Murtaza Khan – Vices Series #30 – Spying

Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala under and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we continue our journey looking at various Hadith, or traditions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to purify us and to make us better individuals. And to take us away from these bad moral habits that we find that as we mentioned many times that the climate around us, the environment around us, the society around us begins to influence the characteristics and the traits of Islam begins to weaken them that we find the practices of the people become acceptable, and some of the practices are acceptable, and they are

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large portion of other practices which are unacceptable islamically that a person should avoid, and we stopped on a horrible buzzer on a person to lower their gaze. Even though we mentioned society around us as a society that breeds and preaches to people to look at the opposite gender directly into their faces, and to speak to him directly. And is today's Hades continues that same pattern of lowering one's gaze, or being careful of what their gaze what they look upon. And the theme of the glance that we mentioned. It will take you from Seoul to North, the 24 hour sort of the Quran or Anna Medina in sort of 64 verses, we mentioned all of us should go back and read the surah to see

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the various, the various o'clock, the various etiquettes the various manners, the various characteristics that we as believing men and believing women that we need to uphold, and we to live inside our life. And likewise find the opposite as mentioned so disorder, that stern punishment for people who disobey Allah Subhana Allah, for people who carry out these evil actions for which the law of Allah Subhana Allah begins inside the surah of highlighting what is the punishment of those individuals carry out such evil actions? So we find that the many etiquettes and lessons that we need to develop upon we focus on continuance so to know we can extract from this verse of the Quran

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you Latina Amano that Hello boo boo take home are you believe don't enter into the homes of those homes which you don't have permission to enter into to enter into the destiny so until permission is given to you you ask for permission what to suddenly more than highroller the unlock code that is better for you If only you could remember and pay heed towards this failed MTG to fear I hadn't found out that we find no one is inside it and don't enter those homes until permission is granted or given to you. Were in the local market roofer who asked him if he's told you to go back and to return back then returned back that is better for you will law be my Dharma

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Luna alene and need Allah Subhana Allah is all knowing about whatever you carry out. Lisa alikum Jenna hunted Hello boo Tina, hi Rama schooner and there's no harm upon you to enter into home, which by you find via metallicum whereby it's empty and you have permission to enter into the home into those homes or the provision for you inside those homes. While low Yamamoto badulla oma tuxedomoon Indeed, Allah knows that which you conceal and that which you reveal, and that's based upon his Hadith, that today's Hadith is speaking about entering into homes or looking into people's homes, that we find out what is in the English language of pee, peeing or praying or looking into people's

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home without permission that we find obviously, for some of us, it may sound trivial, but these are etiquettes, which are laid out inside Islam. to such a degree we find such a harsh warning for a person who does not control their gaze, in a headache that you find and sadness. And I'm sorry, who narrates under Rajan, Atala min Julian min babbie rasulillah. He saw a lot of some that this certain individual came, and he began and he began to peep and look into the room of the house of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were Moroso delay midrin euro julu be here at Soho, and he had to comb an ornament and he was combing he was wiping or combing his hair with it for color Rasulullah he

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Solorzano Nakata, Andrew to um to be ironic. He said if I knew that he was watching me, I would have poked you directly into your eye with this utensil I'm using in the merger out alone even merged in busser. And did you find that permission has been given for that main reason? Because the eye could glance upon that which is forbidden to look into a person's home and Hadith. Mustafa cuando la is narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim now the Hadith emotion that we find is narrated by Abu hurayrah radi Allahu anhu. And in Abbe salado, Santa Monica Rafi Beatty, Coleman provided a name for could handle a home and you have a new home, whoever looks into a person's home without their permission,

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then it is it is perfectly permissible Helen, for to poke out that person's eye to gorge that person's eye out is something which is allowed inside the shutter inside the hadith of Sahih Muslim that we find simple, basic teachings that we find which were breached in and even being breached today, that people don't know these etiquettes or they forget these etiquette, as you mentioned, the climate around them, allows them to carry out to do these actions. It does if you study the Quran in great detail. You find a large portion of Quran is a dub is a clerk is about characteristics and behavior in Hadith by Malik that we

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Find a meme in Namibia to mimic mercury o'clock. I've been sent for a sole purpose, to perfect noble characteristics and behavior. That's mainly the realm of Hadith. They mentioned as if the most important thing, or one of the most important things that the Prophet, Allah Islam came with was o'clock was characteristics and behavior to instill that amongst these people. And if you look at sort of tober you find when other mentions about the bedrooms, about their practice, about how the type of people that they were, and how Allah, Allah unified them, how Allah purified them, made them to become a great nation. That's just somebody told me I mentioned in afternoon as the most best the

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people will be the Arabs either fucky who if they understand the deen of Allah Subhana Allah they will traverse with it traveled through the lands which has been visualized. And at the same time you mentioned if they begin to dismantle the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, then they become melda for a bit of gentleness, the most wicked of people who derailed go away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah so the Prophet alayhi wa sallam he taught his companions around him. We find inside the Quran, just Mombasa we mentioned may think that these ethics are trivial but the Quran doesn't find anything trivial trivial, while a cell biru and turtle Buta min min Bihari Ha. is not piety to enter

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the home from from the rear end while Akina gira piety is whoever enters the homes from the correct location from the front location. What do you mean Abu Dhabi her even his context is speak about hygiene ombre, how to get ready for hygiene aroma, but many the aroma of Logan Khurana mentioned that the practice of the people at that time was to enter people's home from the array of the homes that you have been in many Muslim countries have a front area in every area so that people just enter from the back in today's time enter from a person's guard and come into the home. So Allah panda rebukes them but this is not piety to enter from the rear of the homes piety is Willa kindled

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Mira, Manitoba we will ever face a lot of contact what tolbutamide Abbey has entered the homes via the correct locations from the front of the homes, these etiquettes as we said that may sound something far away for us, but these are etiquettes these people had these bad etiquettes they had to be refined. And thus if you look at su 249 chapter 18 verses is nothing but adab etiquette of teaching the Muslim adage Allah subhanaw taala Mara Zhu Li Salatu Salam etickets how we behave towards Allah Subhana Allah beleif towards Allah Subhana Allah towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam between Muslims amongst ourselves. Don't scoff Don't look down. Don't ridicule. Don't cheat.

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Don't lie. Don't back by Don't be suspicious. Don't think you're better than other individual. Don't be proud, or we're proud of your faith thing that you submitted all these adamant etickets in just 18 verses that we find a short surah teaches as many earlier mentioned, if we as a Muslim society, uphold the surah if we could just implement su 200 inside our lives, we've implemented an Islamic Society. That's what will be done. If we truly deeply believe inside the Quran, the impact of Quran and take these teachings or the surah it would have a profound effect effect inside our lives. And that's the Quran itself remaining. So tillbaka at mentions you Latina Amano tolu faasil Mika fatten

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Walla w koto wa t shape what are you believe, enter into some totally. That's what we need to understand. Islam isn't a religion. It's not just a religion like other religions. It is a way of life. It is a way of life from the from the minute you wake up in the morning till the end and you sleep until you die. That's the difference between a religion and a way of life. Because religion is only aspects of your life, that Mandalay Melilla Melilla malikai silica as they say, give that which belongs to Allah to Allah that which belongs to Caesar to Caesar, that when you're in the masjid, or when you're in the church, then you become one who Faiz God. But when you come to society, then you

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give society that you write, you obey the society around you that you need to please both worlds as they say, but that's not what Islam is. Islam is trying your best foot takala must apart from wherever you are, that you're trying to fit Allah subhanaw taala inside your private life, your daily life, your work life, everything that you do, is engaged towards that. If not we become the society around us. that religion is only on a Sunday. Religion for them has even become far beyond that. It's become a sport, it's become an activity. They have a religious nature for certain things that they do. They worship, sports, they worship these things is so ingrained within their life.

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That's a form of rebellion. That's not a bother for a believer, a better for a believer is vast. Is everything about their life becomes a better biLlahi subhanho wa Taala that's defined Islam came to discipline and left no stone unturned. So when some of the a Jewish man came to to mock Islam to ridicule Islam, when you say to sell man and fair to say that maybe your prophet even taught you how to to urinate had to go to the toilet was still malphurs he was taken aback. Was he upset? Was he like some of us Muslims?

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To feel shy about our faith that you don't display our faith in even some of us to pray in public, we need to pray the time has come, we've got no choice that we shy away from it. Or even if our friends come and we say to our friends say to our parents, Look, don't display yourself so islamically in front of my friends, but don't make your stomach comments. This is what we've become inside a society. This is influencing society around us. But Solomon Pharisees said, No. He said, My Prophet taught me everything. He taught us that when we when we urinate, we defecate that we should squat down. We shouldn't face the Qibla we shouldn't use our right hand we should use stones,

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pebbles, water to cleanse ourselves, conceal ourself. So the Jewish man he mentioned it as a joke, trying to ridicule him time trying to make him look down. But he said man fantasy was was proud that these are the etiquettes that Islam has taught me and that we find it these etiquettes that we find is all there. A person came about Musashi came and knocked on the door of a pub, knock three times and he walked away

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I'm gonna cop came out enraged that How dare you knock on my door and just walk away in this manner? Why did you wait for me? He said, I heard the Prophet alayhi salatu salam say that knock on a person's door three times. If you hear no response and leave it No, not what these people said. It may be there's still somebody inside the home you can have voice you can see the light. Look through the letterbox. So make them come out the house is a person's privacy they may be in an engagement of wrestling or whatever it may be, and not in the best of moods or best of health. So Omaha pub said, you need to give me some beginner you to give me some evidence that this is something from the

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So I'm a moose and actually he went back and he saw some of the companions sitting and that there are some of the Hadees or narration mentioned that he painted in his face. Because he knew the sternness of America. So they asked he asked, Does anybody know this narration of knocking on peoples door three times. I will say that Cody said I can witness to this narration so they both went back and hit run and I've had these uses as a principle to to narrations to people in Hades authenticates the Hadith. And in Raisa Indeed, we heard this from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Omen copses is not that I question you YouTube, but I want to authenticate.

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That's what Islam isn't culture is what we can learn from is Islam. Is it a cultural practices, Islam is authentic muscles of the Quran and the Sunnah. That's what it is. Culture is something which is good. But if it clashes with one's Islam, then it's put to the side and whatever culture which is doesn't clash with Islam as foreigners. Or if we shut up the nature of the people common practice the people around us their language, Atticus their food isn't heard phenolic no harm in that. But if it begins to traverse and go over entity Islam then a person needs to draw a fine line regarding that. And as we need to read works of double mo for the moment Bukhari that's what many

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these narrations are just like he had a collection Sahil Bukhari, a collection at the forefront. Obviously, somebody I had these need to be checked, etc. But in general that we find is acceptable, whereby he narrates a hadith about etiquettes. About behavior. Just like we mentioned many times Rio de Sala hain of Eman, Noah, we, every single Muslim should read this book. Because of the certain books that I had netilat Bukhari and Muslim they are, they are deep textured books of fiction and interpretation, the average person may not be able to understand and relate to them. But such books like audible muffin, and Rio de Sala, when an average Muslim can read pick up these books, and read

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through them. Look at the etiquettes of life of behavior and practices of the prophet Elijah, some inside our daily life that we find Abu huraira he narrates if a man looks into your house, and you take some pebbles, and you go down his eye, you throw these pebbles into his eye, there is no foot on your part, never had these mambukal units inside other movement that a man was peeping into the room of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he aimed an arrowhead at him and a man withdrew his head. So the professor was sitting there was reclining. We know that the rooms of the Prophet SM wasn't just the rooms or houses that we have today. Some lavish houses that we find, read the Hadith. If

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the prophet Elijah stood to pray, and he had to go down into such that that Ayesha or the Alton Anna would have to bring her legs close to her. So there's enough space for the prophet Elijah to perform such that the someone who had this is the a room. This is the room of the prophet Elijah to Salah that for him to prostrate, she had to bring her legs close to herself to a chest, kneel and crouch herself so he could solos and perform the center. This gives us depiction that we just when he left this world, what did he leave behind a small bowl, a small utensil that's already left behind, would pray on it. And I read Matt, the most simple of people in his life, the most simple of people that

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man can never ever imagine. But he's simplicity. He's etiquette he's life makes him the most respectable individual on the face of this earth. What a foreigner like a vichara we've raised how your remembrance and that's when many times companions a car if you take something of this dunya he said man he only dunya What is my concern and his dunya in the metallic camouflage?

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Right hit or miss the most awful outcome are called Alexa my parrot is like a traveler who's traveling this in this world on a journey. And for short while he rents that restaurant in the country to take a break and continue his journey that's what he's doing. You're welcome Phil de matar on this word is only for Mr. Curran only this word for short time, for short time, but upon this earth whatever that short time may be may seem like a longer a short time. So person refines themselves. Because people are remembered via the authenticity people are remembered by their good deeds, why they could actually going to good etiquette that we find that when other numerous

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handyman Bacardi narrates that admirable move for about ethical behavior entering into appearance, as the Quran says so to do that mentioned a certain times the person should not enter into the parents homes inside their rooms, at the time of before the hero time of the cooloola the siesta now that we find the time of an early pneumonia time at the night, that you seek permission. And likewise, in brothers and sisters that we find in a hadith is quite explicit. We have a person who wants to just enter into into his sister's room or into his brother, room, brother's room, what does it mention you want to take permission not an enter? Does a person want to see a family member in a

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state of *, those are literally the words that it mentions, the person will feel ashamed. But these are these are etiquettes that tell us how we should enter and behave towards one another one another, to make us a wholesome and a good society obeying Allah subhanaw taala Anna, and as we mentioned, it's not something trivial. Like if this was brought to a mathema to a judge, whereby a person has been peeping or prying into a person's home, then the judge will will give the ruling the person should be punished accordingly, because they've breached the privacy of an individual. And that's an environment that we lived in many times that we live in, in dwellings in homes and flats

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and states environment that we live in, or we can see people's gardens etc. person should be vigilant, vigilant, not regarded and vigilant regarding fearing Allah subhanho wa Taala. As we mentioned, or encourage ourselves to live to Islam to the best of our ability, we find such basic ahaadeeth basically, we can use linguistically, but the meaning is deep, is profound that many of us we don't seem to understand or implement these ahaadeeth when Hearst needs them and Marie kumala. Yani from the best things of a person's Islam or the perfection of Islam and the goodness of Islam, Easter kumala Jani to leave that wishes and concern that individual had these incidents of Imam Cady

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lock was collected in Malmo inside his 42 a hadith. Once again, read the explanation. Remember, we spoke to the German aromaticum of irritable Hambali, especially those ahadees we speak of these basic etiquettes of too scared to no fool superiority to see how am I explained about how a person needs to conduct themselves and how they need to live their life. And as we find Islam as we began with is there to make us better individuals in the law. You have Butoh Wahby we have boo tapa hearin. Allah loves those people make Toba and those who purify themselves, purifying ourselves to scare the new force that we find isn't just it internally, it's externally as well, that internally

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we purify our hearts. Externally, we purify our actions, it makes a complete individual, and that's the prophet Elijah, some amongst us if I'd given him will use a key him. He purifies them, all these bad and evil traits that we've touched upon the Prophet Elijah, he came to refine people to take them away from these bad traits and lead them to the good traits. Likewise, a person should pray alone Murthy nuptse taqwa was the key one the hieromonk zakhar Allah give me give my soul my conscious. Give me enough purifier. And the best one that can purified is you yeah Allah to guide me towards that, which is purifying me Make me good individuals and so to chumps, we find some 10 or 11

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off that Allah undertakes by the sun, the moon, the day, the night etc, called of lemon zacher wakad habermann de ser sir, after these 1011 there's no place inside the Quran, that consecutively consecutively, Allah Subhana, Allah takes an oath often, often often often off, and I mentioned called flemons that

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successful is the one that purifies it purifies what purifies the soul, purifies the added, purified the etickets rockethub Amanda, sir. And wretched is the one who pays no attention, no attention to the soul, no attention to what enters into the soul No, no attention towards purifying himself and dust we find that in this month of Ramadan, that and hamdulillah many of us, if not all of us, we've controlled our stomachs. We've controlled our desires we know that the soul is to stay away from food and drink and and matrimonial relationship during this month of Ramadan manifests. We do that there's no doubt. But what is the impact of all of this, just staying away from carnal desires. It

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may raise it as a spiritually but we need to refine ourselves even more. That when we come out this month of Ramadan, that

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faculties and actions have become totally different in devotion towards Allah subhanaw taala just like we controlled and our limbs from food and drink, we do control our tongues, we control our sight, we control our words, our speech, our hearing all this is all about mentioned. This is similar to see

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the fruits of force in these are what the fruits of fasting are there after Ramadan. The impact of Ramadan has changed you has made you a better individual, not just you stayed away from food and drink. And then you go back to eating and drinking once again which is normal, but the inner meaning lalla taco that you gain spirituality, and especially now in this period of lockdown and an absence from people. We should be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah we can question so we can evaluate ourself. We can judge ourselves, we can study ourselves, ask ourselves read through the Quran. When the Quran says on the Day of Judgment.

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The person will say man, you had a PETA la yoga guru sorry Ratan wala Kabira an elder I saw was a matter with this book was a matter with my record. Not a small thing of big thing except for is documented it and brings it for for the day judgment festival Saturday, judgment will be set to the person on the day judgment. cafe happiness equal yoma Anika ha Seba echo rockethub

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once again suited israa the pages of Adam etickets inside that we find Allah mentioned a karate topic read your own book. read your book yourself. Sufficient suffice it says that you stand as a testimony as a witness upon your own self managed together for a number Yeah, that enough. See, woman the left in the middle of Allah. Allah was era to Israel. Whoever is guided is guided for his own benefit, were misguided, misguided seize upon himself. And no person carries a sin or a burden of another individual. May Allah Subhana Allah in these final moments that Ramadan that we find, we go back and we evaluate ourselves when we pray, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our fasting to

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accept our pray to accept our devotion, except as God advocate until our Khurana sujood accepted and give us the trophy and ability to live that this becomes an evidence for us to live for the rest of the year. And if allowed, destined for us to come to the next Ramadan. Because nobody knows who could ever imagine. None of us could ever imagine. That last Ramadan this would be this Ramadan Nanos can ever imagine, we could have imagined that we would die. We could imagine that it could be some sickness or some hardship that could come upon us individually or family member, we could we could imagine that. But none of us ever imagined that the world would come to a standstill. None of

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us would ever imagine that the masajid would stop that there'll be no tra we there'd be no drama, there'll be no gathering none of us ever imagined that we imagined it may be in our own self of my new understanding. But this could be a great a big wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah of giving us the opportunity to purify ourselves that when this when this lockdown is is released, or more importantly than that, that is viruses take you as uplifted from us, that we return back in a stronger faith and a stronger devotion to the houses of Allah Subhana Allah and a stronger devotion and commitment to Allah subhanaw taala

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