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hamdulillah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, while early he was sent me here, as you may know, my bad will continue in this book. Why we'll say but after killing a shower good utterances, that is a book that primarily deals with dhikr of Allah subhanho wa taala. But before we embark and go further into it, we're still in the introduction of Illuminati, I'm talking about virtuous actions and actions of the heart and some of the some of the particularities

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of servitude. And now he has reached the port, the part of speaking about Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv and Ammar when now he making Allah subhanho wa Taala great in your life, because he mentioned Talim an amateur one day making the ordering the prohibitions great in your life. But then he said that will never happen except if one makes the top theme of the amateur. And now he often makes the one that is prescribed and legislated the orders and prohibitions that is the only ultimate or as let's say strongest way, that the individual will stay away from the Haram and perform the permissible when they make Allah great in their life. So he continues here any II moves on to speak about the Mocha

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Fiat and speaking about the expectations of sins.

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He says there are in Malawi embassy and you're at Lemma and man he tells you the hidden module but to follow Maddie and Allah He Talib is a father the mafia local Ruby minion Imani what your philosophy wouldn't have been able to Iberia. He says our hammer hola to Allah. He says it's important to know that it is known that all the other actions take this particular this particular way. Meaning because he mentioned Hadith earlier and this hadith is important for us particularly with Salah and I'll just meet read the Hadith because he makes BS and analogy on this hadith for all actions in Islam.

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The hadith is as follows it's on Muslim Imam Ahmed and the prophets Allah Allah was telling them and other than him or the Apostle was him said in the Abdullah usaully salah, Makati Bella who inland is for her Illa through to her Illa rubra Illa Homosassa had tabula rasa that the prophets Allah Allah Salam said, they're really the servant will pray a prayer and nothing is written for him except a half of it, a third of it, a fourth of it, a fifth of it until he reached a 10th of it. This is to show that only a portion is accepted because what they want

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the Hirshhorn so it doesn't mean that it's 100% all of the time, when you're praying, he said in the abdomen that you solely solo, because there'll be things that will distract him, there'll be things that will take them away from their undivided attention. And the Immanuel Graham says this hadith is showing that an action that you may not perform, it may only be a portion of it that is accepted by Allah. And he says, Well, yes, you will. And it is important that it is known that all of the other actions tragedy had and

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that they all take the same methodology in understanding whatever action it is. And then he says here, and then he gives a guide, a general rule and guideline in regards to actions. He says, For the Father, the man in the line it's a father eat mafia glooby minute when a minute Imani with a classy when my habits.

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So the virtue of actions,

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the virtue of actions in with the loss of power, what data is dependent on the virtue of that which is in the heart from Eman sincerity, love and all that follows it. So there's levels of love. There's levels of Eman so the virtue of the action is dependent upon the intensity of those elements within your heart. So when you come to Salah for example, and your love of Allah you're effortless in regard to Lula was amazing.

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And no one knows except you and Allah subhana wa Tada. But then regard to Thani, you thought about that you left the stove on, or that someone made you upset and you started to think about that. Right? Or you started to think about Muslims and a certain place in the world and you're asking Allah why.

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Your why at that moment was a way of like, why are you doing this? But then you say stuck for Allah and he trusted all this all is happening during the course of the prayer. And this is what it's supposed to happen. Jihad enough's, fighting yourself in an action of worship. undivided attention to our speaking is haram. speaking to someone who's haram and when

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you install it. Yep. To the salah. It nullifies the prayer, you have to start over. So that is the importance here, where they were even okay and makes that analogy. So it's important for us to remember that hadith in regards to Actions, and then he moves on to another subject matter. This is where he talks about explanations. He says, he says, what happened, I'm at a cabin, who will let you curfew to take fear on Cabanon will now is when Marcus will be happy. And he says

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that complete action is what will receive complete expiation.

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And then he says, and the deficient in the deficient situation will be according to a deficiency accordingly. So if you did an action that is complete with all of these things, these actions of worship within the prayer, then you receive complete expiation. Now he's moving on to explanations of sin expiation is where an act of good that you do erases a previous Act, a bad act, for example, we find this in many a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he says, It will be hard it will be hard to hide attained to Zulu skeleton cathedra.

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We're human so far all due to Fall to Fall to follow that many bits of oddly Mefi localu Mihoko alkyl Eman. So the first he says, And with these two general rules or guidelines, all of these problems will be relinquished the problems that you may be understanding in regards to actually being accepted, will be relinquished, there's going to be no problem you will understand it. And he says with these two guidelines, the first of them being to follow the money, but to follow the mafia. coulby We just talked about the virtue of the actions is contingent and dependent upon the intensity of that

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of what is in the heart, from the reality of Amen. And then he says, the second Kleider were took fetal laemmli let's see, Auntie B has a big family when exciting. And he says, And they relinquish the expiation of an action from the evil is dependent upon its its it, how complete it is, and how deficient it is. So, the first one is, the virtue of the action is dependent upon what is in your heart from the loss in the love. And then also that action of itself

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can serve as the expiation for previous sins dependent on how complete that action was. Is that one following is those are the two parties and he says we'll be happy that he has a scarlet letter UD to whom in Knox Menaka Hello, when Heather Bab and in Hadith and he says in with this these two rules or guidelines,

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he says the problem that faces a lot of people basically, in regards to a particular Hadith in the hadith is as follows. In Osama Yomi I refer to cathedral Sonatine, where Yo Ma Shula you curfew center, he said the promise of some said the verily fasting the day of alpha, you cut fetus and attain what does that mean?

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What about two years? What does it do?

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Right, fasten your honor for what does it give you forgiveness for? sanity? Right? Well, Yo Ma shoot off you kept fetal center

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in the day of Ashuelot, fascinated by chalant relinquishes for X is expedition for once and there's other I thought with the process Some said they have relinquished the expats the sins that are before and after that year. And then Yo Ma Shula Expedia is an explanation for the sins of the previous year. Right. So then he goes on to say all for either candidate whoo hoo, dad, amen. I assume so. Yamaraja for Surya for Sama, who was sama Yo Ma sha, Allah, thank you for your call, which I filled with the lattice and what

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the lattice in in Kulu Sana.

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So he said, someone may ask the question, if someone always fasts, the day of alpha, and the day of Ashura okay.

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Then how is it that they're receiving expiation for three years in one year?

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Did you understand that?

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So how is it that he received the exhibition for three years and one year?

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So even a game is saying what we just learned from these two guidelines, or virtue of actions is depending on the intensity in the heart, and also it can relinquish the sins based on the how complete the action was.

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He says what a jab about boom and whether the unimat Follow Mafalda and it took 50 annatto hit Daraja project. So some scholars answered that

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Mafalda and it's like feet or whatever is left over from the expiation, he will receive higher levels he'll be it'll receive reward on top of that as well. And this is important. This is so important in regards to how we understand and deal with the new source of the Quran and the Sunnah. Yes, the price of Salam said, three years

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There's some we'll see how three years one, it doesn't make what

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sense, but we take it back to the basics. And this is why the names and attributes of Allah are so important. What are the names of Allah's LS

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LS here, that Allah is what

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he is the one that is abundant, meaning that he gives in abundance, he gives an abundance, very important rule,

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the manifestation of God's actions is not

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dependent upon our intellectual capacity.

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When we say okay, Allah is abundant, but how will he be abundant? If I have three years expiation in one year doesn't make sense, you understand that

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you are determining and basing an attribute of Allah that is endless, and in reality, incomprehensible,

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based on your intellect, your limited mathematical,

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right? This is very important because sometimes we will say, how will this happen, but when we learn that be found foundation of the names and attributes of Allah, the the foundation of these names is that they are in reality, beyond your comprehension. In regards to the cave

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in is everyone understand that? And that's why when Imam Malik was asked about the STR of ALLAH, when ALLAH says to Mr. Allen, then Allah raised upon his throne.

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He said, it's still out on my loom will cave for much who was to Allah and who Bidda he said that is the word then Allah raising by his throne is known. Because Allah said it in the Quran.

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When k foo module

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and the how he does it is unknown.

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And he even said, and asking about it is an innovation.

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Because how Allah does stuff, it is not so important for us to know. It is important for us to know that he does it and that he's capable, who will idea for what or who low Quadra Allah and also another name of Allah's idea. He has ability to do anything he wants. So if it's three years, one year, the reality of it is beyond our capabilities. We just accept it and do it because someone will say well, if I'm not if I'm gonna get the two years why faster when you

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tell us I get the two years one year I think two years is enough in a year maybe I don't know.

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And that's where he's about to get to. That's another thing and that's where I'm at. Okay, I'm good. So he says here, he says here Well, yeah, well, well yeah, Allahu Elijah. For later at the either attr be had eaten McAfee rot kuliah and to kufr and who said he had to bitched him out about the high level he's saying it's so amazing yella so amazing.

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Oh, we only hope that if the servant was to come with all of these explanations, all of these explanations that they that he says his sinful actions will be expiated with all of them collectively. Firstly, are we even doing it with a Class B to follow the mafia glue the first thing with our even doing it with sincerity that fascinate you did your mashallah was the whole day sincere and full of Mahatma and Eman and philosophy? No, there was Robert hare, there was a third back to the Hadith. Right? Okay, what about

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Yo Ma alpha, when you want to refer someone was bugging you you making dua are you looking over man, these people

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the action in and of itself, only a fraction of it. That's why this hadith is so important.

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You understand? That's the knowledge of a scholar. That's the knowledge of the motocaddy mean, even of using this hadith to explain some very important guidelines cooperate in regards to a bad so I'll stop here in sha Allah. But it's important to understand the whole concept of explanations and just some examples of explanations in Islam that we do on a daily basis. So the Prophet SAW Selim said, I saw this a lot and I feel like my being a homer one prayer to the next is an explanation for what is between them. He said a Juma it Allah Juma it took a few days Frattini, muy bien OMA fella who Nolan painted Jumanji, my Akima Casa from Joomla, Allah Joomla there will be a new word for that person.

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And there'll be an explanation for that individual walking to the masjid. What's the explanation for walking into the messages?

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One step is a reward and the other step is what

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relinquishes sin when it gives an explanation for one sin, right? So all of these are opportunities of exploration, and then the action in and of itself.

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If one has a photo of a right, there will be a level of explanation of really good relinquishing of sins from that. So this ultimately shows us that Allah subhanho wa Taala only one's good for us, and gives us so many opportunities to be the best versions of ourselves for him subhanho data, so may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that are sincere to him, and allow this act of sincerity to be a guiding light for us throughout all of our actions that we do in this life and who will leave that so Allah was and we

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want to add he was