Asim Khan – Dealing with Family Dilemmas

Asim Khan
AI: Summary © The challenges of personal struggles, including family problems, work challenges, and struggles with addiction, are discussed. The importance of acknowledging and embracing one's own struggles is emphasized. A brief and powerful argument about Allah's judgment on his son's use of a plan to convince himself to use his father's identity to cover himself is also mentioned. The transcript warns against giving up on one's children and reminds listeners to never be a Muslim.
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Yeah you and let you know I'm an otaku la haka to party mutanda illa Anta Muslim moon nostoc Alhaji Chiquita Allahu subhanho wa Taala hiral Heidi Heidi Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

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to have a cool demo that is in data, or coolabah data and blah, blah, blah, that infinity that there is brothers, sisters and youngsters.

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One of the most difficult

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challenges you can face in your life

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are the challenges you face from your family,

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from your parents, from your siblings, from your cousins and uncles.

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Having a problem at work, or with friends, or maybe with health or finances, is something that is somewhat easier to deal with, than say, having a problem at home.

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And there's a number of reasons why that is. When it comes to family, your parents, for example, if there was an issue, there was a difficulty then

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they would be particularly difficult on your heart to deal with because family they have easy access to your heart, they your blood relatives,

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you have been born and brought up in the company. If you are on the street, and somebody says something nasty, it happens often to our sisters, may Allah protect them. It is not that difficult for them to just ignore it and carry on with their day.

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But if someone at home said something even half as bad, maybe that will play on their mind for the entire day spoil their mood and maybe even worse, and that they wouldn't be able to let go of it. Why did my mum say this to me? How dare my sister say that to me.

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So what they say it affects your heart very quickly.

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But on top of that family problems

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become even more difficult because you can't get away from your family. You live with your in the company.

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And the home is supposed to be a place of relaxation.

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If you had a long hard day at work, or a tough day at school,

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a person would think about when I come home, I will be able to unwind and relax. But a person has a problem at home, perhaps with their spouse or their kids. When it comes to the end of the day at work. Some people they tell themselves or rather stay behind them to stay at work for a few more hours or after go home and face the difficulties at home.

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You can't find peace anywhere. There's no peace outside the home, there's no peace inside the home.

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And so that empty law, that challenge becomes one of the most difficult in your life.

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And what is really amazing is that the prophets of Allah, may Allah be pleased with all of them.

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They face challenges at home with their with their family members. And Allah documented their struggle with their family in the Koran so that we could see how they dealt with it.

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He would list a lot of other list the profits in the Koran, and many of them he gives us an insight into their family struggles. So that we can recognize that there is a way out of these struggles. There is a correct way to deal with difficult parents are difficult children are difficult family members and the correct ways the way of the prophets.

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Give you an example.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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This great prophet of Allah was so bold, that he challenged the belief of all of his people.

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Imagine being the one who challenges the belief of this country. Ibrahim al Islam did that. Ibrahim al Islam is the one who took that axe and courageously destroyed the idols. And he didn't care about the consequences of that. But you know that Abraham and his era, he faced a very,

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very great dilemma at home with his dad

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that his father was not just a bad parent.

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His father, who Some say his name is Azur was a polytheist an idol worshipper who manufactured idols to help other people do shit.

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Imagine that, how Abraham a somber prophet of Allah, pious man, and he's at home and he sees his dad is carving out from the stone idols and then he takes him to the shop to sell

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wherever you go to visit people's homes you see the aisle to their worshipping was made by your dad.

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How difficult must have been five Rahim Allah Salam

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How much do you felt was your dad my dad is an idol worshiper.

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And not only that, his dad would try to force Ibrahim you should follow me.

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Don't you dare try to go turn your back on the family tradition. This is our belief is our values. How do you try to turn your back on our gods? And so Allah subhanaw taala he he told us in the Quran so Maria Ibrahim Alayhi Salam how he spoke to his father to try to change his father.

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Ella's father says with color wave coronally Avi Yeah.

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Lima Dabba Doo mala? Yes, marijuana. Boo Boo, wala Yo, nan kashaya.

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Ibrahim is Rama la says recall when he said to his father, he spoke to his father. He had a conversation. He said, Oh, my dear father, why do you worship something that can't hear you can't see you. It can't benefit you in any way. I mean, when you're in your time of difficulty, you turn to these stones. And you call out some can even hear what you are saying they can't see you. Even if they could hear you and see you. They don't have the power to help you. He's questioning his father. He's challenging his father. But look at the way he spoke to his father. He began with the words Yeah, Betty.

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Which in Arabic means Oh, my dear father, you could say yeah, Abby, which means my dad. Yeah, but it means my day a sweet father. It is a more affectionate, loving way of addressing your father. Imagine somebody here. He has a problem with his with his father. He sees that his father doesn't pray. His father smokes his father, listen to music. His father does all these immoral things.

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Many times when we see our parents behave like this, we want to be rude to them. We want to put them in their place. And some people are rude and obnoxious to their fathers. If I ever saw him, he didn't say to his father. Listen, you mushrik man. How do you do this?

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He said, Oh my dear father. Why do you do this? Jimmy? It doesn't make sense. What do you think that?

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And then his father is not listening. His father is stubborn. What does Ibrahim alayhis salaam say? Yeah, booty in a half a year masakadza Meena Rahman Fattah Kula Shea Pani Walia. He says, Oh, my dear father, is just another thought that came into my mind.

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You know, I'm actually scared for you that I'm scared that the punishment of the old merciful will sees you, you will become a friend of the devil, meaning you will go to the hellfire.

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He didn't stop Ibrahim, he continued to try to challenge his father and corrupt his father. And what do you say I fear for you. I'm scared for you that if you continue down this road, you'll go to the hellfire. And you can hear the love in his words, because he says

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a masakadza may not rush man. He doesn't say that the punishment of a law is going to take you he says the punishment of a Russian man the Most Merciful, as if to say,

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Man, he is the one who wants to show you Rama. I want him to show you Rama. But that the way you are behaving, you are taking yourself away from his drama.

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That I would just love for you to stay within the realm of Allah subhanaw taala You know, sometimes you see evil people in this world. Sometimes he evil people in your family. And you tell yourself you know what, wait on the Day of Judgment, see what happens to you.

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You know, I can't wait for the day. It's not for the love that you burn in the hill file.

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Here we are here with a slam saying to his dad, who's an idol worshipper.

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I don't want you to go to *, dat sapan Allah. What is the lesson here? The lesson here, brothers and sisters, is that if you have difficult parents, and you see them doing wrong things, you can't go to one extreme and say, You know what? It's my mom. What can I say to my mom? Let her continue what she was doing. I can't say anything to them. How many brothers in they see it with their own eyes? The mom is being horrible to their wife. Their mother is abusing their wife. And they shrug their shoulders say what can I do? She's my mom.

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Even rahimullah somebody said Dad, what can I say to my dad? He brought me up when I was young. He fed me. What can I say to my dad? No. He said Dad, this is not right. But when he corrected him, he didn't go to the other extreme or being rude, obnoxious, unkind, rather, he was respectful and he showed love to his father. May Allah grant us understanding when it comes to correcting our own parents. Then you have the example of no * is

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almost the opposite. No, * is wrong. A man who lived 1000 years how much of the world must have seen when you become slightly older?

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Reach 3040 years. You look back at your younger self and you think, man, I thought I knew everything. I realized I didn't know anything whatsoever.

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Imagine you have 1000 years worth of life experience. Despite all this experience, despite being a prophet of Allah, he couldn't make his son listen to him.

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His Son, refuse to become Muslim. And no, hello son, Avi is worried, because very soon, Allah is going to unleash his punishment. The flood is going to start everyone is going to be drowned.

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Allah tells us that in that critical moment, where the rain began to fall, and the tide began to rise, and people began to panic. No had a tsunami climbed on board the ark with a small band of believers. And he looked overboard and he saw his son. Well, he attended he beat him. Allah says and when this folk this arc began to take off, Cal jabaal and the ways B and two came down like mountains. This is a scene which is like a scene of desperation. The waves are coming crashing down. People are frantically running for their lives. Allah says when the new new a coda to his son, air cabana, he says, My dear son, come on board with us or Marcia, mineral caffeine.

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Caffeine, he says, and don't be with the disbelievers. Now, what do you think about this? You are a righteous pious man. People know you in the in the society as a man who is religious, and then people talk about your son. Yeah, but what about his son? He's a drug dealer. You know, what kind of man is that kind of a control his son selling drugs on the street, people talk about you? How embarrassing must have been for new people saying, Look, he still claims to be a prophet of God, his own son does a video with him.

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And then right at the last moment, no, hello Salaam. He looks at his son. so stubborn. And does he say To * with you, I disown you. You have nothing to do with my family. You are not from my family, I disown you. You do whatever you want to do. How many parents do that? They find out their son is doing silly things. And what do they say son? If you want to live under this roof? You can't do that. And if you continue mass Salama see yourself out?

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How many parents disowned the children? Because they can't take the shame of having to deal with the difficult challenge. But no, Hello sir. Ah, he must be super embarrassed. But if you give up on his son, Allah is telling us even in the last critical moment, he was to pleading with his son, come on board, son, don't do this. You don't want to go down that road. You don't want to be with those people. Come with me. Believe in me, you're going to be taken you're going to be part of those that are punished by Allah. How sad must have been for new

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love that tells us what? The new that no. When he saw that the flood had taken everyone. He called out to allies at Yara, my master

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in 20 min. He said My son is from my family, or in our ethical hack, but your promise is true is all your judgment is true as though I am torn Allah, between your judgment and my son. Please, even though he died is a kind of fear. Do something.

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Do something for my son. how painful it must have been for No. Even though his son has died now he's still begging Allah please. I love my son. Something for my son. Allah says you are asking me something you have no knowledge about.

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Don't ask me like this. No.

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and No Listen, he realized that you know what? It is time to let go. If a family member died on cover, there's nothing you could do for them anymore. how devastating It must have been for no Harris.

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But the lesson here is what you can never give up on your children. Never. You can be tough with them. You can have discipline. But you can never say you are not my son. You're not my daughter anymore. You don't have the luxury to do that. A lot tells you in the Quran. Yeah.

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coo coo coo coo coo Nara. Allah says believers Save yourselves and your families from the hellfire. That is a GT you have a responsibility have that you can never give up. Even if

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even if your dignity is undermined, even if your integrity and your respect in front of your neighbors, your family is undermined. You can never say child, you are no longer one of mine. May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for all of us. May Allah give us that sabar to help our children even when they lose their home.

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Well, Paul already had was talking to the lady what a comedy signs mean for Sofitel in the Hall of Fame.

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solara Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala ashrafi ambia University Nabina. Muhammad in wild early he was a he was very bad. I want to finish with one last example, the example of use of allyssa. You all know the story. He was hated upon by his own brothers. They tried to plot to kill him, they threw him on the into the bottom of a well left him for dead use of Allah Islam he survived, but then to be sold off as a slave, to grow up to be put into prison. And eventually, Allah change his circumstance to make him into an Aziz, one of the most respected people in his new country, Egypt.

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And then Allah abroad, the same brothers that had left him for dead back to Egypt now as beggars and use of he chose to conceal his identity, to try and make a plan to get not only his brothers, but his father and all his family from Palestine to come and live with him in Egypt happily ever after. And part of that plan was not revealing his identity to his brothers. So the plan was, you know what, in order to get them here, I have to frame the youngest brother, as if you stole so he planted the cup on the youngest brothers sack. And it seemed as though he has stolen when use have confronted his brothers, and said, What do you have to say about your brother? He just stole? What

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did they say? Khan? He is reka sappada Soraka. Holloman pobol, they said something outrageous. They said, Well, if this brother stole, then he has another brother A while back. He's also a thief Subhana Allah, they are speaking to Yusuf and without knowing they say hear the other brother use it. He's also a bigger thief. We expected that from him as well. Imagine your use of

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how angry would you be? That man I'm trying to help you. I'm giving you food. I'm trying to get the family to be reunited, and you're still hating on me.

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What did he do? Did he reveal his identity? Say you know, what? Do you realize you're talking about me?

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If anyone's a thief, is you You stole me from my dad? No, Allah says, For our saraha Yousuf enough, see what I'm up to holla him Subhana Allah. Allah said use of he took that and buried it in his chest. And he didn't divulge it. Allah is saying he bit his tongue. And he held back. Why use a Why didn't you? Why don't you tell them what time it was? Because use have had a bigger plan? What was that plan? To see his family united to see mother, father brothers all come together to live in peace. And he knew that if he divulged it, then that plan will be ruined a lot of use values. Ron was teaching us a very important lesson. And that is sometimes you will face difficulty from family

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members, maybe your parents, maybe your siblings, maybe your children.

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But you know what, sometimes you need to bite your tongue and hold it in to bury that anger. Why not because you're weak. Not because you're a doormat, because it will keep the family together. Because you tolerating some cruelness

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will help keep the family together and use the value system because of that one sacrifice. The next year a loss hunter brought his father, his brother and all of them were reunited to live happily ever after in Egypt alone. This is a beautiful lesson that sometimes you have to realize allies testing you through your family members. Next time your cousin says something that upsets you look at your cousin say you know allies testing me through you right now. To see how I behave with you. Do I cut ties with you? Do I say you want to be rude to me? I'll show you what it means to be rude. Or do you say no, let me just bite my tongue. Smile in his faith in his face and try to be a source

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of unity. May Allah Subhana give us big hearts. May Allah make us of those that bring our families together, not those that make our families become divided along mean urban avant fusina weightlifter Ilana water hammer learner coo Nana Mila, ha serene, or bannerghatta Zulu Ba ba ba ba ba Milan kurama in naka antilla hub Ravana Gina Hassan Warfield Earth Tierra de Hasina joaquina

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Durbin Watson was set up

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