Surah An-Najm – A Ramadan Series

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the surprising and fascinating experience they experienced while studying the Quran. They mention a book called " relentless" that they are sharing and a YouTube channel called "the Bayona" that they are watching. The speaker also mentions a teacher who believes there is a secret between Allah and the universe, but they do not know the secret.
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So we're entering now into this world of sorta najem so it NetSim for me it was very special. Amazing. Oh my god, it's just mind blowing. It was fascinating. It gave me a three dimensional view of Quran. Like I have never read Quran before I was in awe of appreciation of the word of Allah subhanaw taala it made me think a lot and it was amazing when Nigerian either

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male baldness if you will come why man

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why man young people whining haha in Hawaii

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you have Nemo who share the

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the woman writing for Stella. Join star Norman as he takes you on a journey throughout this powerful sorter.

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The this Ramadan, we are sharing exclusive by Unity V content from a deeper look of surah and mention on our YouTube channel.

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You guys with me so far. Now we get to the juicy part.

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Our free downloadable workbook will help you reflect on the key themes of the surah. As you study the beginning the intro service and measurement, it's talking about stars, we dove so deep into like stars and the past the universe, the stars and the planets, the constellation of the stars. It this is one of the most incredible depictions in brief language, have so many celestial phenomenon, so many things in the sky that are happening, all captured in just one Najmi either. However, when the prophesy salaam looked at the mode tree, and also to learn that there are secrets between him and Allah that no one else knows that was also an amazing thing to learn. Quran is saying something

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covered it. So did Allah want to tell us what he saw?

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No, Allah wanted to tell us there's a secret between Allah and His Prophet. As someone who hadn't touched the Quran for some time, it was definitely like a push forward to start like, studying on my own watch more actively. And it's the fact that there's so much imagery in the Quran, but Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam sees the treat a destiny and sees all of Jana around it in a distance, like it's just a house or just a little yard. Man, what is this? What is this place where all of existence is puny?

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He's close to the ashram and why isn't he subscribed now to the Bayona YouTube channel. To catch this series, and more great content has been released this Ramadan