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When his sons reproach Jacob for crying incessantly over the loss of their brother Prophet Yusuf, his reaction is both profound and inspiring.He says that he is only complaining about his grief to Allah. His faith that no human being will understand and truly sympathize with his pain the way Allah would is a cornerstone of putting one’s trust in Allah. Jacob’s situation also teaches us that it’s okay to cry and to be sad and that we should neither deny ourselves or others the relief of expressing our emotions to Allah. After all we are human beings not robots.

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Somali comm Welcome everyone to amaze by local on a series in which I love sharing with you guys things I find amazing about to hold on and today I'll share with you something from that is quoted in the Quran from jacobellis. Now when he was having a conversation with his sons, when they were kind of frustrated with him that he's not letting go of the memory of use of and he's still grieving over it.

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You know, too late after school use of your, are you going to keep remembering use of particular one until you die until you kill yourself? Can you get over it already. And he responded, he said Carla, in a school bus, Eva Hosni and Allah, I am only complaining about my grief. And my my, my trouble to a lot more trouble in my grief, I'm only complaining about it to Allah.

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These are very profound words. All of us at some point in our life have grief, all of us have some kind of trouble. And we like to share our grief and our trouble. It helps to share it with friends. It helps to share it with people that have wisdom that are around us that we trust. Sometimes we talk about our problems to our parents, or maybe a close friend, or a teacher or any mom or you know, when people try to email me lots of their problems and things like that, or see me at a conference and want to pull me aside and tell me about what's going on in their marriage or what's going on in their with their sibling, or what's going on with their children or their parents and

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things like that.

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But you know, and this is such a profound truth has been revealed. By alcoholism, yes, we do find comfort in each other. But I will never be able to understand your pain. And you will never be able to understand my pain. It'll never happen. The grief that I feel only I can feel you know what we do, we try to compare our grief to somebody else's. Or we try to compare well your situation is similar to that situation. Right? Every situation is unique. Every heart is unique. Every ache is unique. And the only one who truly understands the pain that you're going through. is Allah the word innama here significant because you have to understand first and foremost that the only one who will

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truly truly understand what you're going through and sympathize with you like no one else is capable of sympathizing with you even the best of your friends is going to be Allah and he says well Allah woman, Allah him Allah Tada, when I know something from Allah that you people don't know. I know that Allah knows me. The way you can never know. It's almost implied inside that I, among other things, you know, that you this is kind of one of the fundamental cornerstones of putting trust in a lot knowing that he understands you like nobody else can understand you, knowing that he feels for you, like nobody else can feel for you. He sympathizes with you, like nobody else can sympathize

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with you. So your first wave of complaint and your first wave of lament is actually to ally himself Yella, you know what I'm going through. I speak to you when it's okay to cry. And that's the last bit I want to share with you here. Some people you know, I got this, and I've talked about this before, but it's important to repeat.

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People will have a loss. And when they have a loss in the family, they cry, and then their family members, very insensitive, tell them you shouldn't be crying, you should have patience.

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Or you should be happy your child is in Ghana, something like that. Yes, we should be happy our child is injured now. But we're also human beings and we cry. And it's okay to be sad. If a prophet can be sad for years and years and years and not let go. And his sons have to tell him Can you get over it already? And he says I'm only crying to Allah.

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Why are you what's what's bothering you? This is between me and him. Allah did not allow did not deny that beautiful emotion, that sadness. It's, it's okay for you to be sad. It's okay for you to cry. It is necessary for you. And let us not think less of you that you don't have patience and let it and create robots you created people with emotion. And even prophets had these emotions and they are validated in the Quran. So how can we deny this of people? We can't. You know, this is something that Allah put as a gift for us that we are able to complain to them. By the way, when you meet someone that truly loves you, and you get to talk to them and pour your heart out you will start

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crying uncontrollably Anyway, when you finally get to talk about your problems, you're not going to be able to help yourself you're going to cry. Right? And allies okay with you crying out to him. He's okay with you complaining to him. He's okay with you letting him know your problems. So probably, it will give you relief like nobody else. supanova milazzo job give us relief in our moments of sadness, and allow us to not be oppressive to ourselves and to others when it comes to expressing our emotions. barakallahu li walakum wa Salaam Alaikum wa

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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