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The speaker discusses the negative impact of negative comments about people's sexuality and suggests avoiding "has been forbidden" in public. They also criticize the idea of "has been forbidden" and suggest addressing it through better communication and counseling services. The speaker also mentions a past incident that caused people to get rid of rubbish, but acknowledges that it is not a trend.

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rate to us by Emiliano I've been Shoba it's one of his he doesn't have a lot of a hadith is a Hadith always special, or the Allahu I know it's always nice to kind of they're actually a collection of them you can find some of the scholars have put them together very nice. And this hadith is a is a landmark Hadith people, it's an important one and it's within the theme, obviously, of treating your parents with excellence and your relatives and neighbors and whatnot and we'll be talking about that for a few more weeks and show them this idea that's worthy of your attention like it's because it doesn't just talk about that as a couple of other gems in them in it that's worthy of kind of

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memorizing but but in nebulous and Allah Holly it was like you said them in Allah, how do I make that equal? Google Mahat

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Well, Dell Burnett, woman Anwar hurt worker at her local telethon de la call.

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Like I thought they

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were able I TEDMED. So in this hadith, the record as long as it says indeed Allah has made forbidden upon you. And the first thing he points out is a political Omaha is not being the best you can be with your mother's Hope is the opposite of bitter. So there's a spectrum of bitterness, the best you can be with your parents. And the hope is where you've crossed the line. We've crossed the line and now you're no longer neutral, you're no longer not doing your best now you're actually being harmful. Now you're actually picking up sin. Now you're actually going to end this obviously, of course, because a whole other problem. This is one of the deniers of gender. scholars call them the

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few things that will deny people access to genetic name. There's a couple of things, not a lot of things, a couple of things that will deny people access should obviously in

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Qyburn, and oak is one of them. Focus one of them. If you crossed that line with your parents and you've now become harmful, can some become someone that is causing them pain and suffering and you're withholding their needs and their necessities of their need. And you're able to offer them something that they need to you Don't you find a cool? Isn't one of them deniers of gender. That's what I love. So that's why the Prophet alayhi wa sallam

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would say Allah indeed has made it forbidden upon you. And then the first thing he points out is, Matt, they said, They'll Bennett and what they'll Bennett is the practice that they did. I mean, they were they would bury their daughters alive. But the word that is that is a cultural understanding of it. So if that horrible practice that they had, but really linguistically, why does that mean is to hold them back from being able to participate in life, when you hold back your daughters from being able to participate in life, and you and you, because you have authority over them, or because they are weak within your homes, you hold them, you basically lock them up, and you

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deny them access, denied them the ability to learn, or deny them ability to work or deny them to build any part of life. That is what that's just a word of a different type. It was one thing for them to bury infants now. For you to hold her back from being able to educate herself and to be to be a productive part of society is is not that different Danny, but obviously there's differences but but it falls under the concept of what little banana as well. And the third one woman Anwar, Hi, my name is you hold back what you should be giving what happened. You're asking for your rights. So you hold back, you're not giving, you're not fulfilling your obligations. Your mandate is to hold

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something backwards, or to deny someone something. So you're denying your obligations, you're not doing what you're supposed to do. But you're saying that he's gonna give me what I want, give me all of my rights, but I'm not going to give you mine, I'm not going to actually fulfill my obligations. And this slave is a two way road, we have rights, but we also have obligations that we have to fulfill, if you really want our rights that we have to make sure that we see through or three are obligations. And the last part of it is understanding Allah, Allah has made these three things forbidden, these three things are forbidden, mistreating your parents, your mother is specifically

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holding back and locking up your daughters and holding them back from from learning and participating in life. And holding, asking for your rights without giving or seeing through your obligations, and it will cut your head off and there are three things that Allah dislikes for you. So they the scholars have traditionally regarding this hadith as it because your points out and neither

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party and many others point out that scholars have differed upon when he says kuti, Harlequin, we disliked it within his haram or his mcru or somewhere in between the desert, but they just disagree. But what they do know what it is saying is that it's just one level less meaning it's also something Allah subhanaw taala dislikes, but it's one level less than these three. So these three are definitely big. You don't do these three at all. You shouldn't do any of them. But these are much in terms of priority. They're much higher. These three are a little bit less than priority, but there's still there's still something Allah strongly dislikes. And what does he say? Well, you're gonna

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repeat our call. Our call is always gossip or is talking it's useless speech is stuff that does nothing it just it just kills people's minds and hearts with rubbish and makes them you know how it generates bad. We were just talking about this incident, which I did a few moments ago. It feels people heart with hatred and upset and it's just it's fuel for negativity so cleaned up. I just listen that listen in your life. Have a practice. Don't

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Don't entertain gossip or suicide stories just don't entertain it. Just the moment someone opens their mouth and says something like that, just immediately shut it down, you'll lose a few friends. Honestly, no big deal. If you're, your wife may be offended once or twice when you do it, but she'll get used to it later. And she'll stop telling you stories that you don't need to hear. And after a while, you'll just live a better life, a life with less stories, stories that don't mean anything stories that are just filling just fillers that don't that just, they're not helpful. Honestly, this is my my analogy, of scrolling of feed was what I feel it is, like, it's hard enough in life to get

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away from all of that rubbish that people are talking about all the time, that just fills your mind with nonsense. So we figured out a way to put it in, put it in a different form. So you can just go like this. And also get all the rubbish and all the nonsense that you don't need. Fill your mind, in your head in your heart with stuff you don't need to actually know or look at it and it causes the same This has the same effect on the psyche of Allah, he has the same effect on the heart and the emotions and it brings you down, it makes you feel less productive and you're tired. It's tiring to hear all this you don't need it less than this in your life, Allah you'll feel it's like it's taking

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a bit of a load off yourself. Well, you feel much better if you can just get rid of it. We're going to complete our call what I thought is to URL and asking for things meaning asking for possession specifically the increase or the overdue of X asking for stuff I want to I always want something more you're always looking for something that you shouldn't make dua to Allah some other things but the constant need for more I want more I want someone to give me more than I already have because a lot this and the third one Allah I tell him and then you misuse of the wealth that you have in your hand. Well, this hadith is a full hook with Gemma easily, easily. This is an easy, how much am I to

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give you honestly is six points that are extremely profound and important. Obviously, I rated it for you for the first one, Oklahoma out of all this, all these bad things. Think of all these bad things. The first thing, do not

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watch out for that line with your mother's watch out that line with your parents. Just don't don't cross it. You crossed it and it's a problem. Everything else after this is horrible, but not one that that precedes it all. It is something to kind of reflect upon I hope that was a benefit to you, Yahweh a che haunting Mustafa Ali he mean how do you think I'm elated to be sure about the Allahu Anhu Papa and maybe your son Allah Allah you early you also have to use them in Allah to help Rama Maha Mahad del bene woman and waha Akari Hala Confederate and de la con. Okay. So what is what I tell him sort of Rasulullah he said Allah, so Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah wa