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In Alhamdulillah nationalists who want to start you know who want to stop when our author below him in short all the unforeseen our women see it man you know me at the level furthermore the letter woman your fellow heard yellow white shadow alert EULA la la hora de devolutionary Keller what a shadow in the Mohammed Abdullah who was solo sallallahu alayhi wa early he was hobby woman selling either an energy woman standing up soon at Hilo Yomi Dini America Yeah, you have Latina MnO top law help her to hottie he wanted to move to 911 to Muslim on. Yeah, evenness. topo Bakula, z holla Papa menacing. wahida mahalo kameena so Johanna, well that's the mean. humeri Jalen casier on when he

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said what double la la de Luna be he will or hammer in the LA can it come up either? You're letting me know it toppled low up all your polling said Ed. You're slipping armello coil que la comida number Kumamoto la hora su level photographers have also now the man

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buried in a circle. How do you think you terrible la Heyerdahl? How do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Shogun Modi much the third to hell wakulla modesetting bedarra wakulla doubting balada or quilombola editing finale Toma Barrett. And so my brothers and sisters, here we are once again gathering at least at the time of Juma for most of us. And as always, and forever in all of our tumors that we have congregated in the past. We begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala we send peace and blessings to his little soul, sort of what Toby was writing. And at this time in this day and age, and during these difficult times, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to keep us safe, and to keep us healthy, and allow us to reunite in his house, in our massages and in our communities at a time that is pleasing to Him. I love him. I mean, one of the things that I think, at least, it's been about a month that for most of us, we've come to grips with our reality,

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that things are going to be like this and things are going to remain this way for a while. And

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trying to convince each other that this is the new reality, the new normal, I think we've passed that point. And now it's a matter of remaining positive, and trusting what is to come to at whatever capacity. I know for here today in Canada today was the highest number of cases ever recorded something like 460 or something cases of COVID-19 recorded today, which is the highest number so far. But then when you look at those numbers, and you compare it to other parts of the world, like New York, in the state as a whole Italy, Spain, all of these other countries, man, so panela, they are really going through a tough time. So I want to also take a moment to pray for them. That may

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Allah subhanho wa Taala keep them safe, bless them with his Shiva and his cure to them. And to all of us all of them. I mean, this is not easy. And anybody who tries to brush this off and say to you, you know what you should be looking forward to moments like this. If you ever express any kind of emotion that you're feeling sad or concerned or frightened, stay away from the people who say things to you like What are you afraid of, you know, you're afraid to die? What's wrong with you, you're sad because of a lust plan. You know, these kinds of narratives that are out there could be troublesome, especially for people who have low self esteem, who have depression and anxiety, people

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who don't know how to cope with stress, especially when that kind of stress is beyond your control. And it's happening in in in areas and parts of your life where you have nothing to do with that you don't know how to adjust that type of stress. You don't know how to stop it, and to tell somebody and to confront them and to say to them that hey, look, you know, sorry about that, guys. This is a must have handled with Eilis plan, and you should just trust it. And you should just keep it this way. And you should just go on with your life and be happy and praise Allah. Really, and truly, this is not from the Sunnah. And as we mentioned in the past to remember that our Prophet alayhi salatu

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was Salam was scared himself. And there were times where he was so scared that he would immediately drop to ensue Jude and pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala asked him for Nasser asked him for aid and help. And and so it's really important that you separate that, from the spiritual aspect of being afraid spiritually we are encouraged to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala to be afraid of his punishment, to be afraid of consequences of for disobeying him. But then that natural part of us is where human beings were always scared. Some

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of us are scared of bugs and, you know, bugs and other creatures like that, like scorpions and things like that other other, so just scared of animals, period other, others can be scared of one another, you know, you're scared of crowds or you're scared of certain individuals, certain places, settings and so on. It's okay. And so what I want to do is I want to take all of those emotions now and to turn it into something positive, turn it into something that you and I insha Allah who Darla could use those kinds of feelings and emotions, to help uplift ourselves, inspire ourselves and to make us better people. And I want to bring your attention to a sutra that I know most of you

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watching, you've memorized the soda, and you've known the soda since you were kids, and it is none other than soda in Shiraz, which starts off lm nasura lack of subtle rock, or Dinah anko is the rock that Sora now I know when you hear that sutra, we all know that soda, we mean we've we've known it forever. But that sooner is one of the most important and powerful reminders of the entire poor and to help us stay optimistic and stay positive during difficult times. So go back now to the setting when that sort of was revealed sooner till in Shira is actually one of the early sources of Mecca. And that's important because just by setting alone, that it being one of the earliest sources

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immediately tells you that this is one of the first things that Allah subhana wa Taala is teaching his own man, and especially his prophet Isaiah, he slept with cillum. And so the question begs is, what would you say? You know, what would you expect from Allah as one of your first statements or your first commands to the messenger? Or they slept with them? What would you expect a lot. So just to say, you know, for a lot of us when we're feeling down, the first thing we say to one another is pray, you know, you need to make Dora you need to go talk to somebody, you need to get out of this, you need to stop feeling this way. Like we attack the problem, without really paying attention to

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the parameters that surround that problem. What are the influences? What are the things that are actually poking at the problem? So yeah, you might be attacking the actual issue itself. But what that does is that creates like a bandaid type solution. So you might get some relief, but you're still surrounded with so much fear, so much stress, that it's inevitable. It's just gonna happen again and again, this sort of listen to how Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He tells him that in very early Mecca, when he was being persecuted, when the missionary Quan were trying to assassinate him, they expelled him from Mecca. They toured,

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they tortured many of the companions, they threatened them, you name it, they took their land, they took their wealth, they took their money, everything was gone. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam at this time is feeling really upset really down. Today, we might call that, you know, he might have felt even a bit depressed of what was happening in Mecca. And and just imagine yourself there for a minute you know, you're just trying to practice your religion. You don't want to idol worship, you don't want to worship anything except the true creator. You just want to practice your religion. And so the messenger are they slept with cinemas feeling really down his feet like he's lost hope. And

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the first thing Allah subhanho wa Taala tells him a lot of Southern rock, didn't we open your chest? In Shira Hill Southern, as we mentioned before, is the way the poor and keeps us calm? And so what Allah is saying is that didn't I bless you? Allah Mishra Holocaust Southern? Didn't I bless you with forgiveness? with honor? Didn't we bless you with the message of the poor and didn't we bless you with guidance. So here's the first thing guys to get us through this is remember, we have the greatest miracle we can imagine and think of and that is the portal and it's here, we still have access to that, we still can read that and study it and understand it and do our very best to try to

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implement it. So the fact that Allah still preserved the poor n is an indication that you have what it takes to be positive and to stay optimistic in his plan. One of the most effective ways and long lasting ways to preserve and protect optimism and staying positive not not just in religion, but just in life in general, is to make the poor as a part of your day, each and every single day, you're reciting some color and so for today, being the day of tomorrow, if you haven't already recited sorbitol gaff, try to make some time and do that. And especially for those of you who don't know the surah take some time each and every Friday or each and every day, whatever is easy for you

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and start reading it. You'll notice that at the beginning of that soda, it might seem like one of the most difficult sources to read. But just after a few times you do you'll end up comparing it to like sort of a philosophy so little Flathead becomes one of the easiest source

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To read and memorize, and so you start doing these little things and that's how you start building this positive atmosphere. You start adding pieces bits and pieces of positive puzzles. And you put all of that in to create a complete picture. And so the first thing that a lot reminds His Messenger so love it was cinemas like did not give you that poor and already, it also didn't I keep you calm. I gave you some sense of reassurance, trust, here's the plan, why these things you think are happening to you? Well, here is why here is the wisdom and you're not the first one, a third of the Koran is designated to generations and prophets and messengers of the past who had similar issues as

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well. So now with that being said, elimination of helical solder rock, wall Darnell, ankle wizard rock alizee and Popova hudec what a foreigner like ridiculous. So Allah continues elimination like so dark wall diner and co izaak. And we also lifted the burden that was resting on you wizard up is that also we lifted you from the burden of sin we list we lifted you from the burden of stress that was weighing heavily on your shoulders. So we'll we'll learn our anchor with the rock living on top of the hook. So we lifted from you this enormous weight. Now scholars of Tafseer differ what that weight is. Some say the weight is sin. So the Prophet is what was saying to him? Didn't I give you

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the greatest gift of forgiveness? And I lifted that burden off of you. Other scholars said no other scholar said it meant other things that Allah lifted from him the pain and stress of worry of contemplating and trying to figure out uncertainty, not knowing where this is going, not knowing why so many people are trying to persecute and hate on you and try to attack you like all of those little things that add to more pain and stress. Allah is saying Didn't we lift all of that from you? But here's the point. All darling are in COVID Soraka lady and Cordova hora or a foreigner like Hezekiah rock. Here's something for all of us brothers and sisters. A lot. So don't say says we gave

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you a legacy. What a foreigner and we raised you that you were remembered more so than any previous prophet and messenger. In other words, how many times do we say salaallah alayhi wa sallam? How many times do we send peace and blessings to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a day. And so even today being Jumeirah the student of Juma is actually to constantly send more of Peace and blessings to the messenger they slept with slam, you're trying to do that as much as you can. And some scholars say it's even more important on the day of jumar to send peace and blessings to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam then it is to recite the poor and on July day, now put this into perspective for a

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minute. In other words, today there is more Baraka and blessing and reward for sending Salaam to the prophets I send them as opposed to just sitting and reading Quran it doesn't mean that the Quran is losing value, it doesn't mean that you're you're not showing importance to the book. It just means that everything has a certain time in place. And today being the day of Juma we constantly say Allah homeless on the island, Mohammed while early Mohammed can also late early Brahim, wala ellebra him in the middle aged. So Catherine to sell an island Nabeel sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You're doing this as much as you can. And so Allah reminds him of that. So how does that translate to you and I,

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guys, we're here,

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we get to live in our homes, we get to wake up, we get to appreciate each other, we get to still connect and talk to one another, we get to all of these blessings we get to eat to we get to enjoy the company of our family, we get to spend time, we get to pretty much do everything that we want to end desire to do. But of course, some of the inconveniences that we're experiencing as you know, we can go outside we can go to places that we usually go to, and so on and so forth. But in sha Allah, that time will come back, those things will come back to normal. But right now, we just need to make sure that we keep our focus. And the way to build that focus is to keep yourself connected with the

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poor and and number two, focus on all of the positive things that are still in you that are still surrounding you, that you have in your life. I'm going to pause here and shut low Tyler for those of you who are following. Again, I just want to make this as close to a human experience as possible. So I'm going to pause here and take the judge set or the resting period. And then when I stand up again, inshallah we'll continue and conclude barakallahu li walakum feel for allocating one of our new El Camino female at what they could Hakeem, I'll call him out this man was stuff that will likely welcome what is certainly a Muslim you know, equally them for stuff. It'll inevitable. We'll

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have a photo right?

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while earlier he was happy he woman were buried, or affair unallocated Caracas in America is very useful in America are so useful for either for other forms of what a load of beacon photo hub to conclude brothers and sisters, this is this is what I want to conclude with it's it's all about just staying positive, staying strong. And then Allah subhana wa tada says for in America is very useful indeed with every pain and struggle, there are multiple avenues of ease. Listen to the way I'm translating this, not after every pain and struggle. Okay, the adea does not say for inner barrier delusory euro it says mera mera means with.

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So Allah is saying with every one pain, there are multiple avenues of good or ease that are coming to that. So for in Marin City usara Elora Sora is the word that is used for hardship in this area, and Orissa is definitive. So those of you who study Arabic, you'll notice that Ella Rosada is mentioned. So in American grocery use Laura. So also has Elif lamb attached to it in Arabic, we call this modifier. So what that means is, wherever the pain or the struggle or the stress is coming from, you're going to know what it is, you're going to know where it came from, it's not going to be impossible to figure out. And this i thought was just absolutely amazing. And so reassuring for all

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of us. Every single pain that you are going through right now, whether it be the Coronavirus, or whether it be in your homes, at a personal level, in your families, in your relationship in your marriage, what have you, whatever struggle you're going through, Allah is saying in this aim, that you know where it's coming from, you could see it, he's not gonna hide that. He's not gonna, you know, hide that from you that it's impossible for you to figure out your life and why it's going downhill. Why all of these problems are coming. Allah is saying, I'm not gonna, you know, keep that completely anonymous, you're gonna know what it is for in America recently. But then Allah says, but

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with that pain is useful, useful, raw is non definitive, it's natural, it doesn't have anything, it's it doesn't have an Elif lamb, which means Allah is going to send multiple avenues of ease, and you're not going to know where it comes comes from, you're not going to have a clue how would happen. And I think all of you listening to this, you all have a story like that, don't you, you all have a story of where you thought something was impossible. And somehow allegis made it work. And one common example, you know, that just pops into my head all the time. It's like when you want to get married to somebody, and every all the puzzles of the all the pieces of the puzzles, fit,

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everything was going fine, everything is smooth. But then some crazy problem happen. You think it's going to be all over, you're already start saying your goodbyes to him or her the marriage is done. And you think it's just a done deal. And all of a sudden Allah makes it work. Somehow the marriage happens or somehow Allah blesses you with somebody else. For those of you who come from the opposite, where if you've been divorced, and you wonder, how are you going to ever marry again? How are you going to ever survive, if you've got three or four kids, you're a single parent. And you've you've reached an age where society has created this taboo, our the stigma against people at certain

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ages, they shouldn't get married again. And so all of this is just pounding on you and making you feel like it's hopeless for you to ever restart. And all of a sudden, a love blesses you with the best spouse, and you have a beautiful life. And things become easy and you're just able to get through and wake up each and every day. So when you look at all of these things, and you when you take a moment to reflect about how Allah subhanho wa Taala had got you out of the worst situations, situations that you you yourself, could not see any way out to Allah says, Man, I sent so many avenues of ease to you. That's what I do. That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala does, and that's what

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he wants you He wants you to focus on. So with this virus, today, I watched the numbers globally, there is now officially over a million cases across this globe. And so how to legislate just think about that number over 1 million people got sick with this virus, and it continues to spread like wildfire. But Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us and guarantees us I'll get you through this. Don't worry. I need you to trust me and stay confident. Trust I know what I'm doing. I'll get you all through this because nilla the in America service are in

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Mr. yosity user, Allah repeats it. So if you didn't get that the first time you make sure you hear it the second time, you will repeat it a second time for us that either photo hotel fun sub. So when you finally get a moment to gather yourself fun sub, no one really knows what the word fun sub is talking about in this area. If you look up the Tafseer of fun sub, you'll see multiple multiple opinions. And fun sub if you put it all together for the sub means to get up and get going again, do something about your situation. So some scholars interpreted funds up to be make Don't make us default, start reading some more and start talking to Allah. Get up, move, pray, go into sujood,

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lengthen the surgery, all of these things are fun sub means to get yourself moving, start taking a step forward. Even if it's just baby steps, take one step forward, and that will multiply that you therefore have the funds of a little bigger for club. And guys, the one thing the reason why we do all of this is for what you load up bigger photo hub is because we want the last panel with our Allah He is the one that we desire, photo hub from a robber, or author we desire, his pleasure, his forgiveness, we desire to be closer to him than anything else. So if it's one thing that the Coronavirus should have taught all of us by now is that and you've been seeing these reminders all

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across social media is this is the time to get closer to him. And this is the time that you should desire him. This is the time that you should want to and feel closer to him some kind of Watada. That's what sort of an insurer is all about. And that is what Allah azza wa jal began to teach the Prophet Allah He slept with some very early in his prophethood one of the first things he teaches his messenger Allah His Salatu was Salam. And so with that being said, Guys, I just want to make a dog for all of you listening and all of you out there, may Allah subhanaw taala keep you all safe. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect you from the virus and those of us if we know somebody or one of

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us has received or gotten the virus, may Allah subhanaw taala give you Shiva and every pain and struggle that you go through May Allah remove the sins and pain and burden upon your shoulders in your life may lie solely to us this time of struggle to remove all of that and purify purify our hearts and our lives alone mean and so with that being said, we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala along with fully Muslim you know when we'll see man may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive the Muslims across the world that lie solely to protect them. Allahu mcfeely Muslim you know when Muslim at what meaning minette Allah here in whom one a month in nikka, Karima semi imaju dharwad a llama Indian

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Anissa local Jana or Allah we ask you for agenda or my paternal but he lay him in Poland armel and allow us to do the things that bring us closer to Jenna in our actions and on our tongues. I love him in Nana Naruto became in either dinner, we also ask you a lot to protect us from the punishment of the Fire while not part of Robert la Herman COVID in a woman and also allow us to stay away and protect us from the things that we do and the things that we say that could lead us towards that fire or Allah protect us alone. I mean, and so with that being said, guys, I'll conclude and just to remember, it's time to pray your phone records of solitude or if you haven't done so already. Does

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that from a low hiring guys until we meet again, please stay safe wherever you are. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you. Just like Milo Hayden was said Mr. Lee to lucky over castle