Musleh Khan – How to build Tawakul with Allah.

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of trusting oneself and the person they trust to develop trust is emphasized in Islam. It is crucial to develop a "hasn't been true" attitude towards someone, and the need to trust oneself and develop a "hasn't been true" attitude towards them is emphasized. The importance of learning from the creator's names and attributes to develop trust is also emphasized. The need for people to be a quality in oneself is emphasized, and the potential consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the need for people to stay safe and take care of oneself are also emphasized.
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So I wanted to let you know about a cat to everyone. So this is part one of let's study together. So the verses that I've selected for today, I've written it in the description. And they are verses number 22, to 2006, and sha Allah 22 to 26. So let's begin. This is the chapter of EDA sorta Toma EDA, which is the fifth chapter of the Quran. And we kind of fast forward to the story of Musa alayhis salaam when he orders his people to enter a particular land that is blessed. In Arabic, we say audibly more condesa. So it's the blessed said land and scholars differ. What this land is, some say it's in Sham in diminish in order done in Palestine. So it could be in Jordan, it could be in

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Syria. So the point is, is that it's a blessing area or a blessing place that musalla Islam once almost 100,000 followers of Benny is sort of easy to follow in and enter this blessed place. But there was a problem. The group or his followers, they had split. And one group of them says, This is what they say to musala he said, in Leonard hola her had your whole genome in her for etiology will mean her for in their death alone, we're not going to enter that land, because what they saw is that in the female pohlmann jeberti. So these people saw that in this blessed land, they were like giants, homerun. jeberti was like a nation that was powerful, strong, tall, big, robust. And so they

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were intimidated by that. So the sense that it says, If you and I would say, there's no way I'm going to enter in there, are you crazy, I'm going to enter in that with all those kinds of people, they're going to be controlling us, they're going to be governing us they're going to be in charge, no way. And then they pretty much made it very clear to Musa alayhis salam that we're not going to enter in that land. Hector Zhu min until those giants come out of that blessed land for y'all to mean half in depth alone. So as long as they come out, that's when we're gonna enter in. So what happened now is that there was another group so remember Benny is three it'll split in two. So the

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other group, there were two men parlato jhulan, Mina Latina, yo ha foreigner nama la hora la he met Hulu Ali, him will bap so what they said is that Hey guys, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with so much. So these particular individuals, Allah bless them with a sense of taqwa and fear. And basically they said, we're going to enter where Musa alayhis salam tells us to enter, we're not going to dispute him. We're going to trust him. He's our leader. And they continue and say, either removal for in nicoma hollyburn or lie for telechelic in contempt, meaning, so here's the point. All right, so these men now they say like if we enter and we follow the instructions of

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our Prophet, then we're going to be successful. You know why? Why the lucky fatawa Curlew because we have Allah on our side, we trust Allah, he's the one in charge of everything anyway. So here's the thing. You know, very often we talk about that we should have to look cool with Allah subhanho wa Taala. You hear this? You see that there are tons of posts online, have trust in Allah The Coronavirus is everywhere have trust in Allah. And if it's not the Coronavirus, it's climate change. If it's not climate change, it's all the catastrophes and disasters happening around the world. People getting depressed people going through problems and etc, etc. The list never ends. And what

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we're always told at the end of the day is trust Allah. thing is I got a question from a student of mine, that understood that how important it was to trust a law. But then she asked, How do I even develop that? Like, do I just tell myself that just trust him? And that's the end of that. Because why the student when they do trust a lot, they're still scared, they'll still frightened, they're still worried. They're still asking questions, they're still doubtful whether things will change. And so they couldn't separate between what they were feeling these emotions and this whole spiritual discipline of tawakkol in Allah subhanho wa Taala and I thought that that was a really good point

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and a really good subject to talk about. We always tell people to trust a lot we almost never tell them how they should develop that trust with Allah. And I'm not talking about you quote, like tons of Hadith and a yet and say, okay, you know, the prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, you know, taught the companions trust Allah in this and that, do this and do that and I'll talk a little just automatically fall into place. It's not that easy. And even the poor n when it talks about having tawakkol in alarm, it commands us to do so. So the

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First thing is we know that this is an obligation, we have to trust Allah. If we don't, then we would lose our faith, we would lose our Amen, we would know we would no longer be considered to be believers to begin with. Why? Because Allah keeps telling us fatawa law in quantum meaning has have torquil in me, if you claim that you or people have emailed you or you are actual believers, so now this story of Musa alayhis salaam and this incident right now is going to help us to understand how you develop that trust. And that tawakkol with Allah subhanho wa Taala Let me read the next verse. So after these two men when they started to like hype up everyone and say, Hey, guys, we have a lot

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on our site, if we enter in this blessed land, we have nothing to lose, everything's gonna be just fine. So let's just get in and enter. We're the champions Anyways, we're going to be victorious anyways, because we have tawakkol on our side. They said in quantum Meaning, if you claim to be somebody who's a believer, here's the first step in developing tawakkol with Allah, there's a difference between alesina ermanno those who acknowledge Eamon and being min, the person who has the quality of image in them. So that's the difference between the two. If you say you are a Latina, Eminem, which the horror and also called talks about, you are somebody that recognizes what is

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right, you recognizes that this is something important to my faith, but you don't necessarily practice it. As opposed to the Mothman or Mina. When you're a min images of quality in you, it's there, it's there to stay, nobody can take that away from you. Now so how do you develop going from Allah Xena, Amman, to somebody who is mcminn Allah is going to tell us one of many ways throughout the poor and how you do that, but in this incident with Musa alayhis Salam pilu yeah Moosa. So now what ends up happening is you have these men that are trying to hype up everybody and say, let's enter we have a lot in our side, and the other group, so the first group that split apart, they

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said, Yep, Fallujah Moosa, they just called out Moosa by his name, they didn't even say prophet like they were totally disrespectful to him. So the first step in understanding and developing trust with Allah, is you have to know who Allah is, in order to respect him in order to love him. You have to understand who this connection is between you and this creator. There's only one way to do that. You have to study a lesson names and attributes. That's the only biography we have a hole Allah subhanho wa Taala is now where am I getting all of this from? Remember that Sudeten met EDA is the fifth chapter in terms of its order in the end, but it's actually one of the last sutras revealed it was

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probably the 17th or 18th, the year of the revelation of our Prophet Alayhi. Salatu was Salam. So about 17 or 18 years later, that's when a lot gives them disorder. So this is one of the lead sources that's revealed to him salallahu alayhi wasallam. What does that mean? It means that at least 17 or 18 years, Muslims were able to develop themselves from a Latina Mo, to being meaning to being a quality in them, that they had faith and trust with a lot of soldiers. So how did they do it? They did it by studying and understanding Allah's names and attributes. Now, that is our biography with Allah, we can't get to know him or know anything about him, except through these

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names and attributes. And so that's why it's found throughout the entire core. And so when you study that, that's your first way to connecting with a lie soldier is by actually getting to know him. Now, I want you to think about even logically that this makes sense. You would only rely or trust somebody that you know, and you're acquainted with, you wouldn't tell if I came to you and I said, little brother, Akhmed. He's a real good guy. He's a guy you can trust man I can. I can depend on him for anything I can. And I just keep going on and describing to you. And then I say to you, you don't want to you can trust me, too. You can depend on him as well. You can give him anything you

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want. And he'll take care of it and he'll make sure it's safe. There's a good chance that if you trust me, then you'll trust what I'm saying to you about Akhmed and in turn, you'll trust I met as well. And so the same thing with a law syllogism. You can't trust anyone or anything without understanding and getting to know what that thing is, what the who that person is. And so in this case, how can you trust Allah and how can you rely on him? that he'll take care of you? If you don't know who he is? You haven't studied who he is, you know, his name is Allah. But when he also calls himself a judge about a lot of food and water Kabira a lot Minh Alamo Haman are

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All of these beautiful names and attributes of Allah, they all mean something, they tap into a part of Allah subhanho wa Taala that it's like a separate world that helps you connect with him more. And so other parts of your life, all of those things, every part of your life, not just times of need and disaster, but even when you're going through good times and things are going well and smooth. You still can maintain that connection with him. subhanho wa Taala. And so these men, they say to him was apolonia Moosa in London, Ned, Hola, Abba de Madame morphia. So here's the next thing. These men said we're not going to enter that blessing land, no matter what you say, a bad demo demo fear.

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A burden in Arabic is used to say absolutely never no matter what you do musar laser no matter what you say, we are not going to follow your instructions. And then they continue and they say feather habit into water, Boca katella in the hotel car in doing so they basically said you know what Moosa? Why don't you you and your Lord or whoever you worship? Why don't you both go in there and then take take care of business, go and fight with these giants in this blessing line. And then we'll just wait right here. We're not going to move we're not going to get away. We're not going to do nothing. In her horn our party doing is like saying this exact spot that I'm standing on. We're not going to

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move right here right now. There's nothing you can say or do. And Musa alayhis salam. That's when he says Carlota be in Nila emblica learn FC one, photo kobina. Now we're Bienal comienza sipping, he just tells a lie. You don't want to lie. The only person I have control over that I can instruct and I could influence as my brother held on. So for me and my brother, it's fine, we'll enter. But for everybody else, oh allegis separate me from them. So basically, this was the last straw of Musa alayhis salam. And that's basically what he says is that you know, me and my brother were going to go on into this bless Atlanta fest little Cobain and Albania Pullman fair city and separate me from

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these people who are sinners, or fasciae, who are inherently corrupt. And then finally holophane ham held Roma to an island him autobarn in a Senate in Yeti horn a few odd fellow Sarah little comienza sipping. And then as a result, Allah subhanho wa Taala made it harder and harder for them to enter that blessing line for 40 years. And so for 40 years, they were just scavengers on Earth, Yeti hona feel odd, they scattered and they were just basically wandering around the Earth. They had no purpose, no goal, no vision, nothing they would just wandered and scattered themselves all over the place, having absolutely no purpose furfural kobane and elvina bowmanville first affiliate sign up

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for me first shipping, and so Allah subhanho wa Taala. With this particular incident of Musa alayhis salaam a number of things help us to develop taqwa with Allah sallallahu Sallam is one of the greatest prophets mentioned in the Quran. He knows who Allah is. And the fact that Allah put this story in one of the last sutras revealed to shows you and I'm that this is a journey. And the only thing that I'm sharing with you now there are so many have tried to do this in every one of these reminders that we share. But in this particular one, Allah subhanho wa Taala orders us fatawa kettle in quantum Meaning, if you claim that you are somebody who has the quality of a man in you always

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remember there's a difference between you recognizing and you adapting the quality of faith in this particular incident. When you trust Allah's message, everything will be okay. And so what we have here, the actual core end,

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the lesson behind this incident, this incident here with masayoshi son is just trust Allah, trust him, you probably can't see the wisdom in entering a blessed land that's got these enormous, strong, powerful people living villages and communities of them. They're going to intimidate and overrun us and control us and govern our every move. We don't want to be part of that. But Allah still said, enter it. Get inside, that's my command, and trust me. And so it kind of it kind of tells you that telecoil is something you're not going to be able to explain every nitty gritty part of it, you're not going to be able to give the reason, every single ounce why you should have tawakkol there has

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to be a part of you where you just trust the message in and of itself. And that's where the verses seven or now will come into play, where we just hear it and we obey why we're not going to be able to iron out all the nitty gritty details of why we should have tawakkol so when it comes to what we're coping with these days in terms of the virus, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the instructions to trust him.

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And to believe in Him, it's not really appropriate for us to ask why would Allah send down such a thing to us? And and? And is it a really a punishment? Is it a mercy for all of us who's being punished who's not being punished? These questions we shouldn't ask them. And the reason why is that Remember, you get into vague areas, gray areas that's really hard to give a good answer to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam says it's a mercy to believers, but then it's a punishment, and then that, that sentence that's left open, who's at a punishment to, you know, we still see online how lots of people will say that this is a punishment for this particular group, this particular people,

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this particular country, this government, etc, etc. We can't say those things, because why within all of those parameters are also believers. They're also good people, they're also innocent people, so they can just be thrown into a punishment as well. That's going to be unjust of Allah subhanho wa Taala to do that, so it wouldn't be right. So these are areas where we just literally keep it simple. Just trust Allah subhanho wa Taala. So two things that we get out of this story today, guys, and then we're done. Is that in this particular incident, trust Allah's instructions, even if you can't see the fruits of the results, you can't see any results whatsoever, it just looks like a

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total disaster. No, this was this looked like a total disaster to half of Benny Sorrell eel, but had they just follow musala, he slammed instructions, everything would have been just fine. So it was a real test for them. And many of them did not pass the test. And that's why musalla he said, I'm so separate me and my brother from the rest of them. It's my last straw, I can't do this anymore with them. And a lot allowed it to happen. And secondly, of course, is that a man has to be a quality in you. It has to be a quality in your life. You can't just recognize what's right and not make an effort to do it. You can't just recognize that you have certain qualities in you that are not good

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qualities, but you don't do anything to change it. You just go around telling people this is just the way that I am. I'm just a bitter person. Oh, I just yeah, I'm really blunt. You ever get people who say that they say I'm just really blunt with people, I could just say whatever I wanted, I don't care how they take it. That's a problem. That's not the personality. Those are not the etiquettes that Islam calls for. Those are things that have to be worked on, you need to calm down, and you need to refine some of those etiquettes some of those attitudes, that's not the way to talk to people, and that's not the way to treat them. So these are some of the things that we capture from

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this incident. I hope that in short, Allahu taala it was helpful and beneficial. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to teach us his book. And most importantly, at least in this day and age mental mindset will heal us heal the world from this plague and this virus, especially the countries and places that are really hit hard. Italy, Spain, New York, I personally have a lot of family and a lot of relatives in New York so we're thinking about them every day and praying for them that too May Allah subhanaw taala keep all of them safe alone. I mean, so stay tuned inshallah guys, for tomorrow another reminder, where you and I we can study together something from the polar ends and what acid

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was Erlinda and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Take care guys and stay safe as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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