Ahmad Saleem – Eight at Eight #012 Milton Couples death & a Warning dishonouring the dead

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 reflects on the community's lack of community respect and community comfort, while also acknowledging the community's lack of community comfort and the importance of not being a--. Speaker 3 discusses the negative impact of rumors on political and religious beliefs, including the belief that death is a result of a physical or mental illness, and criticizes the idea that people should not be surprised by rumors. Speaker 7 emphasizes the importance of humanizing behavior and avoiding giving up rumors, while also discussing the need for everyone to stop giving up rumors and mentions a new Facebook post about a member of the Church who is broadcasting live daily classes.
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Salam, Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu people, I hope you guys are doing well Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hillberg. I am standing here today. And again, it's your brother, I have been sitting over here and we are here to talk about eight at eight, eight minutes at eight o'clock. I never make it at eight. And I know that but you know, it's a promise to myself that I gotta go live every single day for the next 90 days in sha Allah, hopefully we can have these conversations together via the live data. Now, I want to talk about something that's really disturbing. It has been, it's something that happened in our city. And I wanted to reflect a

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little bit upon how our community has responded to this. I have been trying to delay this video ever since the incident took place, primarily hoping that this would die down. But it seems like it's not dying down. I keep getting messages on my whatsapp, I keep getting messages where people are unfortunately, spreading this stuff. So a little context for those of you that are here and what's happening for those of you that are watching from abroad. So what happened was around last Friday, police found two individuals, Muslims, brother and a sister may Allah have mercy and mercy on forgive all of their sins and elevate their status. They were found dead in their house. Now what

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ended up happening was there was a multiple, there was a lot of stories that were shared. A lot of people had shared different different things related to this. Again, this is like, you know, the story goes on and says Halton police investigation, investigating after a man and a woman were found dead in a home in Milton. So I live in the city of Milton, and they were found dead in the city of Milton.

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Sadly, there were Muslims. And one of them actually, one of the brother, he was an owner of a restaurant, a halal restaurant, caravan restaurant, and he was an owner of a restaurant. Now.

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What I want to talk about is the way

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the community has taken this news. So like I wake up in the morning and Subhanallah it was just like message after message people sending pictures of those deceased individuals like really despicable behavior from our like community members and, and turning this into a whatsapp frenzy. And then and then and then speculations about like, one person I was talking to that person is like, so you know what happened? He's like, Well, you know, you've heard right man, like, you know, they were not like married, they were like, you know, girlfriend and boyfriend type of relationship. They had kids, but they were not living in a very long relationship. They deserve this death. And I was like,

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subhanAllah like, how low have we gotten? Like somebody just lost their life. And all we can think of is, is our highest morality and their loneliness. Like, gee, this is this is not what religion is supposed to be. Like, where whatever happened to the Mercy whatever happened to like Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam imagine? He told her Aisha Radi Allahu Allah has something so powerful. He told me I shall have the Allahu anha he said, Do not break. Like when you're when you are doing whistle be very careful that you don't accidentally break a joint or you break a bone or you do something to the physical body of the dead person, that physical body is not going to feel any pain. Rasulullah

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Sallam told that he alone, be very careful with that. And he said he said Castro Ray lum mill may yet Kastri Cassidy he Hi Yan, it's if you were to break the bone of a dead it's as if you're breaking the bone of a living.

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I'm just I'm talking about physical. Forget about the honor forget about the speculations, the lies and all of that that we are doing. This is not a behavior of a Muslim community. And that is why you if you remember there is an ayah in the Quran that you know when you are having these speculations when you're having these things you know, people are talking about almost Nasik years and as it goes no will get all of that all of this not a Muslim doesn't get involved Don't be a spreader of such news. And number two, the diseased in every culture, especially our religion, somebody who passes away he has a karama, he has a respect even if he was a facet even if he was a person who was not

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following Allah subhanaw taala why is that because two very important things for you and I to remember, a you cannot guarantee your piety. I can't guarantee that I'm going to get up tomorrow and I'm going to have the desire to pray. Fudger so I can guarantee that my heart is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala your heart is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala we can

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guarantee our party, you can't do that. So when you cannot guarantee your piety, I can't guarantee my piety than what high moral ground that you and I have to qualify and to judge a particular person. That's number one. Number two, they have passed away, you don't know if ALLAH has forgiven their sins, you may be putting your IRA in jeopardy by talking smack and nonsense and lies and speculations about that the brother and sister that has passed away in their relationships and illicit ness and illegal nature, and all of that nonsense and gibberish. And you may be putting your IRA in jeopardy for that. So let us not get involved in the like these type of conversations. Let us

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be the source of stopping such rumors rather than be the ones who propagate these rumors and it was really hurting like, I tried not to do a video on that I tried not to talk about it publicly, because I did not want to talk about it publicly. But it just seems that like people don't like every single day, like someone else is going to on one Whatsapp group and then that person gets his images and pictures and then he shares it to the rest of the world. Like this is not a behavior of a Muslim. This is not a behavior of any Muslim. There's not even a behavior of a human being Rasul Allah. So Selim had Yahudi Janaza a Jewish Janessa crossing by so Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he

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got up and that's how they just have Allahu Anhu and they said, you have a Salah and who yahoodi that person is a Jewish person. And then he said Alexa kind of insulin was he not a human being? Did he not have family did it not have kids? He was a human being he had a life in this earth. And in sun is more I love more come run in sun is venerated as a human being in this world. Our humanity, humaneness is something that is revered and venerated. We don't even if that person died on a state of obvious Cofer for you. You cannot say that that specific individual is going to help our there's an STR between the alumni and majority of them say you cannot specifically say person number that

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person X, who has died on Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism, whatever that specific person is going to hellfire. You cannot say that? Yes, you can say in general, that people who die on other than Islam, their destiny is not going to be paradise, you can say that. But specifics are surely I prohibits us from talking about that. So let us not be from those who spread these rumors. Let us be it from those who stopped these rumors. I asked Allah subhanaw taala that He preserves the honor of the deceased, I asked Allah subhanaw taala that he elevates and the ranks and I ask Allah that He forgives them for whatever sins they had committed Allah, why them what they did. And I asked Allah

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subhanaw taala that their Jewish children's and offerings that they left behind, Allah gives them the ability and the result to go through this difficult time. Imagine that child who sees his mother and father being talked about like this on WhatsApp, what is going through that child, enough trauma for him that he has lost his father, and now our mother, and now we're talking about them like that in public like this is not acceptable for Muslims. I asked Allah subhanaw taala that, you know, he opens our hearts and he gives us the ability to see these things with reality and and deal with them with a humanity that Islam calls for us. This is just a sign how far we have drifted away from the

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true nature of what we are supposed to be as Muslims. I asked Allah subhanaw taala that he gives you all the resolve and the ability to structure it such

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to stop such spreads. And one last thing, there is a ticker below if you can see, I do daily fifth classes for those of you that are having joined me. Every morning, anywhere between seven to eight, I come on live and we do fifth and up in the classes, beautiful conversations takes place. I need a clue is one of them. Look, look, look, look, you know I'm gonna fulfill his right right now. The middle club is on the Facebook on this feed and his I mean is being broadcasted to everyone. I think that's fulfilling a right of someone. A set out alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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