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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to our sunnah supplement affirmations portion where we were talking about sunnah. Today I'm at the top of the world. And these are the moments that over the last few years, and the places that I went to help me push towards praying the Sunnah daily. So if you saw the first component, you will introduce 12 raka Asana in your life, when you feel like it's a benefit, like, you're rewarding yourself with those extra 12 raka take a little bit of time to figure that out. I don't need us to get to I have to squeeze these 12 in, I want us to get to a point where we are saying, I've freed up so much time, and I benefit from the prayer so much. And I

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find a peace and inner tranquility to such an extent that I have extended my normal five daily prayers. And I've added in these 12 Raka. And that's the Sunnah, that's the first supplement we were talking about. So if you've worked with me today, our last affirmation self dua because I deserve to pray to Africa and have the time in my day to benefit from those 12 records. So not because I deserve it. I've been praying for four things. Oh my lord, I asked you for security to be grounded. We just got to walk out in this open field. barefoot, it was absolutely wonderful. But we'll talk about grounding. Oh Allah, I asked for peace, tranquility, inner stillness and silence. Oh Allah, I

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asked for health, complete health. And Oh Allah, I asked for ease in this life. Those are our four positive affirmations that we were saying I deserve them. That's why I'm asking them. So for today, I am going to ask you to make a new introduction. And that is from the very base root level from the ground up. I want you to say it with me today. I commit to complete health. I commit to complete health. Now what that's going to mean it's a mantra. Now it's an affirmation now. But if you're going to try to you're trying to figure out what am I doing with this? If you keep saying I commit to complete health? Will you start eating more healthy? Will you be more mindful of your posture?

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Will you be more aware of the things you say do and the things that you involve yourself with daily? Yes. But if you become more aware of complete health, wouldn't you ask yourself, what is complete health. So go ahead and make the commitment. So oh, I commit to complete health, I can't wait till when a part of my health regimen is going up and down 12 More times a day, a part of my health regimen is to improve the thoughts that I have a part of my health regimen is, and this is where I commit to complete health is going to be a very broad sentence. So once I've made that commitment, now I'm going to open up gaps and times and say, Well, I've committed to complete health, maybe let

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me benefit for for a cause. So now to raka here, and almost as if I'm saying to myself, it's the warm up before my obligatory prayer. Now, let's get to that second question. What is complete health? So I hope that those first minute or two there got you to the last minute got you to understand that by giving ourselves positive affirmations that are going to connect. We're not going to bring in you have to pray sooner. We're going to change our life to say Wow, I'm so glad I freed up time for so now. Though it seems to be not so happy about something. So let's answer that question. What is complete health? When you spoke to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the first time he

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created you, God said unto her off ls to build up become Am I not your Lord? You know that right? So your body didn't meet Allah your mind didn't per se meet Allah but the Spirit the space inside you, the soul met Allah and answered the question that God said, Am I your Lord? And you said, Follow Bala and so did I. So being aware of the fact that we met Allah subhanaw taala is a step one. But when I say a commit to complete health, how was my health when I answered that question, when Allah subhanaw taala said, Am I your Lord? And I said, by law? Of course you are. Alas, Shahida. Now we testify to it. How was my health? Do you feel you feel that little detachment your pop? You're like,

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I don't know. And the answer is, well, your health was perfect. There was not a single pain in your body. There was no anxiety, no depressions, no inadequacies. You're doing fantastic. So within all of us right now resides not only the memory but the space

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The soul the lantern, wherever you want to see it as a as an example within you resides complete health. So today make that Santa supplement affirmation I commit to complete health and if you could start defining complete health as that initial memory of saying oh Allah of course you're my Lord returned back to that pain free anxiety free and depression LIS state and let's get started. Oh it'll lead to be law here ABA will be Islami Dena will be more from the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam here at top of the world. Wonderful to be with you all. We'll catch up affirmation. I commit to complete health Ravana attina for dunya Hassan our Villa de hacer una machina Adama now, I'll see

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you on the other side.