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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of regret on individuals and their relationships, including the Hadith of the Prophet Alayhi wa and the Hadith of the Bible. They stress the importance of following the messenger's advice and avoiding regret. The segment also touches on the negative impact of lockdown on society, including people who may not be able to meet their friendships and may not feel the same way. The importance of finding individuals who encourage others to do the same is emphasized, and a recommendation to use the Internet to find opportunities is made.
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After praising Allah so panel to Hana, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wa earlier send them, we find that unfortunately, many of these bad moral habits or practices that we find amongst the influences that influence the individual to begin to follow, or to carry out these bad moral habits is a soft rubber is companionship is friends, and the social company that we keep, or the entourage of the people that will keep around us, is a big reason that many people fall into bad habits because of their comrades or the friends around them that begin to emphasize,

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emphasize upon them or lead them towards certain actions.

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Today's headed focuses gives a depiction of the type of friendships that exist. And there are many a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam whereby he gives this depiction like a picture image is given to help send home the message to individual maybe possibly it could be some of them have collected, these a hadith and one should read these a Hadith, which are depicting certain things for us to have a better understanding. For matters we find a hadith about a person outside their home, there's a river and they wash and they cleanse themselves five times a day with that water. Would there be any filth and grime upon the on the individual Of course, it will not be for washing five

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times a day. That is a parable of a seller and the seller what two humps that we find the five daily prayers that they wash away the sins they purify the individual, the will do becomes a form of purification. Another Hadith, depicting an image is hadith of Sahaba Quran or the role of the Quran, whereby he mentioned la salatu salam, the one who reads the Quran, and the one who implements the Quran can otro Jia is like a Citron like a type of orange, you find that it's really inspired watamu you find it has a good sweet smell, and he has a good sweet taste. Then he took it a step further the one who doesn't read the Quran, but he's a believer tries his best to implement the Quran. That

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termer is like a date has no real has no smell, but it has a sweet taste. Then he depicted a third type of individual, a person who recites the Quran doesn't implement that Quran, in other words is a form of hypocrisy that individually is cut Rihanna is a form of herb a dozen which has no smell, but it has a bitter taste, a foul taste, and a fourth type of individually mentioned person who's totally away from the Quran can handle it is like a cactus plant that grows in a desert that has no smell and has a very wicked taste as well as evil taste it has likewise when other howdy to Safina whether the Prophet I have described this Muslim oma as being a ship on a journey and you find out

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how the lower deck could affect the upper deck. These are all a hadith which gives a depiction of image sorrel funny to depict the individual to understand certain things. And that's today's Hadith we find the profit relational slump gives exactly the same depiction by speaking about friendship, muscle or jealousy solely with jealousy. So the example of a good friend and a bad friend is like a Matheny, sociable misc Walking Dead is like the person who sells perfume and the person who blows in the iron Smith, or the one who works with metal objects etc. that we find these two individuals layer demo come in sahibi miski in the story out aged Rico, either when you stand with a person who

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sells perfume, the influence of that smell is going to go upon you or you're going to purchase it and you're going to benefit from the perfume of the individual rocky road had your Haiku But enough of a throwback. As for the one who's the iron Smith. He will either burn you or burn your clothing. When you stand next to a person who's working with iron Rehan oh that the Rehan hubby said oh you find a foul smell will begin to come upon your body because the smell of metal and the smell of fire and Hadith Mustafa con la agreed upon by Imam Bukhari and Muslim and as we mentioned that many of us, we learn and we're influenced by our friends. The bad habits of many of us that we learn is

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because of the companionship, the comrades, the people around us, they influence us. They entice us, they encourage us to introduce us to around things or things that maybe we never could imagine. I never even dreamt of inside our lives because of sitting with such individuals. And as the prophet Elijah that some he warned us he told us what type of individually all of us can be.

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He mentioned Allahu Allah Dini, Holly. For younger men you Harlan, a man is upon a person is upon the face of whoever they mix with. Here we find the constant hola hola carries the meaning of an intimate friend, a close friend. The person that who advises you who you trust you speak with. That's the Quran mentions about Ibrahim Ali Salaam. That last panda Allah took Ibrahim as a highly less intimate friend, close comrade, that Allah loves Ibrahim Islam with de la Ibrahima Halima loves him so much took him as a close individually to him Allah subhana wa Tada. So here we find, and Miranda Dini Holly Lee, a man is upon the deed a way of life of his friend, his Helene, is close

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comrade. For younger man, New Holland had it inside the Son of Man tirmidhi let all of you look at who they mix with, who they associate with, who their friends are, who advises them, who they turn to, are we not many of us inside the society, young individuals, even elderly individuals, we find that when a person wants to enjoy their life, everybody wants to be your friend. When you want to earn money, everybody is your friend. But and everybody enjoys lovability, indulging in some form of Haram. When a person becomes serious inside their life, then what happens? You're no longer the same person. You're no longer one who wants to have fun. You no longer want to do this. When a person

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becomes serious you then you begin to realize who your real friends are. Those other friends they wither away, they only worried about you spending your time your money, making them joke making them laugh to be with them. When you become serious, they begin to go away from you. Statistically, as we mentioned in the world that you find one in eight individual adults don't have friends. And this could be understood in various ways. Meaning they can't trust an adult another person to confide in them to speak to them. Or we find that they feel that the people around them when they become serious inside their life. They won't lead them to something which is good, which is something

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beneficial. And this is exactly what Islam or what the prophet Allah Islam is highlighting to us that this regret won't be just inside this dunya it will be a far greater regret remorse inside the Torah. Allah mentions in South Sudan for con a surah which speaks about at the end of it speaks about a bedrock man servants of Allah subhanaw taala numerous passages inside this sort of person should go back and read this surah 25th Chapter The Quran Hey Allah mentions when Yama Yama Babu Anaya de, on that day whereby the person will bite onto his tips of his fingers onto his fingers will bite upon them. For what we this is a form of, of Dharma, in the Arabic language of regret of

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remorse of being upset the coup de la tecnica to Mara Sunni Sevilla whoa upon me. Why did I not follow the way of the messenger? The Prophet that came to me will blame himself, woe upon me that I fell short. I didn't follow the way of the messenger. You know why later, later, neelum etiquette for learning kalila vo upon me, I took such and such an individual as my friend inside this dunya la casa de la county unethically, but bad the journey he misguided me or she misguided me after guidance came to me. I was on the right track. I was on the right path. But this individual led me away from Allah Subhana Allah wahconah shaytaan insanity huduma the shape on is always full of

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treachery, trying to deceive the individual away from Allah subhanaw taala and strangers inside the same surah Allah mentions we'll call her soon. You have been committed to her the Quran Majora, the messenger say Oh Allah, oh my lord, my people have abandoned this Quran. Because abandon the Quran. abandoning the Quran leads to a person going towards companionship, who are even who are bad. When your companion becomes you become Sahaba Parana personal Quran, you're able to make as a source is highlight the name and so on for corn, you're able to make the distinction the criteria between those things which are beneficial and those things which are going to going to harm you in other

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places in the Koran woman Yahushua undec Rahmani naka de who shape on the one who turns away shape pardon whoever turns away from the dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala we will place for the individual a shape on for hula hoop Corinne. This person becomes the Korean Korean is not a word of friendship. They advisor, their comrade, all of us have a Korean with us. Who reminds us of God or reminds us of even but we can take these liquids to be openly the word there will be a person who's going to be your Korean person who once again who turns away from Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah places that your advisor your help or your friend will be

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Comrades of shavonne were in Nome layer so do not delay

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doing these friends of yours but this friend of you will take you away will prevent you from the path of of law and make you look like

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you're guided make you look like you're doing the right thing there's nothing wrong that you're doing inside your life hat either gender color a color year later beanie verbena caboodle mushy leaf a bit South Korean and then when they come to meet us, this person will say whoa, or for me whoa upon this this Korean this friend of mine, a distance between almost creepy, meaning the two E's are the real meaning in linguistics between the East and the West, and must define distance of the east and the west the IB far away from you, that you misguided be inside this dunya for bit South Korea, what an evil advisor what an evil friend you worse upon this dunya and as you find strange is inside

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the same surah Allah mentioned no Yama is in the body.

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And friends in that day, friends on that day will be enemies towards one another in the neurotoxin, except for those who are pious individuals.

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You find on the day gentlemen, your man or woman, a data person will flee away from his brother, whether we take that as a blood brother, or in today's language because most of us refer to our friends as our brothers. As our friends. On that day a person will flee away from their friends, three away from their own blood brother, we're only he will be three away from their own mother and the father was so heavy It was 23 away from their own, their own Sahaba their own wife and from their own children. Everyone will free flee, flee, will run away. Say that I am worried about an affair that will befall upon me. And as we find that we returned back to Saudi, so I will misc the

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person of perfume, the person would either purchase something from this individual and benefit from this individually or take the fragrance just by standing next to a perfume seller. That fragrance that smell will have an impact upon you. I mean that's what good friends are. They don't necessarily have to preach to you say something to you just by being with them. It has an impact upon the person around them that you find inside mm chef in his directing his lines of poetry that he wrote we mentioned a hippo saw the Himalayas to mean home. I love the pious individuals. And I don't claim to be amongst him of that level of being solea hain largely and another beam shefa. Perhaps by being

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with them. some form of intercession is given to me that you study the signs of intercession is intercession of people, which is allowed by the permission of Allah Subhana to allow certain people to intercede. So remember, Chef, he writes, or Abu Saleh was to meet him. I love the righteous people, even though I'm not amongst them and some of the other Lama responded is that praise Him that He is from amongst society. And if you're not from monks are slightly Hindu is that a lesson that we learned from this, that maybe we can't reach a level of being poorer, of being orlimar or being fuqaha. But you find that a person has a love for people of Quran has a love of people of

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Islam has enough towards people who speak about Islam, that could be a sign of goodness, because you find this is a sign of righteousness that people nubs hide like goodness, not the opposite. We find inside a society that one of the challenges that we face in our society is our own Muslims who speak ill about Islam, or Muslims who don't love Islam, or Muslims who don't have enlightening towards Islam. And yes, it may sound strange at some of us may be upset about this lockdown and what we're facing and quarantine that we find at the moment. But don't be surprised there's going to be some Muslims who may Allah forbid. So to use such language, you can't care less. They're not really

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worried. For them, they don't attend the masjid anyway. They don't attend prayers, they don't attend your mudroom. So this this becomes another reason and more for them a positive reason to stay away from the path of a loss of parents stay away from the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala and thus we find that a man has an abortion attributed to him increasing good friends, make many good friends who will remember you on that day, who will intercede for you. Now some of the earlier they discussed that how is that going to be possible because a person on the day judgment will in see intercede if it's allowed for that person and granted for that person will intercede for the people

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who are closer individually. The one that person loves the one the person who looks up to who reminds them about a lot some kind of done some good do some hire to them. Those are the people that have come to mind straight away for that individual date judgment. You levena Takuma Baku Masada clean inside sorta Toba if I know you believe faith Allah Subhana Allah workqueue Masada clean, be with the true for people. The truth would people are slightly hidden

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righteous people good friends who are true for our morality subhanaw taala said Kumar Allah subhanaw taala truthfulness in the devotion commitment with Allah Subhana Allah assit Kumara soon La Silla to Salaam truthfulness with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, truthfulness in Hillel will have in their life, truthfulness with the people around them. Those are the, the saw the in the truthful individuals that a purple person aspires to be with them. This is so to tober ninth chapter the Quran is full of so many ideas, which speak about friendship, good friends, bad friends, believing men believing women, hypocritical men, hypocritical women, the type of people they will be on the

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Day of Judgment, the whole many is inside speak if the whole theme in general is revolving around friendship or opposites, a man Cofer good people, bad people, believing Arabs, non believing Arabs, it's all there. And the beginning sort of we find the most deepest element of friendship. It Houma felucca is your kulula sahibi that has an inner Bahama Anna, the highest peak of friendship on this dunya was a friendship of the Prophet la slash summit Abu Bakr, Siddiq. It Huma felucca, both of them. The Judah mustard nine side has mentioned when these two individuals are inside the cave is the cooloola sahibi. When he says to his friend,

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the best friend of the prophet Elijah was Abu Bakar in Hades mentioned I wanted to make him a Halloween. I wanted to make him an intimate close friend. But once again, Allah Subhana chose Ibrahim and the Prophet ellefson to be close friends, I never gave him that title, while knocking sahibi for his my comrade, my friend. And as you read the seed of of this journey of the Exodus migration of leaving Mecca, how abubaker acidic had prepared to riding beasts. He'd already prepared them. Because he had this intuition this feeling that as soon as the prophet Elijah some code makes a code, he will refer to me and we'll travel together. That's when they entered the quad fold the

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cave entity inside that cave. When he said to his friend, let the horizon in Nirvana never said Don't be fearful of fear. Don't fear, don't grieve. Had the climate lesson jacobina these can be bad, you know, people Muslims are writing I'm upset. I'm Bored. Bored.

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I don't know what to do. I'm getting upset. I'm getting depressed. I'm getting worried.

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And a Muslim can be slightly depressed, slightly upset, whatever it may be, like me chuckling in allama Anna, how can a person grieve?

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That's you find the best thing to take away in a humble home fe and greed and being upset and color and color and depression and all these things. It's an Quran. read the Quran, read casa. Eunice la casa, au zaccaria Moosa Ibrahim read inside the Quran, it will alleviate alleviate you take away take away that upsetting feeling you have depression that you have, look at depression, how its how its evolved so much today. In this country that you find that 21 million people approximately take antidepressant tablets 21 million people and increasing On what basis? Do you ever remember the edge there dinner insider grandparents and elders? people being depressed people being over worried

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people taking their life, people being sitting there fretting despairing now that has an invalid manner. And that's one of the element he wrote a whole reseller we have time in during this lockdown. Read this one book kita Campbell, based upon these columns that doesn't, don't say Firstly, the Quran, said the Quran then maybe look at the seal of the prophet Elijah, then look at this book, to see how to come out of depression of feeling upset. The final part of the Hadith. The depiction here I mentioned theater had the one who blows into the iron, your hair kupatana autodock will maybe possibly burn your body or burn your clothing alter it to mean Rehan Habiba or you may

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begin to the foul stench of the smell of the fire and the burning may begin to come upon you. As you find out if a person left which stands in a gathering of short bouddhanath people smoking cigarettes or whatever it may be, you find a person just standing there on the bus stop or standing in that environment, the smell, that evil fragrance will come into onto the body of the individual. And people may possibly think that the person themselves has been smoking whatever it may be. That is the parable of bad friends. How many of our young individual how many even elderly people said we just sit with these people or today's languages we just caught with them. We just be with them. And

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slowly I don't really engage in the things that they do. One day two days elevate you find that they they begin to be influenced, they begin to participate. And then they begin they begin to become leaders cooling towards her outdoing her on encouraging other individuals

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Just wired that beginning step, this excuse that many of us that we give, I don't do heroin, but I just made me be there. If my friends are doing or these people are doing it, that's not me. Ask those same individuals. A few years ago, maybe a few months ago, they said exactly the same thing that you said. And the influence around them led them because amongst them there is going to be Don't be shocked or surprised. The Quran mentioned sharpener, Jean de Ville, INS shavon isn't just the jinn. amongst a gathering of bad companionship, one of them is going to be physically a devil who wants you to do exactly the same thing, because they want that feeling to be severed that all of

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us are the same in doing these haram actions that we find. And we find that this is an ideal opportunity, this lockdown inside Ramadan because some of us may be away from our friends. But I seem to me to be wary of the intimate friends that our world is living at the moment the digital world that we find of Snapchat and Twitter and Facebook and tik tok and all these gadgets that we find platforms that we find that some people are still exposed to them. These are their their friendships, they're influenced by them.

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The ultimate friendship is a prime opportunity for the individual is to become friends with whom, friends with Allah Subhana Allah become weary EULA, only Allah. Allah will you Latina eminonu Euclid umino, Guru Murthy the new Allah is a friend ally of those who believe takes about the realms of darkness to the light. To become as we mentioned, a bad rap man we don't see fat in Episode Four on become the servants of Allah Subhana Allah prime opportunity in secrecy on your own. We do Quran study the Quran, make us guard remember lots of hunter read Hadith, read the seal, read Sera, all that what maybe we wanted to do inside our lives. that opportunity is now come there is no excuse.

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There is no excuse and now that time has gone person can focus inside the life that we find and to develop the fear of Allah Subhana Allah, find those individuals who encourage you to fail Allah Subhana Allah and likewise you find the actions that lead to fear of Allah Subhana Allah, whoever his friend becomes a fear of Allah subhanaw taala inside the heart, that individual has attained all success from this dunya

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has attained all success inside this dunya has found the ultimate friendship of taqwa loving people who be fair for Allah subhanaw taala inside their hearts, and that in conclusion is the end of friendship that we find, to seek duck Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah is build up and coming towards Ramadan find the companionship, the friendship, consciousness towards Allah Subhana Allah. As Allah mentioned, the Quran Jojo Latina Amano quotevalet cuyamaca makuti vida de la la come together takuan Fossum is prescribed for us prescribe for those individuals that came before you, that you may attain takala consciousness of Allah Subhana Allah, May Allah give us good friends

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inside this dunya keep us away from evil friends, and give us the ultimate source of that companionship to be with the ultimate the best friend, the profits A lot of it had to be with the rest of the companions and give us the ability to see Allah Subhana Allah inside an IRA, for our worship and a birder are small elements of efforts that we make inside his dunya to meet Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah grant to alleviate the problems of sufferings that we're facing on the face of the earth, lift up the problems of various viruses, the diseases that we're facing that don't take them away from us, cure our sick individuals, our parents, fathers or

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mothers, our loved ones individuals around us the Muslim Ummah at large and even a non Muslim Allah guide them towards Islam by what this may be a punishment or trial or test upon the whole of this world, to make them to return back to Allah Subhana Allah

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