Reflections – A Rich Dialogue Between A Mum And Her Parting Son

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. We live in a time period an era dominated by sin violence and transgression, promiscuity, infidelity, disloyalty, fornication. Zina, incest and Allah forbid even beyond bestiality has become the order of the day. There's barely a young man who has been rescued from the scourge of recreational drugs. And in this environment, it is quite challenging and daunting to raise children. And likewise for children to be protected and insulated against the onslaught against one in all. But imagine in an environment like this. And this is a real scenario, a young boy and adolescent kid going through the hormonal growth

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spurts, as they would say, moving on from a youngster into adulthood, you know, calls his dad and says, Dad, I need to have a sit down with you. Or a young woman calls her mom and says, Mom, I need to have a meeting with you. Anyone who is a parent will know and appreciate the fear that will grip the heart of that parent, the anxiety that will plague the mind of that parent, the most scary thoughts will envelope them. Has he done this? has she done that? Has he reverted to his old habits? What has happened in his life? Why does he want to have a meeting with me? But today I share with you a very, very rich and a very meaningful dialogue. And hopefully it can be a motivation for one

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in all and in more particularly the youth. And I'm referring to the rich dialogue between Abdullah even as Roberto De La Hoya and Houma and his mom, asthma Binti, Abu Bakr, radi Allahu taala and Houma. So Abdullah was the son of zawiera. The Allahu anhu and asthma was the daughter of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. It was on the eve of his death, Abdullah Agnes Zubair comes to his mom asthma, who was 100 years of age, and her entire, you know, cognitive skills were still intact. The innovation suggests let me let me not clean her she she was alert, she was focused. Her cognitive abilities were intact. In fact, lumea spot Minh Sydney, her Shea, even her teeth were intact. Even her teeth

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were intact. Yes, she was visually impaired. So the son comes to his mom and says to his mom, oh, my mom, I need to talk to you. Wow. So we have a scenario today. We have a challenge today where a young boy phones or drops on WhatsApp and says dad call back and you go into panic. What happened? Did you meet up in an accident didn't commit a crime is he involved in any gangsterism is it hasn't been implicated in any crime or offense. Those are the fields that aren't you. And may Allah make it easy and guide one in all. But this is the secret and this is the private discussion the young boy has with his mom on the eve of his death. When he was in the battle against her judging the use of

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he says oh my mom, I would like to divulge the following to you. And she's like, I'm all ears. I'm listening. Go for it. Oh my son. What do you have to tell me? Allahu Akbar. This is the richness. This is true wealth. He says Guney Allah theta. And never Nikki Lamia Dan met at Santa Monica Rinpoche Oh my mom. I've never told you this. But today is the day I want to divulge this to you. I'm happy to inform you that your son referring to himself in my entire life. lamotta makueni Alpha Theta and Nibbana kilometer I'm met at Santa Monica in Colorado. In my entire life. I never deliberately disobeyed allow once my word try and understand this. So I never premeditated a crime.

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I never orchestrated a crime. I never slept over something as a human as a mortal. Yes, I could succumb and I did succumb but it was not premeditated. It was not orchestrated. It was not deliberate. It was not conscious. Guney Allah thicker. Can you imagine what a slave This is? What a rich man in which to leave this world

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akuna Allah Sita and nomina kilometer Ahmed Adriana moon Karim cutomer Mila before Hashem kottu and oh my mom, I'm happy to inform you in my entire life. I never perpetrated an act of immorality or in decency, say that Arthur manga la manga used to say Manzanita Coghlan, Islam would abandon Islam. I did not perpetrate the crime of Xena and fornication pre Islam, and all the more I had stayed away and abstain from it post Islam. What am your damn mad at and among Korean woman Amina Biffa has nothing to do when I'm young.

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Dorothy and then in part two and oh my my my mum and again if you appreciate the Arabic emphasis is using the word CUT TO so cut to in Arabic comes to negate something in the past tense in totality that at all I did not perpetrate or commit or indulge in this crime. So Oh my mom, I'm happy to tell you that in my entire life, I had never committed a breach in my trust. Anyone would entrusted me with anything let me at the I met at Santa Monica in Quito woman Amina before he shot in Porto with me as a man in katoh. Allah for that we can barely have one clean day when we did not where we free of dc dc when someone or we free of any form of inflicting harm on any person, he is giving his

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entire life record and sharing these rich, fulfilling moments with his mum on the eve of his death. And then he goes on to say, well am yakushi on Earth are memories along as well. And oh, my mum, I'm happy to tell you, there was nothing in my life that gave me a greatest sense of joy, then pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. That was my mission. That was my vision. That was the motto of my life is to please my Creator. And now look at the humanity. Look at the humbleness, whether our Guru danika teskey attended enough. See, we're in amaku, the Scylla Lhasa, Allah Tell me, and I don't say this, to quantify myself to blow my trumpet to exonerate my soul. But I only share these rich moments with

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you so that you can take solace from it after my demise. What was the response of this mother? Can you imagine the tears of joy? Can you imagine the tears of joy?

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If a mom needs discovers that some boys in the neighborhood were involved in a particular crime, in burglary, in theft, in fornication in drugs, and there was fear that her son was part of that group. And subsequently, she discovered that her son was free of it and he was innocent. Can you imagine the jubilation the excitement that the tears of joy that would trickle down the eyes of that mom to say, Alhamdulillah my son was innocent and he was free? What words can adequately describe the joy of this mum? And how does she respond by saying Alhamdulillah hymnody gyla kurama you have boo him All praise belongs to Allah, Who shaped you and fashion you to this level in a manner that I am

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pleased with you and hopefully he is pleased with you. And then he beats farewell to his mom and he says oh my mom, I doubt we will meet in this world. And hopefully we will meet in after. But please don't fall short in making a plan for me continue your prayers in my favor. And then the mum raises our hands. Now Who is this woman? This was the daughter of Abu Bakar these were the very hands meaning her hands that had prepared food for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the journey of Hendra when he went with Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu and Abu Bakar had prepared two conveyances one for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and one for himself. And he teared out of joy when he

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received the good news that he will be accompanying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are the Makita boomin Allah Habibi and Jose azu Rooney first phirni bill buka rubber surah aleja and many men for the mapa de ser Ronnie at the Kearney your eye in Osaka de marinda. Canada, the beginning I mean for Russian woman as Ernie with the poet speaks about the tears of joy, and she had prepared food. And then she split her apron in half, and she wrapped the food up for the profits alized him in her apron. And hence he then conferred the title of that to Nita and these were the doors she made for her son on that evening when they parted ways knowing that they will be reunited

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in Jannah Allah

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Allah whom are hamdulillah yummy, what should he be? He feels the legacy oneness rhenium Oh Allah you reward my son for spending those long nights in prayer in the darkness of the night when the entire creation was fast asleep Allahumma hamdulillah who Allahumma hamdulillah who was one who feed Hawaii during Medina Makkah who was saw him Allah you reward him for the optional fast that he observed in Mecca and Medina in the sweltering heat. The optional fans that he would observe you reward him handsomely for that, then this part of her brain is just most amazing. His narration suggests that a smarter Viola and her and her husband, Roberto awam, was separated and there was a

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divorce. The narrations vary on the reason of this divorce. However, when she prayed for his son, she made an amazing to our Allahumma Han Berra, who be a bee he will only hear our mind

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son was obedient to me and dutiful to his father rewarded him for his kindness to his father and reward him for his obedience to me, that is so amazing. We live in a society we unfortunately divorce has become the order of the day. And more tragic than that is by and large, one parent, either deliberately or inadvertently, negatively indoctrinates the children against the other parent, and often the children are used as a ransom against that parent. And I personally have dealt with so many cases where either the mother or the father are crying because the other partner has barred them from seeing their own children. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Look at the beautiful

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teachings of Asmara, the Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah who be a be he will only him. I had once visited an island on a lecture tour, and the young man was taken me around. And he said to me that my mom and my dad had divorced while I was a young child. And I was staying with my mom. And as I grew up, I asked my mom some questions about my dad, and she said, He's abandoned you, he's forsaken you and you, you have no relation with him. But as I grew up, I felt the need that I need to inquire about my dad. And she said to me, if ever you make contact with your dad, I just own you. So I was quite scared to make contact with my dad, because I was living with my mom and I, you know, just move

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through the motions of life. But as time evolved, and I grew, and I matured, and then Allah gave me my own business, and I was now established and I was anchored and I was now going for my first hug. And the morning I'm leaving for a thought came to my mind and going to the house of Allah, to hold the Kaaba to ask Allah for forgiveness and guidance, but I have not reconciled with my dad. And that guilt hit me so bad, and I started the search for my dad and Alhamdulillah I met up with my dad, and ever since I have a peaceful relationship both with my dad and my mom, I don't inform my mom about my dad, I don't inform my dad about my mom and I said that, that that that is precisely what we need

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maturity from the youth. So look at the Diwan of Asmara, viola and her she said Allah you reward him for how obedient he was to his father. How dutiful he was to his mum Allahumma in near consult them to holy Emmerich. What are the to be mark of Idaho? For Sydney Ali, Baba, Siberian ally, I'm happy with whatever you decree for my child Oh Allah, Allah grant me patience and perseverance to patiently and do whatever you have decreed for him. Lambda Robuchon so that he can young in LA vaca la casa de la bella Bay, before the son of that day could set on the western horizon, Abdullah had returned to his Lord. So my message out to the youth is let us Aspire, this is a legacy. Of course,

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we cannot leave with such a clean slate, but at least out of all these accomplishment and spiritual feed that he had, let us die in sha Allah in a manner that we can also be free. And we can also share these rich moments with our parents, you know, at some point or some discussion to say, Ma'am, I'm happy to inform you that Alhamdulillah in my entire life, I had never ever, you know, indulge in anything forbidden or haram. May Allah make that a reality. And may Allah bless us with such noble, pious and obedient offspring.