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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges faced by the United States and Iran in recent years, including lack of graduation, lack of graduation standards, and the lack of graduation for men. They emphasize the importance of setting goals and achieving them in a way that is goal-core and personal. The importance of learning to become a good person and setting goals for the future is also emphasized. The success of Islam is also discussed, including the importance of worshiping Allah and meeting his expectations. The challenges of achieving success in the Western world and the importance of learning and knowledge in achieving success in the Eastern world are also discussed.
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Are the Villa shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Segura, Mohammed Ali wasabia Jermaine, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful the most Karina Chateau La ilaha illallah wa witness that man has the right to be worshipped except Allah Subhana Allah, we send our please peace, salutations and greetings our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to his pious and pure family and his companions and all those who follow upon the student until the end of times, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us to be of those who are on the student of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we ask Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma to forgive our sins this past week. And Allah bless us in the week to come in this new year, may Allah grant to be a year of Baraka and

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higher and goodness for us individually. And for the oma at large. I mean, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Last week, we began our first football of 2018. And we had a recap of the problems that we inherited from 2017. And we look forward to a new year. And we continue in this, this theme of planning for a better year for us to have this football being done 2019. And we look back and say Alhamdulillah, 2018, was a good year for us as individuals and for us as an oma. And we asked ourselves, how do we do that we have an opportunity now, a new year. And for In fact, for many of our kids in sha Allah, I believe, in this week to come it will be the beginning of the school year.

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So it's back to school for many of our youngsters. How do we make the most of this new year? And we said last week, that a beginning and if you in fact listen to many lectures Alhamdulillah we have the presence of the founder of Muslim Central with us today. Muslim is the biggest Islamic website of lectures, English lectures on Earth, developed in Cape Town, many of the big scholars the names that you know, Mufti mink, for example, before they put the, the meat the lectures online, it first goes to Muslim Central. So before you get to YouTube, it's the first. So if you look at all these lectures, you'd find that the scholars always when they begin, they talk

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about two very important aspects as a start the Nia and knowledge and we will continue discussing these two themes in our series power of knowledge over the next two, three weeks in sha Allah, because we are an oma of knowledge. We are an oma of learning. We are an oma that excels when it comes to knowledge we should be and many many of our problems, the solution stems from the same place Allah began reforming the community of Arabia began with a clock. In fact, we said

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before Islam came down before the Quran came down, it wasn't called the age of over the age of disbelief was called the age of Jamelia ignorance. Now, the opposite of Islam is not ignorance. But Allah wants to show that Islam is almost synonymous with knowledge, Islamic knowledge is the same. And therefore this belief and evil is hand in hand with darkness, and with ignorance. And the surest way to hidayah and guidance is through knowledge, and the quickest way to misguidance or to wire the will of falling into mistakes and janam is through ignorance. Let's battle between knowledge and ignorance. We said began all the way back to our creation with Nevada where Allah made the angels

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and the jinn sudo to NaVi item because he was given knowledge over that of the gym.

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But we begin with Nia number one so I want to talk about two essentials for a beginning, knowledge near and knowledge and briefly with the issue of the near you open side Buhari. first chapter the very first Hadith you find in the of all the Hadith Buhari said knew over a million Hadith not all of them authentic Of course, but he knew them and he chose the very first Hadith is the beginning in Albania, that everything that actions will be judged within here and therefore the beginning point in time if the Nia is correct then even if the How is not so good you know, you need is to go for hydrogen car, but you had you had mistakes in it a locality, would you not on how you made the

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hunch, but then how sincere you Nia was Allah doesn't look at the quantum or doesn't look at how much you put in the towel for donations was aka when it's a five ran or 5 million ran. The NEA is what will elevate it from being a small charity to a big charity. It's based on the NEA how sincere you are. And when we talk about Nia usually from an Islamic perspective. I mentioned this to some of my colleagues in our talk that Nia when we talk about it in Islam, we talk about it in terms of sincerity, I make my Salah or my ibadah sincerely for Allah sake. And before we think of that video

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Hadith where Allah says the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us the very first people to enter Jannah. Who will that be? are going to be beliefs of your own, or

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a president of a certain country? Those are not the first people to interject them. With a mother in law. No, the very first person to enter Jannah people will be the martyr for jihad, to be said of him that he's brave. And the man who gives charity and he gave charity both massage it and he built mosques and evil schools and he spent millions and millions in charity, so that he can be said that he is a well he is a generous man. And the man who has knowledge he learned his early Miller years he studied and he taught for years and people learn from him. But he will be the first people you'll be the basically the Firestarter of Jana. Why, so that people can say that he is eloquent and that

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he's learned my love protector? smella safe goddess. So the very first people will be those who do things with the incorrect nia. And therefore Nia we said begins on one hand, it's about sincerity. We know that many Hadees about being sincere for the sake of Allah doing things for Allah sake.

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But deeper than that, it is about goals and objectives. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling us that we are a proactive oma, we plan. We don't do things haphazardly. And many of us your corporate people, here we are in the CBD of Cape Town. Many of you will be sitting this month, the next month about planning for 2018. What are our budgets? What are forecasts? When are we going to some of us are even planning our leave. We just came from holiday. But we were really looking when are the public holidays I need to take leave. we plan our holidays. we plan our work, we plan everything, Islam. Similarly, we should plan. We should have objectives and goals. We should set our plan for

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the future. It doesn't just happen haphazardly. And therefore we've made something like the NEA which is about being sincere and being goal orientated. We've made it into a ritual arrived that we say before we make Salah arrive before we do any, you know false thing. It's not about verbalizing. In fact, we don't need a verbal nia. It's about asking that question Why? So we need to look at your life. Look at how we spend our life and ask myself does it make sense? Does it achieve the objective? So what is your objective? Why are you here? Everyone needs to sit down. Ask your kids, you went from one grade to the next Why? Why do you wake up early in the morning and go to school,

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do homework, go through exams? Why the Why is important. You can do it perfectly. When you realize that they know how many people we know for example, that university they studied five, six years, and they realize you know what, after studying all this medicine, I don't really want to be a doctor should have thought about that before the why was incorrect, even though the How was correct. The why was wrong. We need to be an oma and this is a problem that we have on a big level organizations, communities, governments, we are not focusing our efforts correctly, because we don't spend time discussing the why.

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Some I was with a management consultant, very, you know, prominent company. They said every six months they review if they're achieving the objectives of the company, they ask the why every time Why, why, why. And if you look at many of these leadership courses, they will say it's not what you do or how you do it. But more importantly, why you do it. Because if the Y is correct, then even if the hour is not so critical, still, you will be successful. But if you do everything perfectly and your y is wrong, your goal is wrong, your vision is wrong, then we have a problem. And that's something we ask, do we and we look at this as our leaders do our ama, our politicians have a vision

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for the oma that yes, we all agree we're not we we want to be we're not happy with the status quo. So how are we going to get out? What's the way forward? We can't continue just doing as he's? So that's the question. The moseyed committee, we sit down and we have this discussion, the Imam, the chairperson, the school committee, and even you in your household, you need to have that discussion, what is our vision, our plan for 2018 we should all have this, this vision. And I usually mentioned we keep the Indian mind we keep the Indian mind and as Hadeeth have said to you many, many times. Our purpose is to worship Allah. Our purpose is to meet Allah on the day of tm, or off the agenda.

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And this beautiful Hadith when you're focusing on your life, I want you to look in the next week this weekend. Ever, ever plan of your life? When am I going to take holidays? When am I going to work hard? How much do I want to save? What are my goals? remember why you are here? We are here to live a life correctly for the sake of Allah so that we can meet him in Jannah. Remember, I love this Hadeeth is one of my favorite Hadith about the Juma of Jenna. You've all heard of us. I've said this many times. It's good for us to remind ourselves, we said

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kiama we know we'll be on a Friday. We'll all stand them Allah protect us on that day will be very difficult day the hardest day will ever experienced the day of judgment will be through judgment. And we will even if you pass the judgment you have to cross the bridge the ciroc over jahannam you'll have to cross the country you will stand for an hour long ages and ages under the sun even if you are good, it will not be easy, even ambia will struggle but with the grace of Allah hopefully all of us will pass the judgment and will intergender without going to jahannam now once we engender it's Saturday, Friday came in with now it's Saturday and will enjoy Jenna from Saturday, Sunday

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Monday and then just you can imagine the partying that'll happen agenda for that week.

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all your worries are finished. You're going to get to know your whole lines. You're going to get to know your palaces. You're going to meet up with your friends. That's yeah scenes Jenna, that's Mohammed agenda. You see as the Prophet says some of them like distant stars. each one's house will be like a spa that you will go and visit and you will enjoy genda and you will not experience anything greater than that. But then you will find a color it will be announced. Get ready. These are Juma on Friday. Why is the gym on Friday? There is no salah and Jenna noted due to fasting that's only for the dunya Jenna is about rewarding. So why should I get ready for Joomla? I know all

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of you if it wasn't required, how many of you would come to this Joomla so Jenna, do we really have to go yes, you have to go why what's gonna happen? So we go to this jedna and this Joomla and the place of this Joomla is at Anfield those the highest spot in gender, the highest pinnacle of gender. This is where this Juma was going to be held underneath the throne of Allah who will give the baiyang will give the Juma not jabril not the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Allah Himself will be seen from his arch, and you will come close to us on this field on this valley in gender. And Allah will ask us every week. Now, why am I giving this hadith linking back to your life? Everything you plan,

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you plan for a vision for an objective for me this is my vision, my objective my dream? I want to be the that day. All of us we should plan for that. Everything I do, yeah Allah let me be sincere that we think logically correctly. I would like to sit in that valley under the throne of your arch on Friday when you descend that very first Friday. And Allah says to all of us and asks us we won't see him we'll just hear how have you found Jenna? Oh, people have Jenna. Have you enjoyed yourselves? What more can I give you? And you ask us a year alone, we are happy, we are pleased there's nothing more our needs are exhausted we have we have asked and asked and asked we have nothing left to ask

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and and Allah will insist ask more, ask more, until we have nothing left to ask. And then Allah will say now I want to give you more than that. What can be more than asking everything else I'll give you something that no one else ever received. And that is Allah removes the barrier between us and him. And we'll get to see Allah directly. And that is the mercy the extra that is the something which no one ever experienced. No One No creation is ever seen a lot directly. And except for the people of Jenin on Fridays, they get this reward. So with that in mind, that's my vision. That's my objective. All of this in the dunya is just a journey to get the so let us make the correct journey.

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2018 so that's the Nia Yeah, Allah and now it's a good time to review that neerja Allah, whatever I've done, whatever I will do, I don't know the future. But right now, in my heart, the thing I want the most is to meet you on that Friday in general, guide our actions, that is correct. guide our hearts to that.

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The second essential and we won't complete all of it today we'll discuss it over the next few weeks. We say this knowledge

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Creek near being sincere. It's not enough. In Surah Fatiha Allah mentions three types of people.

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Those are loving and loving and untidy that the ones that you are pleased with. And those were meant to be lame and those who incur your anger and the bar lien those have gone astray three types of people, those who Allah please those who have the pleasure of Allah, those who have the anger of Allah, may Allah protect us and those who have gone astray three types of people. Now who are each three, the three of them, it depends on the it's about knowledge, the first group of people, they were sincere, and they live their life correctly according to knowledge. So I was pleased with him. The second group of people, they had knowledge, but they were not sincere. So Allah became angry

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with him. A person who loves he knows the truth but he turns away, he gets the anger of Allah Allah protect us. And the third catch it category. The Darlene those who have gone are misguided. They are the ones who are sincere. They want to do good, but I didn't operate with knowledge. So they made mistakes, so they were misguided. So you see three people that

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Groups refer the high standing you. Ultimately it comes down to knowledge. You either take it and follow it and you will be successful or you don't take the knowledge and you're misguided or you take the knowledge and you turn away and that's even worse. When you incur the anger of Allah or the displeasure of Allah. May Allah protect us. As an oma, we have knowledge we said this before, and it's the first commandment of Allah. And its way Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, the edify level Latina M and woman come when Latina o to a man or a jet, this is a promise from Allah. Allah says to each and every one of us,

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he alot raises up those who believe the believers will be raised up in the dunya and akhira. They have superiority over this over the disbelievers one levena. And those who have been given knowledge diraja levels, Allah is telling you that just like gravity is a law in this universe, just like the laws of physics that cannot be broken. This is a law that can never be broken. A law will always raise up the island the knowledge of a person over the one who does not have knowledge, not just islamically. When I say knowledge, it's not just Islamic knowledge. We know if you have a conference of doctors, the guy who's the professor, the most learned one of the most learners of all of them is

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the senior.

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Same with the scholars, you have many orlimar but the one who has the highest level of qualification is read the most books he's superior, the country with the most universities and schools will be stronger than the countries that don't have it. So I was showing us Allah has put this in the Quran in black and white, that to be elevated to climb up the ladder of success in the dunya. And in the Acura is dependent on how much knowledge you acquire, not wealth, not power, not status, not physical strength. It is knowledge when the bunnies are ill osnovy Samuel, give us a king. So Allah said, I've given pollute, I've appointed him as the King. So the bunnies are, you'll see why him

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he's a poor guy. He's just a ordinary person. Allah says no, we gave him a lot. We blessed him in terms of his physical strength and in knowledge, knowledge made him What did he need, he didn't have the family connections or the money. But to make him the king was knowledge. The requisite the prerequisite for success is knowledge. And therefore we flicked as oma

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most of our country's Muslim countries, we have about 50 countries that are predominantly Muslim, you'd find that they are behind the rest of the world in terms of literacy rates. We're behind the rest of the world in terms of the number of schools, massive amounts of you know, people that are not educated, not just Dean, but secular as well. And that's why this shouldn't be a shock and a surprise to us, that success lies with other countries.

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You will find this no no question about this. There is a correlation between strength of your country just in material terms and knowledge. And similarly Allah says the same thing with being that if you want to be successful in the dunya, you need to learn about the dunya. And if you want to be successful in the art era, you need to learn about the Acura now if your objective is sincere brothers, I want to meet you Allah. I want to get to Jenna, when you have to learn how to get the even the Prophet Sawa selama. To learn, you have to join a class, or listen to a lecture regularly have an Imam Ha. This is your responsibility. When you look at your busy 2018 and you put an pup in

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all the important dates, you have to include at least once a week, at least once a week as a Muslim, I need to learn something new, something more preferably about the dean. But even if not the dean, something in in the with regards to the dounia. But for us, sadly, and this is my observation. The knowledge that we've learned Dean wise, has never really gone beyond madressa level. Many of us, we went to madressa until primary school, once we hit high school,

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the needs of schooling was too much for us. So we stopped going to madressa Are we really prepared to take that knowledge to give us enough to overcome the challenges of the mother we're facing today? As fathers as parents as husbands? How do we fix these big problems when we don't even have a high school education of Islamic studies? This is the dean This is the divine knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala so we need to have that introspection. Do I know enough about my Deen? And in fact many people think part of the problem is we don't know what we don't know. And we don't know what we should know. Right? So people ask what do I need to know? Not everyone needs to know the deepest

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Tafseer of the Quran, or the intricate masala thick but these are basically

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Everybody must know. And it's a journey. No scholar, even the greatest of scholars, they began at zero. They began at noon, and one just needs to sit with a revert, revert, embraces Islam, and then makes an effort to learn. Well, within a few months to a year that revert will probably know as much as we knew of the 30 years of being a Muslim.

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He can recite Quran, he can perform Salah correctly, he can take hoodoo correctly. He knows what he can eat, not to eat, what to this.

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What more do we most of us know the layperson. And that's not enough. We need to upgrade our knowledge a little bit more. And this is one of the most important things Allah says, Allah says that the only thing in the Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala encourages the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and say, Allah increase me in knowledge. If you go through the Quran, from alpha to unece. Allah says, we're going to be salsa lamb, the do are you should make Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam The only thing Allah says, and ask more of his knowledge, keep asking me for more and more knowledge, keep asking me for more knowledge. And the Prophet peace be upon him says that he will

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trade a path in search of knowledge, any one of you that wants to join a class for learning online, offline and hamdulillah. As we said, the scholars have old if I told the body that by a click of a button, you can download the lectures of all the scholars from the east of the Earth to the west of the earth, he probably would have had a heart attack, because he had to travel from Uzbekistan, to the ends of the world in search of one or two, Heidi, just to verify and hamdullah always made it easy for us. By the way, Allah has made it easy on the one side, he made it difficult on the other side, you also have a lot of distractions, is going to be challenging, because I was not going to

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give this knowledge for free. We said that last week, knowledge will never ever come for free. It is the one thing which Allah, you know, the only thing Allah loves more than knowledge is a man. You find certain people hamdulillah that they are pious without knowledge. They have that wisdom Allah has given them that tofik that he Daya didn't have many, maybe our old people we could say our elders, they don't have many certificates, but they have wisdom. This is above knowledge even.

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But these are the own but the thing that Allah loves most of the man and taqwa is knowledge and he will not Park Allah will not give it to you for free. Everything else Allah will give for free Allah gives the rain for free. mela bring back the rains.

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Allah gives the sunshine for free, Allah gives you a help for free. But he will not give you knowledge for free. Think about it. If you want to learn how you can put it up and get it for free. You need to go through the effort of getting it well live is no blessing I can think of that you get as rich, everything else alone might give it to you free of charge or easily. Except knowledge. I can't think of any other blessing like that. To show you this is the one thing that you need requires effort. And therefore the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, He will take a path in search of knowledge is beautiful word search.

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Meaning you will never ever be an alum in a true sense. The one who knows. All of us are always searching for knowledge, just as you think. It's like the knowledge is the ocean. And you're just taking little drops and buckets out of that ocean. You never ever exhaust knowledge, but you need to give all of yourself to get something out of it. Also, the prophet is not saying look at this Hadith, he who searches for knowledge, even if he doesn't qualify so he was into the university to be a doctor. Even if he didn't get the the one who's on the path of knowledge. Allah will make easy for him the path to Ghana. I was not saying that. You must be the chef the Mufti then Allah makes it

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easy. No, Allah saying if you are just in a class weekly, and you are reading a book for learning, are you listening to a lecture in traffic, I'm on a path of learning Allah, so long as you on that path, I was going to make easy for you the path of Jana and the angels like they did for Adam. They lower the wings for the student of knowledge, the angels humble themselves before the person of learning,

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in approval, what he does, and all the creatures in the heavens and the earth, even the fish in the deep depths of the water, ask Allah for forgiveness of the scholar, the one who's learning.

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This is where success lies and Allah and the Prophet peace be upon him says if Allah really wants Good for you, Allah wants you to be successful. Allah will give you an understanding of the deen specifically, this is the knowledge the previous Hadees insha Allah it might even include incorporates our secular knowledge as well and we just sit secular. We don't believe in an Islamic knowledge. When you're learning science. It's from Allah as well. That we live in this dunya we learn to be to promote and to help the problems and fix the problems of this dunya

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the Prophet sallahu wa sallam also says

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the superiority of a scholar over the abbot the worshiper so you've got

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Are you and you've got a pious man. And we don't make these comparisons and will lie if you choose any one of them because we, most of us will not have either of them. But you have one man who spends the evening intelligence Allah. He wakes up every evening and he performs his statue. In the day he's in the masjid making Vicar, wonderful, pious Wali of Allah versus the man who spends the day in learning and teaching. And he spends the night reading books and writing, which of the two is better, but we will take anyone near Allah let us be any of them are hamdulillah right? But if you had to choose who is better, the Prophet is saying that you got to compare these two men, then the

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scholar, the one who is working and learning and teaching compared to the worshiper is like the full moon compared to the stars. Why? Because the worshiper only benefits himself really. Whereas the scholar benefits 1000s of people like the moon like the stars, you can see it's light, it's beautiful, but the moon illuminates everything, everybody benefits from the scholar. And indeed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, The scholars are the inheritors of the Gambia, they do the work of the Gambia, they are fulfilling the function of the Prophet would be our saint except to dispense knowledge. Why was provided a lesson as books and movies, Allah sent us a book and a teacher, to

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cheer to transfer knowledge from him to us from a lot to our hearts. And now that that Prophethood has ended, no one we are going to come. It is the job of the scholars to follow that action, follow the footsteps of the MBR because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, when the Prophet dies, all his wealth goes to charity, the only thing he leaves behind as an inheritance, the inheritance of new Buddha is knowledge. And the only people who earn will get from the share of inheritance of the scholars. So the Prophet has left down his inheritance of knowledge. It's up to each and every one of you who would like to achieve that this is for the scholars.

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So we need to be mindful inshallah, about the importance

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that reform begins with this era with knowledge. And we'll talk in Sharla in weeks to come about a great legacy in terms of learning and hamdulillah. You know, we went from Jamelia. That's where we started this oma began as Jamelia within a few, not even 100 years, in a few decades, it became the most advanced civilization on earth. And of course, the haoma the best of all nations in the sight of Allah on the day of piano, the base of the base in the dunya, and the Africa came out of that Jamelia Alhamdulillah. We don't we're not starting on zero. Abu Bakr and Omar and the Sahaba of the line whom they began in the society was below zero. We are not on zero, we have schools, we have

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massages, we have 1000s of lectures and books. We have learned people, we've got an infrastructure, we're not even at, you know, we could say we're not even more than halfway v. But to get to the next level requires some effort. And Allah will give us the success in the US the dunya and in the AF era. So we'll talk about our rich legacy of learning and very important in the times that we live in, where Islam is synonymous with being backwards. In the Western world. Muslims are looked at as inferior as an educated, uncivilized illiterate people. That's what we looked at, unfortunately.

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Right, the reality that some of us hear from travel the rest of the world we live in, you know, we've seen it, we are looked down upon and it shouldn't be the case. It's not how it should be.

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We will learn insha Allah from the scholars, how did Abu hanifa become Abu hanifa? How did these great scholars become who they were, there's no gene for no one is born with a scholar gene, the gene, the Allium gene, that if you have it, you can you can it's automatically we know many of our greatest scholars, one of the smartest people on earth, but the sincerity and the it's the effort that they put in the granted elevated them where they were, where they are. And the very first example we'll talk about begin with a story and I have to continue in Charlotte next week is the story of nubby moose and cedar I said to Salaam which we recite every Friday. Every week, I was

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reminding you about the story of Nabi Musa and Elisa Elisa to Salah.

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This is a story that we are many themes in the story, and most of us should know the story. But the central theme as the scholars of Tafseer would mention, it's the theme of learning and knowledge, a challenge a taste, everyone is going to be tested with knowledge with ignorance and knowledge. Now the moose is being tested here. And we see from him how to resolve this. So some backstory is along had these beautiful, some stories of the court and we don't have much information but this story the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us a lot of information. Let me move to of course we know who he is. The man who defeated around by the grace of Allah, who was the leader of bunnies, he took him over

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the Red Sea. The man who's mentioned the most in the Quran, no person, no character. If you were to ask if a non Muslim was someone that didn't have a background

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He was given the Quran cold, he would say the most important character after Allah in the Quran is Musa is his name pops up the most. He's the most leading man of the Quran. You could say, everyone knows who's Moses Musa, the benissa. He liked to teach the Moses patients they like to teach these patients and they ask very silly questions all the time. So someone asked him, and I can imagine bothering him disturbing him knocking on the door late at night. Chair molana. I have an important question. It's serious question. Okay. What is it? What do you need? What's the emergency? I just want you to know Moosa who's the most learned person on earth. I asked him this question, Who is the

00:30:39 --> 00:31:18

most knowledgeable scholar on earth? tsunami Musa? Obviously, he thought to himself, and you know, he was all correct to say, Well, hi Musa. Allah speaks to me directly, or doesn't seem gibreel Allah speaks to me directly. So in my opinion, I think I'm the most learned scholar on Earth, the most knowledgeable person is me. And immediately Allah sent gibreel to Nabi Musa Elisa to Salaam to tell Nabi Musa that the someone on this earth that knows things that you don't know. Yes, you are Musa, you even the Torah, I speak to you directly, but there is someone on earth currently that knows that which you don't know.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:56

It's gonna be Mussa us Alan Biggs, Allah, let me meet this man. I want to learn from him. I want to learn from him. Now prophets can't leave the people remember Nabi Musa last time he lived, but he saw what happened. He came back they worshipping an idol, right? So when I realized I can never take leave from money, sorry, I'm stuck with him. I have to be with them all the time. I'm gone for one day, this is what happens. I was not he was gone for 40 days. And that's what they did. So but now he's saying Yeah, Allah give me leave to go and learn from the scholar. I want to find him. So Allah says, Allah permits Natalie Musa to leave and he says, you can go and you will find him the scholar,

00:31:56 --> 00:31:56

this album.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:37

At the point, the junction with two seas or two oceans meet at the place where two oceans meet. And Allah says at that point, you'll find the sign. And then we move that's about to go and I'll be Moosa was always had this young student, a disciple with him. A young boy was always with him, never lifted. Always want to learn. Who was this young boy, Lucia Joshua, he'd become an abbey. No one told me learn from this. No one told you as a young boy, one day you're going to be the newbie of benissa. You have the Moosa he just wants to learn from Nabi Musa, so he always accompanied him. And so because he was the most learned man, when Abu Musa passed away, Allah made him the Navy of money

00:32:37 --> 00:32:50

for him. So this young boy Fatah, as Allah mentions in Surah Baqarah is Surah calf that Nabi Musa and his young Fatah, his young boy with apprentice, they were traveling and they were searching for this place. And I end with this ayah

00:32:51 --> 00:33:08

maybe Moosa says to this young boy we walking along this coast Allah Allah how long some some scholars have even after I've seen I've said that maybe they looked at ways the closest meeting place of two oceans now we move says Of course in the desert around Jerusalem, right he's in Palestine.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:51

You won't find a place with the oceans meet so clearly so some FCD traveled all the way to Africa or into Asia, a lot of some some person even city and Cape Town Alanna, if that's the case, you came to a point that we Buhari says that he takes inspiration from Nabi Musa, that the first man to go on to as you know, a strenuous journey for knowledge is Musa he gives up everything family, my responsibilities I need to learn. There's one person on earth that knows more than me, I need to find him I need to learn from him. Immediately he gives up everything. And in Soraka he says we've been searching such a long time that we Moosa is complaining to his son, his apprentice, and he

00:33:51 --> 00:33:55

says, I will not stop searching for the meeting place of this two oceans.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:22

Even if it means I'm a spin, like my whole life searching, I will continue looking for this knowledge. Whether I find it or not is not important, but I'm going to search for it and I'm going to continue doing it and so they came to the spot they were supposed to meet, but they walked on without knowing and why is that inshallah next week you'll find out inshallah, so we'll continue the story of the Muslim Salaam next week in sha Allah the story of seeking of knowledge and

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if you have any questions or comments once again with [email protected] inshallah, within the next two, three weeks, we'll begin our weekly classes.

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If any suggestions or requests, please email it to me, and inshallah we'll will feed back to you

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