Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #27 – The Most Amazing Thing About Him

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallContinian's actions have been described as powerful and impactful, with negative consequences such as loss of joy, embarrassment, and death. The narration of the Prophet sall Drive is also discussed, with a brief advertisement for a video about the Prophet sall Drive. A woman describes the signs of Islam, including the use of the symbol "row," and how she saw a woman nervous and emotional who was. The narration concludes with a brief advertisement for a video about the Prophet sall Drive.
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May Allah be pleased with our mother eyes, or the Allahu taala. And, you know for us, we get such a glimpse into the life of the Prophet slice of them through her hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of narrations and her willingness to share the arguments to share the jokes to share all moments from the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's not just something we would crave, even the Sahaba wanted to hear from you. So they wanted to sit with her and hear from her. What the Prophet slicin was like at home and the next generation. That's how burying they wanted to come to her and sit with her and ask her what was he likes a Lula hardy who was alum and so when we're

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interacting with these narrations, think of yourself sitting with it shall have the law on her even though you know him saw the law how it was to them and asking her you know, what was he really likes on the law, how it was solemn with you when he was at home.

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So you couldn't get enough from her while the alongside on and on one hand, you wanted to know how human he was the Lola hottie was the limb. And on the other hand, you only had reinforced to you how superhuman he was the Lola hot he was selling. What I mean by that is that when I used to love the law, and I was asked, you know, What was he like, and when they were asking her that it was, you know, implying, you know, did he did he used to take a break in any way I mean, the profit slice I'm sure they would come home and he would be exhausted right? And I said, well, the law on her says Actually, he was a human being like all other human beings, when he would come home so Lola harness

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and um, he would remove the lice from his own clothing, he would milk his own goats, he would do work himself, he would serve his own family, he would tie his own camel he would feed his animals sallallahu wasallam. He would eat with servants, he would need the dough with them. He would carry his own groceries sallallahu wasallam can have he hid them at the alley, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was in the service of his family. And she says he also used to joke a lot at home. So so many of the jokes that we have from the Prophet slice Allah are between her and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he had this amazing attention to detail with his family and with

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whatever guests were in his home. So the Prophet slicin would ask me, you know what part of the glass I drink from and he would drink from it. So Allah how it he was alone. He saw the love on her she would, she would laugh and she would smile when she would talk about the profit slice. I'm kissing her because of how emotional it would make her and how much joy that used to bring her. And if you were a guest in his home, the profit slice on would personally serve you. So when he came home the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it's not like he just you know, figuratively, you know, just knocked out on the couch. It has a lot to Islam and had nothing to give his family. He gave

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everything to his family. So Lola Hardy was so them and that was something special about him. And the other implication of that was the prophets license consistency. So when she's asked, how was he Salalah Hardy was sitting at home. She says, Can I hold on hold on. That's the greatest praise she could have given him that his character was the author and everything he taught you he was a Lola while he was at him and in one narrations even said it grow and shit to him, but afla helped me known Alina Humpty Salatin harsh your own. If you want, you can resort in what we know in the first time I art hacker that kind of hulagu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's what the

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character of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was sudden was like, and when she's asked about his worship, that's when he said will be Allah just continues to say look as beautiful as his worship was on the outside. You have no idea what his worship was like on the inside. She was asked about what his BM was like, and particularly in Milan and she said that also loss Isola used to pray 11 Records in Ramadan or in other months, and he used to offer four and then four and then he would offer three and then he would offer his witness on the Lahore it was seldom. And she said Don't ask me about their beauty and their length, because they were unmatched. sallallahu wasallam so the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam was praised in his dm from her and I saw the alonside and her says that I asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Do you sleep before offering the width of prayer? And I saw the law and he says that he said Salalah hardy he was selling my I sleep well I enamel Colby and my heart remains awake. My heart does not sleep. So Pamela so just like the profit slice alum in public, when he would hear the call of prayer, you could see it not be hi Abby lon, comfort us with ob LA and he would rush to the prayer at home sallallahu wasallam his relationship with his Lord was the thing that his family noted the most. And there's this narration that stuns me. And it's it's

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really powerful. And I want you to imagine again, you're sitting with that you still have the law and you've just collected all of these narrations from her about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and you ask her after all of this

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Give us our jabber shaden are at he will also realize that Allah Islam, yeah Isha or mother. What was the most amazing thing you ever saw from the Prophet slicin you know all of this that you've given us if you could note, the most amazing thing, an incident, a moment that you shared with him, that you can give it to us and suck at it. For Beckett, she got quiet. And she started to cry. And after she cries for a long time, she says about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Everything about him was amazing. So Allah hi Islam, Allah who couldn't imagine there was nothing about his affair. sallalahu it was something about the way he carried himself about his being his presence.

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That wasn't amazing. But she said that the most amazing thing she said there was this one night, lemme Cana Lila tamina Lee alley, there was this one particular night, where the prophets lie, some came Tibet, and his skin was to my skin. And we were close. And he says to me, Isha, would you allow me to go and worship my lord tonight? Subhanallah like, are you okay? If I leave the bed right now and I start worship, and it was in the very beginning of the night, and the profit slice, some habitually would take some time to sleep, and then he would wake up and pray. But here he came, and he cuddled with his wife and he says to her, yeah, Isha. Can I go and worship Allah? subhanaw taala.

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Are you okay with that? And she said, Well, law he in the little Hippo quarterback. I love being close to you. What a horrible mess of luck. But as much as I love being close to y'all this little law, I love what makes you happy. So if you want to get up and pray tonight, and you want to start early doing that, then go ahead. So I shall be Allah Han has in bed. She's watching the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. She says, he got up and he made will walk. And he said, Allahu Akbar. And he started to pray. And she said, he started to weep. sallallahu wasallam so much, that his beard became soaked. Now it was normal for her to witness the prophets lie Selim, in long nights of

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pm and the prophets lie some weeping at night, but she's looking at him praying, and he's weeping so much that his beard was soaked. And I saw the law on her. The room was so small that when the Prophet slice I'm used to make sujood in his crown when he used to prostrate, he would tap her on the leg, and she would move up her legs so that the Prophet slice alum, could pray. And so she says that this was just unusual, because then he kept on crying until he wet the area of his prayer. I mean, can you imagine how many tears came down from the eyes of little soulless ice alum that his beard was wet, that the ground where her legs would be? His room became what he literally caused a

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puddle from his tears. So at that point, you're worried about him, right? I mean, this is unusual how much crying is taking place, and you would think that something bad happened or you would think he's afraid? sallallahu wasallam. So how he saw the law, as a good wife as someone who loves him, she says, I wanted to comfort him. So I said, you have a solo. Why are you crying so much? Why are you crying so much? Why else Lola Why do you have to cry so much? What I'd love for Allah who like him as a parliament Ambika matter, and Allah has forgiven you for everything that you have done in the past, and everything that you will do. And the prophets of Iceland responds and he says, He is a

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corner of denture koora. Or he should not be a grateful servant. And then he says, verily, there was this idea that was revealed to me last night, waiting on the Mankato aha Well, I'm here to factor Fie her woe to the one who reads it, and does not go into contemplation in nafi hope is somehow it will work the laughing lady when the heart wonderful killer to refill battery, my unfairness indeed in the creation of the heavens in the earth, the alteration of night and day and the ships that sail the sea will full Killa tea to refill battery be my unfairness one that ends up Allah Amina center, even Matt in Addis Ababa damonte how well best Sophie Hammond could be darba and the rain that Allah

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subhanaw taala sends down from the heavens reviving the earth after its death. And the way that Allah scatters His creatures throughout the earth was to have been masa Hari been a sinner, he went out and the shifting of the winds and the way that the clouds differ between the heavens and the earth, in the coalmine, yard, in all of this is a sign for people of understanding. So I shall be allowed to Anna and her is witnessing an idea. A sign of Allah subhanho wa Taala in front of her and the sign of Allah subhanho wa Taala in front of her which is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is crying because of the signs of Allah Subhana which Allah that Allah has still left for us, should

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we be people of understanding

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