The way we think can sometimes create barriers to our healing

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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding how one's experiences can be used to guide one's healing and relationships with Allah. They share their experience of feeling isolated and disconnected from others and how this can lead to barriers in one's relationships. They also mention their upcoming tour across multiple continents and their efforts to interact with participants in the tour.

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Cemani come. So, you know, one of the most common questions I'm asked is, How do I know if I'm being tested? Or I'm being punished? Another really common question is, why didn't I get what I wanted? Or why didn't things work out? I follow the rules I made do I you know, I worship Allah. So how come I still got my heart broken? Or How come things didn't work out? Or I prayed a staccato so how come the marriage didn't work out? Why did I still get hurt? These types of questions end up really becoming barriers for people in their healing journey and in their resilience, if they do not have the proper answers to them. These concepts are so essential to our own resilience and our own

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healing and to our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala if we do not have a proper understanding of why Allah tests the believers, and what does it mean for, for a believer to have, as the prophets alive, Salim says, agile, humbly movement Omro, who co located that the matter of a believer is actually amazing, because everything is good for them. How does that what does that look like? How does it play out in real life? A lot of times these concepts when they don't translate to our everyday struggles, can become barriers for us, you know, the idea of what does it mean to have sub What should I do when I am being tested? How do I respond? Should I just keep, you know, keep my

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mouth shut? Should I just, you know, keep drinking the poison? Should I turn the other cheek? Is that sub? You know, what should I do in these very real situations? But why? And does it mean that Allah is angry with me, and the fact that I'm struggling, you know, whether that is struggling with anxiety or struggling with depression, is that an indication that my Eman is not strong enough or that I don't have enough trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So many of these confusions end up becoming huge barriers. And these are the types of concepts that I hope to discuss during my upcoming worldwide tour. So I'm doing a tour across many continents in sha Allah starting next month, and I'm

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beginning the tour in Glasgow, Scotland, and then inshallah I'll be in the UK, I'll be having two seminars in London, as well as Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham. And then I'll be going to Europe and doing some countries for the first time in sha Allah, Copenhagen, Oslo. And in sha Allah, Sweden, as well as France in sha Allah Tala. But after that, I hope to be able to really meet on a personal level with the participants. So one of the things that we that we can't have, during the, you know, when we had the lockdown, or whenever we interact with,

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whether it's instructors classes through online, this is a very, very big part that we are missing. And that is the interaction with the instructor, or with the participants. One of the most beautiful things I've experienced about the onsite classes is the Brotherhood and the sisterhood that comes out of it. I mean, you will have individuals who share their struggles, even during the q&a section. And I know, you know, one time in London, recently, there was a sister who shared her own experience of feeling isolated, feeling disconnected, of not being able to have support around her. And within minutes, you know, there was sisters around her who are you know, giving their phone numbers and

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saying, you know, you can you can, you can reach out to me I can, I can help you. This is the type of sisterhood that comes and is irreplaceable, really, you know, with our with with YouTube, or you know, the online platform has its place. But we really cannot substitute the onsite experience of brotherhood and sisterhood. And most importantly, the fact that the angels come and sit with us as the prophets I seldom said that when anyone comes to a gathering and they remember ALLAH, angels come and fill the heavens in the earth, and then go back and report to Allah. And then Allah subhanaw taala forgives those people, and even the one who was a sinner, we are all sinners, but

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this person is being described as a sinner,

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which is an indication of kind of what the lifestyle was like, that even that person is forgiven because Allah says that a person who sits in such a gathering will not suffer. So there is a very, very special,

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very, very special caliber and Baraka blessing of of having these events on site. And, you know, I hope to be able to also have the interaction with the participants. This is something that inshallah this tour, I am going to make a special effort and this is actually one of my favorite parts of tour.

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Reading is being able to interact with people more personally. And so at the end I'll be having a meet and greet. I'll be having all my books available my brand new book healing the emptiness as well as love and happiness and reclaim your heart. Those who want to get it signed can get it signed and I'll be able to kind of meet with people I love this interaction, because it's a personal touch that you don't get through YouTube. After insha Allah the UK, I'll be going on to South Africa and following South Africa inshallah we'll be Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, inshallah and Singapore. I hope that you can make it I hope that you can invite your family and friends and I hope that Allah

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subhanaw taala puts a lot of baraka and blessing in our time, and allows us to work together to help each other to get through the challenges of this life and get closer to Allah subhanaw taala