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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala CM wa sallim ala alihi wa sahbihi Nebuchadnezzar Li Ahmed Dean

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shala. Today I've been asked to speak about the importance of salah

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and how important Salah should be in our lives as Muslims and how important we should understand the different aspects of Sunnah so that we can attain the real importance of Salah.

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First of all, you have to understand that the prophet SAW I said, I've said when he was speaking to my eyes, even Jebel, one of the companions he said, Hello berocca

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there are seen Buddha Who was your What was your what you seen me? Shall I not tell you what is the head of all affairs? Its backbone, and its utmost peak? They said, Oh, yes. Tell us what is that? Or will say, tell me a lie. He said that Rasul Allah Islam, the head of all masses, Islam, and the backbone of Islam, is Salah. And the utmost peak of Islam is Jihad de Sevilla, to struggle and strive in the path of a law. The point being here is that is snam. Being the head of all arms, its backbone is sada. And as you know, if a person doesn't have a backbone, then his body does not stay up straight, his body will not will fall will collapse. So similarly, if a personal saga is

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inadequate, or is insufficient, then likewise Islam is not going to be upright.

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And to emphasize the importance of Salah

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I'm just going to tell you on the right to you or happen to a mural, meaning the commander of the believers on top of your law and the second Khalifa, our aloha top of the line, he leaves his house to go and lead the prayer for Sarah to treasure.

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So he enters the masjid and he the Salah is called an hour proceeds to the front, to lead the prayer he straightens the rows like the man straightens the rows. And then he announces that we're Allahu Akbar, and starts the Salah.

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As soon as he starts the Salah, there's a guy who was a fire worshipper criminal called Abdullah and he comes forward while

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most of all stand to leave the fray. He comes and he's got a sword. And he comes and he goes and he stabs almaraz, viola and three times with a double en de sol once in his chest, once inside and the third under his navel. So the companions behind Rama roseola. And they were all shocked as their Eman the great giant of Islam falls in front of them, your Salah, the others in the back. They don't know what's happening. But they miss the voice of Omar Ali Alon and so they start saying Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, but there is no answer. Now as Omar of a lion falls, he pulls to front and other components of the rock malleable mouth so that he can complete the Salah. And as for that

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criminal who had stabbed Omar, he carries his stores and he continues to go through the Muslims and stabbing as many as he can. Until one of the companions he gets his takes off his upper government and he throws on him like a blanket. So that to to manage to grab him when he realizes that he's going to be caught alive. He kills himself so that he will not be caught alive.

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And he manages to kill 13 people. So Amaro the line now bleeding from his wounds, his character, his house, and the components around him they gather around his head, they are all weeping. And Amaro, the lion fates, he loses his conscious and then he remains like that until the sky starts to become light. Remember, this is selective pressure. So when you're praying the Salah It was quite dark. Now it's starting to become light, with the dawn coming through. So he regains consciousness, and then he looks to the faces of those people around him and he sees one of them was Abdullayev. Not bad. She was young man, but he was a very learned one. So he says, half the people prayed.

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Half the people prayed. So even our boss

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answer's yes, they have. Then Omar announces there is no Sharon snam for anyone who leaves Florida. And then he calls for water. And he makes the blue. And he attempts to get get up by he can't. So he calls his son up law who sits him up and supports him.

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And then oh, my praise was his moons are still bleeding. And Abdullah says by ally was placing my hands on the wounds to stop the blood. But that wasn't sufficient. Then later on the Alliance, died, may Allah have mercy on him and draw the Allahu

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The point being here is that when Omar

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even though he is now he has just been stopped, and he is dying, and he's bleeding, but what's his concern? his concern is the Salah. He says to the companions, have the people prayed. That's an important point. That's what is, is really on his mind. And even as he's bleeding, like I say, he gets up and he makes sure that he tries to do his prayer. Because he knows that this prayer is important in

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the life of a Muslim. And this is a strange, because when we see how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was, as well as the prophet SAW Salem when he was dying, on his deathbed, he would his last words to the people. The last words is that these are the summary of what the prophet SAW Selim advice is to ask Muslims is a salatu wa Melaka. Amen, magical masala, I remind you of the Salah, and to look after the women.

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So the companions they said that that was his last breaths, he's trying just to breathe these words and that was what he was saying. So, Salah is is a very important part of worship, it starts with deckmedia and ends with tasleem. But we have to understand that Salah has two elements one is external element, this is standing record bowing, prostrating This is the internal elements of Salah the sorry the external element and then there is an internal element and internal reality of the signer and that is how you try and attain the complete focus in sauna because Salah is not just that you stand there and do those external acts. So that is has a purpose as inshallah we will find out.

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And part of that purpose of cya is only achieved when your heart and your internal aspects is directed and focused on the slider.

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And this is called the ban. This is to call turning to a loss of Hannah worth either and the way of that is by understanding the slider understanding the meanings of the slider, understand the wordings of the salah and trying to

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try to implement them as much as we can. As you know Salah is one of the five pillars of Islam the Prophet sly seldom said when he said Islam Allah Hamas Islam is built on five, a Shahada de la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah to say a shadow Allah Allah hi mamajuana Muhammad Rasul Allah, to establish Salah to give zakah to do first Ramadan and to do Hajj.

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It is so significant that the prophesize lm said bainer Rajamouli. You are Shirky Welcome casada it is between a person what what holds a person between a Muslim and entering into shirk, idolatry polytheism and disbelief is Salah is leaving Salah. Now some scholars say that you know if you leave Salah even though you you still believe that Salah have to pray and you just leave it out of laziness. They say that you are you have left Islam. You're no longer a Muslim, you're a Catholic. Other say that if you don't pray Salah out of laziness, you're not careful. You're just you are

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you're sinful for that. It's only when you believe that Salah is not obligatory that you become