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Brother, what do you are a man from India writes that the name of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, his father in the Quran, it is called Azhar. And yet he heard that this was not the name of his father that it was not Azur and so he's asking that what who was Azur in the foreign?

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So the Quran mentions is sort of an arm verse 74, Allah subhanho wa Taala says what father brought him with me he remember when you brought him said to his father,

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and so Allah says Lee Abhi, he was his father.

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Now from the text of the Quran, it seems very clear that aza is the proper noun of the father of Ibrahim. However, from the time of the Sahaba, we've had Sahaba, that have had other opinions about this issue. And the reason for this is that the books of genealogy, and the books of the other scriptures and nations and the Iliad, all mentioned another name, and his name is mentioned as Tonya or Tara. And because of this, many of the early scholars, including some of the Sahaba, including Ibn Abbas and others, they said that his name was Danny or Tara, or Tara. And Azhar is either a low carb, which is a title, or it is his name in his original language or another language. And Terra

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was the name that he was known in his community. And Azur was a name that was maybe the original that his father gave him, or it was not a well known name. So this is the first opinion that either it was a title, which means something else in their language, because there are people that have a title to have a name and a title, or it was a name that was not used by the people of the time. But of course, it is the actual original name. And so Allah xuejun uses it, okay. There is another opinion as well. And that is that as R is an uncle of Ibrahim, and in the Arabic language, it is allowed to call an uncle father, the only when you say a book in the Arabic language, the Arabs

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understand an Arab to mean a father or a grandfather, right? You are allowed to call your grandfather up in Arabic, or even an elder Uncle, you can call up all of this is linguistically permissible or is and so one group of scholars even said that as up is his uncle and not his father. Now, to be honest, here, it's an interesting question and a historic one. And inshallah, when our time comes in my series that I'm doing about the stories of the prophets will go into a lot of detail. But in the end of the day, whichever position you follow, either as it was a lockup of his father, or as it was another language name, original name of his father that was not used by the

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people, or that Azur was an uncle figure for Ibrahim it has set up whichever position you follow. In reality, there is no value of this controversy. And whichever opinion you follow, they're all going to resolve this issue. And the story of course, is well known that, you know, as it was the one who had made it, make idols and do all that he did, and this is something that is of historical interest, but it doesn't really change our theology, or our understanding of the Scripture and inshallah, just for benefit, I thought I would do something of that nature. And with that, inshallah we come to the conclusion of today's q&a. I will see you next week with an ATAR. That was said on

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