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AI: Summary © The perception of Islam among Muslims is a matter of fear and confusion, but everyone has their own perception. The importance of worshipping one creator and respecting family members'dlth air is also discussed. The conversation also touches on the history and current situation of the town, the return of schedules, and the potential for new generations to become successful. The speakers advise listeners to follow rules and be aware of one's parents' actions to avoid embarrassment and negative comments.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah well Barrett so today we are on verse number 37. And we'll head up to verse 15. inshallah with sort of medium. So let's begin in sha Allah, Allah azza wa jal continues to tell a woman benei him so they deferred the factions amongst them. So the Christians amongst them, the Jews amongst them, so how do you keep tabs different on each other. And this is apparent till this day that there are so many different factions between these two groups. Everybody has their own perception of who he said is what he stands for who Allah subhanho wa Taala is. So this same difference amongst each other

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amongst these groups existed then as it does today. And it is also the same even amongst Muslims, everybody has their own perception of what Islam is and who the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was and what his teachings were and his interpretations and all of these different things. So same pattern with all of these religions. for way too little Athena cafaro, machete Omen are all theme. But the punishment will be amongst those who are disbelieved on a day that is profound meaning on the Day of Judgment, as smear be him what episode Are y'all may tune in and listen to them. And also see on that day what is about to come like in a volley moon and Leo Mayfield allele mu being but the wrong

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door on that day, we'll be in such a wretched state in a misguided state that is clear, that will be apparent to them. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, Ireland makes it very clear that at the end of the day, there's only one path that allies so which approved, which is worship him and him alone. And so on that day, all that you've heard and you've seen in this world, well, you're going to see the ultimate reality on that day. And you're also going to hear who is the true master on that day. So this is a lesson here in tow heed. What we're learning here is the importance of worshiping one creator so you understand what a las panatela is doing and disorder. Now Allah is starting to

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reinforce the oneness of worship towards him because all since the beginning of the suit on was all about taking a salary salary as a deity of worship. Now shifting our attention away from that a lot is cleansing that creed that our a pita will enter homeo maheswara and warn them to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam warned them on a day of regret is called the Mr. Juan de hoffler to whom you may know that the command will be given, and they will still be in a state of huffily the state of heedlessness, and they will not have any faith in 93 out of a woman I lay how we will inherit the earth and everyone in it, what you women are the what Elena, your Jeroen and eventually to us is the

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ultimate return. So what's happening here is again, some religions believe that they will inherit the earth. So when the end of mankind arrives and the Day of Judgment begins, that all that was on earth will be inherited, and to specific religions. So this is part of their belief. And they do this because in belief that they have been the chosen one in belief that this was the right path that they had been on and so they had rights towards the Earth. It belonged to them, and everything in it was gifted to them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, No, no, no. In then we are the ones that are going to inherit the earth. And we are the ones that will inherit everything in it.

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With chlorophyll keytab Ibrahim, now that tauheed has been declared, Allah is in control, he has authority. All ruling will eventually return to Him. Allah subhanho wa Taala eventually, all that is on earth he will inherit it is his dominium he is the master and King. So tawheed now has been established. Now we are ready. Now we are ready to go to the books of prophets and messengers. So what were what are we going to begin with? We're the one and only Ibrahim Ali he said I'm so jealous with good fakie Tabby Ibrahim and remember in the book of in the book about Ibrahim alayhis salaam, in who can also deepen nebbia he was such an honest, trustworthy, truthful nebia prophet of Allah

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Jalla wa ala the word decoding here also means somebody that commits themselves to finding the truth. It also is one of the words in the end to describe friendship. So when you have a friend that is

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deca, that's the friend that's going to be dead honest with you, whether you like it or not, they're always going to be there for you. They're always going to remind you, they're always going to tell you stuff for your own benefit for your own sake. Every one of us should have acidic in our life, and we should all strive to be acidic as well. And of course, Abu Bakar Casa de todo de Allahu anhu man got this title of the truthful one, because when he heard of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam traveling one night and the whole is Surah when they are

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incident, he believed in it right away so so deep is also you don't question you believe because you know, it's coming from a good place. So you trust the person who's telling you all of these are characteristics of a Cydia is oddity, Abby, he abiti. Now, Ibrahim Ali Salaam is going to confront his father. You know, some of the scholars believed that it wasn't his father in this area that it was an uncle or some other family member. And you might be thinking, well, how does that make sense if he's calling him yet evety. Because the word evety is also a generic term, at least back then. And even in some cultures today, you know, you'll still call your your uncle who is like your

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father, you'll call him Dad, somebody who's like your mom, or like your mom, you'll call and they're your and you'll still call them mom. So it's that so it could just be a title a cultural thing that you address the people closest to you with the same name that you would address your own parents with. But the majority say it is talking to the Father and I'll show you where that comes from in a couple more verses inshallah. Second thing is how he addresses his dead he causes that yet a Betty. If you say, yeah, Abby, it just means my beloved dead. If you say T with the tat at the end, my beloved loving Father, Dad, I love you. I want to tell you something. Like there isn't a word in the

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English language to capture yet a bit. But yeah, it'd be Oh, my dear father. Yeah, a bit team. I love you, dad. Here's what I want to say to you. So the first lesson here is that when Ibrahim Elisa, who is the son here at this point, when children need to confront their parents about wrong, right, and, and, and, you know, this is a responsibility, especially when you are mature enough and you have knowledge that parents are human beings. So sometimes you might find yourself, you'll have to speak to them, you'll have to have those hard conversations with them. The first lesson in that is you got to confront it. You've got to be honest with your family. You've got to be honest with

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your parents. You've got to be honest with your dad. But the rule of thumb is you have to be respectful. Yeah, a bit. That's the whole that sets the tone of all the rest of the stories that relate to Ibrahim Ali. So everything to do with his father starts off with Yeah. Okay, fine. Limit terrible. dumela is smart. Why are you worshiping something that doesn't here that doesn't see you? What are you who neon cache and doesn't actually do anything for you? So he's not actually saying, dad, all these idols are the devil, dad, all these idols are messed up. He starts off with something a bit more subtle curiosity. Dad, can they see us? Can they hear us? So So why do you talk to them?

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Why do you bow down to them? Why do you worship them? Can they serve us? Can you give us something to eat? Can they give us something to drink, and they come and serve us in some way? So they don't move? So Can they do anything for us. So he starts off in a very subtle way. Again, those of you who need to confront parents for whatever, whatever it is, whether it be something related to this or anything in general, but you feel intimidated, you feel scared, here, just follow the pattern of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, sometimes start off in a subtle and indirect manner is a good way to break the ice and start off a good conversation but do it again rule of thumb it's got to be respectful. Yeah,

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Betty, here we go again. Oh, my dear beloved father, in college any minute any. I learned something. Some knowledge came to me man me a ticket that didn't come to you. fit to be earning. So just give me a chance and follow me asked me about it dicalcium open so that it could guide you on to the path and we could both be there together. So you see what he's doing. He's not saying that I know something you don't know. So just follow me. Because I'm I'm smarter. I got education. I went to a school, I went to a university, you never went to anything. You never even went to school. So I know a lot more than you do. So you should just listen to me. That's not what he's doing. Listen to the

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language and how beautiful and gradually he builds this relationship.

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Because he wants his father, he genuinely cares about his dad. So what does he do? He starts framing it in a way that he was given the opportunity to learn certain things that he wants to share with his father. So he starts off again with Yeah, Betty. But he says, some knowledge came to me. I learned a few things here and there that I want to share with you so that we both can become better. Third point, yeah, a bit Tila terrible shape on. So the first two, he wasn't getting anywhere. Now the third stage of Ibrahim's Darwin to his father, is that he's going to go in a much more direct manner. Yeah, a bit. But he still starts off with what I love you, Dad, just listen to me. Let our

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booty shape on. Don't worse worship the shape on. So now, instead of insulting so look at these idols, how they look, look how they're structured. Look how they're designed, look at their eyes, look at their arms, it looks so crazy. He doesn't do any of that. Which is another rule of thumb, when you're trying to correct something wrong, try to avoid critiquing and criticizing the thing that's wrong. And focus on the individual. So put aside. So if they're smoking, like a cigarette, for example, and you're trying to tell them look, you know, smoking is bad for your health stick to that. Don't be like, you know, that cigarette looks ugly in your hands. I can't believe you even buy

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that cigarettes, the strongest one and look at it, you now nobody wants to talk to you. Nobody wants to stand beside you. Because you're going to read, you can don't do any of that. Just stick to the subject. Your goal is to get that person to quit smoking for the sake of their health. So talk to them about their health, because why you'll put them in an embarrassing situation. If you start talking about the cigarette, you start talking about the idle. It embarrasses them, because why? You're still at that phase in conversation where you're trying to educate. So if you turn that into just criticizing and pointing fingers, how likely is it that you're going to convince that

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individual that what they're doing is wrong? They're going to feel embarrassed, they're gonna feel insulted? They're gonna feel like you're targeting them. And who wants to listen to anybody that does that. So yeah, booty let our booty Shake on don't worship the shaytaan Because ultimately, that's what schilke is. It follows into the footsteps of the shell team. So he goes back to the root of the problem in the shade Donna can a little rock man Yeah, I'll see you shake fun too out of rock man. Remember what I told you in a previous episode? Well, rock man keeps showing up in this sort of over and over. Here it is again. I'll see ya sinful. So the shaitan is the one that has always been

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disobedient to a ramen? Yeah. abiti. So what is this four times in a row and he still is sticking with the same pattern. Respect, respect, respect. If you lose respect, then everything crumbles. If you lose respect, everything starts to fall apart. Because why respect is the gateway to listening to just being given that chance to be heard. Just be calm, be civilized. And especially when it comes to your parents. Yeah, a bit too. In the a half or a DNS sec era. They're born men are men. So now he will tell his father about some of the consequences of this. So I'm afraid that the punishment of Allah will capture you will envelop you. Listen to it may not rock men again, right

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after next verse apartamentos. up again. fetta. Cool, Alicia bodywear Lee, and as a result, you're going to think that the shaitan is the authority, you're going to think that he is the one that's in charge. We don't want that to happen. pawn out of the blue enter and leha Tia Ibrahim, now it's going not now Ibrahim's dalawa are conversation with the Father is done, at least for now. Listen to the father's response, kind of out of the blue enter. This is really really

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powerful language in the court and he says to his son, are you going to turn back You are all able to enter? He doesn't say Paula Antalya born because when we speak to one another, Intel will come first you are turning yourself away from me. But it's reversed. What this means is, I can't believe what I'm hearing, you're actually going to turn away from what this family's legacy has been what we've been doing for generations, you're actually going to break that legacy. That's what called the autobahn and is you're actually so it's in a state of shock. You can't believe you're actually going to do this. you're considering to break this tradition that's been going on for ages. Are you

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serious about him? That's what you're gonna do. Color off the bone and untanned le hottie and

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With my family yeah Ibrahim Lam tanta he if you don't stop this Auto germanica I am going to stone you to death what children he Melia. So get out of here and go far away.

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This a

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Ibrahim Ali Salim gets kicked out of the house. That's what's happened. And if he doesn't, his father just threatened his life. He's so now he has no choice. And just put yourself in Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam position for a minute. How would that make you feel? And lots of people, lots of young students go through things like this in a different way, maybe not for the same reasons, but for other reasons. And they're put in a predicament where you know, they don't want to marry somebody that their parents have chosen for them, for example, right. And parents literally say, and I've heard this so many times, that if you don't marry this person, then you can just leave the

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house, you brought this honor to the family. So just get out of here. We don't have anything to do with you go marry whoever you want, but just don't come back here. And this is such a tragedy. It's actually a shame on the parents that do this with their kids. And so Ibrahim Alayhi Salam understands that he doesn't have a choice here. And this father is serious. And back then, I mean, there was just no sympathy. Like, if you didn't follow the traditions of your culture and your people for ages and ages, then you were nothing worthy of attention. You did your nothing, nothing that anybody would associate with. So just go away. Even if you were there. If you even if you were

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my own child, get away from me. And that's what ends up happening here. So he gets kicked out of the house. So as he's leaving, look what he says. Carla said Mr. halleck, dad, may Allah protect you. Another meaning of Sam, when I lay here, may Allah guide you to Islam, Solomon, for Islam, may Allah just give you a slim. So I still feel lucky, Robbie, I'll still continue asking a lot of forgive you.

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And this is a tough discipline to learn after you've just gone through that whole traumatic experience. And just day after day of drama after drama after drama. This is what ends up happening.

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So he still says I'm going to ask a lot of forgive you. Ibrahim alayhis salam is so strong. He's so strong, keeps it together some kind of lump in Who can I be happy? Allah is the one my master is the one that is most gracious. What are tezi lucam artez. Allah means to separate. So Ibrahim Ali Hassan now separates himself from the rest of his family, we're meant to do and so I'm going to separate myself from you, dad, and everyone and everything else that you're doing, well managed to do. And I'm Indonesia, and everything that you worship other than Allah. Well, Robbie, and I'm going to worship my master. I said, cool to be Dora your Bishop here in hopes that I don't become somebody

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that is disappointed with the door of Allah. So again, so in other words, you know what he's saying here. It's amazing to me that Ibrahim Ali Salaam uses the word eisah. I sent means hope, I think maybe hopefully in sha Allah, that I won't lose hope in my door with Allah. Even Ibrahim alayhis salaam is afraid of his own future. He's concerned. Actually, I don't even know that if I stay in this environment, if my own faith may potentially be at risk. I don't even know that. You know, this is the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salman. It's amazing to me, that individuals like this like him.

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They are the example of faith for all of mankind, and they are still just as concerned about their future as any one of us should be. This is the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam. And he's saying I Sir, I'm hoping that I don't lose hope and in the door with Allah, I'm hoping that it will lose trust. So I'm going to do whatever I need to do to preserve that. For the marathas I love him and when he separated himself, well, Matt Yabu would have been doing that and especially from what they worshiped other than Allah will have been Allah who is helpful yet we are cool, we gave him his help, we hope to sense his help either his salon and jacobellis salon. So you know what happened

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here? Allah subhanho wa Taala has now done two things. He's separated Ibrahim Elisa, from the legacy of his father, because why for the next generation to begin, that's not the history you want. So Allah cuts that tie.

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Number two, Allah blesses him with two prophets with two sons that are going to start a new legacy of telehealth and worship with

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The line soldier, what's the lesson for you and I, this is something that if you so if you grew up in a home, where you know it's disobedient to Allah in whatever way shape or form, and then you get married, that's your opportunity to start your own legacy to raise good righteous children, teach them the things that you're supposed to. They're supposed to learn that's pleasing to Allah, and then start a new generation moving forward. So that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala is doing here. That's how Allah is prepping prepping the next generations and the generations to come. And guess what?

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That's you and I,

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we are the response to this. And then shout Allahu Allah, may Allah azza wa jal count us from this legacy, that moving on from the legacy of of is a halfway Yaqoob

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is halfway our club moving from that legacy forward, that in shout Allahu taala, we inherit those teachings, what could learn john and B, we placed all of them as prophets or have been Allahumma Medina and we also gave them from our mercy which are lahoma, Eastern or Silicon Valley. And we also gave them tons that are honest seduction, ie that are honest and elevated, meaning they're not just honest, for the average layman person. This is above and beyond honesty. These are examples of honesty. That's who is happily our club, I let him sit down Sallam had, and that's what we should all inherit. So this is where we're going to pause and shout Allahu taala because the next story

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will be the one and only Musa alayhis salaam, then we'll go to Izmir, Li Li Salaam and then of course, we will go to Idris Ali Salim. And then the sooner we'll take another shift into some magnificent topics and another points for us to talk about. So inshallah we'll pause here, Matt larsa will continue to increase this knowledge of this beautiful book and its stories and its lessons and allow all of us to reap some of those benefits Shalom, Terrell, aloha mammy ally so which I'll allow us all to continue to uplift and better our relationships with our parents with our friends and those who are closest to us alone. I mean, just like malachite and we will resume

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tomorrow Bismillah heater Allah was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh