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have the phrasing of also kind of

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sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we stopped in the head either discussion about individual

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who may be addicted,

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addicted to intoxicants. We mentioned concluded the person who was taking these intoxicants taking these substances may not be classified as a believer of harsh words or mentions or the Hadith of the prophets of the Lord morning seven of the Hadees that we concluded upon what is your 100?

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What was

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the one was in a state of intoxication is not a believer at that time. And today's discussion will complete this hadith which concerns us today, whereby the Prophet alayhi wa sallam you mentioned that yesterday as Danny as

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the person was committing adultery or fornication, or any form of illicit relationship at that stage is not a believer in a movement, once a person is a thief, or stealing, or taking something that doesn't belong to the individual that time

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is not classified. He's not a believer at that time. And then we find what I used to call camera movement. And I was a person who drinks alcohol takes in toxic because at that time, is not really a believer, what tober to Morrow the battle over is given to these individuals, if they return back or return back to a lawsuit haven't had the morale, boost them inside the site. The first thing that we need to understand from this

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isn't some minute individuals have

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taken the view that a person that is stripped away from this individual was carrying out these actions. And some have even gone a step further and classified the individual who carries out these major sins, and know that this individual is a disciplined even individual, even though this is not the most accurate view. But it shows how at times how severe certain actions can be taken by certain football Hmm, that some of them begin to classify individuals as disbelieving individuals, even though this happens to be a very, very manual view. But sometimes this extremity is taken by certain individuals, that they begin to label and classify other individuals. So that's the whole concept of

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fitna moutoku kaviraj.

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person who carries a major sin will reside for entity inside the helpless fire. This is a view that exists even though it's in a very deep and corrupt view. How the assassin Cody's the essence of Hawaii is a person who carries out a major sin is due to the Hellfire for eternity are we find takfiri muslimeen Dr. Lucy mean essence of their belief is to make them feel upon their fellow comrades upon other Muslims. And likewise to believe that the blood of fellow Muslims is Hannah. This essence is a nutshell is

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the essence of the belief which stems are able to stay unfortunate you find that the killing of innocent Muslims to speak about non Muslim that could kill another Muslim is justified. And likewise to dam and to do people to the Hellfire if they're Muslim they commit major sins they reside for eternity inside the hellfire. This is a Crump view is a view which is not an authentic view. Allah Subhana Allah lays out punishment for individuals who carry out major sins, but it's not for us, the labor and the average individual to take such a headache and begin to apply them around us. First we find such a heavy don't negate a man doesn't take a man away. Don't negate email Islam from people.

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No one should read a hadith whereby a hadith may states now your main person doesn't believe when a person is not really a believer what a person. Eman has been taken away from none of us should ever inside a large reader Hadees and walk to a fellow Muslim and say this had the stage this. Now according to his head if you are no longer a believer, you are you are now outside the fold of Islam. Secondly, trying to classify Muslims, as disbelievers according to their sins. If a believer can Muslim Qaeda a sin, it is not for an average individual to go around and say that this individual has the injury but also not even a person drank or committed adultery or that even action

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even in open it is not for an average individual and to say that now this individual is to be classified or stated to be a disbelieving individual. And I qualified to apply such wording that we find or I had it on paper and for free that we find to look down and ridiculed sinful Muslims, they will be Muslim to make carry out these evil or these people

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Action, as we mentioned in the previous clip about how even certain companions, not to take away any credit from them, some of them were addicted to alcohol, some of them they drank, but they were pardoned and forgiven by lots of parents. So sins can be committed by any Muslim, any Muslim commit a sin, because you shouldn't ridicule another Muslim, or looked down upon another individual because of a sin that they've committed, rather than an extra explanation is Hadith. As mentioned by the prophet Elijah, someone mentioned by Mahara and assuming that a person when a slave of Allah commits fornication, or carry that one is evil, actually, faith leaves that individual and becomes like an

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umbrella becomes like a crown, upon the head of the individual hovers over the head of the individual, as soon as the person carries finishes completes that action, then that faith, it comes back into the heart comes back into the body of the individual. That is the interpretation is heavy, like his new journey with his new movement, at a state of community, that even action, email has been lifted from that individual. If the person dies in that state, that is classified as soon hajima classified as an evil entity, that a person was in a state of disobeying Apostle

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Paul has been taken away from them, as for the end result, well in more in the life of Canada, and

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take the apparent this was an even ending for the individual. But I'm not so Canada is infinite justice or mercy may forgive that one individual may forgive that person. We don't know that. But an average people who die in such a manner, have died in a bad state and exposed to the punishment of a loss of a parent or other, what can be safely concluded about such and such practices, that for these individuals, there is a severe punishment inside this world, and inside the Hereafter, that can be safely concluded, ignore the constant whether they remain for eternity inside the Hellfire or they don't, what can be safely completed, people who carry out adultery, who carry out fornication

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there is a punishment for such individuals on the face of this earth. And if they become scout free, or escape this punishment, and they don't repent, there will be a punishment for these individuals inside the head of them. And then we find we look at sort of note, whereby mentions about married individuals or unmarried individuals, for those who are married individuals that we find people who carry out this evil action, they are to be stoned to death, that is a punishment for married individual, as an unmarried individual that we find that person is to be flogged 100 times

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and to be expelled from the land thrown out of the land. People say this is even this could be an element of shock, sure, either feet, something which can be plausibly two partial degrees, even, even for an individual. But in essence, it's not even even the punishment a person faces according Sharia law, but it's not something even a chef, what they mean that middle night begins to discuss about the law of Allah Subhana Allah, this becomes firstly a deterrent for the individual, and married individually individual who may carry out this evil action, it becomes a deterrent for the individual to leave around to be expelled from the land, to be separated from that love, that lust,

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that desire that they may have, secondly, becomes a severe warning. This is a punishment that you face and you will face again, if you carry out this even action. Likewise, before in atonement for this individual on this earth, whoever takes the punishment and this dunya will not face the punishment inside the earth, whereby we know that punishment in the earth will be far more severe for those individuals. And this shows the importance of the law of Allah Subhana Allah, because so many of us to this day, we fail to understand what is the heat the lakes of Canada? And what is the belief in apostle Canada Allah? Is it just to condense it on certain things? And so the principles,

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that's all that the heat is, the heat is far deeper, that many of us we fail to understand inside our lives. Yes, we find the masses of people do commit * with the laws of Canada. Do you associate partners with the laws of Canada that they need to be worn? They need to be reminded, but it's masses of people who are staying away from a core concept of in any book of the hate that you read, in general divided into three broad categories that we find the heat of a bad day you'd like to hear that we find worship, devotion, commitment, every belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, in in, in love it

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belongs to Allah Subhana Allah does you find now you will be disappointed what can be changed by the hand the ruler cannot even be changed by the Quran what does that mean person understands what he does, he does when I believe approve ship will remove it by force because they have the right to do so we can see the weakness around us that we find people are opening committing ship beliefs of hello to Allah there is no power, there is no authority because he really hasn't entered into our mind what he's told he is to approve even take out even please do delay I will paste of rules and regulation of Allah and Allah upon the earth to create a safe haven a safe

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environment, no just to speak about certain things and turn a blind eye and that we find that we find this concept a burden in Canada and it's visible in front of our eyes at the moment the world that we live in. We've won this concept of worship of oneself, to claim to be a supreme power. So with dignity, honor abou Allah, Almighty Lord, Your sovereign power, it's all visit visible on the earth at the moment we see below the Sham, an era, if you find in Saudi Arabian peninsula in Yemen, that we find any individual who speaks about a certain thing that begins to show weakness in an element of towards their sovereign power and authority. What will happen to these individuals? How

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will they be desecrated, how they will be destroyed? How will be taken away? Why? believing that we are all mighty individuals? That becomes the role of Muslims that are Muslim there is no clergyman inside Islam, there is no Catholicism. We are not answerable to any single individual on the face of this earth. No one is asked with any human being. We are already answerable to Allah subhanaw taala that is Catholicism, that religious carefree control the environment around them, control the people control the mindset of people. That's Catholicism. That was the downfall of Catholicism, whereby the religious critics believe that their own entity, they could control the masses around them, whatever

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the monsters fed them, they fed them to the wider community left them Dumb, dumb and blind. This is exactly what's taking place. Unfortunately, to send a degree this Muslim, former Muslim, the left of deaf, dumb and blind, certain things are carried out the same in the name of Islam, for the protection of Islam, bodies for protection of their own self protection, they also have and destroy everything around you. This also needs to be broken, the heat of Allah Subhana Allah is only the law of Allah Subhana Allah, just as we worry about person who comes to grave and a shrine and worship that Shall we get all frustrated about it, we become all vocal about it was people say these people

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emotionally? Why don't we get vocal? Why don't get worried about people who place our I mean,

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our male insomnia place man made laws, man, a man made instruments upon the judge and ruled by them, of authorized by them governed by them, leave their countries by them, why don't we become emotional about that? Why do you become emotional about a poor individual who may come to a grave in a shrine who may be ignorant, who needs to be reminded who needs to be worn the news to be told, but yet we turn a blind eye to everything around us in the world thing is irrelevant. This is not making defeat of any individual or any personality or any regime, just that you believe in, that this is * you need to believe penetrate inside your heart and your mind, any form of law, which is against the law

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of Allah Subhana Allah is a very, very gray area, and our culture and our culture. I mentioned some sort of Merida

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Bhima Angela alaikum. Cafiero firstly mentioned those people who do not declare the love of Allah, Allah as the judgment or disbelieving individual, then they are going to be they're going to be falling within a boundary fascicle aka Lucia whom for some of his own for him. They are, the mind is like these people are rebellious individuals rebelling against a law of a loss of power to enter rebelling openly saying no, we are going to govern by the laws that we feel fit to be on the face of the earth. This is part of the heat we need to understand inside our lives. As I mentioned, read any book of Tony is crystal clear, speaking about law and governance, and regulations and authority

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belongs only to US and Canada. And it's only been a few 150 200 years. We live in this new world, in this modern world that people are getting away from the law but lots of people losing weakness towards it. We need to instill inside our life inside our hearts. The belief that law belongs only to Allah Subhana Allah and the future will be bright because someone will take those words and they will revitalize those words. And I was living inside a non Muslim environment. It should be disclaimer, we are not here to impose the laws of law upon the Western world. We're not here to amputate people. We're not here to stone people. We're not here to flog people. We're here to remind

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ourselves remind ourselves as most of that this is going to be the punishment a person can face if they lived in Islamic environment as who they are. After that we find what is the point is a punishable individual are those people committing sin. So the Hadith speaks about a double cupboard punishment inside the grave with LMR mentioned it will be individuals in men and women who committed adultery, fornication, state of nudity, it will be placed inside the pinaud inside a furnace where they find that the bottom is a very wide space and the upper part, the exit is a very small place. And if I as a fire begins to heat these people who try to escape come to the top. When it comes to

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the top, the heat begins to begin to come down and it dropped once again. This is going to be until Hatoyama until that day and gentlemen, those people come in sooner upon this earth, that they're going to be burned inside. Burn inside the furnace. Every single day is a punishment these individuals are going to be facing the Sharia does not negate just the end result. It speaks about the beginning

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Do you find that prevention is better than cure? We don't follow a Western continent, do whatever you want. That when we discover diseases, when we discover problems, then we begin to work our way back and find what the problem is. Islam nips the problem right from the bud, right from the roots from the beginning, it highlights clearly this is something dangerous to the society dangerous to the Muslim unmentioned one, chakra kusina in Ghana,

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Sevilla. Allah mentions I saw the Islam, Allah chakra Xena speaker on numerous different types of crimes and bad practices. Allah mentioned what I'm talking about Xena. No can differentiate and Sevilla It is something immoral practice was a sebelah it cuts off the palm breaks that lineage genealogy family ties, nations tribe breaks it apart. I Josie I mentioned that Xena is a sin on this earth. There is no equivalent to it. Now equivalent to it, that there are effects of sinner upon this earth upon the individual that we find this should make a person think about their life. Think about the average practices of people around them to abstain from sex even practice to remind people

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to stay away from such evil practices. What is the Acropolis Xena are on didn't say what I

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didn't say don't commit Zina, what are certain

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principles that we find anything? Anything that leads to her amphawa haraam? Allah Sheila she walk into something which is haraam mushiya Rahman that walking becomes heroin, that driving becomes heroin, everything becomes heroin. Anything that comes to Toronto is classified as heroin industry at a place of Canada, either one or the other sinner. Don't do don't commit Zina.

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Don't come anything which is close to Xena like was mentioned when a doctor who for HTML Carmina women, Don't come close to any form of age, any form of illicit immorality, lewdness, so section, premium promiscuity, wickedness any practice that you find anything Don't come close to it. What motherhood Amina mama Papa whatever is apparent, and whatever may be hidden person needs to avoid it and stay away from it and definitely find the preventive measures, which are laid out in the Sharia law. So Canada doesn't leave us in the dark about what we need to carry out inside our life. First, and we find observing the standard dressing dress code for men as well. And more specifically for

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women. That dress code has been placed there for a reason that a job is not a fashion entity is not to be a fashion to be paraded inside the streets. That's not the essence of a job in the fuqaha studied works with a limp, Cimarron, a Yamaha study in great detail Whatever method you may follow inside your life, there is only one small element of difference of opinion, whether caffeine whether the hands are classified as older or whether the face is classified is older other than that all of the football unanimous about the dress code or the Muslim woman, it should be loose gum and not it should not be transparent. It should not be bright colors, it should not be revealing it should not

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be viewed beautification in itself. These are all rules are placed by the centuries ago, all of them are drawn to this. But here we find in a so called modern world, no, we live in a different environment, there is no different environment, the environment is the law of a loss under the best of one's ability. Secondly, that for lowering one's gains, it's also the new de facto meaning, I'm sorry, to

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say to

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say to the believing men, lower their gazes, and to God, the private part there that is pure and better for you. And as you can imagine, is a direct link between the glance between the looking and passion and desires of the individual. When a person sees her and visualize her and see certain things, it arouses the feelings of the individual, as we find the hobbies, which is we that you find in ANOVA. Mr. Herman he believes that indeed, the gland in the Hadith is weak is buried, but the meaning is there. The grant is from amongst the poison arrows of a police of the devil, that he shoots at the individual, atomic murase how many acts of disobedience have been done with another

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with a clause which is looking at something which is haram and leads on that's why it's done prohibits looking at something which is forbidden for the individual or in the law hobby Ruby magazine, our own allies hobby. Nobody what you what you do? Yes, no, what we try to carry out his shadow inside his first effect of looking at something haram could go deep down penetrate into the heart and the mind of the individual. And I qualified Thirdly, refraining from Hanwha unnecessary intermingling between the two genders. To stay away from it is what the Sharia tells us to stay with.

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Binary journey when Misha mixing of men and women in general is not allowed inside of Sharia law. A person should should avoid it should stay away from it.

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for free, very fine to be alone, or to be with the opposite gender non Muslim that we find the hole and aneesa will upon you to enter into a gathering of women or to sit with strange women is forbidden for individuals to sit in such an environment because of a need to the extremity of their evil practice, as we mentioned, and I qualify that some of us may think that the Quranic language is very limited. The Quran doesn't speak about more than day affairs, more than day practices, girlfriend boyfriend relationship that we find maybe the Quran is far away from that. But sometimes we fail to understand that language is in such a nice elementary turkey that the

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women who don't take men, as young

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as they, as they, as they lovers, as their boyfriends it in the common language that we find. It's a severe one women were supposed to be just women, they don't have illicit relationship or partners in this manner, then a lot of warns the men what I would definitely be done in such a way that men are supposed to be pure men as well, who don't take women as as their comrades as their friends. Don't take them in that manner that wider society may do. So the Koran is very accurate in telling us about staying away from certain things, and not coming close to these things that we find that we find the factual impact of illicit relationships upon our society around us that we find. If you

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study the figures of how many percentage of people have children are born out of wedlock inside this society, you'd be surprised the percentage of people born out of wedlock inside this society. It's a common practice. People don't believe inside a concept of marriage. Don't believe in this anyone breaking their own society destroying their own society, the essence of elite illegitimate children that we find, unlike what you find HIV and AIDS, they can present whatever they want to present to society. It's because of this reason or that means that reason, the essence of the of the remain core reason is our the use of drugs that we find or sex is a sexually transmitted disease. That's

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the essence of it. And to this day, there is no cure. There is no cure. There's no hiding as soon as we doubled in some realm, I mentioned that when people begin to fooducate or in the open in a public and however they feel like Allah will send down a disease whereby there will be no cure, there will be no cure, or the math conclude that cure that disease at the moment is nothing but AIDS. That is worth 60 million people are suffering from AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease primarily, and the use of sharing of needles and drugs in fusion blood transfusion in general that we find. That's the essence of it, is the evil practices that lead to this we shouldn't shy away. When when Christian

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preachers speak that this is the essence This is a distraction and the doom are they slam because of what they say. But we must be shy away from the fact this is the essence, evil, bad practice lead to corruption upon the earth, the huddled facade of

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a Venus, Leo, Leo Leo Leo,

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18th, corruptions appeared in the land and ocean, because what man set forth with his own hands, they may begin to taste the fruits, the fruits of their own hands, taste your fruits of your own has actions that you do. You know, there is no secrecy of of our of Islam. There's no secrecy of our downfall. There's no secrecy of us being downtrodden, there's no secrecy. It's all open is because of murase. Because of the new of disobedience, wickedness, bad practices when we're in a gloomy state, we're in a bad state of disagreement lots of Canada Anna, and has been the only way to uplift ourselves. It should go back to the belief and a conviction of staying away from these evil

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practices. to enlighten ourselves, we find that not just the average individual, or not most of the Randalls who practices evil practice, we find unfortunate time even Muslims are practicing in even practice. even find some books of course even practicing Muslims begin to practice such as even practices. A person begins to disclose the number of cases whereby imams have dealt with people or married individuals. People supposed to be good individuals inside society, who guard themselves in an Islamic attire who dress in a standard entire living so called standard life, have been involved in sinner will make a person begin to think that what is the society that we are living in? What is

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the society that we live in as people who claim to understand the deen of Allah Subhana Allah are carrying out such atrocities. On a if you can say a very wide scheme on a very wide scale that we find a what would be the life of an average individual shows a lack of understanding of belief conviction about a loss of kind of conviction about what could happen the end result of a person disobeys Allah Subhana Allah and I called you find a Muslim to invoke, whether it be from the grass roots or such practices that we find we think that the Sheree of last panda needs to be changed, needs to be uplifted for the 21st

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century for the 21st environment that we find just simple answers to these individuals, Allah, Allah will not even call them does not Allah so Pamela nobody has created he's the most suffering the most awake. I'm not surprised they're created the human being knows the likes and dislikes of the human being Zoo here is nasty Prabhu Shama. YG Mina Nisa, Allah Allah mentioned in beginning with Sora la Emraan z really nasty hobo chahatein man loves certain things, certain lights the human being has strange is that a lot of kind of begins by mentioning Zoo you know, nasty Prabhu Shatta Wale de Mina Nisa from amongst women. Why, why there's a lot and I mentioned this inside the Koran is this

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something to be to be shy about something to be rejected something to turn a cheek to. Allah says clearly that the human being that at first like the first enticement, first, like towards the individual is going to be this element. So don't question the law of Allah Subhana Allah don't question when Allah lays out certain parameters, these are certain barriers that it is for our own good, like quantifying good enough.

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At the coluna Allah tala moon, Allah doesn't come on anything which is

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Allah doesn't allow anything which is even immoral, bad practice, Allah doesn't allow it. And that is allowed to take place to the wanted to take place, or it isn't legislated that it can be taken place. So we cannot say that we as Muslims today than what we understand the law better than when you do certain things. For the benefit of the people. There is no harm is people say in free mixing amongst ourselves. Shouting is even in Islamic events, we find that free mixing begins to take place. And petty excuses are given that person is first possibly searching for their partner searching for their spouse. These Western concepts that indoctrinated our mind that we find that

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people say, what is what is the harm in knowing your partner before you marry them? Where is the limitation? person needs to tick all the boxes? You need to know all their likes or dislikes, you know every single thing about the individual before you marry them? Where are you going to find the ideal individual, you will never find the ideal individual. Islam doesn't say that you have to tick all the boxes, go through everything know everything about your future spouse, then you decide to marry them. This is a Western concept. This is a Western concept that is infiltrating into Muslim that I need to know every single thing. I need to be with this individual. I understand this

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individual then I marry them. That's not a static concept. This dynamic content is available in

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a lot of places. MOA de la immense love, immense compassion, immense mercy that you find between the two spouses based upon what don't give him more Mara. Allah Akbar, a woman is married for four things that when Iijima Jamelia, when he when he when he is that he is happy. For her for her beauty for not for her lineage for when he Mamiya when he Devi has Delia for her Dean, for for this activity kariba Dam can choose the woman of Deen choose a woman of belief on conviction, may your hands be enriched, May there be gold dust blessings inside your hand. You find all this dunya is a fresh green earth. But the best fresh green earth that we find is Allah to salejaw is a is a

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righteous woman. That's the best thing because a righteous woman is one who's going to nurture your children. Protect your honor your absence, take care of you look after you be your partner inside this dunya and likewise inside, but the essence of marriage. It is based upon shadow love, Shadow love that we find come how many cases before I married? No, just after one year, after six months, after three months, we had

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a ton of sodium some people on the undertaking of their marriage on the day of marriage have walked away from one another what why? Because assassin ninja essence of their marriage was in an email who was a belief in Allah and Allah wasn't to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet was just to follow what everybody is doing around them that we find that there will be no concept of the ideal point is what these people are trying to penetrate into society. And likewise, in conclusion that we find the dangers of modern technology. Some people may find it an extremity. But as we mentioned, when I'm talking about Xena some of these passages, some of these ways that we find modern day technology

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they have led to they have led to people committing Zina have led to people committing harm. So the other elements around does we find Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram that we find many times we would warn the people around us warn the missourah young Muslims around us. Likewise a Muslim sisters, there is no need for Muslim sister to display your icon to display her face. later in the show. You're not allowed for a woman to display a face in public that people can see

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face is not allowed for Muslim individual to be discussed with other individuals, there seems to be no real purpose. There's no need to have. People say this giving Dawa giving data to other individuals is enough people to give that one because people have fallen into the trap of carrying around getting involved in haram has been such a Muslim isn't isn't the ultimate end. And a nanny does Nia and the two eyes are committed Zina what is the sin of the eyes to look at something that just around the time commits Zina, what is it the sin of the time to speak that which is haram? The is commit sinner? What is the sin of the Easter This is that which is haram. The all of these

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warnings are placed inside of Quran Allah warns female individuals.

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For young ladies he called me Mara. It says to believe in women. First of all, don't be deceptive. Ignoring beautifying in your speech. When you speak to present the opposite gender who is known to you a person should be brung sharp. To the point to blunt to the individual, they are nothing to do with you.

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For what reason for yet Martin levy because beanie moroccon less a disease may arise inside the individual while more hoonah Mr. foster mom could

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have seen him and Maradona be Magna Ashoka more of a disease means and desire and lust is aroused. that a person a woman lost her voice sweetens a voice says something with a voice. And it begins to arouse temptation and desire in the heart in the mind of the individual. So on uproots it that a person should know the ethical how they speak to the person of the opposite gender that we find. And as we find it, we mentioned how many of these these

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these mediums I might have led towards people to be involved in so they are carrying an axe of heroin, that we as Muslims should be vigilant, we shouldn't allow it to take president to return back to the board and say now What should we do? We should be from from the outset, we should see that this is technology which has a beneficial use it but these are also the harm and needs to be controlled in this manner. Control is meant to help us because many young individuals there are fertile ground, there are weak ground. They don't have a strong Eman, a strong perception. So their hearts and their heart and their mind can waver very quickly and be trapped inside this and it

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becomes a disease that remains them for the positive for the rest of their life that haunts them overtakes them, just so we find other addiction that leads to addiction. That existence or the individual may last 100 years old topic and ability to stay away from an HTML blog or whatever form of illicit relationship happened to be in the open on Friday.