A Deeper Look -Surah At-Tariq – These Are the Angels That Guard Us

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So he says a najmul thing. The interesting thing here is that you have in the previous Surah, a reference to the the fortresses, which I told you are defensive installations. And now you've got the word sapid, which which means piercing through Sokolova to pierce through a hole, or to you know, like a catapult or a, you know, a cannon or something hits a wall and goes right through it. That's the idea of FACA to bore through to pierce through. And the idea of the stars light piercing through the darkness and reaching all the way to us. That's sort of the idea. But the attribute socket is used elsewhere in the Quran to and say interesting correlation, Illuminati fan hot Fatah

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at bamboo, she had one second, meaning the gin if you remember, the gin tried to steal information from the sky. And when they do, what Allah does is there's a there's a meteor a burning star that is shot at and that pierces through and shoots at them. And for those that get too close, it actually goes right through the meaning that shoots them dead. That's what it does. The word socket was used there again. In other words, it's a mental connection that's been drawn in the Quran, and the idea of the stars being defensive installations that protect the skies, that shouting don't have access to, and that from which the revelation dissents and also the ones that have close watch on all the

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criminal behavior that's been going on. So from an original thought them you're kind of getting the notion that the star that's twinkling at me is actually the visitor that's visiting me by his site. Meaning these stars are almost a representation even of the angels. The angels that Allah has sent us witness over us. They are by the stars they are by the Guruji of the stars. And they're the ones that doesn't matter what distance they're there, their gaze on us and their watch over us pierces through so we're not left to our own devices. We are under surveillance. This is an edge Masakan they say that's why I stayed up the keep your omocha che in my team it's actually for something to

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pierce through and tear through from an extended far difference that's the idea of suckle adaptive a Allah the historical Fila individual me His Sabbath will follow you will be low E something that pierces through because of its light. Others actually commented that the idea of light piercing through the darkness Allah is in a sense to comparing the revelation of the Quran itself, meaning the Quran came in a time of great darkness. And through that darkness, this light came through and reached all the way to humanity, right so it's a parallel, and that parallel has been made other places in the Quran also. For instance, he says fala oxime will be a maraca and Nujiang are in the

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hula kasama lota Laguna I live in now hula Quran, carrying the placement of the stars in the falling of the stars I swear by them that this is a noble Quran, meaning just like the stars are a means by which navigation happens in the middle of the night. The Quran Zayat are a means by which navigation happens in the night of this guidance. You know, there, the desert traveler actually can find his way much easier at nighttime because he relies on the stars for guidance. That's his only hope for surviving the journey is this night started there, this navigation system. And in the darkness of this world, the ayat of the Quran serve exactly the same purpose. We're surrounded by darkness. And

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here you have the light of Allah and the stars and these ayat, each one of them, that actually reaches all the way to us to allow us to have guidance. And of course, it's also a symbol of beauty. In any case, so Allah makes this oath about the stars that are gazing on us. And then or this, this, this one that's watching us. And then he says, Well, you don't have to be that far. You don't have to worry about being that far. The the installation that so far and explained is reaching you. As a matter of fact, each one of you has, has the institution of guardianship put over you in Kulu Nuff said llama la ha ha fifth. This is translated in two ways for the Arabic students here. You can

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understand that Lamar can be read Lama and in another para Lama. Okay, so it's to karate in coluna of St. Lama and they have an include of St. Lama Allah Hafiz. When you say it's llama, and they have it without the Shuddha in that Kira, and this MA in grammar is called ma Zaida Zaida, which actually means that this man is there for emphatic purposes, it doesn't mean no. Which then with the IRA would mean that is in Aquila enough sin, Allah Hafiz. And the mind is there to emphasize it. No doubt about it. Every single person for sure truly does have a guardian watching over them.

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Every single person has a guardian. And a recorder half is means two things, someone who guards and someone who records watching over them. They've got one installed on them. So there's the star in the distance, but actually there's someone right over you. And every time you look at the star now there's a connection made, by the way, just like that star reaches you. There's a guard right next to you, too. That's watching over you. That's that Allah has installed over you. Now this half does a few things. One, the recording of our needs to guarding us, guarding us in the sense that you'll see Lou Alikum HAFA he says he sends guardian angels over you. When you're driving your car. That's

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the fact that your brakes don't fail is not just because you had

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I'm checked, because there are angels at work that are keeping the truck driver next to you from falling asleep and ramming into you. There are angels at work that are guarding you and every replace that you go, this is a less promise to you, that's their job to guard you. But the other meaning of a guard is not positive it's also negative. If you have a security guard or you know prison guard watching over you means that anytime when you get out of line what could the guard do? You can grab it this is actually almost in a sense an extension of another inner Bazzara because God Allah is grabbing is pretty intense. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the

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