifth is slightly being changed and altered. That do we perform a whole soul on on this type of body? Do we cremate it? What do we do? Like these are different conversations that are happening right now that the fickle behind some of the scenarios are starting to change. So So panelo, when I started to see that

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it just adds to it more and more just how serious this virus really is, and how much of an impact it has on each and every one of us. But that's really all that I wanted to share with you guys. I don't like to make these Facebook Lives very long. I've been if I if I could say to all of you the thing that's been most difficult for me, during this time was just being away from the community, I have probably one of the best jobs in the world. I'm a dairy, I'm an Islamic teacher, I get to preach and teach a lesser religion around the world. And that's how I provide for myself and that's how I take care of my family. And so when that's been separated now, it just it really does feel like you're

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the only person on this planet. And so my only connection to making me feel somewhat sane and happy to an extent is connecting through Facebook Live or putting up a post or something. I know it's not the same but it's what we have and we have to deal with it at least for now inshallah. And so with that being said, brothers and sisters, please continue to make all of the prophetic doors and supplications that we know about one very important one that we say our Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam taught us that if you say it each and every day, as soon as you wake up three times, then there will be no pain or affliction that will happen to you for the entire day. And if you say it

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another three times before you go to bed, then Allah will protect you during the night and the cycle will continue. So in other words, if you say when you wake up and you say before you sleep, Allah will protect your entire day all throughout the day and all throughout the night. And that door of course is Bismillah he led the law yo who is me he Shay own fill out of the wallet is summer. Well who was semi Arlene literally just

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To go onto Google and type in door as of the profit, for plagues, or for pandemics and then you will see that this door will show up and you will see the head teeth that it'll mention okay say three times before you wake up. Say three times when you wake up and say three times before you go to bed. After you do this literally for one day, you'll memorize the Torah. But the prophet Alayhi salat wa salam guarantees our protection through doors like this, and there are other dogs as well. So please, please take the time and make this part of your routine as well. There are some other things that I want to share with you. But I think I'm going to save that for this week's hotma Yes, I will

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be doing that in sha Allah who Tyler this Friday, I will release those details later. And no, it's not with a congregation It is literally going to be to myself, but it will be a proper formal type by in shallow Toronto, where I will share some points about how to stay positive during these times. That's what we need right now to be optimistic to be positive. So all of that toxic thing, the stuff that's being shared around social media, scaring the heck out of people, making people doing crazy things or are bickering and fighting with one another. Guys shut all of that stuff off, turn it off. But if people who are doing that, who are trying to pick fights and bicker at one another because of

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what my Sajid and other Muslims are doing, listen, unfriend them or block them from your account, you don't need to see that there is no benefit, no good and no wisdom behind it. Just block them off of your account and keep focusing on the things that you have to do to protect yourself, protect your family, but also to increase and strengthen your relationship with our Creator. And so with that being said, Guys, one last thing promises the last thing in sha Allah.

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Although we're consumed with Coronavirus, every news channel, every outlet is talking about this. Please remember, until now, I still get the occasional email of somebody wanting to book an appointment with me because of marriage counseling, or they have pressure, they have depression at home or somebody's going through a personal problem. And so the point is, is that we're so consumed with this one global issue, that all of the other problems that people are been coping with everyday in their homes and in their personal life. It's as if nobody has time for them anymore. And it's so heartbreaking because when people email me and they want some of my time or they want to book an

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appointment for something, I What am I supposed to do? I can't do anything except just reply to them and say I'm sorry. But until this is over, there's just no pause, no way for us to meet or to speak at this time. May Allah make it easy for you. Like I can do anything for them. And it's really heartbreaking. Maybe some of you listening to this right now, you're probably going through your own marriage problems. You're probably going through personal issues, mental health issues, you have personal problems with you that have nothing to do with the Coronavirus. This is just you in your life, and you need help you need direction, but nowhere is open. None of the psychologists are the

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professionals and the experts out there and none of them are available. You can book appointments with no Imams and scholars now. So what do you do, you end up bottling this stuff up more. And that could ultimately lead to bigger problems at the end of the day. All I can say to you is please hang in there. Please be patient and hang in there as best as you can. inshallah huhtala when things get back to normal, then we will definitely do our best to try to help all those out there that have different problems, different issues, and you need support. But in the meantime, there are great great organizations that are still working that are still there that can talk to you over the phone,

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the Nisa helpline though one 800 naziha I think it is the naseeha helpline. There's quite a few organizations out there that are still working still behind the phones that could offer some guidance. And some I guess you could say support and inspiration so that at least you can stay afloat during this time until things settle down in the land. So guys, just please remember those brothers and sisters out there that have personal problems at their home and they have nowhere to turn to nobody's listening to them. Nobody's giving them any attention. Like May Allah subhanho wa Taala ease their struggle. So just strengthen our patience during this difficult time for each and

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every one of us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to make us people who are strong both within ourselves both amongst each other, that we are focused strong and disciplined that we will do whatever it takes to get through this difficult time. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow this plague to heal from this world as soon as possible in shallow Toronto at a time that is pleasing to Him. We ask Allah for his medicine, we ask a lot for his shifa, we ask

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Love for his cure Allahumma I mean, so with that being said, Guys, what I'm going to try to do for whatever it's worth is just to stay connected with all of you. I'm going to try to do this every single day in sha Allah just clock in on Facebook and just talk about stuff like anything I don't don't. Whatever comes to my mind, I'll just start talking about it. I am thinking about starting a couple of programs, a couple of classes inshallah, I'm still working out which subjects I want to teach online, and then we'll go from there but is Neela Italia but other than that, just stay tuned, maybe tomorrow we'll share another reflection inshallah Allahu taala. If any of you think of

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something, or you have something that you think we should address and talk about, please just drop it in the comment section. And I'll try to get to that in short, lo Tyler. Otherwise, for those of you that Michelle lots of articles that are commenting right now, I'm seeing all of your comments, I'm seeing all of your doors, and all of you who are making door, please understand from my heart to all of you, I pray for the same door to be given back to you 10 times more alone. I mean, when in the meantime, tell me how you're doing. Tell me what it is that you've been doing to stay afloat, to stay safe, to keep yourself busy. What are some of the things that you've been drinking and eating

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that helps your immune system that helps you stay healthy and strong? Please share that with me and share that with everybody else so we can all benefit and support one another during this time. Okay, guys. So with that being said,

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I guess that's it. I'll see you all tomorrow. Insha Allah, Allah for another reflection, just below hydronym Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of you and reward all of you for your support and your kindness. Just like below Hayden, thank you guys. Take care and we will talk again soon Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh