Murtaza Khan – The Reality Of Death

Murtaza Khan
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu lillahi wa

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one our auto Villa him in surely unforeseen amin say dr Molina

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maniac de la la moody la la. Woman your little fella had Yella

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Illa in LA LA illallah wa de la sharika wash

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hamedan Abu humara solo

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Latina taco la Hakata D wala tomo tune in

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to the moon. Yeah, a new one so taco hora de como la de la kocoum enough Seema Haider wirkkala Carmen has Olga waterbirth mean humeri Jalan Cathy wrong one is

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what are called La la de tous Luna de Ville are in LA Cana la Kumara Kiba.

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Au holla Deena taco la worku columns D the useless la comme la como la comme de novo con woman, UT Rasulullah, who faqad further fosun albina. I'm about to finance da Cunha de kita boo tabula rasa Alhaji had you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was charbroil ohmori much data to her local desert in beta wakulla Bala Latin wakulla de la la

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after praising Allah Subhana Allah

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and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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we find unfortunately as Muslims,

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that many of us begin to stay away from certain realities for a specific reality,

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whereby we become keen individuals to discuss various topics.

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Whether it be topics of the world, the politics around us, or topics talking about other individuals

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ought to be worried about a certain situation or certain individuals we find is common practice.

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And we have many things to discuss.

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When it comes to another reality, which all of us have to face in our lives,

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you find it very rarely a person begins to focus and begins to prepare

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for the end of this reality or the end of the short span upon this earth.

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Maybe possibly some of us

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have fallen into the trap

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for falling into the prophecy

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of the prophetic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the Hadith and the son of a Buddha would

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say there will come a time whereby this Omar will be suffering from a war when

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they pose the question

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What is this weapon? What is this disease that as Muslims,

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I quote Muslim non Muslim will begin to suffer in the context of the Hadith is talking about the Muslim oma

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will be suffering from her book dunya kurata, moto Cora here to note okoma call sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this Muslim Ummah will begin to suffer from a love of this world. And a hatred for death

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is almost begin to despise that reality of that journey that returned back to Allah subhanaw taala. That is quite strange. When we are supposed to be an omen nation, an individual preparing ourself to make that return and that journey back to Allah Subhana Allah.

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And we know that the numerous verses inside the Quran

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are the direct or indirect, which begin to talk for sent home the reality of this reality. Whether it be directly coluna in their echo mode, every single soul will taste death

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which occurs in three seconds.

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locations inside the Quran and inshallah we're going to ponder over these three main verses.

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So whether it be other

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metaphors or descriptions about death and her Kamata castle, Hector's or toombul makabe the continuous piling and rivalry of this dunya of this world distracts you until you visit the graves. This is a form of Kenai of speech in the Arabic language, counting the meaning when you go and visit the graves, meaning when you are dead,

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when you are debt individual, that is the only time the mutual rivalry of this world will be taken away from you. that you find in a hadith that the son of Adam had one value of gold, he would aspire to have another value of gold. And the only thing that will quench that thirst and that desire will be the dirt, the dust the Torah which will be thrown or stuffed into his mouth. Michael define other words inside the Quran, whether it be masiva the calamity, whether it be the agile, the appointed time, the certainty the reality, only synonymous terminologies and words that we find are all sending one message called lumen Allah have fun while you're because you're a bigger than Jelani

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will occur on everything upon this earth will perish. Everything in the heavens will perish as well. While your kawach Rebecca dawn Jelani will occur on the only thing that will remain will be the sublime face of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that should be the intent of the believer in striving hard to return back to the earth era. Living upon this earth welcome fill out the Mr. Caron vomiter on Isla hain. We're only here on a temporary basis, the real return is back to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Deena Hassan was the other those individuals who do good for them, they will be an extra bonus will be given to them. That extra bonus we'll be looking at the sublime face of Allah subhanahu wa

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taala. So that is the preparation, the Muslim begins to make one method that enough sumedha taxi bajada one method enough, some be a road into mood, no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul knows in which land it will die. That is the promise of Allah subhanaw taala that every soul has to make that journey. So why are so many of us trying to stay away from this reality or don't want to live up to this reality that somehow we begin to fall short. Unfortunately, many of us even personally on a daily basis that this reality begins to drift away from us. The first time that last time that I mentioned Kundu knifes in the cartoon mode, every single soul will taste death inside

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Sora earlier muran was 185 that we find in a lot undermentioned we're in number to a phone or euro communal piano. And then you will be given your full recompense will be given to you and the Day of Judgment. No individual will be oppressed on that day from and they have an inner healer janitor for God first woman higher to dunya in the matter of the horror, whoever is saved from the punishment of the Hellfire and thrown into paradise faqad furs, that is the ultimate success. That is the most successful individual who saved from the punishment of *, and thrown straight into paradise. And then comes a key element regarding this dunya one mile higher to dunya in diameter or what is this

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world, except for great big deception. That's all that this dunya this earth is. These are the symbols are the symbols of the people who reject Allah Subhana Allah will call Luma here in the higher tuna dunya Namu to wanna hear your lacuna in that data. These are symbols and slogans of these individuals, atheists, people who reject the last 100 other people who speak ill of Allah and Allah speak ill of the deen of Allah Mandela, life for them has only become this dunya they say what is this life except for that we live and we die. And the only thing that will destroy us is the passing of time. Let us enjoy our life. Let us live life to the maximum forget about this reality

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that is returned back to Allah Subhana Allah, so does the Muslim is vigilant not to fall into this trap of thinking that life is only about remaining here.

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Those individuals have been described inside the Quran. Yeah Allah Managua here aminul hayata dunya Romani, Hara t Houma coffee loon, these people only know the external factors of this world, just so that they know everything about this dunya. As for the fear of loss panda describes these individuals as being half alone. The second time that Allah mentions identical verse coluna. In the cartoon mode, every single soul we taste death is inside sutan MBA the 21st Chapter The Quran verse number 35. Whenever you can be, shall we will say repeat Natasha, Elena toward your own, then we will test you with difficulties with hardships will evil. And likewise we goodness with good things

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from Elena toward your own, then you will return back to us. Obviously being tested with difficulty is quite clear. But how about the good things, even the good things that a person possesses can unfortunately become at times a distraction for the individual. Take a person away from the path of a lost bandana, make a person lose that focus and that return back to LA spandana. The third time that last one that I mentioned something similar again, inside sort of the anchor booth the 29th chapter, the chorus and verse 57 coluna in their echo mode from Elena toward your own, once again every soul will taste death and then you will all you need return any back to us. So what should the

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Muslim be preaching in their life? Every single individual should be preaching that there is a return back to last pantalla irrespective of what your status is, what your condition is, every Muslim should be channeling themselves and channeling those people around them to get prepared for that journey to return back to Allah subhanahu wa tada but unfortunately find the Quran describes and are true for local and is at a time we think that the Quran is talking about a separate group of individuals when the Quran is actually addressing us for in nonmotile editor for Runa men who for inner hula pecan, from Mathura Duna Illa Allah minute he was Shahada for you know, Bill can be

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malcontent. I'm alone for an is quite explicit is quite clear. For some of us we begin to fall into a trap. There may be some of us can begin to avoid this return back to loss panda Allah. So the Quran talks about those individuals, but the message is quite clear towards us as well. Cullinan Mota levita for Runa men who are in no moolah pecan say that death that you are trying to flee away from that somehow you're trying to escape death. Somehow you're trying to avoid death. Some way you're trying to run away from death for no moolah pecan, indeed it will meet you will come straight in front of your face. So Mathura una Isla alameen Habiba Shahada for you in a beer can be

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malcontent German, then you return back to the one a lost panda Anna, who knows the open and the hidden, knows external and internal from the unit Billiken Bhima quantum Dharma known then Allah will inform every single one of us about what we carried out or the actions that were done upon this earth. Likewise, you find those individuals who fall into that trap a trap call in Canada como para to call a certain en de la he in the lake Hollister Dominus Futterman, will Mota in kuntum saw the pain those individuals fall into that trap, who believe that

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the final abode is specific to them. So look at the Quran begins to address these individuals. Futterman will mote aspire for death. If you believe that you are the chosen ones of Allah Subhana Allah, why don't you make that plea? That may def come upon us. And we know the context of who this ayah is referring to. But that doesn't concern us today. But apply that lesson towards us. How many of us that we begin to think that we are the chosen ones of a loss Panda, that we are Muslims, we are blessed to be born in a Muslim home, or we have a Muslim family around us. So why do many of us still begin to flee away from death? Why don't we aspire for death if we truly are, those

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individuals have been selected and chosen by Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, those of us individuals, who begin to think that somehow we can fortify ourselves from death, we can conceal so from death, we can protect ourselves from death. The Quran mentions intimate akuna Yoda common mode, while quantum fever Rudy macheda, wherever you are, Deaf will come and collect you. Even if you happen to be inside your 45 palaces and mansions. That's what some individuals they begin to think that somehow they're free from death. Maybe they have some special privilege. Maybe death will give them a certain respect or certain honor where

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Do you happen to be when your appointed time comes in your agile comes, then your return will be taken by lots of Canada Anna. So don't think 45 palaces, mansions, lofty buildings, whatever it may be, whether even to build a hospital hospital underneath your palace, as some of these individuals have done literally have built them thinking as soon as a heart attack comes upon us, we can quickly be taken down to the operation theater, and then we can save our lives. Your time comes a lot, probably take your time whenever it happens to be, but it happens to be inside that palace or wherever it may be a lot longer take those individuals take all of us and return us back to Allah

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subhanahu wa Tada. And that we find that likewise, those of us who think or begin to fall into the trap, that our wealth and our property and our children become a distraction for some of us. That's the Quran mentions to the end of suta monasticon talking about the hypocrites, but then mentioned lesson two as believers. Yeah, you're Latina. Latin Hey, come on welcome. Allah Allah Docomo and decree law are you believe, don't let your wealth and your children distract you from the dhikr of Allah and Allah is carrying a genuine meaning by Allah mark the facilita mentioned the deeper meaning is distracts you from the prayer which children in your world take you away from

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establishing their prayer. Until eventually that we find those in the way individuals will may have an Delica or a kamikaze role. Wherever lets their wealth and the children distract them from the prayer and devotion to the Lord and to Allah, then those individuals are the manifest losers, they are fallen into a state of loss, one faithful member of the main cobley and yet Tia had a common mode spend from that which you provided upon you, and bestowed upon you blessed upon you play for a comes upon you mean probably a tear, I had a common mode before death comes upon one of you fair cooler up be Lola of cottony illa ajilon carried for our sadaqa akumina saw the pain when you are

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innocent either Angelou, her Willa Huckabee Don't be mad at him alone. One of us is going to begin to say, or most of us are going to begin to say, Oh, my Lord, returned me back into this world. So I may begin to do what for us. sadaqa welcome Mina Sala hain, I begin to give the charity begin to become righteous and begin to do good deeds. But we find a lot of dimensions that once your time once again, agent, your appointed time of death comes when you ask for a loan of some either.

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Well lo hubby Ruby matamanoa. Once you're appointed time comes there's going to be no returning back to this Jr. is going to be no return. Once you've left your time, you've left this world, then that is it for that individual. And as you find many individuals are going to make that statement as you find inside. So to me known as some people are going to say at either mode, Colorado, rune Leah masala and FEMA, Tara Keller, in Kelly Matan who are called into her, some individuals going to say, when the time comes once again, or my Lord, give me respect, give me some time, give me the opportunity to return back to this dunya what will be said to this individual can enter Kelly Matan

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who aka elucha these are empty words, these are vain words, they have no value today, you had ample opportunity to live true to these words, to live up to these words, that these words don't mean anything now. Now you find a birth and interspace we placed between this individual between this dunya and likewise towards just like a person can never return back to the womb of his mother. And likewise a person can never return back to this dunya once a person is taken out this dunya there is no concept in Islam that a person can return back or person has a second opportunity or a second chance, the person only has one chance upon this dunya and as a person makes the best of that chance

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upon this earth for duckula masataka data as much as you can. And as we find likewise many a Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim Remember, a few min decree had demanded that or had demanded that. Remember, the destroyer of pleasures, in a sort of romantic movie that we find that which destroys the pleasures, the pleasures could be the good thing as we mentioned, the pleasures of this dunya what will destroy them or will take a person away from all the good things that we enjoy inside this dunya it will be nothing but death. So a person needs to become excessively remembering. That is a reality that many of us that we forget. Remember it excessively that would you destroy the

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pleasure that we enjoy on a daily basis when we return back to Allah subhanaw taala and as we find prepared

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For death, a person who comes in the morning may come in the morning as a believer, and by the end of the day may become unfortunate disbeliever and a person at night may go to sleep as a carefree disbeliever will use the minion wakes up as a believer. What would mean sciatica mean moronic. manhyia ticker kablammo tick, take from your health, before you fall in, take from your life before death comes upon you is something key elements of teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that's refined along hadith of Al Bara even as we're talking about the journey of the good soul, and the journey of the wicked soul, that is a long Hadith that all of us should go back. Hanan

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Bandha hin go back and read this hadith and study this hadith about what will happen to every single one of us. Which type of soul Are we going to be on that day when we extracted but last winter by the angels? Does he find it the good soul, the soul that tried to exert its efforts to serve a loss panda Allah, angels will come down which routes from Paradise a white shroud with a perfume with a good fragrance and begin to take the soul take the soul out in a soft manner. Just like you squeeze a bottle or a floss you find how quickly the water just gushes out. This is how the good soul will be squeezed slightly and it will report out Yeah, a year

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in a row Jerry ihlara Vicki Robin Amalia for the holy theory birdie, what the Holy Trinity, the soul in the state of contentment, in peace, in tranquility, Felicity in bliss, in contentment, taken out easily returned back to your Lord returned back in a state of happiness, enter amongst my servants and enter into my paradise, that is the ultimate soul that all of us should be yearning to create that within our soul. And as you find the soul will come back in an easy manner, in a soft manner. And then you find as the soul is being lifted, you find the soul we call by every single good name, it is known upon inside the studio, and all of the angels begin to praise the soul. And then it

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comes to the lofty location, the record of an early you will only the lofty souls are stored, or the names are deposited day and after loss hunter knows clearly which sold will enter that location. But Allah will ask Who is this good soul. We said this is the soul, the son of so and so has come to this destination. And we told to return back into this dunya because indeed we created you from the earth. We made you reside upon the earth and will resurrect you once again from the earth so the soul will travel back down once again. And this time you find a soul is placed inside the grave. We ask those questions that all of us know what the answers are today, who is your Lord? And a good

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soul will say that my lord is a Lost Planet Allah subhanaw taala D Deena Amano bilco Lisa Beatty Phil hieratic Jr. Sarah Lavalle me no Yaga lahoma Yeshua subhanho wa Taala we find out lots of Allah is a bit alone that Dena Amano will give us back to those true believers upon this earth, and colusa bit as the mamasan dimensions are the stuff see Cola, Cola, la de la, whoever lives according to La Ilaha Illa one murta Allah Delhi dies upon that, resurrected upon that, that is tofik minilite Subhana Allah, those individuals will act success inside the dunya likewise in South Africa as well, in a Latina Carlota buena la Docomo, tetanus Allah Allah Malaika Allah azza wa jal no wild Shiro

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Belgian Attila t quantum to a dual national Alia

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era those are the individuals that Angel will come down upon those individuals and greet them those who say I Lord is Allah. Allah Tomas Docomo remains steadfast upon that there is no fear, no grief upon them, angels will greet them. We are your friends, we are your friends inside this dunya and we are friends inside the Kira Wallah comfy Her Majesty and Fuso Kampala comfy Hinata nosey la mina for Rahim, you will have whatever your soul desires, whatever you desire inside this dunya will now be given to you inside the Hara. So that's the Muslim who controls he sold a suburb Anisha where the person who controls the soul not to enter the temptations or this dunya those temptations of desires

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will no longer be temptation desires are the era where the soul yearns for will be given inside the earth geared towards these righteous individuals, that those individuals will be able to say that our Lord is a loss panda Allah, those individuals are going to be able to say that my way of life is an Islam in Medina and de la jolla Islam

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their way of life in front of a lot of Allah is Allah Islam and Islam submission. total submission. Are you believe with Hulu filmic fatten while at the bureau photo, attache pod, are you believe enter into Islam in total submission. That is what a Muslim is exerting his or her efforts in everything trying to live according to Islam. Whoever seeks any other way of life other than Islam will never be accepted an individual will have it here at minimal cost serene and inside the Euro will be amongst the losing individuals. That is a life of Al Islam. Aloma achimota lacantina wattman to Allah come near Mati what are the two local Islam Medina this day? I have chosen for you

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perfected it for you. And I'm content and happy for you to follow the way of Islam that every Muslim is searching for. A Muslim who lived according to Islam in Saudi life, will be able to say Dini al Islam, my way of life is an Islam. And likewise, how do you know that person read the Quran? Person live by the Quran? The person adopted the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Al Salaam, adorn themselves inside that life is able to recognize this is the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim begins to revive this his son and begin to revive his practices, calling contemptible Allah Butterbeer oni como la jolla fella Khumbu, Boku wa Hua for Rahim, you claim to love Allah Subhana Allah as many of

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us Muslims we claim for to be only make a tea bar of the soul of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem every day we shred his Sunnah every day we take go away from the Sunnah every day we speak lfv Sunnah every day we undermine his Sunnah. And then we say that we love a lot under under this ayah has a condition you love a lot of data for to be Rooney, that's the job. That's the answer, follow me. And what's the result that we given to you? The result is that Allah Allah begin to love you and will attack your sins. That's how simple and Islam is. These individuals are they agree, they'll be shown if you disobey the last 100 Allah, this would have been your place inside jahannam. But

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because you find you exerted your efforts, you tried your best. This is your place inside paradise. And that's a fragrance of Paradise will be exposed to these individuals, the place empowered to be shown to these individuals. These people will say, oh my lord, hasten the day hasten the opportunity that I may enter into paradise. I returned back into my family

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therapy centers individual sleep, a peaceful sleep, just had a person on the first day of the best of his life, sleeps with no worries at all. That will be the best of individuals who

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profess the rebellious individual, the one who disobey the law subpoena Tyler, he saw me be ripped out. He saw we ripped out a cup full, he's taken out of a hot substance, and the soul will be covered with an evil shroud with a shroud that leaves a foul spin, and by every wicked name upon this dunya every wicked name upon this dunya this individual code and the angels take the soul but the soul will never be lifted up because you find that sold out wicked soul that even sold never really entered to paradise until the camel goes through the eye of the needle musta hit a button never with a wicked disbelieving individual and tend to Paradise Just as the camel can never go

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through the eye of the needle. And I caught those are the individuals that you find those who people who committed she could have lost panda Allah they will begin to be thrown from the heavens for Tata food

00:28:47 --> 00:29:03

will be read from FEMA can inside inside so to catch that we find thrown down from the heavens. Those people can be shipped with the loss of Allah. Allah mercy they mentioned why there's a lot of mention a person be thrown down from the heavens, because you find chick is only burden and

00:29:05 --> 00:29:20

she takes you away from Allah Allah. She does not bring you close to Allah bandanna. Those individual think that the power of shake will bring them close to each other and worship older forms of sharing. Those are some of the relevant mentioned in the law.

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And you should be here while you're doing that delicately Manisha samarinda mentioned kulu and worship, every form of ship, what ocana Kabira, no kalila in any form of Shaykh Allah Allah will never ever forgive it was a killer, their minority view of the earlier man, but there's some truthful inside some element of their words, that every element of shit is dangerous for the believer record in a llama Amira, amin, amin, Fatah, I know her Burman thora the action that somebody will bring, even this is talking about the moose raccoon, the disbelieving individuals that Muslims should be wary about

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That, that some individuals, we're going to bring the action of their judgment, and we're going to throw them like scattered dust on a windy day, there will be no value for those individuals. And that could be the state of these individuals is wicked souls, disobeying Allah Subhana. Allah don't want to return back to Allah and Allah ample opportunity, ample signs have been given to these individuals. And that's you find this individually thrown down upon the earth, and then you find this person will be here. And that pain we heard or that voice be heard by everything, every living thing except for the human being. And as you find this individual when this individual asked exactly

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the same question, but will this individual say

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la de la de, I don't know, I don't know. I heard the people saying something. But I will be able to say that could be many of us individuals. All of us know what the answer is today. But you don't need a light. So

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you're not going to be able to utter those words. You're able to say, My Lord is Allah Subhana. Allah, my way of life is Islam. The messenger sent to me was the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, I heard some people saying these words, but today, I can't comprehend them. Today, I can't understand them. I don't know what to say. Cuz up to you lie. Your lie. That's what you are. When you're in your local area.

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Some of us we see every single sign, we're never going to submit. We're never going to come close to a diner. That's a evil soul. The believing soul is that individual. But a Muslim Allah sees all of the different science sees the reality of every single day, at time a portion is taken away every day is a part of your body is being disseminated is taken away from you. There is not much time left of every single individual. So how can we become those foolish individuals who begin to think that we can stay away from death. And that's we find a lot and I mentioned quite clearly it's not suitable. Who a lady, kala como tal, hayata, Li Abou accom au come, Allah, Allah created death. And

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then life never mentioned life first. Because the essence is quite clear on democracy to mention that there is more of a reality of death, that there will be death everything that is born, will taste the death and as to see that what you reside upon this earth. Leah blue comm a you can ask Allah to see which of you is going to do the best of actions. Who amongst us is going to strive to do the correct actions? That's how simple life is, is as black and white. That's as simple Islam is. These are actions that you need to do. You need to exert yourself to try to do these actions to get into paradise. Yes, at times Allah subhanaw taala can overlook the actions at times that lasala can

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forgive any individual he wants. You as people may show your query Manisha Subhana, Allah forgives whomever he wants to punish whomever he wants. But so many of us have become full of ourselves, that perhaps I live a dangerous life. I live or even live. I live a life of disobedience, a life of corruption. And perhaps I may be that one individual that loves Abdullah pardons or forgive. That's a dangerous life to live, to think that you could be that one individual and rely solely upon that and exert no effort. Try nothing inside this dunya read through all of the Hadith, which took about paradise. Jana, Jana, Jana, Jana, Jana, he will have this in Paradise, I guarantee this for him in

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paradise will be promised this empire that this we planted in paradise will enter Paradise, this will give him paradise, go and study all of those

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all of the hobbies you find what nothing but a man if an action person says this will have this plant in paradise person does this will give this empire that person stays away from this is guaranteed this inside paradise. So who says that actions don't have a pivotal role for Muslim inside their life. So Muslim shouldn't become shallow in their actions? Yes, we're going to fall short inside the actions rahula called insanity that a man has been created inside a state of weakness will will make mistakes. But the key element is a real believer is the one who's trying inside this dunya is striving inside this dunya while a cell in sunny Illa Massa anessa, Yahoo so

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for your man will only have whatever he strives for. Whatever you strive for is what you'll be given to. And you'll see you're striving, whoever strives for the fairer and makes that striving for tools. We'll see for Surya who can sell mascara. Indeed that salary of the individual will be something a reward filled with something beneficial for an individual who makes a true salary. like ours. You find the individual fella no he or no higher tempo will give that individual a good life.

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Unless you find Joke's on me, tell me I mentioned melanjutkan any agenda to dunya lamea to Jonathan Weber doesn't enter the paradise of this world will never enter the paradise of the era. There is a paradise inside this world. There is no paradise inside this world. The paradise inside this world is right here inside your heart. If you find it right inside your heart, you find that contentment, you find that peace, you find that tranquility, you find hello to Eman, you find submission you find contentment you find bliss you find happiness you found paradise inside your heart, then inshallah you find paradise inside.

00:35:38 --> 00:36:16

That's as simple life is you find it inside your heart, that inshallah Allah, bestow, implant bestow and bless you with that further after the real Africa inside the Euro, irrespective, then whatever your actions may be respective, whatever your life may be, then there is a search, we all need to begin to find and to develop, to stay away from falling into that shallow understanding of this world, of loving, excessive love of this dunya. Not to say the dunya is not important, but to take that away from our heart, and begin to strive for the era in that depth that we all have to meet. And each one of us has to prepare our own selves. That is a time whereby every Muslim needs to

00:36:16 --> 00:36:27

become selfish, that whatever prepared for the for the son of Adam dies, everything comes to a standstill. When you find before that three things traveled with all of us towards our graves.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:28

For your

00:36:30 --> 00:36:41

return to them, we'll return back, our family members and I will return back when your cover hidden one thing will remain with every single one of us. What will remain with every single one of us. While you're

00:36:43 --> 00:36:59

the only thing that remain will be actions, simple, that's every single one of us. Likewise, we find three things will benefit individual when they need dystonia, and either be a righteous son, or righteous daughter, righteous progeny that will begin one of those will

00:37:00 --> 00:37:22

begin to pray for us. We don't want to live a life of Islam. We don't want our children to live a life of Islam, encourage them to come to Islam. And eventually they will begin to pray for us. It becomes an ongoing reward for individuals. Likewise, you find some form of sadaqa some form of charity. And you heard man Ben Alinea. He must Jaden Ben Allah

00:37:23 --> 00:38:04

will build a house for Allah Subhana Allah, Allah build a house of individuals at paradise. That is one of the ways of ongoing charity to build a Masjid to build an orphanage to build an institute to build a madrasa to repair the road to repair a well to bring out water whatever all types of chargeable actions, these are ways that will benefit the individual inside the IRA. And I codified some knowledge a person leaves behind, that people can benefit from that knowledge or some form of creating avenues of knowledge or many was a clearly there, whether it be painting the Quran, painting, of photo of books, of the rules, halaqaat whatever it may be its own forms a way of

00:38:04 --> 00:38:45

leaving behind knowledge that people can begin to benefit from benefit from so May Allah give us all the Tofig old ability to live aside old opportunities to begin to prepare for that long journey for that difficult journey. The only be swift for those individuals who begin to understand that journey is not really a long journey. It's not really a long tunnel. It is a short tunnel. It is a short journey the person begins to take that long journey inside this dunya and a lot of may shorten that journey inside that era. The last place these words inside out center America's amongst those individuals and Latina yestermorrow una cola for your center who who hear the words of Allah and

00:38:45 --> 00:38:58

Allah and don't just hear them but comprehend them, understand them and implement them to the best of their ability. Welcome to Cali Harada was stuck through lolly welcome polygamy in Muslim enough istockphoto Rahim

00:39:02 --> 00:39:03

Allah how to start

00:39:04 --> 00:39:06

without lecture on reality of death.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:12

We have a few minutes in Sharla before Isha Salah.

00:39:13 --> 00:39:16

like to ask if there's any questions relating to the topic

00:39:18 --> 00:39:19

that you've just heard from the brothers.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:25

Can we have one? And just before we ask that question

00:39:27 --> 00:39:33

is brought the McSorley's around. I know there was a question that was coming from the sisters. So that's a rant for can have that on a piece of paper.

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

You mentioned the tone, the tone down the heavens. He also said that every single every single living thing

00:40:04 --> 00:40:05

Except from the human being

00:40:07 --> 00:40:11

asked the question more accurately, we wouldn't have sold a beat, but Luffy

00:40:15 --> 00:40:17

will be hidden from the grave, then every

00:40:18 --> 00:40:53

thing would hit any the sound except for the human being. As for the gentleman, I don't know, maybe somebody else can hide that whether the gene will hear that sound as well. But every living thing will, will will hear that sound except for for human beings. And that you find that shifts on your Tamia. He writes that those people are suffering inside the graves that we used to take when animals when the animal is suffering from an upset stomach will take them to the graveyard. And when they have a convulsion, the moving of their stomach because the sounds that we're hearing that would clear up their their stomach etc is an action that needs to do that shift something Tamia has

00:40:53 --> 00:40:55

mentioned some of his work well not

00:40:58 --> 00:40:58

sure anybody else

00:41:05 --> 00:41:39

is asking the question Can Shahid be given forgiven if they come it should appear at the end is not for us to judge any individual. But if the person died upon a ship, and it's absolutely crystal clear last time that we judge the individual even then it's not for us to say if a person commits ship that a person is definitely getting into the Hellfire they are Muslim, Allah Subhana Allah knows best maybe they could have been some obstacles could have been something that said we can only give a general answer. So Shaheed lost and the other may pick up the individual for some element of sincerity inside their in their life, sacrificing themselves the environment that they lived in,

00:41:39 --> 00:42:04

they were not exposed to a true belief did not understand what a correct Akita was so lost and that will judge you need that individual is not for us to judge any individual and to say specifically, this person will go into paradise, and this person is going to the Hellfire we are already making a general statement. People who commit ship in general they are heading towards the hellfire. So specifically in the sharks, we need this individual go into jahannam that no individual can make that statement. Will Lorna

00:42:06 --> 00:42:07

circle have just one last question, brother.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:53

That's the question that some people say when the soul dies, that Don't cry, it will harm the the dead individual. Here what we mean by by crying is excessive any wailing and crying. As for natural crying and shedding of tears, then there's nothing wrong with that from people who come excessive of slapping any their cheeks and ripping their clothing and wailing and crying. Because you find in the masaba and the submittal Ola indeed patients when the calamity first hits you that you are patient, not at a later stage, you become patient and you begin to thank Allah, Allah when it first happens. You're praising you say in Linda, you were in a garage Oh, that is a menial. That clean key element

00:42:53 --> 00:43:26

you begin to remember lots of Hannah Diana. So some of our people is excessive wailing and crying. According to authentic Ahadi. This affects you need the dead person at home the dead person. So the probe, it's so nice to remind our family members, there's nothing wrong with crying in the humble man or something which is natural. But to go beyond the balance, which many of the women begin to do that you can hear their voices and screaming and shouting or words of Cofer come out their mouth that this person was too young. Why did a lot take their life It wasn't their point in time that a lot of life to go they had a young life that a young son, a young family, a young wife or a young

00:43:26 --> 00:43:58

husband, whatever it may be all these type of words a person should avoid them and stay away from them and remind their family members to have patience and you are actually harming the dead individual. Likewise to quickly thrifted and buried buried individual is an appropriate sadhana whereby we begin to visualize the face of the individual, there is no benefit in seeing the face of the individual. There is no benefit that which is ascribed to seeing the blessing face of the Prophet Mohammed some is something specific as for waiting on hours on end for person to come and see the face. Let me know what are your manomaya de man Oh, it doesn't affect the amount of

00:43:58 --> 00:44:27

individual doesn't increase the amount that somehow magically the person their bodily organs may have taken there may be some facial features which have changed. So when people want to visualize some form of mood or some depiction on on the person's face, that's not totally true. That's not true. So Swift, the sadhana is to bury the person appropriately and quick as possible. And they're good individual to take them towards the extra if they're bad individual to take away that burden on your on your shoulders and quickly bury this individual to take away that sin that could be on us. Shoulders were low.

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