How The Prophets Raised Children

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What is up you want to spell poodle when our movie lines are 11 slowed down to see now we can see it on my

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Why should one

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Why should one

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go while you're

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I know he

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was so happy he

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was happy

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to my mokulua Paloma z Leona jazzy to the Vietnam

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War soon and under what he what he saw

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what he was

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what Elijah nearly medicine?

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What was the

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deal? I'm not

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always alone. And then we seek aid and assistance into him which are involved in repentance and for forgiveness. truly do my washing powder with the eyelet guy like him asleep and he will want to go straight there is Michael good guy. And I know it is a third is nothing worthy of worship, say the law alone. And then for him, it's a little longer it goes into his sleeve as a messenger.

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I want to handle with the island decreed that mankind we live on this earth. I solidify successors generation after generation be getting children. So lots of talented artists as

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well. And even our younger fool nyesha yummy booty mania Shah

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buku the loss of capital W says that to unlock

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the kingship or the dominion of the heavens and the earth, He creates that which he will he gives to those who you will structures and he gives to those who you will sons, I will use a visual angle crying and what you saw when we're driving me a shot of a female in another way I needed a leader or you will give some people and decree for them to have both sons and daughters already

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have any children at all.

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Yes, is

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working on a memoir. Indeed online is the one who is most knowledgeable and competent and most capable. So what was the title of it is the one who chooses those who have children. And there is no doubt that children is of the greatest of the blessings that God has decreed for all of us. And these are the things that unify unify our lives, and they become the pride of our schools. And they become the object of our affection in this world.

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So it was a guy that says, and neither would have been seen in

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that world and children are the adornment, the beautification of the life of this world. And on one side of the island since we in the shower. Visa wasn't bad enough. beautified for the people is the love of that which they desire of women and of children. And so there are people have, people have been created with an innate love to have children, and in a desire to have children. And this desire has already been used to find tourists, and it's already been placed inside of us. And there is nothing that

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blesses us with it in this world. And it's something that when a lot blesses us with this, he gives us obligations next to the blessings. So when it

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blesses you with wealth, he gives you the obligation of zeca next to the blessing of wealth, when the Lord blesses you with a husband or a wife, that gives you obligations on how to treat your spouse next to that blessing that was Odin has given you and likewise if he wants to kind of either blesses you with children,

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then you are obligated with certain obligations. There are certain rights that even as a parent you need to fulfill and allows you to handle with ISIS. Yeah, he was at the island who, unfortunately, why now, they owe you believe, save yourself and your families from the fire. So whatever

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blesses us with

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A tremendous blessing. He also obligates upon certain obligations that needs to be attached, and as a counterpoint to the blessings that He has given us. And this obligation is despite that God

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has raised the status of the parents, over the size of any other human being in this world, that a lot raise the rights of the parents to be next to all needed right to handle with it. So unless we have a guy that says

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that your Lord has decreed that you worship, none other than the greatest of our responsibilities in this world will be allowed to sign up and to show excellence to our parents. And unless

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another verse where we will law will be

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the worship Allah and associate, in your worship with a law, and so beautiful treatment to your parents. So what continuously raises the rights of the parents, next to his rights over the creation, so the legal precedent over the creation, then immediately afterwards is already to the parent. But despite the guy that continuously raises the rates of the pyramids, over all the other people, and over all the other writers,

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unless you have a diamond is still obligated to the parents with obligations towards their children. And this is unfortunate, because many are the parents who become diluted, who think that since a lot has raised the position of the parents, that they are at a status that they don't have any obligations, they need to render towards their children. And this is a great solution. And a lot of nonprofits have a long way. I mean, he will send them says kefa is not easement, and you were with your horse, that is enough or sufficient of essendon, for the men to lose that when she has enough that she has been entrusted with that she has been obligated to support meaning his family and his

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children, enough of a sin and the size of a law for the person to lose their family, to lose their children to lose those that they're supposed to take care of, and take care of their affairs and the profits in the long run, he was sent and said in the statement, I needed

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it, he said, Indeed, all of you are shepherds, and all of you are responsible for your phone, for the

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ride on the scooter and are on it. So the leader of the people, the political leader, the military leader, whatever isn't a status of leadership isn't enough. He is a shepherd over his people. And he is responsible for that blog

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ride at a school.

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And the man is a shepherd over his family over his home in the people who live in his home. And he's responsible for that block. And the woman is a shepherd over her children. And she's responsible for that clock. I was out and told us that we are in a sadness of responsibility. Yes, and sad is an honor. But the mother and the father are in a place of responsibility of obligation towards those last cabinet with the items we trusted them with. And so the tremendous blessing of children, that all the men and the women that have put this innate love in us and desire to have children. This is a blessing for the law only if we render the obligations to the children that we have been entrusted

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with. And for this reason, if you were to look at the prophets and messengers, and how many of the prophets and the messengers may flock or children, you will notice something.

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They never simply be dropped for children. They never simply ask the Lord to bless them with children, rather when the need to opt for the Ask lots of bless them with righteous children, not only children, but the children. And this is because of their understanding that even though they have this desire to have children, they want a life to help them raise their children. And so from the second year old age who is spending a lot of lesson with a child, he says

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we have to be careful.

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yourself a fewer offspring, not just children, not just all three, but a fewer offspring. Indeed you are the one who hears that.

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A lot of us and with a child, he says oh beheaded in the middle. Oh my Lord grant me bestow upon the children from the righteous ones from those who are righteous. They never simply ask for lots of children, but rather they asked for children who would be righteous and they are implicit.

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When they do this, when they ask for lots of lessons with richest children, they are implicitly asking a lot to help them raise their children properly, to help them take care of their children, to help them raise their children in the best manner. And according to the best methodology, and because of this, the efforts that we spend upon our children, the efforts that we exert to take care of our children,

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that deserves the care of our children, these are things that are going to help us both in this world in the next world. They are things that are going to support us in this life, and they will support us in the next life as well. And because of this Musashi, it was mentioned

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that once he was walking by he agreed,

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and he heard the man in the grave being punished.

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Then you walk by the same grave in the evening, and he heard the man in the green receiving blessings from the last candle garden and luxury from a wise surgeon. So

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he says he came from a

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well, no, don't try even.

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He said, Oh, how is it possible that I walked by the screen in the morning and he's being punished? And then it ended in the evening and he's receiving your blessings? So last panel without I responded to Saudis cinema. He says, Hi, there, husa keys, but why people are detected Oh, wait.

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I'm just

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gonna watch the title data set. True, sir. How can I punish My servants under the earth while his son is above the earth, making us to fall for him seeking forgiveness for him. And this shows you that when you work for your family, the efforts that you invest in your children will pay off, and will bless you and will take care of you in this world, and they will take care of you in the next world. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when I join your team, have you done the work?

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profits in the long run, he was setting them said, Whoever takes care of two doctors and raises them until they reach puberty, that NDK will come on the Day of Judgment, I will be with him and he held his fingers together like this, you will be with the province and the law where it will send them if you raise your children properly and take care of the problems. And so the reward of raising our children with excellence matters. The reward of raising them with a proper methodology, the Islamic methodology is incredibly important. And so inshallah let's go through some of the tips, some of the principles that is shown to us to the prophets all along while he was sitting in all of the

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prophets, and how to raise our children, and how to take care of them, and how to ensure that they grow up according to the methodology upon the power of the prophets in the messengers, the first principle, the first point that we have to all understand

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is that our relationship between the parent and the child must be one that is based

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upon love, and mercy. And actually,

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it has to be a relationship built upon mercy, the prophets of Allah, every time you would walk into this home,

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anytime you walk into his home, he would kiss his doctor.

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Every time he would go into his home, he would get stronger.

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Now as a parent in the province of a woman wanting to send me as a parent, as a parent, sometimes you have to discipline your child. And sometimes when you discipline your child, your child is not understanding that you are disciplining them from a place of mercy, from a place of affection, from a place of wanting good for them. And so sometimes the child gets angry with the parent, the child will even tell the parent I hate you. And then we'll stop talking to them, and they will slam the door because they become angry. And how many disasters have happened. When the child becomes angry, and runs away without emotion of being angry with their parents, the child runs away from the room.

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The child does this, the child does that all of these calamities, because the child reaches a point where they truly believe their parents hates them, and they hate their parents.

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But imagine if you kissed your child beforehand, and we did. Is it possible for your child to really think that they don't like you or that you don't like them. It's impossible for the child to run away with this type of emotion. So there's

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a lot more it was sending them kissing his daughter on the forehead every day. It's like a reminder to this child that I love you and I have mercy with you. And the profits in the long run. He was saying we do this consistently with his daughter and this is something that will

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prevents calamities and tragedies from coming into the home, if you're able to remind your children every day that you have one for them and mercy for them and that your relationship is built upon this mercy.

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A man was came from the bedrooms and the bedrooms are known for the right, the rock lifestyle. He came to Medina and he saw the profits on the wall while he was kissing his grandson and

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hugging and kissing him. So the man was amazed by this. He said senior.

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He says you kiss your your songs, we don't use our songs, were tough with our songs, we deal with them properly.

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We will take care of them.

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children, I never kissed a single one of them in my life.

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He says this is the province of a long way of using them. So the people can power the prophets of Allah is in response to him. He's an lm equilibrium. And there's a lot of people right now, he says, Do I have any power over you? Do I have any? Is there any benefits I can bring you if a lot has already taken mercy from your heart. I mean, there's no way for you to benefit from

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from the secrets of the Prophet if you have no mercy in your heart. The Prophet is telling you that you will have mercy even with your children. What do you have in your heart? Well, first of all mercy I agree with you don't have any mercy in your heart. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said his famous statement

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like this, whoever is not showing mercy to others will not be shown mercy themselves. And we you say this has even many contexts Have mercy with the people having mercy with your neighbors having mercy with with anonymous the tummy, we're seeing so many different scenarios. The province says this is specifically though in our children, having mercy with our children, and how many people have mercy with everyone in their life, their co workers, their neighbors, the people they meet on the streets, and they don't have mercy with their own family, their own children. And the Prophet said, Whoever does not show mercy, and indeed, a loved one shoulder, the mercy. The second point is that as a

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parent, you need to be constantly making blocks for your children, you need to be constantly asking the Lord to help you with your children. And also with that I mentioned that while people for their children constantly told me, I was gonna die. And I mentioned one of the emails. That hasn't been as well as you know what to react, you know, for the argument that a lot mentioned, for those who say, oh, our Lord graduates from our wives and our children, the comfort, the coolness of our eyes, we didn't make our children a comfort for us, making them an ease or relaxation of blessing for us in this dunya Do not be too harsh. And for us, a lot of times out of the mentions that why a Prophet

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Ibrahim is or was on a movie with

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Ruben I was accompanied by

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those who established as my children and my offspring, Osprey, or when I was a company, or board access overdrive, I was hired. I mentioned that right? Well, many people react to that record and file and create righteousness for my children. These are all these many, many

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other religions. In the old adage, I don't, I don't have children, and only brought for children. And so it's incredibly important that we are constantly I will say every prayer we should be making block for our children. A brother was key to me. And he was complaining that he found out something and his daughter, and his daughter was hiding things from him. And he came in he was complaining about this to me. So what

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do you make up for? He said to me, Well, lucky.

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I never really brought her because I never thought she needed.

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Either. My son is always

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getting in trouble. My daughter, she's waiting to be judged. She's moved to the mission. I never go anywhere to be found for

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sure. This is not the wave of prophets and messengers, for all of your children all the time, and the prophets will learn why do you send them says, Why do

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you want to do this new driver and the vehicle much

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of the parents for their child is likely to have the profits for his home.

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Now the profits in the long run, he said and told us in another heavy, all of my dog food, you'll know this, except for one, which is why he would not be bloodshed between us. But the Prophet told us everything under God was accepted. So when the Prophet says that of the parent for his child is similar to the delight of the Prophet for his own mother, it means that overwhelmingly, the majority of your wife or your child will be accepted. So maybe as much as you can see your child that you know there are lots of animals that are that is willing to accept it from you.

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The next point

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is to be excellent.

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examples for your children,

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show them, show them with your actions and with your manner in the manner that they need to emulate the problems or whatever it was send them says it can be more or less. What as simple as that honors your children. And then the performance there and their madness, how can we protect the other of our children, if not by us, and deleting to them? What are other matters should be like brothers and sisters, your children will follow you with their eyes, far more than they will ever follow you with their views, they will follow you by looking at you far more than they will ever follow you by listening to you, what you do matters. And it matters more than what you say to them. And look at

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what is something amazing enough for me, when the last time I mention what an admin I saw

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that the profit or loss represented by my actions, my deeds, and rectify my children, and he did not say rectify my children, and then rectify my deeds. No, he said, Oh, let me do good deeds.

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And then children, because if I do good deeds, and if I have good manners, then my children will see me and they will follow my example, when

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those who are totally on board make from our wives and our children, come for eyes.

00:21:40--> 00:21:53

And make us leaders of people make us example, and leaders are tougher, because if we are examples of their children will see us through their eyes, it follows that even

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the great scholars of the center, the people notice when his son was in his prayer was longer. He said see why is this the case, he says My child is looking at me, I want you to see the most excellent for that. Because he knows his childhood. And by looking at him more than by the speaking, whatever he tells him doesn't matter as much as what he does. So if his son is in the room, his prayer becomes even more excellent, because he wants to emulate the proper attitude for his children. So we have to make sure that our actions help our children understand how we manage to be the next point is to spend upon our children, to take care of them to spend upon them.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said often enough in the Virgin Islands, he said that the best of the well, that the men studies is upon his children. And there's a story that I showed him

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that a woman came and showed you a one liner, and she had two young daughters, and they were all starving. So she came to us asking her for food. So I said look through the entire home of the prophet SAW a lot more it was in them. And she found nothing except three days. That was everything in the house of the province. And

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so she gave her all of this.

00:23:14--> 00:23:19

So the woman took one of these, and she gave one to one child and one to the other childhood.

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But the children from the intensity of their hunger, the age of the trade away, before the woman herself can eat hers, they had already eaten. And then they began pulling on their mother asking for more, without only feeding should give them everything she had. So the mother who is starving herself, she was spiraling. She took the data, and she broke it into two. And she gave one to one doctor and one to the other. And she went home with me. And I showed the woman How was it magnified. So when the parts of the lung were losing people, she told the law where it was in what she had seen. So the profits overall while he was in the, in the market, along with Java be Hello,

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gentlemen, we'll be having a number. He says that indeed, a lot has made an awful addition for her to enter gender because of what she did, and has saved her from the hallmark of what she did. So spend with 100 children because it's one of the ways to show them their love for them, that you are able to spend a little bit on them. So once we have those four so stingy with their children and generations themselves or with other people, and how can your children be useful to you, help them be useful to you how we can help them be useful to you. Sometimes As parents, we become very strict with our children, very harsh to them. So if they make the slightest mistake, we become angry with

00:24:42--> 00:24:52

them. And if we are angry with our children, then a lot of becomes angry with them because of their obligations to be paid to source. So we made it difficult for them

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

not to incur the sin of angering their parents. So listen to what the provinces have already will send themselves

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

He says writing along the way,

00:25:03--> 00:25:16

but a lot has mercy on the carriers, who helps his child show piety forward say, you help your child be good to you how sometimes you become easy with them. Sometimes you forgive them. So the prophets all along, he was

00:25:19--> 00:25:21

unforgettable, he went

00:25:22--> 00:25:31

along, and his parents forgives the child for their sins, take it easy with them. Sometimes not everything is a red line. Some things are truly evil.

00:25:33--> 00:25:44

But some things, you can be easygoing and forgive them, make it a little bit easy for them. But you're not always angry with them a lot becomes angry because you're angry with them, take it easy with them, help them be pious to you.

00:25:45--> 00:25:53

And then you withdraw towards between them between almost all the time. The next point, and it's a critical point is to help

00:25:54--> 00:26:09

is to help your children by giving them responsibility. We need to give responsibility to our children, unless countdown and mentions, I don't even know he said I want to walk orders Prophet Ibrahim to slaughter his son, but didn't know that.

00:26:10--> 00:26:12

They are doing it in your welcome letter.

00:26:13--> 00:26:23

That's rather than when you suddenly get old, he's actually southern Indian, I'm seeking my dream that I am structuring you, then what is the claim to say? He's?

00:26:24--> 00:27:05

You know, he's his own man. That's all. So who are you? What do you think? He asked me, and he is 1314 years old. He's very young. He tells him what do you think about this, and this is the way of the prophets, the way of the prophets is they would ask the opinion of the children and of those that they would take care of. They include them in the decision making process. And you need to ask yourself, if you are always excluding your children from making decisions, you are making all the decisions and they have nothing to do with it. When they you're going to die. And they want to make the decisions that you show them how to make the decisions, they should show them how to weigh the

00:27:05--> 00:27:13

pros and the cons. Did you show them how to think through problems? And so this is the way you're the power of profits. He's as horrible as what you see.

00:27:14--> 00:27:24

And because he is obviously always asking profit in this matter, in his opinion, look at the beautiful example of profits. He says to him, yeah, and he

00:27:25--> 00:27:56

says, to insha, Allah, He says, Oh, my father, too, as you have been commanded, you will find me in Charlotte to be more patient. And he doesn't say you'll see me up those who are patient. No, he's in shock. Because he's wise, he has wisdom, he knows when that is brought to his neck make it scary. So he says, In short, all peoples were patients. This is an answer someone with wisdom, because his father trained him to have wisdom. And he would ask him his opinion, and look at the profits in the long run. He was once he was sitting in a business.

00:27:58--> 00:28:20

And they bought him a cup of water. So the profit dragged from the water, and their customers, they would pass this on to the right side. But sitting next to the product as a young child, 1011 years old, and in the business are those who are older. So there's the profit, just ignore the kid and give it to the elders. Or what does he do? He turns to the young man, he says,

00:28:21--> 00:28:26

and he had about an opening to do give me permission to give it to the elders first.

00:28:28--> 00:29:05

This is showing him respect, this is including the child and making the decision. And when you show the child respect and honor, then the child themselves will feel like they are worthy of respect, and they are worthy of honor. And if they feel like they are worthy harder than they will not dishonor themselves, it was important to treat the child with respect to show them respect. And when you do this, then inshallah they themselves will seek more maturity, they will think that I'm people are expecting me to think mature me so they will think with a certain sense of maturity, the seventh point there to increase the demand of our children.

00:29:06--> 00:29:30

To many of us, when we are teaching our children about Islam, we're teaching them that alone. The cost of care of making sure they know the rules, the rules of what's what's How are the rules, paraphrasing the rules? How do we teach them the rules will be forgetting to teach them in and we forget to increasing them in their hearts. Why is the child how is the child going to field

00:29:31--> 00:29:37

responsibility to do that and to stay awake and watch how long if you haven't created a connection between them?

00:29:39--> 00:29:45

And look at the price of a loved one with his own cousin, our beloved and our bass? What does he say to his cousin? Yeah.

00:29:46--> 00:29:52

Oh, young boy. I will teach you some words of wisdom. What does it teach us? How long we really like

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

to jam and be mindful of a lot of the mindful of you be mindful of a lot and a lot. You will

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

Find a lot before you. And he starts to increase his demand between him and between the last time without him telling you don't have your arm attached to the people attach your personal muscle training data by increasing his he man, it's more important than everything else. And when you increase 39, then they will be able to follow the data and stay away from our better because their email is there to help them and to support them.

00:30:25--> 00:30:56

And say, and finally, we're the last principle that I want you to give us is to understand that the way that you are going to raise your children has to be different than the way that your parents raised you. Yes, it has to be different. Many people they want to raise their children exactly the way that they were raised. Look at 95, the only one who answered he said that loud to elevate an athlete cannot be an adult, he does not raise your children, the way your parents raised you why he says that.

00:30:59--> 00:31:15

He says because they are have been created for a time for a generation different than your generation, the times change the customs of the people change. So your way of treating your children has to adapt, and believe be flexible. There are things

00:31:17--> 00:31:53

that are established, you need to ensure your children pray from a young age, there is no negotiation about that. But many, many other things, there needs to be flexibility, you need to be able to adapt. Maybe in your day, your parents used to give you very little money. A lot of us they used to buy you very few things. But at that time, everyone was not seeing situations. Now the kids all of them expects all of them once you're certain shoes, not certain phones not certain the certain that it doesn't mean you have to give them everything, but you can also treat them exactly like your parents treated do. You need to maybe be flexible and give them some of the things that

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they want. And so these are from the beautiful example of the prophets or the messengers. And these are the ways in the principles for us to establish and taken care of our children but hopefully it was something about you that could have some trouble in order for