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The speaker discusses three tips for finding a proper must have in online dating. The first tip is choosing a proper port, writing your name in it, memorizing the rules of the online dating industry, and finding a teacher with both technical and intellectual experience. The second tip is to find a male or female teacher, and to set up a schedule to practice online dating. The third tip is to make it easy for all players to find a teacher.

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So Mr. De Kumara, to Lahore Barakatuhu. Brothers and sisters, it's your brother Muslim, here. And we're going into tip number three in memorizing the port. And the third tip is extremely important. And that is, there's actually two points that I want to mention. The first one is choose a proper must have, choose a proper port. And now you're probably thinking what does that mean? Well, choosing a proper port n entails a number of things. Number one, it's your core and you own it. So don't just go to a local method and just pick out a random core engine and start sitting there with your shape and just reading it, then before you know it, you put it back next day you come you find

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a different masaf. And then you do the same thing with that make get your own personal must have that belongs to you write your name in it, whatever it is. And the reason why I say that is very simple. Remember, now your photographic memory is going to be exercised more than anything else. When you memorize from one must have that has the same color pages, the right text and everything. When you start memorizing, that's what it is memorizing is these pages now are going to start to turn in your mind. So you're going to be leading the Salah, you're going to be leading the total Li and you're going to see those pages turn in front of you or in your mind. So you want to make sure

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that you start to train your mind to get used to one must have and one color only. So that way you can avoid any confusion and things like that. Remember, this is a real old school tip, even scholars in the past imams of the How to this is what they've all done as well. So you want to make sure you get a proper must have. The second sub point behind that is choosing a teacher. Now choosing a teacher, for sure, I guess we don't really have to mention this, but at least you want to make sure that the person can actually recite core and properly. And the reason why I say that is you might find some teachers who are very fluent in the rules of Tajweed, or in the rules of the poor end. But

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they can't really recite that well. Or you'll find somebody who recites very well, but doesn't really know the rules of Tajweed. You want to find somebody who's got both, especially with a recitation of poor and they're very eloquent in their recitation very clear in their pronounciation. And even if they just have some basic rules of Tajweed, or principles of recitation, then that's fine as well. They don't have to be extremely fluent in that science as well. So you want to make sure that when you find a teacher like that male or female, whatever makes you comfortable inshallah, and then you sit down, set up a schedule, and then you can begin your journey towards

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porn. So these two tips are extremely, extremely important allies, so we'll make it easy for all of you. It's Tip number four guys. Stay tuned. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.