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One mustn't have a basis. And many times, most of the time that we

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have small business models of simple things that are most of our handle that has given us is they use it for example, or some of the some of us take it away. And they go to put comfortably

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Ableton sound after the user thing. Without us without the sound, you want to label US

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dollars at

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a time for one to tango,

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simple things across our carnival that has given us and many times

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the benefit of all its innovative basis, we suddenly Massawa the fact that you sit down and do the things demons are

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some so on

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the head, this is the science of inhaling and exhaling. And we breathe in

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how many times while you're sitting in the last eight minutes, actually a appliance

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this is what I thought was

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39 is made onto the palm of nature at home

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and was unable to perform number one and number two, would say for example, I was unable to do all the tasks.

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But these are almost

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expected while I am away from from what it is Monday, Sunday or whatever pay for purpose

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at the end of the denial.

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So we are definitely in difficulty. So

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then should we tie all come together to get the job done all this much more miserable, and

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you're most likely not able to cover all this much more

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of the same

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So, some will think of loss of

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share content.

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Overall that comes from actually

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receiving this is of course, was forgiveness, so private that Spain in order to in the mosque, to answer the poll of nature, people to remember

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that's a reason other than

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after those words, and then we say 111 at the party

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patient enters with all

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the difficulty that they had in expedience a few minutes ago, not able to read and

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this goes for each individual

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those was unable to do they realize the ultimate benefits of being able to do

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Allah subhanho castle

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that today is when the hobbies will take for

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the sake of Allah Muhammad and all those new forms of standing

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that need to spill and deputies do

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look identical

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even in a normal amount of vise and sinful deeds and let me just include amazes you for the sake of language

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and then the loss of our hand monotonic tells us why even though the federal leave if we get to the diet versus young, yet each of us who are managing

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the DeBlasio parameter is known. And almost no one knows what think this is what what leads this. But these scenes come down from the center. Not not super high. There was one thing Yeah. But the scenes up to the center. Lola so behind will does launches complete. Not massive behind by season two in India in the tertiary the vice national show and VW the amount of months every third row is last few weeks with the month of March I would like to come from a different angle. And almost which is the amount of months in the sight of the lady now that the show in the wise nakshatra this 12 months because Allah subhanaw taala in the area that has shown in the law is not a shadow shadow of

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the book of Allah. The Lord who's in the official one in the light of National Assembly. He got into that when yo Maha personnel at

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that this month months, when we start counting the shoe these babies these chickens this hours minutes this hours these dailies this week.

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In this number of months is of loss of 100. Officially,

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golf must notice about time. Yo makalah Casa my word of the day when he created the summer Martinez, and that has to do time and space, the day when he created the summer worth in the earth.

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Two things Allah subhanaw taala created, that Allah subhanho wa Taala testifies, and that we have to understand, and that is a concept of time 12 months that they will occur, hated the summer within the earth.

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Like to us to apply our sought a little bit here and extend our thoughts that Allah Allah created the semi lot in the earth, that yo mahalo personality, this place, and Allah subhanaw taala we mentioned two things time and space

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above the creation of Allah, and we have to pay heed to this, to the extent that Allah subhanaw taala was around before time and space. Allah subhanho wa Taala exists beyond time and space. Thirdly, that Allah does not exist within time and within space. But he knows, he knows it VDV he knows the concept of time he is the creator of time, the creator of space, and Allah does not exist within his own creation.

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And for us to understand is that Allah is the creator of time and space, time and space are both the creation of Allah, time and space cannot confine Allah to any place, not time, neither space. And then at the same time, the fourth or the fifth point, that time and space are craving of Allah, both of the creation of Allah, Allah some does not exist within his time within time, his own creation, and within space. Allah exists within time and space is the creator of time and space. And he knows nothing escapes the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala is a knower of everything. Allah subhana wa Wattana has got the knowledge of Allah has got no gaps. There is no flaws, there is no errors.

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There's no nothing is Allah Subhana subhanaw taala. Thus much,

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has got no deficiencies as far as his knowledge is concerned. We need to internalize this, this has been important principle in acleda.

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Having said that,

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and Allah Subhana Allah says wakatobi the normally bad hobby. My topic here today is deterrence from sun.

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And having said that, Allah knows and Allah knows, and Allah knows, my fault, your fault, all the skeletons that is in my closet, it does not escape the knowledge of Allah.

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And that is my first point of contention here.

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Is it ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Ferebee the nobili bed your habia that Allah subhanho wa Taala suffices as the knower of sins of mankind and he servants. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows nothing escapes the knowledge of Allah. Allah says knowledge is sufficient to prove the guilt of any individual.

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And having said this D'Amato mean we need to realize that Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge should deter us from sin. Allah subhanho wa Taala is complete knowledge and the knowledge of Allah subhana is most unique. As I've mentioned, no gaps, no holds no flows. The knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala is how we many times is Allah knows, knows what we did in the past. Whatever is in the closet, donde Allah knows it should deter us from Santa Marta Sameen. And that's the first point of contention.

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In a court of law, for example, I tell the magistrate but I didn't commit the crime. I'm innocent. And to our surprise,

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the magistrate takes out a record a record that recorded all our deeds of that certain deed for example.

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It should suffice. Allah don't need any recordings. Allah's knowledge is supreme. And Allah subhanho that his knowledge is unique. That should make us humble in front of Allah, the ask of Allah in the big of Allah face, any for His mercy and grace are

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enabled every one of us there are certain things that we did. Nobody knows. But Allah knows. That is the first thing that should be from Santa Marta Smith.

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The second thing I would like to make mention

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran yo Mataji Dooku nexin ma Magnin honey Mara Donna, my mommy let me ensure that what dolo Anabaena are being Ramadan that he or her zero comma low and low from Billy Ben and that day and then they Allah subhanaw taala says, every single soul will experience and will witness his good deeds one hour I mean let me in so and what if they did have evil and sinful deeds and then they have your multi ama he will wish to what dodo Anabaena have a big enough ama done that

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he will do is they should be a long distance between him and what he did. But it will be present on the morrow Donna it will be present in front of him good and bad. That is what the person will experience. And in addition to that Allah Sabanci sort of bunnies eel Wakulla insaan in exam now ta aerofly Runa. This comes in the tafsir to gel Elaine. Right What I'm about to mention to the brothers and then at the same time also will refer to another series

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and ALLAH SubhanA wa says Wakulla insaan in exam notto arrow field, you'll find this as well in certain even a fee

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volume five 2070 That's the page number. When the person dies, when a person dies or comes into Tafseer both these two FCS will find that this book of deeds will be right on top of his breast and that is what Kula insan in an exam now auto era who the earliest pig his good deeds and his bad deeds will be in the form of a book right on top of his chest. I for watched many people I didn't see a book, but Allah tells us in the deceit data visible crate on top of your chest you'll be carrying your witness better for against

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and when you close up the person

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when we close up the deceased

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and because of the three layers of Catherine we send him off towards Allah subhana wa Tada with his book of beats arrive in front of his chosen topics just mean you can't see it. It is the Akula insomnia exam not-i profanity well no worries you know who Yeoman Korean Italian common shoe and we will take it out is Allah when Luca is Allahu pita that book of his and he will meet up with it book. It will be wide open in front of

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your common sure you know what I was gonna tell him

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and Allah is gonna tell each and every one of us no one is in

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your car.

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Read your book. Cover didn't have sickle Leone or like Gaziabad today. You are enough you Cafe Cafe it means to be it's a ficus you will suffice as a witness to your own needs. Gotta be enough sickle yo de you are enough to take stock of whatever you've done. Of the four things of the 50 years of the 60 years. We buried our beloved mother in law, Mama her deja 9394 years old. All these people are passing on that year is finish. Whichever amount of years I had another member next one next to me 94 years old. We buried another Zainab noticin in 96 years old. And Allah sticking with the bark of all these elderly individuals, exalted they cook dirty as

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they cook delicious Lanka

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with a mean you're going to survive the lid age, no guarantee no guarantees for any one of us. And then they will have an read. Allah's ban won't need anyone else to prove our guilt. You will read on guilt, I will be able to see what is written the you need no one else to question you. You will see it I dandy you'll let it all your crimes. This Jamarcus mean shouldn't deter us from committing sin. Nobody else will be the simile for you or against you. You will read your own book of deeds. Had he then mitta to be safe at all. For jury letter. Oh no. They are not marked at the public had the Takayama fumigator velkommen Shoura even Kathy, first volume 2017 It can be the best of person must

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have a bit of a bias the best of turbans, the longest of beards on the day

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have young hammer, you will read your own deeds in front of Allah subhanaw taala Allah does not need surprises, but Allah Subhan will let you read your own book of deeds. How does that sound to say that I am actually guilty? That should be Jamal Smith. That book is such a book recorder. Allah says allow Uganda to Serie rato Tubby rotten Illa Saha that book won't leave the smallest. And the minute this deed and how big it might be says Allah. Lila there is a year at hola Kabira Illa except it has recorded it except it is recording his phone Amina nurse holds the phone I mean Allah, we can cheat many people can cheat Allah, we can keep many things away from individuals, because that is the way

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our own allies, our people see us. But then we keep it away from them. But we can't keep it away from Allah. So the first thing that should deter us is a knowledge of Allah. The second thing is to deter us it is a book of deeds that will be any will be in our favor, or in for us or against us in the tuxedo bulgogi. The serial burger we just mentioned, the day if you're more Korean, in fact, when a person dies, and the demise of a person, there's two things that person were missing.

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That's the place where you make

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the plays, we put down a hit to make sure

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that plays will miss that. So because of his meritorious deeds because of his song, because of his decurrent Because we fill out the grant and that place that you all each and every one of us setting will be testimony for us today if you're for or against us. Statement. We just say that, you know Allah someone tells us it has ruled Zillow till Zillow, Zillow, or Harajuku, or Scala we're calling Sarno.

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People will say what's wrong with the Earth man,

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but that they he will inform us and that they it will be a destiny for us. That piece of ground that was sitting there that we consider as a piece of ground that is inanimate and able to speak on the day of human grammar, that piece of ground will be testimony, one o'clock that Muhammad Fareed was sitting there Allah and what if I did something else, that piece of ground will be testimony. Now that piece of ground for the good soul will cry the day when my soften you leave this world will cry? We can't see the time. Who says this, The Tuxedo burglary in the Hadith numbers from Lord was the second thing will be the Miss.

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Sorry, these are the miss is the list stays that carries the good deeds ilosone la Isago Kalama table ama Salah and Allah subhanho the good word in every good deed, it ascends towards Allah That stays that elevator that lift or miss good soul or what that person is done of suitable bulgogi you'll find the Hadith as well.

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The third thing I would like to make mention here, two forms of punishments. There's much more in the Quran I just using this stuff

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and I'm restricted the time is

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in Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned sauce so the meridian for holla for me Bagnell hoppin O'Donnell center with Tobias show hood, but with who who heard in Sofia Hoonah uses Allah for hello from Ibadan hold on this a different being of Hadith and highlight one patch change the meaning hello is as late as herb salad right in Valhalla for Solea Solea Solea the holep is good people, but hold the support and the non bad people

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need not so good. So Allah says, After the Gambia, when other discusses with good food, good memory and vertical photography when I work with me there is what moves me there is a lot comes down. It's just a hell of I mean bang how often after the demise of these giants and these individuals from Allah has been selected to be the basis obviously Risala this Ambia after the the minds a group of people were evil, and they did not pay heed to the commandments of these prophets that they brought the messages that they brought to this world. People became neglectful for holiday I mean bad how often so a bad group of people succeeded them. What did they do a dance salah. They will neglectful

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with the salah two interpretations on Luna matassini either a tariku Salah abandoned the salah or a daughter Salah them

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Meet salah but art of its time

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and Allah Samina says her sofa in your corner yeah soon they will meet with a yo rain yeah Elif what is a reg and the whole amount of cities whose best intercede then the Tafseer of the Quran itself. When Allah Samanas inland zonal feel a little quieter We sent down Leila to cotton and annihilator of the Quran. The wind is late for the Nola zoom and tells us more about what is related to versus another to VISTA exponent. What's related to cotton the wind is late. In fact, when all this evening zoafia Leila tema Baraka we sit down upon the Blissett month in sick analysis, which is an item is not they is not a bad thing. Leila Teemu Baraka in a bliss at night, and then Allah says feel a

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little other. And then all this is when it leads to, in fact, shahana Madonna le De Anza when I was reading the month of Ramadan, then the listed day or night feeling pretty quiet at night. And the third is is when so one of Cyril Quran Bill Quran will find this to be the highest level of Tafseer opened up the Omo Quran, or any of the diversity will find this is the highest level of Tafseer what Allah says the meaning of the eye, and you don't have a choice, unless So, and then secondly, when the Prophet of Allah makes the fear of the Quran, and thirdly, the fear of death of the Sahaba acquire the Sahaba they were the when the Quran was revealed. They were they when the Quran was

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revealed, so who knows that that's even better? A person who qualified UCT you WC or title University, oh, Jefferson University or whichever university you mean better graduate, you don't have a choice, the highest level of the series, the three top six, no one is good. He's got a choice, or what is the meaning of the visit of the stiff disease prison. So we'll find out the living Ms. Ruth, who says there was not a verse of the Quran was revealed. Not at any place, we it may it might have been for which occasion I know better in many of the Sahaba he claims this, this was his knowledge. If there had to be another person who knows better than me and make all the

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effort to go team in they get that piece of information of the living and my best stuff can be acquired the Sahaba third level of the three levels is naval. These three is up deliberative. So this is what's the minimum hire those who were neglectful neglected the responsibly we can send them off to the pub after this prophet Allah so man St.

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bahala for me banho when they look for the salah for soul for your poner a year soon they will need to hire a beloved basses. And maybe we can appreciate this. I believe in a bass not Allah subarna does not have soon quantum Bill craniocervical Mahadeva this can be a quality Sahaba and he says What's the meaning of Raya word in fee Jana, this is a value in Jana

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and he says three you three description to it believable car is the depth of it is unthinkable it's very deep. Now I don't think you'd like to be exposed to the depths of Jana

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there's one person with moonlight if I can get this get my one leg and foot into Jana that we take dynamic it is clean taught me Jana

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but yeah individual I'm the living advances layer is a word in fee Johanna is a valley in Jana and then second is is burrito Park is very deep and in his hobbies.

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It's a waste of food that you're going to find the

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does this sound nice for us to habits is definitely eco Fernando see members of us Latin

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as Linda silica Bruce Mattila is ababu the agreement lenders and maybe they prefer skin Meaghan knows.

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But this is what the lemonade bass says. I don't think we would like to be exposed to it. On one occasion, the Bissell license Sahaba had a large, massive cash and they've got such a fact. And when they asked the person the action button, what is that gonna be Allah, but this day what is known as whoever this individual is, and it wants to stone, a rock, a boulder that was thrown into Jahannam 70,000 years is only reaching the death of it now.

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Would we like to be exposed to John, there's without llmnr basses. This right here is a valley in Jannah. There's a first view of tafseer the second view of Tassia. This comes to 30,000 Torn to define the fourth volume that you're going to get.

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And he says this layer is a word in future handling player in our Dahmen they had done early now. This galley

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has been referred to in the Quran is a valley of the past in the blood of the people who

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this deter us from going to jail.

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And the second other, that's my third point, Allah suffices is to witness our book of deeds suffices as a witness for gains. And thirdly, this point about punishment in Jannah. And the last point we learned Allah subhanaw taala. Allah assumes this initial detritus is a comb, so to Doohan this tree

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is a tree in Jahannam is a palm tree. And the top series is equal to the cactus tree in Mexico Chris was like that this tree as a as a bioliquid tree is definitely not a smooth three fold with thorns, fold with thorns, you know, imagine we're gonna have something like that in Jahannam

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in Jahannam, and inertia that it is a comb and Allah says this three Daramola thean. This is a food. This is the food and the provisions of the theme of the sinful people. There will be eating from it, and Alassane continues to explain it. You're in Alassane Coralville Hanin. You're gonna feel Boone

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Telmo really Phil Boone. It is like the experience of Allah says Kalamoon copper mounted dust is molten copper. And you know how long it takes a copper and what he thinks for copper to be melted. In the tub, I checked it in fact,

00:26:45--> 00:27:10

two, three weeks ago, it verbally ran to the water. It was 35 Sorry, 40 or 45. And claim the claim was the hottest day on planet Earth imagine the hottest day in planet earth and it asked us FOSS to the water. What is her thesis in the ship That'll hurt remin fail John that the severe heat is only but the steam of Jannah

00:27:13--> 00:27:47

that was the T 30 or 35 or 45 whatever the it was for those two days in everybody wanted to be at the water to cool them down. Now Allah Allah says this three will be equal to molten copper that is brought to liquids of the boisson a solid, you know it's a solid item and to bring it to what is to use heat to bring it to a liquid form is 1080 degrees Celsius with 35 and 40 degrees

00:27:48--> 00:28:43

that will a person consume this it will feel to him like molten copper in his stomach does that mean like boiling water that you will be drinking the VMO Tiana This in itself Jamarcus mean so it also brings us to the understanding that is no benefit in committing sin. So ALLAH SubhanA goddess, Allah and protect us and Allah grant is to be amongst those wrestlers who must ask isn't a yo Jana? Yo you lie you to help me and your deeds will not take you to Jana. Does it make sense? Well Antara Salama and Yuliana Biella Swami likewise Illa de Hamadani Allah Brahma Tina pubsey min on me if I'm entitled to Allah Rama and unless mercy in Allah squabble ALLAH SubhanA tensegrities or favors, may

00:28:43--> 00:29:15

Allah grant is that much that we must be amongst those inshallah we've got 5253 days before Ramadan don't wait for Ramadan, later start now inshallah to do what is humanly possible and to Yanni and to bring us and that affinity with Allah subhanaw taala Allah guys to obtain that inshallah long before Ramadan, we look at one another now in 50 to 43 days time, you might I might not be around, you might not be around. So inshallah Allah die this in Allah give us Joseph Tawfik inshallah. Zaton lowfield