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After praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we find that in the previous hotel that we find or in general, many times we quote, what can be mentioned linguistically basic Hadith, but some of us don't seem to implement these teachings. The last Hadith that we mentioned we touched upon when Hosni Islam and Marie Turku mela Yani, the good perfection of one's Islam is to leave something which doesn't concern the individual. And today's Hadith is no exception is another basic Hadith that we find this Hadeeth number nine, minimum no worries collection of 40 ahaadeeth or 42, a

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And before we enter this into this Hadith, it shows me the importance that certain things that certain people they write, and they do that Allah Subhana Allah writes obul for them, writes baroka inside the works and inside the actions that they do that it lasts for a longer time. And as you find the works of Magnolia many times we mentioned the effects of this have lasted centuries on the people who stay such as small resellers, such a small book of just 40 to a Hadith, the impact is so fast. And as you find that image radziwill Hambali wrote two volumes, or even printed one one, you'll find hundreds of pages, literally 100 page explaining these 240 to 100. And some of them are

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just two or three words, or just a single line showing the importance. And as a person shouldn't think that they've read knowledge and think that's it. Because some of these are heirlooms, some of these sciences have a big impact on the therapy of the person a person needs to throughout their life, go back and refer to these works. And likewise find kubla della Kamiya to tauheed that some people think just by reading a few books of tawheed, they've understood tawheed, the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. This may be might be partially true, you've understood though he'd

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Samarra to tauheed as for the fruits of tawheed, the impact of towhead those fruits that you find when only common a person continues to read, works of tawheed in the explanation to have a deeper focus and commitment. And before both of these books are these explanations that we find comes a book of Allah Subhana Allah, as many earlier mentioned that the ultimate book of tawheed is the Quran. The ultimate book of tarbiyah is the Quran. And that's a person's relationship with the book of Allah subhanaw taala should remain throughout the life. And as we find that the best traveler the best one who ends a journey is one who continues another journey. So the person who completes the

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Quran in his blessing month of Ramadan, they continue again. They don't close the book of Allah Subhana Allah that leave it for the following Ramadan another opportunity. That's the Quran when it begins it speaks about this guitar but la hora him Allah Allah moon, that a fro the book of Allah, Allah behind the back says if they don't know of is there's a deeper meaning about government rules and regulations. But a general meaning is there that some of us Muslims that as soon as Ramadan is over, then a book of Allah Subhana Allah is thrown behind our backs. In such sutra for corn that we find a messenger say Europe be in a committed Khurana Madura Nakamura Sula messenger say Oh my Lord,

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indeed my people have abandoned this book. That's a redo. mm No. explains, explains about Madurai the meaning of abandoning the Quran leaving the Quran 10 in Turku, curato of the dobro who live reading the Quran pondering over it, when Tom will bill Khurana to be called for an AMA hustle bustle he mentioned inside the cabin under Noah Cooper kuliah double t when he attended Al Bab. Quran is double reflection meaning and to top the called Quran to try to live the Quran and try to implement put on the words of Allah subhanaw taala that's in today's Hadees that we find men who hate to come and who fudge taboo or to compete for aluminium mustard. Whatever I tell you to stay

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away from stay away from it. Whatever I command you to do, do as much of it as you can see your capability for in local Edina publikum Casa tomaselli him LFO wakulla from Allah MBA him in the depth which destroyed the people that came before you with the excessive questioning and the different against the prophets. As you mentioned Hadith number nine in my mo we spoke to a headache inside the collection of Mr. Muslim that we find and as we find we don't seem to take heed. We don't seem to implement as we began with these basic simple teachings of the Quran of the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, all this hadith is actually a reflection of a verse inside the

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Quran. Inside sootel Hashem the 59th chapter, verse number seven we find when takamura Zulu woman, a man who Fanta who, whatever the messenger tells you to take

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Take it, whatever it tells you to stay away from stay away from it. And if we look deeper into this verse because some of us just stopped at this part of the verse last time that concludes what takelma in number shadow a part for Allah Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah is Severe in punishment. Because many of us unfortunately have this lenient and lenient approach towards Islam, that we will be swayed towards the mercy or the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah, what a shock fee There is no doubt about about that, at certain moments, a person goes towards the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah in the month of Ramadan in the mote in the hope the person has that. But throughout one's life, that

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a person Yes, Allah subhana wa disobeys Allah Subhana Allah, and then says For who will go for Rahim, Allah will pardon him Forgive me, oh, I don't have to implement so much of the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so the warning is there. What tequila in Nova Scotia did a pub fail Allah Subhana Allah that if you fall short, Allah Subhana Allah is at the same time shahidul cob is Severe in punishment as well. So to carry out the commandments, and avoid the prohibitions, the beginning of the Hadeeth Mad Men hate man hate to come and who, first any boo, whatever I tell you to stay away from, stay away from it. And as you find it relevant, I've mentioned that there's no

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leniency No, no choice and I can assure you how long something is haram, then you have to stay away from it. You can't enter some parts of her arm to do some elements of her arm or find some rocks or some excuse some leniency. The wording is fetch tenable who stay away from it. And that's a limit as soon as I've mentioned and each t neighbor a chatroom in a hurry. When the last panel uses the word vegetable stay away from it is far more severe than saying hurry Malaika This is something which is haram upon you. Meaning all expense at all costs you have to stay away from ever coming close to this action of falling into this action. So anything which is haram, person needs to stay away from

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it not come anywhere close towards that does you find a hadith which is derived it talking Muharram talkin about the nurse, even though Hadith is very but the Magna is, is dead.

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The Haram things, avoid the Haram things, talking about the nurse, you become the most pious of people, the good worship of Allah subhanaw taala. As we mentioned, Hadith is great, but the meaning is there, avoid the Haram things. This is the path to Allah Subhana Allah you find other authentic hadith, that the only way that a person comes close to Allah Subhana Allah is whatever Allah Subhana Allah has obligated to the individual. When a person fulfills that, then to do that Solon, then to do the Noah fill, and this brings a person more more closer to Allah Subhana Allah not to do the Noah fill

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at the expense of the foreign aid that we find in Salah to throw away that many people are overzealous about it. There's no doubt they should be overzealous. But there's that same zealousness, that same zeal that same passion isn't there for some people for the for it for the obligatory prayers. People rush home early, to get ready to get dressed, to perform himself to make sure to come to the machine to praise Allah to throw away to participate had the highest national feeder, that's good. But where's that same zeal and passion for the daily silhouette for a syllable Gemma and then muster with that same zeal and passion do we feel upset if if we're getting late for

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throwing some of us we get frustrated, we get worried. We may get angry with our family members, you're delaying me with that same feeling for the for our, for our obligatory prayers. Where's that same feeling for Salah Trisha was that same feeling for silicon fudger that that is a symbol of email. When a person has that frustration, that worry about coming for Salah every single day in the masjid that worry that's a symbol of a man. That's a symbol that the impact of Ramadan the impact of these networks and actions has increased that person to come closer and closer to Allah subhanahu wa ala one when we're about to compete, two minute Mr. Taco and whatever I command you to do, do as

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much of it as you can try your best foot. Mr taco fair, Allah Subhana Allah as much as you can. Try your best exert yourself. A Shara hoonah that the pestle human beings will fall short. We will see we will, we will fall short. We won't reach that full mark. But at least you're trying your lead in our manaka la haka Ducati, watamu tuna Illa. One to Muslim moon. Fear Allah Subhana Allah as much as you can, and do not die except for in a state of submission. The second part of the Hadith speaks about those people, as in today's language nitpicking.

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taking small things, unnecessary questioning, or unnecessary reasoning and justification about the teachings of Islam that we find. And as even inside some of the words of this hadith that we find, for in the Mahayana, condemning publikum De Tomaso Elohim that this hadith was to do with a person asking the prophet Elijah some about Hajj.

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A man came to the Prophet, Elijah, someone asked him, do should we perform Hajj Ghulam every single year? For socrata Rasool Allah salatu salam that he asked again, then he asked for a third time. And the Prophet said that if I said yes, then it become obligatory upon you. Meaning Allah allowed you to perform hajj, once in a lifetime will suffice. There is no need to ask this question Do I need to do every single year and then you find that the professor mentioned is part of the Hadith. For in America, Latina men publikum Casa tomasa alien was destroyed the people before you is the excessive questioning. Just like today, many Muslims would again, again, ask questions, think many things of

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Islam are crystal clear what we need to do. But people would ask intricate questions. Sometimes there may be a need for them. But sometimes these are just questions, which are just hypothetical questions. There's many the allameh they said, leave this hypothetical question that when we come to that scenario, then we'll deal with it. So let's move on to something that remember, they used to blame people for sobriety, people have opinion, excessive questioning, and opinions that they had that were outside the remit of the lives they were living in at a time, a relevant verse inside of Quran that we find, yeah, you let me know, let us alone Usher into delicata. So come inside sootel

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manifest 101 are you believe, don't ask questions, that if the answer is given to you, then this may begin to harm you or begin to trouble you. If you've read the suburban news, all of this is a man potpourri inside his tafsir he mentioned and price as the rate of a being a person that had eaten Bukhari even as mentioned and the Sahaba. The companions are only allowed in they only asked about 12 questions. They asked 12 questions. They weren't asking excessive questions again and again to the prophet Elijah to salon but they used to rejoice.

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Is that the original idea of Mr. Hara person came a Bedouin Arab came from the desert or came from outside you ask questions they would rejoice. Listen carefully, then navigate to increase in some knowledge what this person could be asking as for futile questioning the Quran and the Sunnah was crystal clear for them. So you find in this narration side Buhari that you find kana comb, yes. aluna rasulillah he saw some esterhazy and that's why this was to sit down so people used to come in and make a joke with a prophet Allah is not to sound like a cool orajel man Abby, person will come and say who's my father for a coup? De Luna potty. My Tamil has got lost Anan potty, where's my

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This is the type of question just trying to make a joke a mockery. About about Islam and make a mockery of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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And we might find small glimmers of this inside the Muslim society Unfortunately, they make Islam a mockery. They make jokes about Islam. They ridicule Islam, they question Islam.

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And the Quran is is very clear about this. That those individuals called a belay where it was solely to say we use making jokes about the prophet Elijah Allah and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam later

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confirmed by the manual, don't make no excuses. You've committed disbelief after email me. Tamia uses Ayah to say anybody who makes a joke about Islam for caffeine,

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or caffeine. He's a positive apostate left of all of Islam. For a person who makes that mistake. There is a continuous speaks at these individuals. They said that we were only passing time we only amusing yourself. That's what we were doing. We didn't really mean to intend to upset the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that we find was Stila for whom Allah ambia him. What else destroyed these people. They're going against their prophets. Just like today that we find the clearest example of excessive questioning that we find inside the Quran

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is amongst our own selves, questioning the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, every single day, we find Muslims posing questions asking about authenticity, and whether we should practice the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or dismantling his sadhana, ridiculing his Sunnah, turning away from the sadhana. Inside the Quran Allah mentions about excessive questioning. right in the beginning of sort of Bukhara. The whole sutra sutra, Baccarat is based upon this, upon this theme, about posing questions to move to LA somebody is ready. They're always asking questions again and again and again. commandments are given to them.

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But they always wanted to slither away like a snake. Try to find some justification of what they're doing. Whether it be a taboo subject, the people who Sabbath whether it be about this command but Baccarat in Allah yet Morocco, Baku Baccarat the whole theme so tillbaka is revolving around this, whereby Allah panda told him just to sacrifice the heifer sacrifice account.

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What happened? They started to ask, what type of cow? What color? Old cows look similar to us. How should we do it? Can we do it? When should we do it?

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For shut due for shut the Allium. They became harsh. So Allah subhanaw taala became harsh upon them, made it hard for them to find the right cow to sacrifice it if they just take it any cow and sacrifice it that would have been sufficient as indicated by the Saudis to see that the whole piece of Baccarat that we find is there was a rich man that he's his. His nephew is going to inherit from him because impotent he had no children.

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So the nephew in his haste either been a cow a cow will acquire Alfie in the illuma fitness facility.

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So the nephew just quickly killed his uncle to get get the wealth

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so to find out who the killer was the moose is I'm told him just to kill a cow and then just to take a bone as I mentioned, says take a bone and strike that dead individual came to life added more ease I mean Allah came to life is it's such a such individual kill me

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that that's all I had to do. But because of them going around the block continuously asking the asking a lot of made it harder upon them.

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And this is what destroys this Muslim Ummah is well of differing amongst our profits that we find differing against the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that we find. And that's this is how we began the foreign

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social worker is how we began to Quran that's what Allah mentioned. And the movement of the Navajo sub, the Quran is reading of the Quran, may Allah forbid, may become a Haji against us. If we don't apply the Quran all it is that we read inside the Quran right from the beginning, that some of us we think and we think this is talking about Lupita This is talking about Anna Sora. Or

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an Arab speaking about them, and mushy code. A straight individual misguided individual johal sofa

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maleate a duck will be harder. This doesn't concern me.

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These are softer, you will only need an agent tains tells the Allies narrating about they don't concern me that you haven't understood the Quran, lemma Taka Al Quran that the soul with the highest enough sick under Quran, you hottie buka when you read the Quran, you should ponder and reflect that the Quran is speaking to me. That's how you should approach the Quran. Just every time I mentioned. If you want to speak to Allah Subhana Allah, then come lishala then stand for Salah. And you will Allah subhanaw taala to speak to you then read the Quran. So when you're reading the Quran, you feel that Allah Subhana Allah is speaking to you. This is a man, that the impact of the Quran you're

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reading the Quran that you're pondering and reflecting over this if you're not there, thinking that this is speaking just about Musa alayhis salaam, you're taking the impact the lessons of these areas, the mistakes of these people and their sins and the vices and learning from them, not carrying them out in our own lives. And after that, we find that the reason for this verse

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this what many of us mostly we live in today as well. I need to understand the reason of why I do something inside my life. If I understand my actions, then I will do it. Sometimes Allah Subhana Allah may give you the reason,

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he may give you the for wide, he may give you the hiccup. He may give you the wisdom, he may give you the ferocity, the understanding but most times the reasoning isn't there. We'll call you summit now when

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we hear and we obey and like how les will call him summit, la cena we here and we disobey.

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When we reading inside the Quran, Allah, Allah says la ke masala that's it established a Salah not to question that living in the West, living in a foreign country living amongst non Muslims living in my workplace living a different environment. Is this really applicable inside my life? Wearing the wearing of hijab that we find

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is it really applicable in today's time?

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The Quran is no more explicit and clear and sorry, then the idea of hijab inside the Quran.

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There is no is that so crystal clear that are inside the Quran like a a teenager

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what the kalama crema,

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Just that one kalama is sufficient for a year from local Arabia, for any individual understands the Arabic language, that is linguistic specialists that we have, who boast about their in boast about their knowledge, it is understand is one word that understand what his lips umara

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what the actions what the address of a Muslim woman is. And likewise for our Muslim sisters that we find if they just read the Quran, maybe they don't want to listen to us they don't want to listen to the husband don't want to listen to Rama don't want to listen. Because maybe they find that there's some there's some hardship or some difficulty or some some harsh words

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with the Quran, read the Quran and it's crystal clear. The actions we need to do and not to is excessive questioning that we find. And likewise that you find modern interpretations. We began with accrual Riba? How many Muslims every single day asking the same question, but it's more or less necessity, I have no way to live, is this bank really hard, I'm not going to pay any interest, I'm signing a contract. And after five years, there is no interest then maybe, but I'll pay off the money. These are all questioning.

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Or they may have mentioned that even though they say there's no interest, the minute you sign the contract, you sign the contract. I agree. Because you read the word in great detail. If you default, you will pay interest, not whether you are going to pay it or not going to pay it or you're going to pay it within the time. That word is inside the contract, which is in every single contract, that after five years, you don't pay this money back, or you default or you miss payments, you will be charged interest. This is the line that makes the whole contract haraam.

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Not your belief that I'll pay off the money. I'll raise the money, I'll borrow the money, I'll give the money and I'm quite sure I'll pay the money. This COVID-19 is a proven evidence in itself. That all the people of us that we had dreams are going to do this. I'm going to earn this I'm going to do that. I'm going to buy this I'm going to exchange this, I'm going to complete this has all collapsed. This is this is a pure sign. This is what Allah warns us about that don't think that you can play God. Don't think you can play God on the face of this earth that you control things. Only Allah Subhana Allah is the one that controls and likewise you find these excessive questioning day

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in and day out about musi acaba

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that music free mixing around things that we find every single day people asking these questions limit

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Leon Nova Eamon kiloton Eamonn weakness of Eman in the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in the words of the Quran, that we begin to have these excessive questioning and deferring with our prophets. That leads us to this destruction that we're facing with all of this excessive questioning that we find has led us amongst the average Muslims,

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which is quite sad to mention that we asked such questions that why do we fast? Why do we pray? Why do we,

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you know, we would think that these are questions coming from people who are atheists, people who have no belief. These are common questions that many Muslims, especially living in southern Western beginning to ask these questions, that why do we do or why should we carry out these actions? And there's even this which is rising inside our society? Why do we believe in Allah?

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Why do we believe in Allah?

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We don't need to go into technicalities,

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but maybe just a small answer. When you die, you will believe why you need to believe in Allah.

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When you leave this dunya you'll know then that's the only time you're going to know then that why you needed to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as you find that many of us as well are some of us that we find the mindset and our understanding is Islam. When it fits into my life, when it fits into my time when it fits into my schedule. That's how I'm going to worship Allah.

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Sounds strange, but that's what many of the people around us that's what their life has become. When I find the time when I'm ready. I will worship Allah.

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tala Mahesh Allah subhanaw taala doesn't say that to us.

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Kula Yeoman, who officiant for Ba La Arabic Kuma to get the ban every day Allah gives

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everyday Allah gives Fisher and gives to everybody

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valued we're careful. Turkey min gives to everybody respond to every single individual.

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He doesn't say I'm going to delay I'm not going to do this. He gives to all of us. For the A Allah Arabic Kumar to cut the band. So which of the bounties of Allah Subhana Allah, do we reject? We're internet mythology.

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Learn to sue her. If you try to count the blessings of Allah soprano, you could never ever count them enumerate them. Allah Subhana Allah continuously gives.

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But the guidance is only for those he loves.

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guidance is only for who Allah Subhana. Allah selects, and guides them to his path guides them to obedience. And that we need to ask ourselves, how do we worship Allah? Do we worship Allah Subhana Allah, from the depths of our hearts, from the inner elements of our hearts, that we want to worship Allah subhanaw taala that's what he birthed there is that within ourself, there is a yearning, just like we have the carnal desires. We want to open up for us we have a desire for food for drink, it's a natural desire.

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Likewise, a person should have that natural desire built within themselves, to worship Allah Subhana Allah. That's how strange is in a hadith that we find the movement for hathorne. The believer has two moments of rejoicing inside their life. They'll have one is inside this dunya and the other one is inside and

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the one inside this dunya is in the form where a person breaks their force. They feel that sweetness of Halawa of Allah subhanaw taala. And a second for a second happiness. In the call. The call the subhanho wa Taala is when the believer meets Allah subhanaw taala. That's the second we asked him not to not to not make that haram upon us, not to prevent us from meeting Allah subhana wa Tada. Would you Yama et now para la robbia Nell zero that day faces will be raging there'll be glowing, looking at Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find this excessive question, we began with the IOA takamura Zulu woman Hakeem Andrew Phantom who read the tesira this ayah of the excessive question is

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woman of ohm Yakubu came to see Rebekah see who are this excessive questioning and how these women who carry out this practice are cursed. And thus we find that in conclusion, that the life is simple. And Muslim is a simple life that we find the simple teachings or this hadith stay away from forbidden prohibited things inside our lives. Do as much good as you can while show living and leave behind some form of sadaqa jariya that will benefit you when you leave this world destroyed destroyed us before the downfall of the people before and us is going to be excessive questioning. And fourthly fine do not go against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam exit yourselves. May Allah Subhana

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Allah give us all the Delphic and ability in his final moments of Ramadan to rectify our face with Allah Subhana Allah We ask Allah and Allah to accept immediately actions in his blessing month of Ramadan of a Salah was cm or pm for Roku was to Judo sada cod was hierarchy, the goodness that we've been trying to do inside this world of good deeds of praying of fasting, whatever good deeds we've been doing. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to multiply these these rewards multiply these small actions to be mountains of goodness inside of us Hara lets you find some of that rhythm I mentioned reward inside Ramadan is multiplied 70 times over and even far beyond that. So person should exert

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themselves to do as many good deeds inside his blessing month of Ramadan. And likewise the signs of a good Ramadan is you find a thorough Ramadan signs of Ramadan leads a person to carry out other actions for the rest of the rest of the year. And if a lot of distance was for us to come to another Ramadan, we ask a lot harder for tofik and ability to excel even more in the following month of Ramadan.