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Musleh Khan
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In Alhamdulillah

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men who want to start you know who want to stop Pharaoh when are all the builder human chivalry and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, me and he level philomel de la mejor blue Fela dlm y Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa la sharika y shadow under Mohammed Abu Oro solo solo la hora de who are there any he was hobby woman serve Island energy a woman standard be certain that he he la Medina Barrett for de la hola hubub kakatiya madrona subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z au hola Xena em and on top of La haka to party he wala temotu illa, one to Muslim moon, from Barrett, my brothers and sisters on this blessed day of this blessing our of the Omu tomorrow. We begin by praising Allah, we seek His mercy, his

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forgiveness, his guidance, and we further send peace and blessings to Allah Rasool Allah wa to Robbie was Salam O Allah.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal on this blessed day of this blessing our of human children to accept from us our good deeds, and that male lies so as you'll forgive us of our shortcomings and our mistakes along them. I mean,

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my brothers and sisters, before we begin,

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there is a very dear sister in our community who is going through a very difficult phase in the hospital struggling with with a lot of things and it is our responsibility that this particular sister She is a regular amongst us, he's a regular in this community. And let us ask Allah azza wa jal to bless her which she found. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to not only bless her with whatever is befitting and most beloved to him, but also we ask Allah azza wa jal to also ease the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters. Hmm. Can, wherever they may be in whatever it is that they go through mentalize so easy is it for them, I love them. I mean,

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I think it's very common, very, very easy for us to understand that. No one has to remind us although we need it, that life is very short.

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And we just don't have time. You know, to carry on each and every day. And just really taking it easy.

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Really waking up every day and just going about your routine, whatever that may be, and then come home and rely on the fundamentals that we know of our Deen, we have to push ourselves even further, especially with the things in between.

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We don't have time for relationships, whether they be with family, friends, relatives, but if there's something between you and them, there's some kind of problem. There's just not enough time for that to carry on and drive. But you put your best effort as best as you can.

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And think about what Allah subhanho wa Taala told Musa alayhis salaam

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when he is given the order, go to fit our own.

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Go and tell him about what he's done. All the torture and the pain and the suffering, what's happened through him, Go and tell him about it confront him. But then ally so it will still set to him. The hula hoop, Colin Lina La La Jolla to that cutaway of the show.

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Go to him and be kind. You see the word lay in, in this area. It doesn't mean to just be kind when you're happy when you're in the moment. You know how sometimes you would start off a conversation and you start off real soft? Like you'll tell somebody, hey, look, I have something really important that I want to tell you. The conversation is quiet, it's calm, it's under control. till five minutes later, there's probably a shouting match.

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lejana means to stay calm consistently throughout the conversation.

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In other words, Musa alayhis salam has no time

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as part of the order from allies, so there's no time to go up to fit around and say, Look, you've done this, this and this. You're this person, you're that person no less says go and talk to him. Remind him about what he's done. that perhaps be the lead hitter either. As long as you stay dignified, you're civilized, that he

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be reminded

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La Jolla, tada Oh, yeah, sure. So he'll be reminded of me meaning allies, so which himself or he'll develop some sense of fear. Like, he'll really stop and start thinking about himself about his life.

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Time is running out.

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And every single day that goes by, there's a couple of things I want to share with you with the subject, first and foremost that you want.

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Everybody, here we have a story.

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We have a personal part of our lives, that no one can understand. We can't talk about it. Why? Because it's difficult. On the one hand, it could be painful.

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You may have gone through a phase in your life or gone through a situation, that the memory or the after effects of that situation is so painful, you can't even talk to your kids about it.

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You don't want to talk to anyone, not even your spouse, not even your parents, it's too painful. And sometimes when you're going about your day, you might see certain things that remind you of those times. If you come from like a broken marriage, and you went through a lot in that marriage, and then when you see a happy couple, it reminds you that that was your intention, but it never happened that way. And so the tears start flowing, even though may have happened ages ago,

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you might see kids really doing great things, really helping each other and supportive of one another.

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But you're struggling to achieve the same things with your own children. And you don't you don't know where the help will come. Everybody has a story. Put aside people for now you yourself.

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And sometimes what happens is that same story.

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It drives you into a corner

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and you hit a dead end.

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You're just thinking to yourself, where do I turn now? Who do I talk to? How do I get myself out of this? Yes, I'm going to make the door. Yes, I'm going to pray and do all of those things. But when I'm done, my heart still hurts. The tears won't stop, I still feel the pain. What do I do now. And this is where for a lot of people, the depression and the anxiety, stress, they start to develop the sense of despair, they lose hope, lots of complications. And that in and of itself starts raising other problems and struggles from within.

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And so are you Alabama in the next few minutes that I have with you. I want to remind first and foremost, me myself. And then all of you about how the poor end and how Allah subhanho wa Taala always gives us a way out.

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There is always hope, when you have a lot as religion with you.

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If you think for a moment, go back to musala he set up

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here is a man.

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Allah gives him an order. He's just a regular man. He's got this incredible quality within that. He's extremely shot and extremely humble men.

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Then I'll give them the order. Go confront federal.

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You know, it's safe to say that if you were in the same predicament that somebody came to you and selected you out of hundreds or 1000s of people and said you I want you to stand in front of the cameras. I want you to confront the situation. I want you to speak up. It's safe to say that for a lot of people that's nerve racking.

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And then some will say well why me? I can't do that. Are you sure you're making the right decision? Are you sure you want me out of all people?

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musallam sam doesn't do any of those things.

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Immediately he asks a lot and he turns to him and says Carlo rubbish Ronnie suddenly

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we're suddenly Emery

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melissani Africa who Colby he starts asking a lot to make this task attend. Just make it easy for me. Make me a person that I can call my nerves. I can say what I need to say. And when I say people understand that I was gonna get me

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brothers and sisters. Do you think Masada his salon was afraid? Because a lot of people when they hear this story they say oh well

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You know, he was a prophet. And it's that's on autopilot, you know, he's gonna go through a hardship, or he's cornered and he's given a task. They know, they turn to Allah. It's on autopilot, actually fast forward in the same surah.

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And he speaks on behalf of himself and his brother Harun alayhis salaam, and he says, color a lot better in a half a year photo tiling. And

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he actually told

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me and my brother, actually were terrified.

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We're afraid to go to federal home. And then he describes this fear, he uses a verb EF

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EF, a load comes from the word fat are all thought. Now it's got two ways to look at this subtle thought law. On the one hand, it means that you excel the bare minimum in something. So if you go to someone if you're given a responsibility or job, and you have a bare minimum threshold, but you go above and beyond that funnel by then the opposite of that,

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you stick to the bare minimum or less.

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So you're given the same task. And it could be simple things like a parent tells their their child tonight, I want you to take out the garbage, make sure you take it out, because early morning, they're going to be here, and he doesn't even take the garbage out. He ignores it completely. That's also funnel time. So in this area, what he's saying to Allah Musa alayhis salaam is, I'm so afraid that if I stand in front of fit around, he might go haywire on me or he might not listen to me at all.

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out a *, ha.

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Oh, here really lose it and explode in front of it. And he could be so unpredictable. He was afraid. But just keep that image. Keep that story in mind. Let me take you to another story. A you Barney who said, here's a man and a prophet who lost everything from health to wealth,

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property, children, family, society community, he lost it all. You know one story mentioned that he was paralyzed and bedridden. And the only two things that really worked well for him was his heart and his tongue. Everything else there was a pain associated with it or something.

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What is the you bargain you seldom do in that moment. He's lost everyone and everything with you, but his net.

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And NEMA sending a load

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of hammer Rahimi he calls on alone and he tells a lot any miss any door I'm going through, listen to the language. He says I'm going through a pain not there are not the plural. He uses the singular form to describe all the pain he's going through.

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I'm going through one thing

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and then he doesn't even ask a lot of cure him and Nima sale. And then he says one of Herman Rahimi, you're the exceptionally Merciful One. You'll have so much mercy. He didn't even ask Aloma cure me. Can Can you bring back my family? Can you give me strength? Nothing? What does Allah say next? festa Jebin Allah. He started the process of responding to au barley. He said, that's the second image that I want to keep in front of you. So you have the imagery of Musa alayhis salaam Are you Barlinnie Salaam? I'm going to give you one more.

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I'm going to give you one more.

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And if you ever talk about being stuck with no answers and being cornered and trapped.

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Whenever you talk about this subject from a poor ethnic perspective, you have to talk about the story of use of it his solemn and his father, Jaco Barney.

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When all was said and done, his dad is sitting there he's listening to the story from his brothers. What lol annual returns is back. The Father's is like enough. We'll call a SFR either use if he puts his head down and he says, Oh my goodness, how I miss him so much. It's killing me.

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Crying I want my son and I don't know where he is. I don't know what's happened to him.

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And then he says something remarkable. This is the lesson.

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Number esko bestie. We're Hosni Illa.

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So the third image is that are you iacobelli

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I am told a lot complained to Allah. And he says to the rest of his children, my tears belong to Allah. My grief is for Allah. He cried so much he almost went blind. What does it mean?

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You know, his eyes just couldn't take it. And he was starting to lose his sight of so much grief and pain for his son. Now you have these three stories in front of you, and there are hundreds more.

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Do you notice a pattern?

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Every time a prophet or a messenger?

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Literally was left with no way out? What did they all do?

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They all turned to Allah. And that was the one avenue the one door that they never shut. They always kept and held on to hope through allies. So

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you see brothers and sisters.

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We are the ones that cut that link. It's not a lie. So adjourn, and if it is him some kind of what he tells us when this happens. And it makes it crystal clear. If this is what you're going through, or this is what you've done. This is the consequence. So there's no doubt.

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But if there's anyone out there

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that says to themselves and tries to convince themselves man, nobody will get me

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You know what, there's no there's no point of even trying anymore. What's the point?

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I go to the masjid I don't feel anything. So forget the vested. I talked to counselors, I go and get help. I have great friends but they don't understand what I'm going through at home. They don't know my family. They don't know my heart. They don't know my pain. So forget it. If you do then

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listen to how Allah responds. soon it'll fall upon

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Allah describe a lot of issues

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that people go through. And then he urged

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and he called all of us to say turn back and asked me to forgive you come back to me. Don't cut that link. And then that a concluded What can a level of food override a man listen to it again? What can a level of photo Rahim and not? What level of photo Rahim? See the difference? The first one has a verb kana. kana is always used to describe something past tense,

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at least in this context. So in other words, Allah is saying I was always Forgiving and Merciful. I was always here for you.

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What does that mean for you and I

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or for the person who hits the dead end? It means when you hit that dead end, no matter what it is.

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It's not a law that cuts the relationship or cuts off help. It's actually people do that with him. He doesn't do that with with them. Because he's always there to forgive and have mercy. He's always there for you.

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What that should do

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is that that should immediately give strength, man, so Pamela was always there. Even though I kind of put him to the side. I didn't focus as much as I should have. And he still never gave up on me. Now I'm really going to turn to him. Now I'm really going to have faith in him. What is the result? What's the end result of all of this? You all know the end of the story of mozzarella is some of you burning some of you suffering is Sam yaku Bara is sudden, and of course, our messenger Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they went through it all.

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How did all of this end? They still ended that. They kept this strong link between them and their Creator. Brothers and sisters, it's important to mention, and this is where I'll pause for the first half of this book, but isn't.

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Don't think for a moment that anyone is suggesting that this is the only way out and that's it. Sometimes you find a lot and his reminders through good people.

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Sometimes you do find it in the counselor's office. Sometimes you do find it with good colleagues and friends. Sometimes you do find those things

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and you can

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Find a long when you seek help however it is you seek it. But as you journey through that process, the point is,

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there is no help that is really guaranteed except the help with allies. So agenda.

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So you connect, you put the effort you do what you can, but your heart, you know, Allah will never let you down. And that he will always be here subhanho wa Taala to listen to you. And the only instruction Allah says, are there only. Just call on me, talk to me. Whatever your state is, whatever situation it is just

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so that I can, so I can start responding to you may Allah azza wa jal keep us close to Him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala is our pain. Whatever it is, whatever capacity it is, your ob We're your servants, and we sit here today, we plead to you, we talk to you only, you know, what is in my heart to know and I asked you to purify my heart, and cause me at the end of the day that any decision I make in my life, that it is a decision that is pleasing to you first before anyone else love them. I mean akula mellitus Marilyn was stuff that a lot of you want to say any Muslim, including them. This stuff here in

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Milan Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was happy he woman while buried, you want to back up, I want to conclude and share with you just exactly where all of this is coming from. Why the choice of this particular subject?

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For the last little while, you know, every now and then you'll have conversations and ask people how you doing how's life. And for the last little while, it's just always been a shock and a surprise. You know, someone will tell you, you know, everything is great, but this is what's happened to me. This morning, I get a call from you know, a very close friend.

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And, you know, out of nowhere, there's no history of any issues or health problems. And she says, Man, I just went to the doctor, I have cancer.

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The prior to that someone else you meet, they tell you about their marriage issues that tell you about somebody else with a problem. And it just when these reminders come to you, you can't help but think about yourself. So Pamela,

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oh, Allah, what's gonna happen to me tomorrow, it's gonna happen to me in the next few hours, I can't help but think about you. So this whole debate is actually from me, just reflecting on all of this. And they share it with you so that perhaps the evening that he Tyler, it could stir the same reflection for you as well.

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As you walk out of here today, think about how uncertain it is. We don't know if we're going to get back to work. We don't know if we're going to see family later on. There's just no guarantees in anything. And so we have to hold on an ullas message. We have to keep him in our life. And we do this not just through the rituals and the worship and all of those things. We do this also through the relationships we keep with each other.

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somebody makes a mistake, you can forgive an overlook that one mistake that they've made and keep moving forward. If someone says something and you didn't get them or you didn't understand them, it's okay to correct them, advise them, but be be cognizant and be aware.

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Most of their life, they've never talked that way anyways. If somebody said wronged you in any way, shape or form, find it in your heart

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to do what you can to forgive, forget and move forward.

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Simply because we don't have enough time.

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Male allies so we'll put Baraka in our time. May Allah subhana wa tada bless us and honor us that we keep his message of the poor end, and we keep the message of our messenger Salalah while he was sending them in our hearts and in our lives, for our sons and daughters here today. May Allah so which will protect them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give them the strength and they continue to persevere and grow with the message.

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of the poor and in their hearts and in their lives, love them and mean to our mothers and fathers May Allah subhanho wa Taala honor you in this world. And those of you who don't have parents, may Allah azza wa jal bless them and honor them

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and reunite you with your mum and dad somewhere in general and for adults in the area alone. Those of us who have any relationship problems struggles, male allies, which will bring the hearts together in a way in a manner that is pleasing to Him. For those of you who have individual issues that sit and rest and cry in your heart, yeah Robbie, we asked you to ease their pain, ease your pain and your struggle and give you the way out, give you a way out that is easy and not just for you but more importantly pleasing to our Creator. A lot of them fail out of being we plead to you on this blessed day of this blessing our of young tomorrow except from us our dry Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Allah has to our alone to have better has a Dora and Nene Emiliano belisle Amina and with that being said brothers and sisters, we send peace and blessings to our Rasul Salatu was Salam where it came out, Amano subhana wa Tada, Phaeton xili in number one Allah He Kotaku Sir lunarlon Libby Yeah, you holla Xena M and o sundarar. Lee he was suddenly able to swim and a lot of them or Sunday or them Mohammed Wiener le Mohammed came out so late Allah Ibrahim Allah early we're all human in the comedo Majeed, a lot of material Muslim You know, when was the med one? Meaning you know what I mean? And Allah here he mean one on one in nikka karimun semiology but Darwin Allahumma

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interland his own kill Jenna montcada Robbie la Herman pulin. Our Iman when are also becoming another 100 Robert la Herrmann, Colin Omid. Er benen lT netfit dunya escena wolfville filati hesson Joaquin Urban sapan ob Caterpillar is that here ma OC Ford. I was so down when I learned more sadena Welcome to the law here of the law living

Holding on to hope | Friday Khutbah | Jan 25st, 2018 | Sh. Musleh Khan | Islamic Institute of Toronto

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