Zakir Naik – Excluded From UK in 2010

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the actions of the media during the pandemic, including a media push against Islam and the use of media coverage of black sheep as exemplary Muslims. The speaker also talks about a recent article on hate and the Home Security of UK passing an exclusion order on the 16th of June 2010, which they were not in favor of. The speaker expresses faith in the judicial system and mentions a board meeting with the home secretary.
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Every community has its black sheep. And I'm also aware that there are black sheep in the Muslim community.

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What does the media do? The media picks up the black sheep of the Muslim community and they portray as exemplary Muslims.

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Because of this today, we find that

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most of the people think that Islam promotes terrorism. If you read the Quran, if you read the sayings of the Prophet, Islam amongst all the religions is that the foremost in condemning the killing of innocent human beings and one such prey of the media.

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Of these media tactics

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was myself.

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Eight months back

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in the fourth week of June 2010, I was supposed to give a series of talk in UK

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are supposed to give a talk in the Wembley Arena in Wembley, London, in LG arena, NBC Birmingham, as well as Sheffield Arena in Sheffield. All these venues had a capacity of 10 to 15,000 people and the the prestigious venues.

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Just three weeks before my lecture tour, there was an article which came in one of the leading newspaper that Sunday Times, Sunday Times it gave an article, Muslim preacher of hate, let into Britain. And this article, it gave portions of my speeches which were either quoted out of context, or they're misquoted, and it portrayed me as a preacher of fate, a person who promotes terrorism.

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And the next couple of days, the same article was picked up rehashed and reprinted in many of the newspapers of UK, not only newspapers of UK, but newspapers internationally, including the newspapers of India.

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Unfortunately, these articles inspired

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the Home Security of UK Theresa May to pass an exclusion order on the 16th of June 2010.

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After reading his articles, and hearing some clips from the YouTube, which again, is out of context,

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and there were portions which were manipulated based on these YouTube clips, and the media report, the Home Secretary of UK on 16th of June 2010, she passed an exclusion order against me. And the next day 17th of June, the deputy High Commissioner of Britain in Bombay. On the 17th of June, they revoked and canceled my visa, I had a valid five years multiple entry visa to UK, which was issued on the 15th of July 2008, valid till 15th of July 2013. I've been coming to guess in the past 20 years, I've come several times. And for lecture to others several times, I had a valid multiple entry five years visa which had come twice before in 2008 2009, which was cancelled without giving

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me a fair hearing. I think this is an attack on freedom of expression, as well as human rights.

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Charles Farr,

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who is the Director General of the Office of security and counterterrorism, he was not in favor of this exclusion order. And he wanted me to reach to those Muslims, who he felt the government could not reach.

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But the Home Secretary, ignoring the advice of her senior more security adviser, she went ahead with the exclusion order. And later on a few weeks later, she even suspended one of the advisors and the Charles Farr, who supported me.

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I personally have more faith in the judicial system. But other than the political system of my country, India, as soon as the country of UK

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we did a judicial review

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and took it to the High Court. Though the Home Secretary said I have no right to file in the human rights because I'm a non UK citizen. Justice Gaston said and he reviewed it and he said that he can file a case and he passed the judgment and said that the first three decisions of the Home Secretary on 16th of June 17 of June and the 27th of June, all three were unlawful. But however, later on in the month of August 2010 when they gave additional information. He said that this is lawful, which is not logical

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Have faith in the judicial system. We have filed for an appeal against the last defender of the High Court and a full faith that inshallah very shortly, this exclusion order would be reversed by the court of appeal.

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I hope in future, we have the chance to meet the Home Secretary Theresa May, personally, and explain to her the peaceful message of Islam and remove any misconception about Islam or any of my lecture that she may have. I would have personally preferred to come personally in the Oxford Union and give this talk and have a lively question session rather than the satellite.

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Last month,

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I'd gone to France, I was in Paris,

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we had a board meeting of our trust, Islamic foundation International, which is based in UK, as well as universal broadcast limited, because I could not come to UK I call the board members to Paris. And I was shocked. Normally, the world feels that France is more strict against Islam than UK. But when I applied for visa, I got it within one hour.

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And we had the board meeting there or prefer having a new kid. But because of the exclusion order, which I feel the Court of Appeal very shortly we'll reverse it. And though the world may think

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that because of the exclusion order, it is an attack on freedom of expression. I would like to thank Oxford Union, that even though an exclusion order has been passed on me yet, they permitted this debate or this lecture for the question answer session. I would like to thank the Oxford Union, especially the President, Mr. James Langman, for being bold and agreeing to have this lecture.

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The Oxford Union may or may not agree with my speech.

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They may like my talk, I may not like my talk. What I appreciate is that they are really people who promote freedom of expression.

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