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The importance of remembering the history of Islam is highlighted, along with the need for people to be recognized by peers and legions. The use of "roam," "has been," and "has been," in writing and praying is also discussed. The importance of not giving up on promises and not giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on giving up on

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Mr de como Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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In the hamlet in Lahaina monastery, you know when to stop. When our auto belay Manchurian fusina amin say here Dr. Molina many fd Hello fellow modela woman

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Deanna y shadow

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Illa illa Huwa de hula Sheree Keller y shadow Mohammedan abdomen hora solo I'm about to fall in a circle howdy Chiquita boomba. We're highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was seldom was Sharon ohmori mo de to her wakulla Masha 13 VEDA wakulla bidet in Bala Latin wakulla Bala cynefin rubbish. You're really sorry. While you're silly. I'm sorry, we're headed OData melissani of coho Kohli, of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom continuing our journey in looking at Olia of Allah, the friends of Allah Subhana Allah, the friends that he selects, or he blesses

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upon them, that we mentioned based upon the verses of the Quran, Allah will you lead in among Allah is the friend, the ally, the protector of those individuals who believe and his journey of these previous few ahaadeeth had been speaking about the friends of Allah, their relationship with Allah Subhana Allah, their journey to Allah Subhana Allah and their characteristics, the characteristics of these, a bad man, servants of Allah Subhana Allah, and how they want to become close to Allah Subhana Allah and serve Allah Subhana Allah, and as today's Hadees will continue to complete the characteristics of continuing to be the friend of Allah, whereby the previous had the we stopped, we

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paused upon whether in sell any little piano, if you were to ask me, then I will give it to him. And if you seek refugee protection from me, I will protect him. Those are the friends of Allah Subhana Allah, that when they ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah responds to the call. And even though he may not give the response upon this dunya they have that your pain, they have that certainty, that may be some calamity that is befalling me, or calamity, which is upon me is going to be weakened, is going to be taken away. That's even some of the dilemma dimension that trials and tribulations if they come upon you, well, you can revoke a llama and they bring you closer to Allah. It's not no

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longer a train is no longer tribulation. If it awakens you, reminds you about Allah Subhana Allah brings you closer to Allah. In essence, it's a blessing, because Allah Subhana Allah, when he loves his servants, and he wants to show that love towards his servants, what may seem to us to be trials and tribulations and afflictions and difficulties, but in essence, they are all a method as bad minima, all formats and wait for us to come to drag us close to Allah Subhana Allah was Sophie that it that we find that yo Mian every single day Allah Subhana Allah tries, or usually when linguistically drags us towards him, Subhana Allah, give us all the avenues.

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For those who disbelieve Allah, Allah leaves them alone, st drudge leaves them alone to enjoy this world, leaves them alone to drift further and further in this dunya even though he also shows them he signs as well. So Canada Allah, but there's a care less about the let them drift away. But as for the Muslim, every single day, opportunity is given for the believer to reflect and to begin to think and think that this is a way for me to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, and this hadith response speaks about that individual, the obscure, the unknown believer, the believer is not known by the people. And we're going to touch upon that because many of us we want to be known by the people. We

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want to be recognized by the people. But the real believer is the one who wants to be recognized by Allah Subhana Allah, that's what who the real believer is, is focusing that I get recognized by Allah Subhana Allah. And even though in this Hadith, there's some there are some weakness inside this Hadith, but because it follows the sencilla, the series of Hadith that we're covering, so we have to cover this hadith. And we want to go to a tangent at the, at the tangent about a Hadith, which are bifa had these which are weak that we find renumber have highlighted Sharon wallarah eva Rahmatullah la sala.

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Like with me, Cassie are embarrassed as a speaker

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About a lumen Hadith, that we have to find the middle ground because some people, you see that a hadith Is that even a person who may narrate it and conclude that this person narrates weak narrations, you find shuru to be placed by the Allah, Allah yakun that Boucher didn't, that his weakness is not severe. It's not munkar it's not totally rejected. Well, I will assess. There's a foundation of authenticity that existed. Woman Barbie terhi bananas, encouraging people, but a foundation that authenticity exists of other narrations and likewise to be uniqueness. And you explained to people this a week narration and this one we find unfortunately, inside our community

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that we find, unfortunately daily, a hadith or read to our local community and his weaknesses. There is discrepancies in his many these works of football and a books of virtues that we find. And when a person highlights it, they say Who are you to speak about this? We're not we're not anything but aroma of ahaadeeth amid critique about books of football, and some of them have left checking certain books online saying that Hadith of the Hadith is not just the if his moon card is very weak, is fabricated, it's even they leave these books and as if I am a Muslim inside is mukaiyama came back to me serene, Lola is nada, LA, Cala, Masha, Masha. If it wasn't for the Isner of narrations of

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a Hadith, anyone can write what they want to narrate, Bilan Islam is based upon a need about authenticity. So that's what we have to go and rectify inside our society that will generate a hadith the role of the Lama will aim, Agila Ranima around us around us will give the hope of who give the sermons who give the admonition we teach people, they should teach the people and these narrations are not authentic. They're not correct. Teach to people so people worship Allah, Allah Allah basura upon foresightedness upon him, not upon fabricated, fabricated Nurik narrations and myths and fables and stories. That's not what Islam is. Every time Oh, Josie, and he's no Nia qasida

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to nguni 1000 lines of poetry, what is Dean call a local Rasulullah Kala Sahaba that's what Dean is. That's what a Muslim should be teaching the community authenticity. So even though this hadith may have some weakness inside the by alma mater Manor, who say it's meaning is powerful, is meaning it's accurate. There's a lesson Talib, encouragement for us about how the type of Muslim that we should be this individual for us, but the only i en de la Menon coffee will have the he find the most closest or the most devoted of servants towards me is this servant of mine, that his sermon of mine how people have the manner

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in his servant who has doesn't have much wealth, doesn't have much family members, meaning doesn't have much prestige and honor and much dignity and not known amongst the people. But this person, this type of individual is the most devoted of my service that we find. And as we find that the poor and the destitute, the weak, the meek, the humble individuals are a fine boundary wired in a Muslim that we find that that Misaki in the foot Cora, the poor individuals will enter to Jenna 40 years 40 years before the rest of this community. Mr. manoli, if I'm not mistaken, discusses about our buying center, these 40 years or these 40 years of this dunya or these 40 years of the era, they serve this

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accountability, because in the era, we know that the time span gets divided time multiplied many times over. So maybe by 40,000 years, possibly that we find the full Corolla will enter into gender before us. Likewise, in a handy thing sooner, Amanda says he, or Rasul Allah salatu salam, he prayed, that make me be resurrected raised me to be amongst the fukada Well, Mr. Kean, that's the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he wants to be with them, he will be resurrected with them. Because these type of individuals who don't have much of this dunya we don't have much status, you find that their relationship with Allah Subhana Allah is committed, is devoted to Allah Subhana Allah, who have been

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meaner salotti the first see for the first characteristic of this individual is a person who's worried about this Salah that's what the whole of their life revolves around. What Allah kabhi Salah to stop your Allah, order yourself or your family members was a bit earlier, not just any form of suburb. It means a total commitment, total Yomi and devotion and commitment day in and day out or being focused towards it. Then Allah Subhana Allah mentioned straight after this. We don't ask you for your provision. We will take care of your provision, while I occupy toccoa shavon rG because that's what many people even Muslim they say.

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Hi I'm

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Sally Hamza Murat, the into the masjid five times a day, you're going to lose the dunya lose your wealth lose business, wasting your time Allah forbid in this, you lose many things dunya

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and highlights. We don't ask you for any provision for any wealth. We are going to give you the wealth we're going to give you the dunya and realme have concluded mean as baby risk.

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A baddie mean baby risky al Abadi, a Sala, Allah Bhakti her ways of increasing your risk. Baraka inside your provisions is a solid and aka a solid bill Giamatti. focus upon coming to the congregation, paying on time being in the masjid, you see the risk, increases your risk, not the mindset that may Allah guide some of our Muslims, they think that it takes away more risk. It takes away my business, it takes away my property. But rather it's the opposite increases the blessings for an individual that we find. And as we find in general, excuse the expression, rich people can't care less.

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And you know, the Quran is strange. The Quran documents the psychological understanding of the people around us. You find the Quran says Korea shoe I

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took a look and

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they said Yeah, sure.

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You know, your son or

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your Salah that you go, you're performing you're telling us to do. Is this going to be something that's going to take away? Is this going to take us away from our forefathers? The things that we want to do? Oh and the LFP, Mr. Leader Manisha that this prayer gets in the way of a political domain, things of this dunya that we find us in general that you find what the rich people will say, it comes in the way of our life, or you find to mock to mock Islam in the color until Halima Rashid has the Kalamata Tsuchiya they know praising shave Allah some saying that you are haleem you're forbearing you're rightly minded, you're good indivision these are Kalamata. So Korea, they tried to

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highlight that just you just worry about your solar. And don't worry about anything else. Don't Don't come in advise us. Don't come and tell us about things of the dunya because solar has got nothing to do with the dunya you just worry about your seller, these Kalamata so Korea, at least

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that we find unfortunately that creep into the Muslim community that to mock to mock mocha de noon. Yamato, why

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are you religious cleric? You religious person? Where are you going? Why are you dressed like that? Why do you behave like that? Why do you worry about that? color? We're hasha inside our own Muslim community. We're not so worried about non Muslims. It could be something strange for them the way that we dress and the way that we behave. The etiquettes that we do for them, it can be strange. mckuen is understandable. Well, meaning one muslimeen How can be strange for a Muslim be? Islamia Islamic environment. How can they say that? Why? Why? Why is a woman covering her face? Why is this Muslim dress like this? Why is the Muslim praying like this? Why is he growing his beard like this?

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Why is he speaking like this? Hey, Buddha, Elena. Strange is blamed upon us that be at an Islamic Muslim environment. That this becomes a Proverbs. This becomes a cliches this becomes a standard of life. Look at the Quran describes those people about making so Korea of the MB are the messengers that we find in mocking Islam. And as you find this is the way of the Gambia prayer becomes the key fundamental aspect of their life. You find lokmanya boonie after me Salah watermarble marijuana and in mocha, Allah Masada Lockman is avoid advising Yamuna Yaki masala Oh my son before that he says to his son, yeah Buddha Allah to Shrek Bella in the circle Abou aldine first advice he gives to his son

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gives to his children to ship builder. never commit ship, build a supernova and never inside your life. Stay away from it. Then straight after a ship that we find. What should a Muslim be doing inside their life? yagoona Yaki masala Oh my beloved son established the salah. This is the wave all the messages that we find what's there in ob sobre la sala see aid and assistance inside a Salah. And so we find that when Muslims become over political at the expense of fundamentals, look at some machinery come over worried about both political climate around us in the world that we find. And we see it day in and day out that Muslims have believed in maybe a certain cause and become vocal about

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And this is no extremity or bottom.

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Are you salute? Simon Hello, pray, continue to Philistine that we find your kulu buena opens our hearts and burns a mind upsets us. But a sad fact there are some people who have this concern. Now you salute. Try if I don't pray inside the lodge, you have a burning desire about symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, you ignite those symbols. Those symbols are ignited by the houses of Allah Subhana Allah. You can't exist in two words. You can't believe in a cause and you don't work towards that cause you don't do the fundamental aspects of that cause of success that we find Philistine don't even read the whole history about the read even inside the Quran. Saku Lucifer, the second use of

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sort of Baccarat one of the Quran that we find super hard the foolish individuals speak about that will Qibla the chain in the Qibla that we find either 16 months or 18 months a difference of opinion in the realm of aluminum Quran for how long the Muslims pray towards later knock. This is something that concerns all of us, whereby the companions they got worried that they saw what they praise for 16 months or 18 months have been wasted. But I'm not saying one more candle you'll be

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alone will not let your email go to waste vimana Asana these 16 months that you've been praying into the opposite direction, Allah will never let it go to waste. Likewise today in a letter usually yo Mian, Allah never lets it go to waste. Never ever let the other or the actual believers ever go to waste. It all multiplies or builds up. You find a mountains elgible mineral mineral arsa Mountains are made from small pebbles from small rocks.

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That's a mountain is made. Every single seller is a pebble. That's what it is every single seller becomes a pebble becomes a mountain solidifies it strengthens it. If each one of our pebbles come together, they become the formidable force, the force of an oma to Islamia. And that's why many earlier mentioned that day there are masajid they're rampant. They're full, just like yo Juma they fall for Salah till forgery, you'll find that his Muslim Omar will return back to his glory once again. This is not a myth. This is not some statement. This is a reality that when once again you find that every single day that we're crowding to come inside silicon fudger that we've had just

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like your Majumdar, you'll see the success of this Muslim Omar awakens once again. rescues once again sees that success because these are fundamental parameters that Allah has laid out inside the Quran. And then inside the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah says, This is what you need to build towards, to come become the six successful individuals as an ABA therapy, this individual, then life becomes focusing get a better one man listen in the editor dubray Elisa Lam, la San Antonio de la Katara ellipta contado. What is to worship Allah Subhana Allah as though you see him Subhana Allah,

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no individual can see a lot of Allah inside this dunya led to absorb, absorb, no one will see a loss pantalla in this dunya upon this dunya but that's how a person worship Allah Subhana Allah, you find inside the festival, they stand in front of this Allah, Allah is facing the individual.

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As long as a person doesn't turn away, when a person turns away, a lot turns away from that individual. So here you find these individual rabada is on the pinnacle level of a sense of devotion, commitment towards Allah, and Allah, Wataru history, then this individual, maybe some of us we become devotional in front of people. But this individual who is close to Allah and Allah in the state of secrecy, that they enter, they internal conscious, the internal obedience is more focused on the external obedience, that internally that they always questioning themselves. They internally always struggling within themselves, to come close to Allah subhanaw taala. And as you

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find, they become even more obedient when they are alone. That is what you find a real worship of Allah Subhana Allah. There in the community we strengthen, we encourage, we remind one another, but the real impact of the Mottaki the real impact of taqwa that we find the person is obedient all on their own. That's the test the strength of Islam. Those are the wisdom, the impact of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, look what he did to the people around him by the permission of Allah. He trained these companions, single entities, single individuals, what are the major we'll send him to the people of Yemen olive oil

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sent into people of Yemen sent companions all on their own send them individuals. Why? Because why he knew that he had by the publisher not train them to become devoted and committed individuals, one individual goes out to serve and

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we are more than a billion in number today. What do we place inside our society? What strength do we place inside our youth, inside our community becoming single individuals who are able to challenge an oma at large, or to bring the armor together that we find? What can be done for nursey and this individual, you find these obscure among people unknown. Nobody knows who this individual is. person just secretly just worries about coming to them. But should we tell you too much it worries about worshiping Allah, when you're all alone, worried about being close to Allah Subhana Allah, now you shadow a bit of Serbia, no one even points this individual. No one points individually. No one knows

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who this individual is. But they're fulfilling their duty. And they're not worried about that maybe people may spot them or people don't spot them. All they're worried about will Allah spot me when I was noted down with the angels noted down inside my life? What can elite school can fasten. And the risk of this individual that we find is just it's just about sufficient for sobre, la delic a sufficient risk that they have. And they're patient with that, meaning they don't let this dunya distract them. Because we know that this dunya is full of so many challenges that we find that many of us them. As a Muslim community, that's all that we we thrive around, we revolve around. What do

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other people possess, what do other people own. If only I had that. If only I could do that. If only I can expand into that. If

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it's the words are shaped by opening up the doors. You find more opening up doors of the junior president how to control it drifts them away, drifting away from Allah subhanaw taala for sobre la delic this individual for mana for the BIA de la Santa Claus. These ads represent the macabre guilloche mania to this individual Deaf when it comes upon this individual, you find Khalid Baba ki coloratura who not many people even wait we put this individual. And there's not many people to inherit from this individual, obscure, unknown. Even when this person leaves this dunya people don't still don't know who he is. What has the depth of solid head, that's you find this is the way of the

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silent hint that we find. You find that some of the really mad they write about them, that you should take care of the people inside the community. And then when they died, and they found that there's no stiffen. There is no grant, there is no money that's coming to certain families, certain individuals, when they will have stopped,

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then they discover that the person who's sending by the permission for sending their money taking care of them with such and such individual. But now they've left this dunya that you find a sear the sadaqa t shirt in giving a sadaqa in giving charity helping other individuals that no one knows when you've left this dunya then people might begin to discover that something you left behind for a community benefit by use to help other individuals that you've either had either a Muslim in the leadership with Abu Taki alleghany al hafi. Allah loves the servant, who's a pious individual, a honey rich, rich in a hot rich with a wealth, generous with their wealth at

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a pious individual. Allah loves that type of individual who is committed and devoted to Allah subhanaw taala in that manner, and does he find the unknown believer because we live in a culture and environment that everybody wants to be known actions to be known by people, actually to be visually visualized by people that we find unless you find an illness, sincerity that we find is not a day's journey. It's a lifetime journey. Because you find many elements said the most difficult thing upon their life is

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a sincerity. mantra Gary Burton nasci for Rhea, Rhea

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whoever leaves eBay for the sake of the people who become showing up and whoever worship Allah and Allah for the sake of the people or who shall become shaped person needs to fight it off. Fight all elements of that you find fuqaha discussed Amir to a class about intention that we find first three types of individual to be judged in a judgement.

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First three.

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Why why these going to be the first three top individual aspirations that we all have as Muslims. All of us Muslims should have the aspiration, but you find flaws.

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And being dragged in a face May Allah forbid, because of color. Feeny at him. Color because of the intentions. The intention was corrupted.

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To the Quran, to knowledge for the sake of the people for the praise of the people gave well for the sake of the people fought for the sake of the people. So these people will be dragged in their faces and thrown into Johanna, may Allah forbid, from amongst the Muslims, for his people to be judged that we find the only time a person or in a matter of disgust when a person becomes open about their intentions, or open about the actions for different maratea that we find our will and we find that people are being hesitant. For example, giving charity people or sitting in the example is in the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that whereby you find a poor individual can ask for somewhere if nobody

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wanted to give it kept on asking no one responded and said one companion came and gave something and you find other companions began to follow suit. So then this began to please the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So people were hesitant. So with the integer present just to encourage other people, this becomes a good action, to encourage other people to follow suit in that manner. We find likewise to remind people, when people become halfling become negligent. People may not be reading certain Salawat certain praise, doing a certain actions a person does that in public to remind people that we were becoming negligent, we carry this out inside our lives. Thirdly, we find to teach people

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because some things could be unknown, certain sulan could be unknown to the people. So the person has to teach the people has to address the people has to show the people like the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he stood in a member and he he performed the Rocco performed so you step back down from the member to show the people famous had eaten Buhari sir Luca Margarita Mussolini, to show physically to the people. This is how you offer your Salah. This is how you imitate me inside your Salah to these old ways that sometimes a person needs to do certain actions to encourage the people for free that we find to distract people, when people are engaged in to call in Heba in backbiting

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in this and that sort of person begins to do certain acts begins to read Quran begins to remind the people begins to do certain actions, to try to derail them away from these frivolous activities, things of the dunya and remind them that Allah Subhana Allah, these are all good actions, be in another pass will be will be rewarded by Allah Subhana Allah wakulla Kali had our stock photo buddy welcome when Jimmy and muslimeen have a stock photo in November for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa while San Diego salamander Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was Ashby human, tema Sokka, Bissonnette yellow Isla, yo, Medina, my bad. We find that in this media world that we find this global world that we find a few words of advice to some of the younger brothers around us, even those elderly individuals around us

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that we're not against the use of media. But we find that more and more inside that society, that the use of media, whether it be Facebook or Instagram or Twitter that we find that there are certain barriers whereby Some of us have gone beyond that, that life just becomes revolving around people to visualize, visualize a performance of a better to be able to visualize a performance of hedge, I'll see our solar as being in the machine as giving sadaqa as doing certain actions, is become unfortunate. That is become and we're not quite questioning people's intentions. But sometimes it's apparent that everything just becomes visualization towards other people. And like was one that

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parameters that we find revolves around likes and dislikes, whoever clicks I like or dislike on a personal YouTube channel, or whatever it may be. People get worried about that. If you study the history of some of these YouTubers that you find some of them and this is no exaggeration. One of them who has so many millions of followers that we find when in a state of depression. When the state of depression because people began to dislike certain things he was doing, he began to see a psychiatrist. He became upset about his life.

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The sad that we find that for us Muslims, that shouldn't come become our life. likes and dislikes are with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if I share something with me, he says that if people praise you and people defame you,

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makes no difference to you. Makes no difference to you. When someone praises you, or someone defames you, it doesn't make no difference to you. You continue in your focus to Allah Subhana Allah, that's what a Muslim is, doesn't revolve their life on certain things. And likewise in in these use of this media, social media that we find

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belay aliko it is not allowed for Muslim, for Muslim man of Muslim woman to look at an opposite person. Look at a strange woman in the flesh and blood to look at it directly interface layer to Sharon, from Muslim and to look at a strange woman. How can it be that on Facebook that you attach women on your Facebook? you discuss with strange women. You keep your their faces on your Facebook and women that will come and Facebook. Those who even with a job that we find who plaster their faces with beautification with Xena Hassan Ali in haraam, Allah who allowed a woman to disclose her face. Those real mo allowed a woman to display your face and display your hands.

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All of them below If not, all of them say

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Oh, lol Mariah, she has beauty and she always

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wears beauty in her face, with makeup on her face. And to have diva to cover a face in public. That's all it really am. I've said that this is a sickness inside our society, that women sisters, mind a schema no shame that if I men at the youth, Parliament have dissected What is it the youth and the youth agenda? The youth will not enter into paradise. It asked who is a day youth wonder famous earlier most asked this question.

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Sadiq Khan was a famous muhaddith that we find and his wife would not observe veil appropriately. So his students said to him, she Mahajan, Kalamata youth was the meaning is kalama. He said, Come tomorrow, at this certain time and asked me this question, asked me this question. He was married to the queen of Bhopal, who is married to a queen.

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And when he was in the buggy with his wife, and his students came in said,

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you asked us to come here and ask us ask you this question. What is the meaning of the youth. He said this the meaning of the youth, a man who didn't tell his wife to dress appropriately, she dresses how she wants this hit his wife's heart.

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And you look at pictures of the queen of Bhopal, standing here with delegates of the world. And she's covered from head to toe, head to toe concealing herself because this penetrated into a hot day, you know your total gender as you penetrate our hearts, that we are sisters around us, our community around us and people around us that they conduct themselves outside the parameters of Sharia wakulla meaning Yeah, who do mean I'm sorry, him? Well, yeah, for the for your home. So to know that we find a lot of highlights, so to know sorry. So to know, right? Sort of like, say to the believing men to lower their gazes, and to God, God their chastity, then it is not only a minute,

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then Allah standard addresses that believing women, lower your gazes. And God your chastity, your private parts. These are teachings of Islam. We should not be ashamed about them. We shouldn't be upset about them, just as we began with unfortunately, monks Muslim that we find that why don't we look at women in their faces? Why don't we tag women inside our conduct? Why don't we discuss with women inside that conduct? Because why? Because we follow what the Sharia tells us to do inside our lives. Know what the world around us tells us to carry out inside our lives. And as we find in conclusion, to be unknown, you find whether it be the black man or the black woman who used to take

00:38:57--> 00:39:05

care of the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam you should clean In summary, my question and the ratio, he has the majority dilemma they accepted.

00:39:06--> 00:39:08

You find that this woman when she passed away

00:39:09--> 00:39:34

when she died after some days, after some days, they inform the profits of the law and they sell them and what happened to him? And I said at the salon, he became angry. Why didn't you inform me? Why didn't you tell me? They fought this woman has no value. Therefore this person has no value. The person who would clean the masjid

00:39:35--> 00:39:41

today, what do we think of a person who cleans the masjid? Who takes care of the masjid

00:39:42--> 00:39:44

a Sahaba. This is

00:39:46--> 00:40:00

place them anywhere. Place them to clean the machine to build the machine to fight in the back in the middle in the front, holding the banner going forward, marching forward, removing a position made no difference to

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

Then that's you find the difference between this oma today and then I'm Aveda Jura,

00:40:06--> 00:40:26

you find that your letter was given to Hollywood elite but Ramona kebab because people began to think maybe Holly been bullied because by him old forms of old formula people begin to think victory is given by so and so individual. He sent a letter tell tell everybody to step down,

00:40:27--> 00:40:30

tell him to step down and you take his position.

00:40:31--> 00:41:11

But you find that he refused to do at a moment in time. He just went the battle carry on. When Hollywood elite is told to step down, it makes no difference to him. It makes no difference to me inside his life. He doesn't become emotionally he doesn't become personal. That's what we muscle become today. That we become personal about the affairs. Wherever we go, whatever we do, as we began with or with Allah Subhana Allah and as you find, never let the comments of people never let them upset you. Never let them worry you inside your life that we find in our life, it becomes rebuttal. refutations where they become what many times you study in great detail they become personal, a

00:41:11--> 00:41:55

personal agenda or reduce your Coonrod a Sheree refutation becomes an Islamic refutation, known as a personality, not at the individual and a dealer upon evidences that a person may Allah guide that individual may Allah show love to those individual, this person straight away, doesn't understand this point made a mistake here. That's how this Muslim advocates themselves. That's how Muslim resembles themselves upon this dunya about hate and goodness towards other individuals, not a life of exposing another individual. Because whoever tries to expose another individual unnecessarily, you find the lawsuit handle expose them, even happened inside their own home in secrecy. Allah will

00:41:55--> 00:42:28

expose them their traits and characteristics. So we should all pray and ask Allah Allah to conceal our faults and mistakes, conceal the faults and mistakes of our brothers and sisters around us. Except for that which becomes apparent that needs to be reminded about no Muslim is better than other Muslim. Allah will judge that we just tried to turn the bonus as you become a father and we tried to encourage one another, encourage one another to become good Muslims, good obedient servants, good individuals that will only benefit our own selves. And as we find it through this endless agent that we find as well. So that begins speaking back up.

00:42:29--> 00:42:40

And about these people begin to have characteristics against the current people that are on webinar concludes that we given you, we've given you the seven off repeated versus relevant mental sort of factor and

00:42:41--> 00:43:05

and in the last panel, I mentioned that don't let these people upset you regarding the statements they make towards you, or as soon as I said, Don't let people upset you. Continue inside your journey until eventually what why Buddha Buddha Hatha Yoga takoyaki had been a movement carried on worshipping Allah Subhana Allah and fill in come to you be man

00:43:06--> 00:43:48

is the man the bear the tiller, continue in your journey? You're a bad your worship to Allah until death comes upon every single one of us in the LA Mola equity saluda nebby Yeah, you let the National Assembly assembly with us Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Nasir Lita libre hemara ellebra Hema naka de Majeed along with vertica Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad gamma Baraka, Deborah hemara Deborah Magna Camby to Maggie Ravana Tina Fey Tanya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin. Robin been overwhelmed and fusina wild amped up filled in our hammer than a cone in the middle Casa de la pena filler Alejandro Latina de takuna bill Eamon unfaithful lupino Hilda de la de

00:43:48--> 00:44:12

la mano Roberta in Nakuru for Rahim para la na sobre la was a bit akademin Ensenada powermill Catherine of vanilla to Jackalope, Ana de de de de tener una bella Dong kurama in NA canto hub cabana habla nemunas vergina with Maria Tina Parata Yun tokina Imam Roberta coppermine Niner contest Samuel Halim watauga La Nina contrato Rahim subhanak the Caribbean

00:44:13--> 00:44:19

phone was Allah Mohammed Salah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Melissa la de comida mo como la

00:44:39--> 00:44:40