Ask Musleh – I’m in love with someone, but their Islamic beliefs are different

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Sara Lee Kumar, to learn you about a cat two brothers and sisters, and welcome to us Muslim. So today we're going to talk about a really important question. You're in love with him or her, but there's just one problem. They belong to a different group or a different sect of Islam. Now, regardless whether it's Sunni Islam share azim Sufi ism or whatever other isms are out there. The point here is we're not going to talk about these ideologies we're simply going to talk about is relationship wise and how the future looks for a husband and wife will have this problem. First thing, brothers and sisters is to recognize that this is a problem. Because if both of you have

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different mentalities, different belief systems in your heart, different ways of practicing them belief system that in and of itself is a problem, how are you going to raise your children on one party might say, look, we don't want to believe in the prophesies sell them? Well, we don't want to do this, or we want to do this, we don't want to go to that community, we don't want to be part of that Masjid, we don't want to take from that chip. Like there's so many different problematic issues. And it just makes life a whole lot complicated for both parties. So that's something to think about is to recognize that this is definitely a problem in terms of your relationship. We're

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not talking about the validity of the kneecap or anything like that. That's a separate discussion in and of itself. So that's the first thing number two is mentioned, when both of you want to celebrate, you want to go to an Islamic conference, you guys want to learn something about the religion? How is this going to happen when both parties have different perspectives about the religion in the first place? Again, it even affects your pursuit towards knowledge and learning your religion. Number three. Now, when it comes to the actual relationship itself, again, it might be problematic because in some groups or in some sector, there are certain things that are permissible,

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where they become denounced in other groups are in other sects of of Islam. So then it creates problems that may even with your relationship, and how you what kind of physical relationship you have with each other creates a lot of problems. So where do I want to get with this short discussion, it's very simple.

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Think about your future with that person. Put aside your emotion and how you feel about that individual. And just pause for a moment, eventually, that romance and that strong emotion that you have for each other, eventually it comes down and shut alive, never disappears, but it does come down. What are you going to do in a situation like that? What are you going to do if he tells you that look, you know, you don't need to wear your hijab, but as a Sunni Muslim, you grew up the hijab is a part of your life. But another group or another sec told you just don't do it. You don't need to, we don't follow that. Then you you start getting into this battle again, all the religion, its

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concepts all become very questionable for both parties. And it just puts yourself in a very difficult situation where you might be forced to make certain decisions you don't want to make. So brothers and sisters, my urge here is really to have all of you to really think about this decision. Really think about your future really think about your children. Think about the family, the in laws, everybody as a whole and how everyone is going to get along moving forward. So this is why it is my humble opinion brothers and sisters is just pause for a moment. Don't go through with any capital like this until you really really truly know what it is that you're doing. And ask Allah

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subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for both of you in sha Allah, just like low higher and salamati humara