Mirza Yawar Baig – Teaching Quran – Part 4

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Quran andaruating one's hearts is highlighted, along with the need to set standards and teach others to accept their experiences. The speaker also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of alcohol and drugs to treat patients with COVID-19, and the importance of staying in stable positions for longer periods of time to avoid unnecessary health issues. The speaker emphasizes the need to teach to accept Islam and be pleasing to Him, citing success with a recitation from the Bible and a man in a garden.
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Number 11 salatu salam Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah He was heavy on

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my sisters.

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The fourth element of teaching the Quran, Al Karim is the importance of testlet enough's.

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If you

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if you go back to the ayat of where Allah Subhana Allah gave Nabi sallallahu Sallam this task and he taught him the four step process, yet through Allah him it was a key him where you are the mobile Kitab Allah.

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Now, that's good enough clean cleaning of the of the of the heart cleaning of the soul. This is a very, very critical element in understanding the Quran, Allah in allowing the Kalam of Allah to settle to take a route to germinate. And to bear the fruit of guidance in our hearts, it is extremely important for us to focus on the cleaning of our hearts.

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A good way of illustrating this is to is to think agriculture, if you have the best seat in the world, but if you take this best seat in the world and if you plant it into soil, which is not prepared soil which is stony, which is dry, or which has not been prepared for planting, and you take this best seed in the world, and you put it into that soil, what's gonna happen either the seed will not germinate at all or even if the seed germinates, that seed will never give you the kind of crop that is the potential of that seed to give us. The same issue is with the column of Allah,

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the column of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who is pure, and it does not reside in a place which is impure. And that's the reason why it is very important for us to clean our hearts before we approach the colorfulness monitor, and most definitely, to clean our hearts before we teach the Quran to anybody else. So teaching is a Quran it's a it's a double whammy. It's true responsibilities, glorify yourself, and help the student to clarify himself or herself. Now this means that a teacher of the Quran must also be a moron, he must also be a Muslim. I know it's a bit of a

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a bit of a stretch. I know you might tell me that, you know, what can we do? We don't have people like that. And my point is, it is our job to set the standards just because we don't have we don't have people like that commonly available today. There are people but just because they are not common, it does not mean that we bring the standard down. No, we keep the standard where it is. This is what ideally should be the teacher of the Quran was uh used to be a Muslim and I'm and I'm Robbie

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robbia parameter I was a teacher of the Quran. And he was the Muslim and warabi of

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argument Malika Mallika to lolly that people who taught the Quran were people who themselves, their own peschiera had been done, and then monitored that and they knew how to do that the scale of the student who came to

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rebel and sisters

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to lolly went in search of a teacher, he went in instead of somebody to clean his knifes because he wanted to learn the Quran, he wanted to learn to deal with them. For those of you who do not know he is a well known, a well known personality. And he's a he's one of our self assala him, he was the king of the the of the Kingdom of bulks, which is currently in the whole area, which we know is when he was the king of Burke. And one day he decided to leave his kingdom and go in search of a chef to go in search of a Muslim and amobee have to for his own best gear and for his own tarbiyah. So wherever they went,

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and he came to this person, this person, he came to him and he said I would like to learn from you please accept me as a student. This

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is muslera, the chef of his he told them sure I will accept you as a student, that you have to agree to do whatever I tell you. So he said yes, I agree. And this was the whole process of by which we used to be given, because not based on there was not foreign to take money from them. The buyer was in an agreement to obey the teacher and to do what the teacher tells you to do. So bow them agreed. And they said that to him, he showed him his table of his horse which was a distance away from his house. And he said to him, go to the table, and clean a place for yourself and stay there and make music.

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So one of them must have thought What a strange facade is this, that I am a king. I have come from my kingdom I have come with all these good intentions of learning the Quran of Allah I've come to the end

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mention of cleansing myself and have slipped enough. And I'm being asked to go and stay in a stable Of course. Anyway hamdulillah students had more other than they have today. So he didn't question it was that he went, and he cleaned a small part of the stable. And he put his bed there. And he was on his bed and he was making the Corollas around hotel, the whole day passed. In the evening, the groom, brought the horse of the chef, and the chef called the groom. And he said, when you go to steal the horse, when you go to park doors, there is a man sitting there. And he said, when you're gluing the horse and getting the to, to throw a bit of dirt on that, man, throw some dirt on the man

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and on his bed.

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I'm describing to you the process of Islam.

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The process of Islam is not some random thing. It is something where it's exactly like going to a doctor

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and asking the doctor do a complete check of yours, and when to prescribe for you a medicine or prescribe for your course of action to take care of some disease that you are suffering from. Now, you may not even be aware that you are suffering from this disease, that is the reason why you go to be diagnosed, and the doctor scans you. And the doctor says this is the issue with you with your heart. This is an issue with your kidneys, this issue with your lungs. And obviously, the cure is not the same, he's not going to give you the same, he will not prescribe the same treatment for a heart ailment, as he will prescribe you for a lung ailment, or as he will prescribe you for a liver

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ailment or kidney ailment. The treatments are different, because the diseases are different. So this man, this chair, he said to him was him go and say this table and he said to the group, throw some dirt on a man, when you go to clean the stable, the movement and as you're sweeping the place you throw some dirt on the grandmother. Imagine the state of that man, here is this King of bulk. He came from his palace. He lived his whole life. He was born in a palace. He lived his whole life in luxury, in great splendor. He was the king is no one to question his authority. Now first he goes when he goes to the chef, the first problem that he encounters is that he's asked to stay in a

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stable. And the second counter is the second problem we encountered is that this groom of the horse throws dirt on him. Imagine from the perspective of the king, who is the group of the horse. The group of the horse is liberty is a group of the horses summer that the king probably never even sees in his normal life that the horse is brought to him by one of the nobles is not brought by the groom, either somebody somewhere does something The king has doesn't even know the man exists. And such a man from such a low social status. He is actually throwing dirt on the cake. What do you think of him did obviously better than didn't beat them or something. But he said a few words to

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him. The groom came back and reported to the chef. And he said this is what happened. That made me

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stay in that stable of the horse for 12 years. My brothers sisters asked you this question. Do you think you remember them was tied to the horse? Was he tied? Was he chained to the stable? Couldn't he have walked away? Couldn't he have said this is crazy. He's telling me first he told me to stay stable, then he makes me stay there for such a long time ago, I go and find myself a circle is more compatible to my way of thinking and by way of we could not have done that. But he did not do that. He decided to stay in that stable for 12 years. Believe me, he did not stay in this table for the love of the horse. He stayed in this table for the love of Allah subhanaw taala gelato with whom he

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was trying to connect whose column he was trying to learn. Who whose column he was he was trying to enable that column to enter his heart. Why did it take him 12 years because he was suffering from the the ailment of kings. And let me with the due respect, this is the element of kings and sooo. And that element is keyboard.

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Same element, the element of King and the element of Allah. And that is kibber. That is arrogance. May Allah protect us from Allah subhanaw taala promise to destroy the person who has given

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that ailment is a very evil ailment. It's a it's a fatal ailment and takes a long time to cure. And that is the reason why it is a Divine Mother stay in that stable for 12 years. And at the end of 12 years his art was clean. And that is whenever I'm around jewelry became one of the greatest alama one of the greatest aldea Allah insha Allah of this aroma. Sisters, prepare to receive the revelation in your hearts, clean your hearts and teach people how to clean the hearts. If you don't know how to teach people then learn how to teach people because it's very, very important. You cannot teach until you clean and unless you claim your teaching will be completely ineffective. You

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will only be teaching the words don't do that. Without preparation. The best seed will not germinate.

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Come back again to my old refrain. And that is the two biggest ailments of the heart, the two biggest blocks to the square is money, and fame, money and name

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two biggest blocks. And believe me, it's not a matter of we claiming that we have no love for money, that we have no love for fame, only Allah will know, only Allah knows. And that is the reason why we must fear such things where it is only between me and Allah.

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We know in our hearts, we know in our hearts, what is the effect of fame. We know in our hearts, how much we are tuned towards popularity, towards gaining popularity. We know in our hearts, how many compromises we make, including with the principles of Islam, in order that we have more students in order that more people come to our classes. Why? Because that is linked to our own livelihood. People come we charge them a fee to teach them and that's the reason why we need more people because we want to make more money, remove this, remove this double this, please understand,

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do not allow money and fame to come in the way these are the two biggest problems of people who teach Islam or teach the Quran. The Sahaba understood this Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam understood this all our Salah for salah and understood this. As I mentioned before, there is no need whatsoever from the life of the Sahaba

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where they took money in order to teach the Quran and what was the result of that? Think about this. One of the earliest teachers of the Quran was Muslim numero de la No, unless Renata, the prophet of Allah sallallahu sallam, he said was a Buddha from Mecca to Medina. Mousavi Roma goes to Medina

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paid the price of learning the Quran, the brothers sisters, this is our problems. They we do not pay the price. It comes to us too easy. And that is why there is no there is no effect in our teaching. There's no effect in our recitation. Masako paid the price that he paid the price for Islam because he when he accepted Islam, he is bothered to cover everything. And we know the whole story. I don't want to take your time by telling the whole story. But you know the story. Masahiro Maya was made destitute. His mother took over everything including his clothes on his body. And she just gave him a sheet of cloth to cover his nakedness. And this was a bill that was sent to Salah Salem sent him

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to Medina to present Islam to teach people the Quran delana was one of the most beautiful recitals of the Quran goes to Madeira bossa nova friend imaginators and there is one man in this place if you can convince him the entire tribe of Bani O's will become Muslim. And that is a huge, huge, huge benefit. All you have to do is convince that one man but either let me warn you in advance that marriage is a very hard man he's not easy to convince is a very difficult man.

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No matter what the law says, Take me to this band takes him to the garden of Denmark. rhodiola Hondo

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is standing in his garden at a distance with another friend of his he is

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he has his personal arms with him he has a spear in his and he has his sword by on his belt. This man as a friend of sad Dinoire says it that man who is who just came into a garden. This is the man who came from from Makkah. He is the friend of Mohammed Salah Salah who came here and he is preaching his religion here. And he's he's speaking against our gods. And now he seems to be in your house

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is that the boss said to the man. He said you Wait here. I'll be back very shortly. And then what came and sadly love was a huge big man. He was massive physically, he came. And by then most of the rumor is sitting there on a platform under some trees. And the friend of was a beloved who was a cousin of Serbian word. He was also sitting there. There were a few more few other people gathered that had been waterscape addressed his cousin directly. He ignored most of the noise, I guess his cousin, and he said whoever you brought here with His permission and you brought here he said the only reason I am speaking and I'm not actually acting with my hand is because you are my cousin. If

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you had not been my cousin, I would have sliced your head off. I should now get out. I don't want to see your ghetto Muslim in America. I'm talking about people who taught the Quran who had enough who paid the price and who knew the value of the caliber of Allah subhanaw taala see the effect of that must have been assessed to the assessor's office. I've been what I have come all the way home aka I am ready to go. You tell me to leave I'm going to I will leave but will you not give me a few minutes just sit and listen to what I have to say.

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There's no harm in that. He sat down and was a bedroom I recited the Quran. The result of recitation of the Quran is

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finished. sad when was it this is what Muhammad brought. This is what you came from.

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From Muhammad. This is what you came with.

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Yes, he said tell me how to accept Islam.

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How to accept Islam.

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He accepted Islam on the hand of God they have most of us had been mad. Delano accepted Islam on the head of bossa nova Delano. And then when he turned on went back, his friend said, I thought to myself, this is not the same sort of went there. This is a different man who's going back sad in what called his own tribe. He called the biennials, and he said, I have accepted Islam. Now you accept Islam, otherwise, I will not speak to you. And the writers of this of the story they say that before the night came, all the bunny house had become Muslim. Brothers and sisters, this is the result of teaching or are with us get enough. ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for you and

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me to do that which is pleasing to Him and to do it in the way which is pleasing to Him, which is a symbol Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, no other way is pleasing to Allah. No other way is more pleasing to Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to do this in a way that is pleasing to Him was Allah Allah Allah Allah Karim Allah He was abused by erotica.

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