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We stopped on the importance of knowledge or trying to avoid to not practice what we preach and exert efforts with the knowledge that we gained when it happened to be small elements of knowledge or great amounts, great abundance of knowledge. The key ingredient being a person tries to implement that knowledge. And as we mentioned that last Pandora used harsh words, or yet inside the Quran, whereby he highlights a penalty either you're Latina, Lima, taco Luna mellitus alone, why do you say that which you don't do? capital maakten and delay and de kolomela de Lune grave it is in front of Allah Subhana Allah, you say that which you don't do. Likewise, inside so to Juma last panda

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describes that beneath or below you Who are the people who don't implement their knowledge as being like a hammer, as being like donkeys just carrying books on their back, is a similar tude of knowledge can be gained, it's just like books. But if that knowledge is not implemented, you may as well be like a donkey as they say that that knowledge has no impact upon you. So as Muslims, we exert our efforts to try to implement whatever we know to the best of our ability and that is a key element is an Easter pa is trying your best to say Allah subhana wa tada as we find inside the Quran for Taka la Mr tapetum, Fer Allah Subhana Allah as much as you can, wherever you know, try to do

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that inside your life, whatever you know, you have to abstain from abstain from it. And that's we find that as they say that sometimes too much knowledge is dangerous as well, as some people tried to make that we tried to reinterpret eight basic texts of the Quran and the Sunnah, tried to give him a modernistic approach, or try to give them an understanding in the modern world, that those texts in those phrases of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they don't mean that anymore. Today, it has a different connotation, we live in a different world in a different climate. And this is dangerous as well that we find that this this, this concept of a new modern understanding of the

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source of the text of the Quran and the Sunnah, not to say at times that it is allowed. But this has become a common theme amongst certain individuals. And also we find another problem that we face inside our society is the cultural aspect around us. And the luggage around us, the environment around us begins to maybe even subliminally begin to create inside our mind that maybe this Hadith, this idea of the Quran, is not so applicable if we look at the world around us, or the environment that I live in, or the cultural practices that we have inside our family and inside the people around us. Or even we can find even living inside this environment, there are certain cultural

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practices, practices, or luggage I can implement or begin to change a mindset, which is dangerous at times. Because if people are doing a certain practice, that doesn't mean it becomes something which is held, or something which becomes permissible, because the people are doing it. Because law of Allah subhanaw taala isn't based upon people are what people like, what people's interests are, or what their desires how they change from one year to another year. It's based upon cavani laws and regulations which are placed it for the budget for the human being, to benefit the human being. And some of us we see some of these ahadith is trivial,

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which is quite sad to find that we find the words of the prophet Elijah that seem to be trivial to be small, we shouldn't really pay such attention to such a hadith inside our life, we have a greater cause are more important things that we need to develop inside our life. And rather, even some of them say that these bodies are remote. They're not relevant in today's time. But as we see that many of the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, even more applicable, and even more relevant, or even more dangerous today, that if we carry out those practices compared to what existed before, inside the sixth century, the Hadeeth today that we find an injury or evening of delay on ultra

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Rasulullah he sallallahu Sallam and natural Fuji a tea. So companion, he writes, I asked the prophet Elijah Islam about a southern glance, that my eyes may fall upon something for a Moroni and us refer bursary, he told me to glance away, to change my sight to look away. Change my vision had these insights of a Muslim another How do you define an Abbe Moosa and ashari are the L'Atalante who call color Rasulullah he Salalah somebody alien, the prophet alayhi wa sallam said to alley regulator and huya de la to be another after another Ah, Ali, don't follow one glance with another glance. So something comes in front of you, then that is maybe allowed but turn away don't follow it with a

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continuous glance or looking again, for in a nickel una casa laka an Astra you may have this first Southern glance that may come in front of you, but you have no right to continue to look or to have another glance ahaadeeth in sunan Abu Dawood, all of this is not true.

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Because this is all based upon the Quran, if you look at sudo, to node, the 24th chapter of the Quran, you find this surah the light of Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about nothing but etiquettes about hijab, about lowering the gaze about preserving one's chastity about people who bless FIM pure men and women, about good men and good women, about relationships, about covering your aura about entering your homes. These are all some of the aspects staying away from alpha Hush. These are some of the themes of sorta Nur that we find is a job that we find one can display the beauty to this is a surah that we need to go back and study. I remember it's not just for the women

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but for men as well. That's our last contact begins are mentioned in speaking firstly to the men before speaking to the women called mini Yahoo do men I'm sorry him say to the believing men to lower the gazes while you have to do for your home danika escala home in de la hubiera Bhima Yes, neurone. And that is better for their chastity and Indeed Allah Subhana Allah is fully aware of what they do. Then Allah undermentioned wakulla minute, then Allah addresses the women say to the believing women Yaga to diminish or hinder or further furuya hoonah to lower the gazes. And to God the chastity, what are you Dina Xena, tahuna illa Melba hora minha and only that that beauty, which

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may naturally become apparent in front of them. And some of the random as mentioned many times say that this refers to the hand of the woman or to the face of the woman. So these commandments go firstly to the to the man, and then they go to the woman to be vigilant about lowering their gaze, the Quran is speaking and saying lower your gaze. And there's a relationship between the grants as alumni have deduced between the grants and the private parts, that the glance is the channel that leads to building up shanwa of desires of the individual for them to carry out any evil practice. And as we find that to speak, and to look at the opposite gender, that some people find it common

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rumors, we began with a cultural society in this culture, in the western environment, it's a common theme that they encourage inside schools Inside Education, that when you speak to a person, especially speak to the opposite gender, you should look at them directly inside their face, you should address them directly. And as we began with, this is their culture. This is the practice. This is the the ethics around them. That's not the ethics of a Muslim, the ethics of the of the Muslim, that they don't look at the opposite gender, that which is non Muslim to them. They don't look at them directly inside their face. If they have to speak they have to address them. They

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turned a glance away. You can read many of the quotes of the setup, how they used to speak to people when they came in and knocked on the door. And when the wife came to the door, and then the husband was who's at the door. She said is your is your friend, Alka fief is your blind friend who's at the door because he will never look directly at whoever came at the door. So he described it as a blind person and maybe he's blind. His glance is always looking down. Somebody may sound strange to us. It may sound abstract may sound far away. But this was the practice of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and they face challenges as well like we face the challenge we face even more viral.

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They had they had a natural desire natural feeling. The Quran mentions a unit unit in St. Lucia Amina Nisa, what is the Quran begin by highlighting the first thing that that human beings that they love is a desire towards women. So why is Allah Subhana Allah highlighting this and then mentions while burning, then children then well then property then land, then the tilde, then your animals your cattle?

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Because Allah Subhana Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah p for Kabir, there's no Allah standard nobody has created. He's the most subtle, the most aware and for daily been abuzz. Had it inside Buhari the brother of Abdullah bin Arbus Abdullah bin bass. he narrates this hadith that when we were traveling, my brother was traveling for Hajj,

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Canada de rasulillah assalamu sitting behind the Prophet, Allah should have some on a writing piece and a woman came from a certain tribe to ask a question, a young woman, she came to ask a question about the performance of Hajj.

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Father was looking towards her

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and she was looking towards him.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam pushed his face away, turn his face away. Some of the realm of Hadith. They mentioned that imagine this is a journey for Hajj.

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Letter, a Xena Lin Mara, no beauty is going to be displayed on a woman was traveling for Hajj, they're not going to be in a state of beauty traveling for Hajj. So this is macom of Hajj, a station of Hajj. Yet Look how the Prophet Allah is led to some seeds that he's looking at her that could lead towards something which is ending

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feeling inside is hard and she's looking exactly the same towards him. So he turned away his face. Another headset mentions he pushed him so hard he said that oh my uncle Why are you pushing me so hard that you're hurting my neck that you push me away so much it's such a degree, how the fellow Nabhi symbolism pushing away that he doesn't carry on looking at this woman that may begin to enter into him. As I said that the grace the glory is the prelude is the beginning is the door to pursue other things. That's against that sort of neurological dimension. Yeah, you Latina ermanno let the tiberiu kotova to shape on don't follow the footsteps of the devil.

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Allah doesn't say straightaway follows shape on

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who to where to shape on the steps. The small steps that lead eventually to eventually that leader person to carry out doing something haram or maybe a bit haughty shape on whoever follows the footsteps are devil for in no Yamato bill fascia will Moncure hence isotoner Allah mentioned Firstly, they all do with fracture.

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Why is the most apparent thing with fascia and then monka evil is greater than fascia, but to highlight that Alfa whitish at this moment, in this context, it leads an individual towards that person should abstain it to stay away from the gland. So stay away from looking from a strange woman. As we mentioned, as many stories that have been documented it will Josie speaks about the famous more than that his eyes fall upon a glance if a woman maratona serrania a Christian woman, then he gets down from the member and he goes in try it wants to marry her father says that it's not going to be possible for you to marry until you don't you don't become a Christian.

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But for he becomes a Christian enter the state of Christianity and a father plays a great big sleep over his neck. And in the night, he thinks he's going to be married to this woman. He goes on top of the top of the roof. And he slips and he falls and he dies. Martin Iranian Catherine died is as a Christian. A majority narrates this inside inside his work speaking about the the impact of the Glaus maybe this could be just a story could be just a story, but it's something that we should be vigilant about. It is the poisoned arrow of the devil in a hadith which is weak which is buried, but many of us still have this hadith to show the danger of the glance another to salmon, Sam, at least

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Miss muma. That gloss is amongst the poison arrows of the devil. It's not just an arrow of the devil is a poison arrow that when it hits the target, it hits the heart it hits the mind. It has a great it begins to poison the heart as they say that love blinds, leaves the individual so many things samanta mean hopefully a thorough law associate Eamon jegede Hello to goofy man he person leaves it for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah places rewards recompense to the individual with sweetness of Eman inside his heart. As you mentioned this had these days but there's many other Hadith that I've collected that when a person does lower their gaze, Allah places hello to immense

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sweetness of Eman inside the heart of the individual. We find inside the Koran to show the proof of a person who controls the lust and the desires were a member and half of Nakamura be 100 nafsa and in our for intergender. He and

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whoever fears his Lord and prevents the soul 100 nafsa Angela prevents the soul from lusts and desires arousing temptations for in the agenda. He and Matt work for that individual the reward will be nothing less per paradise. So that which is pure and authentic inside the Hadith in Sahih Muslim that we find Bukhari that we find as well, whereby the Prophet Allah is mentioned in the Nakata Bartleby, Adam has the human Xena. Indeed Allah is written down upon the son of Adam his fair share of Xena Archie cave. How is that going to be possible that for every single son of Adam, his fair share of Xena has been written down, we find a fuzziness in the sin of the rain is another the Zener

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of the iron is to grow into that which is haram.

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The Zener of the tongue is a month that is to speak something which is haram haram which is forbidden

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was in an alien is a patch Xin of the hands to touch something which is forbidden

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was in original machine and Haram, the Zener of the legs to walk towards anything which is haram. Then other Hadith mentioned the fornication of the ears to listen to something which is haram and then the private parts to sub dico to katiba. Who the private parts affirm all of that are they rejected? mean the person is aroused and follows all of that. Then they're going to lead into Zina. They're going to fall into heroin. And that's the Quran I mentioned. What are Takara bozena in nokian aphasia and Sevilla currencies What are Taka boo? Quran doesn't say well, a deaf

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person doesn't say to us don't commit Zina or

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says what are the caribou in a solid, thick, subdued, subdued Ria. Closing any doors, anything that leads to heroin, as far as the Sharia is concerned, is closed, is closed. As we began with people may come with their own cultural understanding and their own understandings that there's nothing wrong with certain practice certain things that we do that Sherry looks at the end result. Even if one person suffers, one person does Haram, then everything is haram. The Sharia doesn't say that, Oh, just because a few people may do something, a few people can control their desires, let us overlook the rules and regulations.

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That's not what the Sharia says. There Sherry looks at a holistic approach, that if even if one person enters into Haram, then that's enough to close the doors. And that's going back to suit a new look at the beginning. So to know, what is the punishment for people who commit adultery, the punishment Allah Subhana Allah has laid down upon these individuals. And as we find going back to Hades, the sudden glance

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that Fujairah attend something suddenly comes in front of your face. No, we could person could be shopping in the mall, doing certain things, somebody comes in the door. Some people exchange a few words it can happen. We're realistic in the world that we live in, that can happen to any individual. So the person diverts they, they they glance, what is forbidden to continue that glance, to follow it another glance, well, they said, there's no right for you to have another glance to that which is forbidden. And then we find what is known as the modern glance,

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the ruling is the same people who say like tailfeathers, shush, Shasha, and our computer, under computer on the TV or the phone or whatever it may be, that's not really looking at the opposite gender. Who says that? That's once again the modernistic approach that we find that people have their own interpretation.

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The Hadith the Quran is clay, say to the believing men, who do observe them to lower the cases.

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And to lower the hair Do you find the word the kalama, even in Arabic language means physically, just to know yourself, as you find inside inside sort of general in the levena, Yahoo do a SWOT on those who lower the voices.

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The currencies that don't raise your voice in front of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so Lower your voice, bring it down. Likewise, bring your eyesight down, drifted away, turn it away. So a person needs to be vigilant. Obviously, we know it's a modern world people need access to to the media, whatever it may be, but person Muslim should be vigilant and Muslim shouldn't be carefree. Even even in the in the in the world of channels of media that we find even the news. What do you find, even amongst the Muslim channels that you find,

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and Kashi that you find not dressed appropriately? no job, no veiled appropriately, excessive beauty, just the news. But why all of this for what for what reason? To place a sick day for people or to make it as something something acceptable? The Prophet Allah is some mentioned for taco, taco Nyssa. Fear the dunya and for women, because the first fitna that struck Bani Israel cannot fit Nisa this first fit that led that hit them or led them to drift away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah was the fitna of women. So TV presenters that we find news broadcasters that we find a person should be vigilant about this.

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Even a companion posed that question they asked

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that profit item here come while you Lucy takato upon you to sit in the streets, they say but we have no choice.

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Just like in today's today's world people may live in in flats or in a state and environment whereby they don't have a God who don't have an environment where realistic.

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Prior to this the Prophet Allah says it was realistic. And he said to these companions that if you have to sit in the streets,

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then you have to do what is give Kakutani give the rights of the street and you mentioned for example buzzer to low ones get excited, careful other to remove something we just have, which is harmful, or Abu salam to return the Salah. Well, hon maroof, the fourth and when he added Mancha, these are five things he mentioned. So this hadith is a scholar and initiative. Sahih Bukhari explained his Hadith, he brings 14 tacos

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and he places them in lines of poetry. That is a perfect service edited, these are the 14 rights if a person says sits in the street. But what concerns us is for a woman for call rasulillah slum buzzer if you have to enter the street, you have to sit in the street you have to engage in the streets. Then what Buddha said the first thing that you need to do is lower your gaze. We find this concept of being vigilant that a lot of this goes back to people who have the power people have the authority of people inside control of some of these things that need to be vigilant regarding this as we return back to so to know that we find that some of them may do it intentionally, sometimes

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unintentionally. If they unintentionally doing it and May Allah guide them to that which is correct and intentionally they should be warned

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of such punishments that we find in the Latina your hip, bone and tissue and fascia to fill Edina Manu la Motta element with Daniel

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brown once again so two new dimensions in the legend a boon, those who love those who love to spread Fantasia voice a morality, sexual promiscuity, lewdness, wickedness, misconduct, bad behavior in such society no matter what element fifth dunya will occur for them will be a severe punishment inside this dunya and again inside that era. So, Quran is telling us that a person shouldn't become a person who encourages lewdness, wickedness, immorality, Koran is telling us that maybe a person may fall into sin themselves that's between that person and Allah Subhana Allah, but don't become one who creates environments of Muhammad of haram things for people to enter into Haram. And as we

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mentioned, that these is

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not just for the men folk but for the women folk as well. A person should understand the context and language of the Quran. Whenever the Quran speaks about Yeah, you Latina Manu, and katabi Jimmy in US

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lindesay region for men and women. When the Quran wants to be specific, it will speak about Indian Muslim in our Muslim meaning Mina Mina, it will address the Muslim men, Muslim women believing men believing women, it will say man I'm in a solid and whoever it is good deeds, and they are believing in individual whether they're male or female Quran will address them specifically. And this is the seeds to give them more privilege, more rent, more dignity, more honor. But whenever the Quran speaks, generally is for everyone. That we all need to be observant of these rules and regulations. And as they say that it is a two way traffic. That a glance isn't just from the man as we prove

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we've proven is from the woman as well. There is a concept of acceptance that a woman returns the grants and that's very strange is inside the Quran. If you concentrate upon the Quran, when Allah mentioned what Sarika was sorry. When Allah speaks about the person who's the thief, Allah mentions the main thief and then the female thief. Because a female thief would be rare, common practice would be it'd be the male thief. But inside so to neuron Allah mentioned speaks about Xena. Allah mentioned azania to was Danny

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to cut them. And Nora, Allah kind of mentioned azania to the adulterous woman was Danny then the adulterous man limiter because this is the concept of COBOL of acceptance. He or she she accepted, she's happy she's content there was no there was no force. She was happy content with the with the with the with the fail with the response. So she equally blameworthy as demand.

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Both of them are blameworthy is as far as the as the Quran is concerned that a person should be vigilant about this for women folk. We should go back to suta note as we find a group Navajo Marina Allah do you begin? Go back and study this area? Tell them to take this Mr. Take they will take the outer garments over the body parts.

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And obviously the position among being in court but does it allow us to become more expressive and detailed? Let's read that the fear of a limit deficit how they explain what it means Allah do you begin? What it refers to? quite clearly how they should cover themselves in such society. While Are you Dina Xena tahuna illa malba hora Mina, and only that which becomes naturally apparent, accidentally may become apparent for them, is allowed for them and not to expose the beauty in the liberal Latina except for to their household members. And then the list goes down, explaining who the household members are that the beauty is for whom, for their husbands, for his sons, for the

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brothers, for the uncles, for his nephews, the list is then as the name isn't for the world for the people as what people is modern concept, that time and time we have to highlight to people as we began with a cultural understanding this is the bathroom or this is the dress of the woman living in the modern world in the 21st century. This is not the job of the Quran and the Sunnah unfortunately, and as inside his month of Ramadan we should all reflect upon us of the IRA continues and it mentions what to Elijah Me and Me noon Allah Allah come to Flareon repent back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah come to flee Hoon, that you may become successful individuals that we should do inside

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this this month of Ramadan reflect make Toba either laser panatela wherever they succeed. We're here on about the non toxic deficiency apparent or hidden. We're all human beings. We're not here to have a go at people or to tell off people or to ridicule people or to put people in Jannah put people's agenda that's not our task and our role. Our role is to encourage everyone to to move will allow all of us to repent back to Allah subhanaw taala or to Buddha like me and you help me know Nanda to flare on that

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All of us repent back to last panda that we become successful individuals that we find that Toby Stanford is one of the key ingredients of removing removing calamities and hardships. That when people become full of repentance and remorse, and returning back to Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah give us all the trophies and ability to repent and make Toba and return back to Allah Subhana Allah