Ask Musleh – I’m having doubts about getting married – What do I do?

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The segment discusses the importance of considering doubts in relationships, as they can be true indicators of the person being in contact with. The shale team works to overcome these doubts and create a sense of comfort in relationships, while also finding support systems around the person.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. So today we're talking about you like somebody and relationship is going fine, but for some strange reason you feel some kind of doubt inside of you. Maybe he's not the right guy, maybe she's not the right sister for me and you start finding all of these different excuses Well, what if? What if? What if? And before you know it what's what was supposed to be something very good ended up either breaking apart or something very bad. So what do you do in a situation like that? What does our religion teach us when it comes to dealing with doubts in a relationship? Number one, you should listen to

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those doubts. When we say listen to those doubts, you should at least hear what those doubts have to say to you. And it should cause you to start thinking about yourself and start thinking about why those doubts are there in the first place. So the whole point here is, don't just ignore those doubts and just say, Well, whatever they're just from shaitan, or something like that, try to consider them and think about what it is that it's saying to you. The second advice that I'd like to share with you is, if those doubts turn out to be true, then that is probably an indication that that's that aspect of the relationship has to be considered. So if you doubt to yourself, whether

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that guy is really being sincere with you really being honest with you that if they say to you that look, you know, I go to this particular Masjid, and I'm a member there, and everybody knows me. And judging from his personality, and the way that you know him, you're saying to yourself, Well, I don't think so you don't seem like that kind of person. And then later on, you go to the masjid and you ask somebody about him, and you realize that nobody knows who he is, he's never been a member there in the first place. This is where the doubts now become true. And you have to try to follow through them don't again, say to yourself, well, the relationship has been going on for so long. So

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let me just ignore it again, don't do that. The third advice that you want to consider is doubtful matters that are really, really serious. So real serious, doubtful matters. So this is where when you're around that person, you're you start to become more angry or less patient, suddenly, your personality starts to change, suddenly, there's something about you that there's just that level of uneasiness in you, and you just kind of feel that way around them. This is now really serious, because what this might be telling you is number one, you're obviously very uncomfortable around this person. And number two, if you can find comfort in pre marriage, how are you going to find that

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comfort post marriage, like how are you going to do that later on. So it is something very serious for you to consider. And with that attached to that third point is also whispers of shale team. Remember brothers and sisters that then one of the number one goals that shale teen have when it comes to our family relationships and just life with the people who are close to you. The number one goal schatzi is to break those ties apart is to break those relationships. Because Shelton, they know that this is one of the things that we need in our lives just to feel complete. We need that kind of companionship, that kind of love that kind of support system around us. And that's why they

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always say that families is the building block of any community of any of any civil society or any country. And it all starts with the families. So what the shell team do, they do what they do best, and that is try to target the root of the problem itself. So it's really important that you consider and you think about all of these issues, if it's starting from the very beginning, something for you to start thinking about. The key here, guys is that when you're dealing with doubts, don't ignore them. And especially if you start feeling uncomfortable about them, it's really time for you to stop sit back for a moment and really think is is this possible can it be true for me and try to see what

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decision that takes you moving forward? So May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of you, and at least clarify those doubts that you might have in you and make your relationships in sha Allah, pure and comforting, just like malachite and said I might even want to go to Lego kits.