Watching Movies and Going To Cinema

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From one sense there is not so much do for entertainment when you are practising Islam. Is it than allowed for Muslims to watch movies? Listen to Sh. Said Rageah’s answer.

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Does movies come in the same category as music, comedy, drama, etc.

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movies? Any comments about movies? Sure. Sorry.

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I don't know what aspect of movies the questioner is asking but in terms of movies in general

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they're usually the makers of the movies they have certain elements that must be included in the movie for it to stimulate feelings emotions of the people.

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The main thing is the music background music that has to be there in every scene, you know, people do not just cry because they saw someone who is sad or some girl that in her heart has been broken, what is the effect of cost his emotion to be stimulated is the background music and the use that because your mind your subconscious is recording and observing that so they use that element for you to be attached and connected to the scene after scene. The second thing that they do is especially for men majority of this is for men is they also want to they want to tab your your you know, inner desire for the opposite gender. So they you have they have to add some scenes that's definitely not

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a crime to say hello body, they have to add some of the things that you know you just a lot of us we play innocent who say oh, I'm not gonna look at this, or it's just you know, I'm not gonna look at this stuff for the law. And then you look back to the she's still wearing her bikini suit. And then you look away and then you already have seen her you know, everywhere that it should be seen from so these are some of the elements only two elements that I mentioned. Of course, the action is storing time wasting money wasting this a lot of elements involved in you just going one movie. Also, I think the information that we observed by watching movie can be you could be utilized and be used

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by, you know, learning the Dean of a law, learning, you know, the *tier overlong instead of wasting time in these things. And that's when they've been saying for the long run, he will send them calling him atonium of wound Hema Katerina is a to blessings that a lot of people are fooled by a said a sad one for our health and time. So these times that we have watching movies going from one place to another, I would say use it for something else. The other element is when every time that you go on I'm talking about it for those who go for cinema, things like that, every time that you go on your pay for it. That is also something that you would be accountable on the Dave Yeoman pm

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because the last message of a loss of a long while he was sent home setting so he had Muslim in the La karianna compleanno Paul were Catherine Barton man, Allah subhanho wa Taala disliked for you three things and one of them was wasting your money and at the same time our last panel data set and upon what I want

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what I want one and by supporting by paying these people watching you know their movies, you know buying the DVDs, you're supporting that evil in some of the terms that you know things to be continued and as Muslims we should try to minimize that. And I'm purposely taking more than a minute and half so the brother can say stuff, but that would be not inshallah