Emotional Roller Coaster

Muhammad Alshareef


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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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if anybody's been on this journey of really trying to accomplish something big, you know that the emotional roller coaster in doing that something big is intense. And if you haven't done something big and felt that emotional roller coaster, it's probably because the emotional roller coaster has already got you locked down. You're already on lockdown. And that's why you're not taking on the challenge. So I want to start off with this hadith. This situation in the Battle of 100. I shall not be allowed to ask the prophets of Allah Islam was that the hardest day that you ever experienced with all these companions who are killed Shaheed in the battle? The prophets of the lysosome said

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no. So interestingly, the hardest day the prophets of Allah they sent him faced was not physical pain, but it was emotional pain.