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Al Hamdulillah in a monastery you know when a stock Pharaoh when are all the belay Manchurian fusina when say Dr. Malina, Mayor de la Vela moody

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woman, fella had Yella why shadow

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Illa bajo de hula Sharif Allah wa shadow Mohammed

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Imagine Numero Uno. I'm about to fire in North Dakota DC kita Bula highroller Buddha Buddha Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Lumumba to her wakulla Masha 13 bedarra wakulla videoton Bala Latin wakulla Allah Allah in finner rubbish Sara Lee sorry, are you sadly I'm very well hello kurata melissani of Coco Lee of the praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing the journey of certain ahaadeeth of talking about a hoe to Islamia, talking about Islamic brotherhood and the rights and the regulations that belong to fellow Muslims. And likewise, to avoid breaking

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the rights that belong to them have called Muslim or Muslim sit on the right one Muslim to another Muslim is six rights that belong to them, that a Muslim needs to fulfill.

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And we mentioned that amongst these rights or some of us are beginning to fall short off in the previous Hadeeth. of turning away from one another,

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buying against one another outbidding once or not one another, speaking ill of one another, or trying to defend one another.

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The same theme continues in today's Hadith, Whitney later on with a difference that it looks at the positive traits, the positive characteristics that if a Muslim carries out certain practices

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or helps their Muslim brother, then what will be the reward for those individuals. And as you find it

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is being in machine whether there is between giving us glad tidings and warning us that thus we find from amongst the names which have been tied to the profits or loss enemies to be the one who is Bashir and when are the raw when it gives glad tidings and likewise warns the people so the Quran and the Sunnah follows this methodology of at times, scaring a warning individuals and likewise also giving glad tidings, that certain good things that if we do them, then what will be given in return and what we will be given in return

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is unimaginable. Something that we cannot equate or understand inside our lives. The small actions that we do on this dunya Allah Subhana Allah multiplies them at the earth and kathira many times over.

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Many times over that we find that one cannot even imagine the new numerical format of the reward of Allah Subhana Allah. And thus we find that the main emphasis of studying these a hadith or looking at these a hadith

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to gain this knowledge in number Elmo, Lillehammer Lee, knowledge is to be implemented. Knowledge is not as unfortunately find inside as society has become just a display of one's reading of Islam, one's display of quotations that we find, that's not the real intent of

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the real intent of Earl is to implement that knowledge that's defined under either when talking about the concept of the Quran, talk about the concept of knowledge that we find, then indeed, that is Book of Allah Subhana Allah has been sent down,

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sent down for the purpose, the adapter will be a tea

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that it will begin to ponder and reflect keytab would answer now in a camera, can you get Wi Fi, only attend the L band. This is a blessing book that we sent down upon you, that you may begin to reflect upon this is

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unlike when you finally get Wi Fi emammal has an adversary mentioned you tobacco that you begin to implement the verses of Allah Subhana Allah yamalube bi t begin to carry out the actions of the actions of the ayat of the Quran. That's when you find that certain companions, it took them damania center or Ashura center, eight or 10 years to memorize Surah Al Baqarah, eight to 10 years 286 verses of Surah Al Baqarah that we find how could it take an individual eight years or 10 years to memorize sort of Bukhara the unknown can be a critical topic. Oh no. They will read every single verse and try to implement that inside their life and never went forward until they gave the right

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of that verse. That doesn't mean that today we should take eight to 10 years to memorize total Bukhara. It shows the importance of how they began to engage with the Quran. That their intent was to learn from the Quran and implement the Quran. The intent was not

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to narrate the Quran, or to explain the Quran, even though the explanation finds a deep explanation. Mr. Mujahid Minar mufa serene student of ebony Abbess. He said I read the Quran three times, three times to an Abbess, who is known as Toad human Quran. They want to explain the Quran because the prophet Elijah some prayed for him a llama to fit Deen, where are we? What are we with the serial Quran, given the deen understanding of his Deen and given the ability to explain the Quran, ready to have been abuzz three times every verse by verse, and even We are very excited explains the area to Mr. Mujahid. And as we find the downfall of many of us today that we find. We think that it is

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something small. It's something trivial, that you read a few things, you study a few things, and you've encompassed in hoonah can enter a jet. There are stages of Elam that we find many of us are not even at the first stage, or even we reach the third stage first stage, we become so full of ourselves. The first stage is just to look into knowledge, just to look into it. And that's where many of us that we stop and look into knowledge, we think that we have the ability to comprehend that knowledge that we think we have the ability to begin to say things to other individuals, or begin to take our knowledge, the knowledge that we have, and to begin to express it towards other

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individuals. This what many of the young youth, unfortunately, sadly, is to highlight this area to whom the intent is only to look down upon other individuals to make other individuals feel bad. And as you find in a GI Bill, that we find some strange use of knowledge that you find and shocks

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focus upon one just yet small things of knowledge and masters that and that begins to display the inside society and to make other individuals to make them look they don't understand the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Kela hasha does not plausible allele. A scholar has been really happy for insana for 40 years, 50 years of their life, the feed for 40 years your life and maybe one IRA, you've studied it, you've comprehended it and then tried to tarnish another individual that is person has no knowledge no understanding, if an MBR Sure, in his famous tafsir

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arbaeen center 39 years 39 years to study is to see or to compile his tafsir

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we don't want to enter them here. I should be afraid that he but he had Elmo him she could even insana. 40 years reading speed before he begins to pencil or write his own tafsir. That's what you call an aim. Aim as a deep impact many of us we we hastin or we find the other opposite of him that we find that we don't want to learn. We don't want to listen to a reminder, we don't want to come to halaqaat what gurus that we find another way, in

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a way has stopped with the lifting of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam revelation, we no longer come. You have to try to gain benefit of that revelation. The benefit of that revelation is that is the knowledge that people will begin to disseminate and people begin to deliver and it is not beautiful words. And it is not those things that people find attractive or pleasing to because there's some people are mesmerized with speech. In the main main Albania de la se Hara, indeed from speech from rhetoric, there is magic, a mesmerizes people. So when people come with quotations and speech and column that we find and people are attracted towards that person should be attracted towards on a

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lower color of soul. What Allah said inside the Quran, and what the prophet Allah Islam is delivered, you shall scan any individual who delivers that message, then a person grace that then that message because that message has an attraction inside the heart and the mind of the individual, it begins to awaken the individual and especially when a person is searching to implement that knowledge. A loss begins to expand the chest and the mind of that individual. Many people they pose that question to gain knowledge or an is quite simple what the cola what you a limo como la, say Allah and Allah will teach you. Allah will give you that knowledge that you find Rasul Allah, the

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essence of knowledge is fear of Allah Subhana Allah, that's it takes that knowledge and tries to implement that inside their life. It begins to benefit the individual. And as you find in these don't want to use your these basic ahadeeth that we find that many of us we know what these are headed. But where is our application or implementation these words of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam telling us what to do inside our lives towards our brethren or other individuals around us that we find. We find enough for some common core button. men could be Tanya, whoever alleviates as other Muslim takes away one of the hardships of

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Another Muslim upon this dunya now for solo Andrew COVID-19 Cora video mill piano, Allah will take away one of the hardships of the hardships of the Day of Judgment for the individual. Whoever alleviates and other Muslim, a Muslim who's suffering in hardship, in difficulty, person goes out of their way it tries to help that Muslim or alleviate the suffering or the hardship, then Allah spandana look at the response. Look at the reward that Allah Allah gives us we began with will take away one of the hardships of the era, the hardships of the era, man at the server, we cannot imagine them. People on the day of judgment will be sweating, up to the ankles, up to their knees, up to

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their waist, up to the collarbone up to their noses, and some people were drowning in their sweat. Ganymede, daru Alfa Sana is timestamped be 1000 years, another place to put uncom seen 50,000 years that we find people could be standing there. Whoever alleviates another individual. A loss of color will alleviate that individual on the Day of Judgment, small action just to help another Muslim help another individual. Look around and look at what Allah gives to that individual inside the earth. But when we find that when a lucky is when the man is weak, then a person doesn't see a jar of Earth Hera Haleakala and sannomiya Arjun, man is the creative state of hastiness. hastiness wants quick

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response, quick fruits, quick monetary gain, quick benefit given to them as Alexander describes the human being will die if a man has been created a state of weakness, weakness of what they want to gain inside this dunya that we find, but that individual believes that so Khurana begins by mentioning Islam in the Albuquerque tavolara Buffy Huda lil McKean and levena you may know una biLlahi be those who believe in the unseen that's the journey of the Quran, shaken ajeeb Allah, Allah mentioned beginning the Quran, believers that those individual moutoku those who believe in the day of judgment in the unseen that we find the beginning of the Quran Surah Al Fatiha, the first

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complete surah of the Quran that we find is all about him. And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen will praise the kulu Santa will hamdulillah is to kind of the Allah, everything all praises, all thanks, all glory, all mine belongs to Allah Subhana Allah McCann in the in an Allahu Allah Allah. When a person that knowledge Allah, Allah who will Holic he's the Creator.

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He's a provider, he's a sustainer. He's the cherisher He's the nourisher had them in Miami or rub these amongst the meanings of Rob in the English language, in his weak language that we find. This is Allah subhanaw taala person understands that, that opens up the compass of knowledge inside their mind, to begin to only submit to Allah Subhana Allah, we have the resource that we find, to be a man a body, man to be what's the meaning of those individual, the Wrath of Allah will cut for Sierra and the hula hoop and the Wrath of Allah county Allah. Allah Zina Lamia malubay me him and those individuals who never carried out the actions of their knowledge. They have got knowledge they don't

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implement that knowledge. They know about Islam, they know about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam they don't implement that knowledge. You have referred to him and Manuel de when as soon as

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they begin to make dairies begin to change the concealer is that you find when you read certain a hadith Allahu Allah when you find a certain area inside hot dusty Torah in the home Heroku Xena person who commit Zina commits adultery was the punishment Mazda and Mach two Victoria written inside the Torah and what did they do they place their hands over those verses inside the Torah conceal it considering the progress of the reveal hand lift can be the inside your own text inside your own source because they make that we are yet to hurry for a a change the verses of America that suit their own desires, their luster their desires, what la luna who who are the straight

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individuals and Latina ami Lupita in those people carry out actions without any knowledge. Just do whatever you want to do. Yeah, but do Allah Allah Jacqueline, their worship Allah upon ignorance, lol Hobe just upon love upon feelings, that this is the way to worship Allah and Allah These are two extremes. Just like today you can find unfortunately Muslim oma, if I Muslims who know but don't implement Muslims, who worship Allah, Allah, Allah jalin upon ignorance, and when you question we say look, and I love I love Allah. I love Allah Subhana Allah, this is my way of devotion, and a bear that Toki fear, a bear that that's documented and restricted every form of ebird that worship

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has been codified has been qualified, not a burden. mayorkun job. A bad isn't upon enough.

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Isn't upon your own feeling what you want to do? A bird is what Allah Subhana Allah has codified inside the Quran or for Saru nabee. And the Prophet Allah is unexplained that is how you worship Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Whoever worship Allah just upon love is as indeed as a heretic. Just a life becomes novelist and Allah has no parameters. So every individual becomes four becomes free to worship Allah to Allah how they want. They they have their own way of worshipping Allah will in contempt of Allah for Toby Rooney coo coo coo will go for Raheem Sterling contemporary Buddha you claim to love Allah Subhana Allah Coronavirus for Toby Rooney make ATP Rasool Allah salatu salam, follow the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's what you have to do inside your life to display your love and your obedience lillahi Subhana Allah that you find when people say that people are harsh towards people who

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innovate, near NACA Lupita bonala. Every single bit is is misguided. Amanda Kunal haka, or al Barton. Either you find your truth open falsehood, Liana nopee, la salatu salam came and explained everything to this Muslim ummah. We are more than eBay eBay and eBay that in terms of eBay that that we find worship that we find a better he told us every single thing to do. So it's not plausible a person come and say that this is the way that I carry out my car, my soul, my fasting, my prayer, my Hajj, my etiquettes whatever I do, this is the way that I should do it. Keller, you should do it exactly. inch by inch, like the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when books of the Hadith have

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documented every single thing that mecanica stood while you are what you suddenly when you comb your hair up everything about the probiotics I'm gonna use to move us to talk make Roku makes a dude. We saw his clothing like this. We saw his beard like this. We saw his hands movements like this. We saw his posture like this. We saw his speech like this. Good luck to everything is written. So how can a person come and say that this is a form of a bar that he lays upon the other? Yeah, you're a super nigma Arabic

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woman from a bollock Teresa Who? Well lo yashima kameena ness. It's so to me that that we find your Rasool our messenger of Allah conveyed to the people what you've been told to convey. And if you don't convey the message, you have not fulfilled that trust will lower your similkameen a nurse and Allah will protect you from the people for Rasool Allah, Allah Almighty, Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha, Allah, Allah, that's the professor of the day. And Dave ARAVA that call that he made that final farewell, quote, he said, I will not be a witness. How people like was bearing witness have not conveyed the message has been up Pacha Buddha. Keller, indeed you've Bella, you've conveyed the

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message, you've delivered the message. He was never treacherous to his message of Allah Subhana Allah Allah displayed it to people and to people the right message. So we're not left in a state of darkness, that people have their own form of a bear that their own form of worship, their own ways of the Kuru. Illa, Allah Subhana Allah, their own way of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah follow the methodology laid out by the prophet alayhi salatu salam that he mentioned he highlighted to us that the following stage of the individual is woman yes sir Allah serum. Yes sir Lord Allah he didn't do an earth era. Whoever helps a person his state of get in a state of difficulty state of

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hardship. Hey Allah subhanaw taala here in this video if I yes sir lo fi. Era Chicana Jeep alone make things easy for the individual, not inside the Akira inside this dunya whoever takes care of another Muslims dead monetary issues, whatever it may be takes care of that. That's even the Quran mentioned. We're in Ghana, Doris rotten. For now the rotten ma Sarah. Wherever the state of difficulty, then a state of leniency. pardoning, forgiving, overlooking, extending contract giving you a person opportunity to pay back the wealth. That's what the Quran encourages the difference between aesthetic principles and contracts of the world that we find principles of Islamic contracts

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are based upon ease of leniency is not based upon monopoly of exposing people or placing people in hardship or debt, or the welfare this ha is controlled by a few individuals. A few rich men control all of the wealth of this world. That's not what Islam is based upon. Islam is based upon the flourishing of wealth, the encouraging of wealth, the giving of Zakah for other people to gain that wealth, to help themselves with that wealth and to help other individuals. Woman Sakura Muslim and satara la COVID de niro era, whoever conceals covers another Muslim, whether it be we take the literal meaning of clothing, or the meaning whether conceals the fault of another Muslim, Allah will

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see conceal the faults of that Muslim inside his dunya and inside the Akira once again

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Listen, for many of us individuals, as you mentioned, our purpose of so many of us become just what we expose people follow

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every single individual that was alert as mistakes, discrepancies says something which is incorrect, it's normal.

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We're human beings. So a person can follow any individual inside their life, any speech of this any conduct of this, and eventually find something and document it about them. But is that the essence of a Muslim? Is that what a life of a Muslim should be that the whole of your knowledge, a holy, like, just focus on finding a mistake of another individual, man sutra, Muslim, and whoever covers the mistake of another Muslim, they don't know, we'll cover the mistake of the individuals or this dunya inside the IRA. That's what a Muslim is, is not they're trying to expose another individual to highlight their faults, or to think that they are better than another individual Muslim, if

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something comes in front of their life, and they're able to remind or able to encourage the prophet Isaiah Lunas would say what is the matter with people, they will do such and such actions or refer to people indirectly, about certain actions that they do. So people don't feel offended? Because that's the nature of a human being, not to feel upset. And it's a Snoop. Theater, Enos is a way of trying to change individually, their mindset and their way of thinking and encourage him to come work upon the goodness of people. Yeah, in the labor, you have good characteristics, good behavior, honesty, truthfulness? nedjma. To Sally, why don't you pray? What do you tend to muster? Why don't

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you do this, a way of encouraging another individual, rather than making the individual thing that is no higher inside this individual goodnesses individually. And as we find pushing many individuals away from Islam, versus you be pushing people towards Islam, by Allah, by good characteristics, by a good behavior, and overlooking certain things. So almost kind of an overlook, that individuals are this dunya and likewise inside the Astra well, mostly our will need our be mechanical Abdu fi only he, Allah is in the aid and assistance of a human being of a Muslim, as long as a Muslim is aiding his fellow brother. This is what Islam is. This is ways of gaining the victory in the help of a loss

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of Hannah Diana, people have written their own formats of how the help of a loss of data will come. This is amongst the ideal formats, that when you're busy trying to help another Muslim helping his Muslim Ummah, then Allah Subhana Allah will be helping this Muslim oma when we lift ourselves away from not caring about this Muslim Ummah, are trying to exert effort to bring people out the realms of darkness, to the light of Allah Subhana Allah trying to ensure help them to cover them to give them clothing food drink to help them then you find that a lot of Allah will turn away will leave this Muslim on my own deception, leave it alone let it do whatever it wants to do. And as we find

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this is the main reason of gaining that strength from Allah subhanaw taala EULA Dina Ave in terms to rely on sarcoma it's a bit academic. If you hope the deen of Allah Subhana Allah then Allah will help you and make firm your feet on the ground upon this earth. Give you dominance give you control give you power. Well Toshi mobile Li Hua Mola, Mola, Manasa who will force to the rope of Allah Subhana Allah holdfast to the best protector for naman Mola, Whitman, Nasim, the best protect and a best helper is Allah Subhana Allah, there is no secrecy about what we Muslim need to do today, how we need to live our lives, what we need to do, to gain the love of Allah and Allah once again, to

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gain the victory of Allah and Allah once again, is quite visible, that we are in a clear loss by our actions and lifestyle, the way that we live, the way that we perceive the way that we understand many things that we know, which I have learned, we don't implement many things that we know which are wrong. We don't avoid we don't stay away from it. And then we expect that the mercy of Allah as you descend upon his blessing of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and as we find woman Salah Qatari, can you all tell me Sufi, elmen sallallahu taala agenda, and then it comes a key element of the Howdy. Whoever treads apart seeking knowledge, then Allah will seek make easy for that person

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facilitate for the individual, a path to gender. And as you find a great discussion begins to take place in Delft about what is the best action? Who will

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who will Jihad feasibility under his knowledge? Or is it fighting and struggling the way of Allah Subhana Allah and the majority the Anima have concluded that takes preference over a jihad.

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It takes preference based upon numerous evidences from amongst a qualified insight so to Toba, which also known historical detail, the name of the of the Quran that we find the surah, which talks about exposing the monaka code, about striving, struggling, fighting, slaying, killing the disbelieving individuals etc, that we find inside the surah yet we find towards the end of the surah Allah mentioned when makanda Minelli young Pharaoh calf

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Hello, let us know from equilibrium at minimum parivartan COVID-19. You find if not every single group of individuals should go out and fight in the way for most parameter Allah. They should be taught if a group of individuals later for Kofi Deen they begin to study the Islamic sciences, for what purpose? What do you do como either Roger or Elena alone? Yeah, the road that when people return back from jihad, they're able to teach them they stanbic etickets the rulings the injunction. They may be warned, based upon this verse, it's at the end of so to Toba. Or they may have concluded that an L who have the millet jihad, that knowledge is more powerful than Jihad leonelli Jihad data

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because Jihad needs knowledge. Needs tech is not Hamas is not just emotional feeling. Yeah, toluna wanna go home, they kill us, we kill them, they burn us, we burn them. They do this we do that law and jihad in a jihad is based upon knowledge upon basura upon foresightedness what a person needs to do rulings and injunctions, you can't just take a person's life. You can't just take a prisoner. You can't just take a captive, you can't just execute them. You can't take away what belongs to them just like that and say this is a NEMA handle facade fill out. This is corruption, that we find that some individuals that follow this concept and now the digital hub is a land of warfare. Duck to

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comfort the hood alone, take their wealth take they probably had the secret bartylla It's a false it's a fallacy that you slay people kill people take their wealth, take their property, harm them, cheat them, cheat them because they prefer to cheat them lie to them. Take the property away for them. Who has a bottle is false. Now Angela, labia Minh soupon. And they'll never sit down His revelation to do that. Except for in a state of clear warfare that we find his rules and regulations that apply at that moment in time in that codified area, and Metallica did what to takuna follow her. Take these rules and regulations begin to implement them in the environment that you live in

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bajada bartylla, shock phenolic is all false is all corruption. The unknown

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is a lack of knowledge that we find a lack of knowledge of the sciences of Allah Subhana Allah that a person has the audacity to take another person's life to take an innocent individuals life, to take their wealth to take their property. And to think that is something trivial, that you find that a judgment is going to be something severe. Ignore taking a non Muslim life, take your Muslims life. Pay for too deep. Mmm Allah Subhana Allah, how you going to respond in front of Allah and Allah, cartels, the sharks, who are who have already killed an innocent individual, and he's free. There's nothing wrong inside their life. I mean, I mean, he Bab Leah nocona you don't have Kuma because he

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worked for the government because he done this. Now all OSHA mean and our general individual working I said, want

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to took his life took his life for what purpose? Because from your understanding perception of him, they say the perception is a long journey that we find

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him focus upon knowledge, because that is the clear foresightedness of a human being that you find that Allah Allah mentions, but in the matter is Allah Allah Busey rockin and Amanita Bani Subhana Allah and Amina mushrikeen in samsara use of that we find, say a coup de la basura min Miranda basilique, achema wisdom l l foresightedness. L, wisdom that you find inside even is is that sort of use it what either walk off not in the sort of use of a V stop that sort of use of Guru and everything about sort of user is all based upon a minute in a new hire that we find. Leah now will and he said sorry, you said that we find one who what can you do to help individuals upon the

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ignorance? What did they do their place use of a slump in the beer inside the well? ignorance of what will happen to them ignorance of their jealousy or jealousy, they had led them to do this to their own brother. Ignorance is what led them to that. Well, Yaqoob and a solemn woman but the woman told me he he understood the ferocity when he even had that when he tells the children not to enter from one door not to enter for one to enter from separate doors. For what reason and in a new nurse, the evil eye of people Yaqoob la sala, Hema if all of my children are entering one way in one door, and people see them become suburb, for the eye in

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the eye is a reality. The evil eyes a reality that you find that the evil eye can slip a rock in half can enter into an animal that is upright

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While I'm

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a shot, when you slow to the animal, you'll see inside cupboard deliver is corrupted. The animal has said, Well, I need a shot, because the evil I entered right deep down into that you find preserve yourself.

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I'll miss Maasai Masaya Saba here in the morning in the evening from the evil eye that we find and the fistula use of that we find like what you find in the interviews of La salon place we as the Casa in the treasure of the city, near Nokia new Sahib will end well man, you have to deal with the treasure the wealth of the people. So Allah Allah gave him that position because of his well my ot terminal in me in La karela only a small amount of knowledge we give it to human beings we're at the fiachra so to use it that we find well for Coco Lee the admin halleen over every single knowledge but individually who is the all night Allah Subhana Allah and he does he admin Sora user small

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segments of surah uses that we find all talk about our mutual aim of learning knowledge, acquiring knowledge, implementing that knowledge understanding that knowledge wakulla Kali has become a Muslim enough stock fair enough for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Adana Nabina Muhammad rather early he was being human, Temasek episode Mattila, yo media and my bad. That Hadith continues to mention, that amongst the real aspects of Islam that we find, amongst the action that we should be doing inside our lives, something mentioned 1400 years ago, more than that, about something that some of us may possibly have forgotten inside our lives. For we'll see to Nabhi la salatu salam, the adviser the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he mentioned when matched Mr. comun fee based in min booty lei Subhana Allah, there is no people who gather in one of the houses of Allah Subhana Allah yet Luna kita Baba Dara

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Suna who they sit down recite the book of Allah Subhana, Allah waiata, Dara Suna who, and they begin to study the book of Allah Subhana Allah. This is an encouragement for all of us Muslims, about our relationship towards tabouleh, towards the book of Allah Subhana Allah and as we find as Ramadan is coming again, we could all question our own self. Where was I from last year as we citation of the Quran, and this is not to make any individual feel upset, but maybe many of us that is only the portion of Quran that we read in Ramadan, or the focus in Red Rock last Ramadan is all that we have in our share of this year. While we're in Dubai, Subhana Allah, and as we need to build up in this

00:37:55--> 00:38:36

build up for Ramadan and this Ramadan, to have that azima that focus towards the book of Allah, Allah, that the journey continues that you find the best journey of the Quran is the one who completes the Quran and begins again with a journey the Quran, now could complete inside Ramadan. And that's the end of their share of, of the Quran, that this will suffice me, that's enough for me. The journey of Quran it continues, every single day inside their lives as a relevant mentioned, age and your median will do committed on May every single day of your life with the Quran. Just like you stop, to eat and to drink. You need to stop, to give nourishment to your soul. What nourishes the

00:38:36--> 00:38:52

soul of the human being, is kalama. Why Subhana Allah is the word of Allah Subhana Allah give it strength, awaken the soul, give it Amen. That's what the book of Allah and Allah does. For every single individual ponder over that. And as you find whenever

00:38:53--> 00:39:37

he met the whom, or the area was super Hema, to whom any al Qaeda. The aim is to encourage people to waken people to get to do certain things, and must survive or rewire just to narrate to the people. And that's the Quran once again, when it begins, it talks about a sofa, via peace people with no mind no intellect, foolish individual stranger is, once again begins by talking about a sofa, foolish individuals. Stranger is this Muslim home at the moment is in a foolish state, in a foolish state in a foolish mind that we find that we find that all that we're worried about is the knowledge of this dunya how to acquire the knowledge of this dunya how to go forward and all these dunya how

00:39:37--> 00:39:52

to equip yourself in the knowledge dunya what they build what we what we need to build what they manufacture, we need to manufacture the highest, the highest a goodness inside that. But why don't we focus about the ultimate knowledge that lies with us that they don't have an

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

Islamic knowledge and Islam. Islam that we have is the ultimate knowledge is the

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

Best knowledge is the best thing we have got but we don't exert our efforts to deliver that knowledge to them to deliver deliver that Islam to them to give them the best is that is Daniela best inside the earth Kira waiata, Dara Suna who and amongst ourselves to study the book of Allah Subhana Allah there is nothing wrong with that together in the house have a look at it read the book, have a look on the other study it and then you find for for for wide or for wide for benefits are given to that to those individuals for those individuals yet Luna kita babai wacka, Dara Suna who who recited the book of a loss Candela and they begin to explain it or study it in the

00:40:43--> 00:41:25

Netherlands la Mala Mala aka the first thing that you find in learners Allah la mala aka except for the angels begin to begin to descend upon them. Well Harsha, tomo Rama and you find that mercy begins to come down upon the pours down upon these individuals alike What do you find? Well, I have a thermal Malaika was a camula, female in Davao and you find that the mercy of Allah kind of comes down upon these individuals and almost kind of begins to make mention these individuals in front of himself or wherever he is with Allah Subhana Allah, these are the 448 are studying the book of Allah Subhana Allah and to recite the book of Allah and Allah, if when you find, you find the mercy of

00:41:25--> 00:41:52

Allah Subhana Allah, the angels descending upon those individuals, praying for these individuals, and almost kind of making mention of these individuals, the why these individuals gathered in one of my homes, why they gather one of my houses, for what purpose, the as you did for the world for the dunya that we find? Or is it to recite the book of Allah and there are no individual now individually feel shy about the book of Allah, Allah, welcome to clarify the evil one verse that you know, how enough to

00:41:53--> 00:42:32

strive and struggle, just that we came into this country many of us foreign to this language foreign to this culture, we strive and we struggle to learn the language, learn the etiquette of the people, Nina led to Jade, in Quran, why don't you strive and struggle to learn the Quran, to recite the Quran, Allah able to recite the Quran that your content, no one's saying to you become a mover set to become a chori or become content within your own self. And then study and Aki doubledays parent Allah, I'm able to recite the book of Allah and Allah, I'm able to understand it, I'm able to relate able to understand I'm able to pick up the impact, the benefit of the worst is of Allah Subhana

00:42:32--> 00:43:15

Allah, that is a great achievement in itself we can begin to do that. And likewise you find the person is surrounded with the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and as he went atoma Nina raha peace and contentment for those individuals that we find and in the end of the Hadith that we find that those individually find for them that your lamb Namibian sub woman, but Bobby Amano lamb your strip, be he nessa boo, whoever it isn't hastin in doing good action, then you find that their lineage we're not hastened him to get into paradise. And this is a lesson for many of us today that we find that well, the The Who, who are share, my father is a share. My brothers have put on my mother with a job. My

00:43:15--> 00:43:47

brother does this. My friend Dan had this person had done this on the Nisa yet, I must say, you know, man, I mean, that's the company that I'm from monka family the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the crimes of some privilege, some honor, some dignity. What did the Prophet Allah say to his own daughter Fatima bint Mohammed says, What did you say to his own daughter Fatima? Can you see her mister kiss on her forehead used to wipe the ground for her to sit there used to teach how lady Arab teach them the respect towards towards women, two daughters

00:43:48--> 00:44:06

used to bury their enemies to bury their daughters and I fought them and Adam, higher to Rama, Mama, so much immense love and devotion towards Fatima the wandering Fatima when the prophet Isaiah left this dunya and you find that in narration that we find that she mentioned that any Moroccan

00:44:08--> 00:44:18

she began to weep for a cut. Then she began to laugh. So I should ask the question what what was the reason for you doing this for Khalid makan

00:44:20--> 00:44:33

Rasul Allah salatu salam he enforced Bharani and No, sir. And no sir Hellman Howdy, Tanya. My beloved Abby, my father told me that he's going to leave this to the inner committee to know

00:44:34--> 00:44:37

that he's going to leave this dunya and any bucket iWeb

00:44:38--> 00:44:45

lays me back I know a fool because he's a messenger Liya no. Liya no. Abby is my father. Not sure.

00:44:46--> 00:44:58

He wept. I wept for my father. He's going to leave this dunya and in what if then what did you say to her? Then Amara has been informed that our first one to join me is going to be you Yeah. Fatima

00:44:59--> 00:45:00


00:45:00--> 00:45:00

While he

00:45:02--> 00:45:16

was six months old, he left his dunya for the haycox. And she loved that she rejoiced that if I'm going to leave this dungeon and six months time Hakuna ality Akuma food, I'd be with my father be with the message la salatu salam

00:45:17--> 00:45:21

ala hope I met imagine that love he has for his daughter. And

00:45:22--> 00:45:26

surely Islamic love and natural love that he has. But what did you say to Fatima?

00:45:27--> 00:45:41

Fatima is whatever you want on this dunya for me, whatever you want, and if I can give it I'll give it to you. Pamela Hara in Santa Clara law, oh Nikki and Auntie Shay, I'm not going to be able to help you.

00:45:44--> 00:45:58

out all I can do in a day judgment. For now. I know CJ. Now I'm a senior. So I have certain rights or my person has this rights or this person and the world Why did you suddenly my father paid this person does this I do this this affiliation?

00:45:59--> 00:46:34

Every single individual community judgment for the all on their own, coming to their judgment, naked and circumcised standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah. Well, I shall ask the question. And as my younger una banda Mina, Bhagwan people look at one another in a state of unity color. And I'm Rashad mandelic. This is far more severe than that for person to be worried about who's standing what state in front of them. Tomorrow may be what he was sorry, but he was Bernie equilibrium in shutting your knee would you run

00:46:36--> 00:46:56

on that day a man will run away from his brother, from his wife, from his spouse, from his children. He the most beloved people in us, every single individual, you have oladipo loves his children, loves his father loves his mother loves his wife loves he loves his people.

00:46:57--> 00:47:09

On the day of judgment, everybody will flee will run. How did you find the battery wire that we find? A person will come to the old mother to their own father gave me one good deed. One good deed the K

00:47:11--> 00:47:23

one good deed I can enter to Jenna alone. to pin 1311 son daughter comes to you I'd be added in I say you want something Huda give me more give me more for the Hara.

00:47:25--> 00:47:27

Hara one one small good deed.

00:47:28--> 00:48:07

For the father will say what law? I need it myself. I need it myself to do what to enter the agenda. So that you find the end that had the title, I think that the person that then a sub the lineage will not get them into gender. We are not trying to use all the topic and ability that we don't become so full as full of ourselves with the knowledge that we gain or the lineage that we have, or whatever we have inside our lives. At tofik mina Lai Subhana Allah, everything is the ability from Allah Subhana Allah in the law when malayaka to soluna Allah nebby Yeah, you're Latina mo sanderling solimo test Lima, Aloma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed demodulator libre hemara Libra manuka honey

00:48:07--> 00:48:25

de Mogi allama Burdick Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim el cambio de magie robina Tina Fey Tanya has Santa Clara de hacer una walk in our other burner burner Golem nanfu scenario lumped up filled and outer Hamner then akuna Minal Casa de la buena fildena rihani de La Nina sattva, Guna de man,

00:48:26--> 00:48:42

Illuminati Linda Dina and Manu robina. In Nakuru for Rahim, Robert Africa, Elena sobre, wasapi Dakota monsoonal COVID. cafe de Rob de nada to the Kaluga Nevada de tener What have you done? I mean, the dome karamba in a cantilever hub parabolan I mean, it's weird, you know, to Rio Tina kurata

00:48:43--> 00:48:56

tokina mm taberna Taco Bell midnight, no contest, Samuel Halim went to Berlin and Nikita Weber Rahim Sandra Baker Villa is that the phone was Salah, more and more. Selena and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como de sala de como mo como la

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Come on.

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