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Musleh Khan
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So Mr alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato brothers and sisters, it's your brother Bill slack on here we are on Tip number four in how to memorize pork. Now Tip number four is really special, you're sitting with your chef now you've got your special must have that belongs to you. And you're start memorizing with him or her. Now, after a month or two months, you finish memorizing, let's say sort of the Bukhara or certainly sell or something else. Now you have all this information, all these verses in your mind now you don't want to lose them. So what do you do scholars of Islam they tell us that the most effective way to keep poor and in the mind is to recite it in Sala. So what you

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want to do is you want to be very selective in your days, where you're either reciting those verses that you've memorized in your regular prayers, or you allocate time where you pray some extra rocker ads for no reason at all, except just to review that pattern. Because honestly, brothers and sisters, just think about it. When you're standing in prayer, you're not going to hold them must have in your in your head, you're solely dependent on your mind and what you've memorized. It's a really, really effective way to encourage you to get out all those verses. And if you make a mistake, you're praying by yourself anyways. So you can take your time and read go back and go back

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until it clicks into you. And I'll tell you honestly, this is actually one of the ways that I use to also keep or end with me, and it works amazingly amazingly well. So just keep those two things in mind. Now you're sitting with your shell. You want to memorize the report when you finished with that surah what's the next step is you start to recite it in prayer. Another thing that you want to just keep in mind in sha Allah is just if you're if you're a person that has the ability and Ally's schedule blesses you with the strength to wake up 4pm we'll name it is the best time in sha Allah for you to recite for me so during pmla best best time and also in addition to that is sitting now

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what the sending have to do with Quran Stay tuned for video number five, just like hello Highland Somali Kumara to local Bearcat.

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