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ICNA-MAS Convention 2022 Baltimore, MD


AI: Summary © The Prophet salallahu Alayhi wa Salatu is the greatest of blessings, and his deeds and behavior are important for his success in Islam. He emphasizes the importance of being accommodistic, compassionate with people, and devaling to Islam. The success of Islam in bringing people to Islam and the return of the Prophet salallahu and Allahu Anhu are also highlighted. The importance of being strong and secure in religion to avoid corruption is emphasized.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was only he was he edge Marine, said Mr. Aiken, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Who

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shall I want to keep my comments here? Very, very brief. First and foremost,

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when we talk about the blessing of Islam, there's a particular story that resonates with me. From the time from the life of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam, which really demonstrates and illustrates the beauty of Islam, the blessing of this Deen in this religion that we have been blessed with, that we have been granted that is the greatest of blessings. It's a story of a man by the name of Tufail, even armor, he belong to a tribe called a dose. This is a fairly large tribe, with, you know, about AD extended families. Right at that time is firstly how tribes were structured. You had about 80 100 Don's at extended families. So it was quite a bit of people 10 to

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15, maybe 20, even 30 people per extended family. So from there, you can estimate how large of a tribe it was. There were a couple of 1000 people almost. And he was a leader of his tribe. And he was known as maybe the most intelligence and talented member of the tribe. He was unseen to be an intellectual. He was a poet. He was very culturally and socially respected, and very articulates. He heard about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the early days of Makkah, he went to Makkah himself to investigate. When he arrived there, he was warned by the leaders of the Quraysh, the opposition to the Prophet sallallaahu, salam, they said, Don't listen to him. He said, I want to

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talk to Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, I want to hear what he has to say. They said no, no, don't listen to him. His words wheeling transou.

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He practices sorcery, magic. He's a poet. He's crazy. He's possessed. Well, I got the biller, they said all these terrible things about the prophets, a lot of them and they said, Don't listen to him. Because if his words fall into your ears, he will put you under his spell. And he said, I don't know why. But I became so intimidated by what they were saying. And this sounds very familiar to us today. We're constantly being told

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that no, no, be careful. Don't say this. Don't do that.

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Right. And it's given all types of labels to be called extreme or conservative or fundamentalist, to be too hardcore. To be too strict, to be too harsh.

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And all these people will criticize you and all these bad things will happen to you.

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But know, Allah and His Messenger salami, Jim are telling you something else.

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So same way to fame says I got intimidated by them. Just like a lot of us get intimidated today. That I'm not going to practice a part of my deen or religion, I'm not going to confess what I believe in

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because of the intimidation.

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So he says I stuck my ears with cotton.

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I stuffed my ears with cotton. So I wouldn't come across him. And then he says one day when I was at the Haram at the Kaaba,

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and I saw the Prophet salami Sunday, and I looked at him and I recognize from his face. This is the face of an intelligent, honorable, trustworthy person. This is not the face of a liar. This is not the pace of a charlatan, this is not the face of somebody who is making trouble. He doesn't look troublesome. He looks peaceful.

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So he says that I took the cotton out of my ears. And I followed him to his home.

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And I asked him, please share your message with me.

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And you recited the Quran to me.

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And in that moment, I knew that I was interacting with the truth. So I became Muslim.

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And I spent some time with the Prophets a lot. He said him and then he told me go back to your home, go back to your town, go back to your village and share this message with your people.

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He said but I see there's a there's a point that I'd like to make before I continue the story.

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In terms of accommodating people, in terms of being more approachable, being more accommodating, being more friendly.

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There are people that will tell us that our deen or our religion

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And or our message or what we believe in needs to change.

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And we will completely and totally reject that.

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What Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran is 100% Perfect, it is the truth. It is the Huck. What there is no guidance better than the guidance of the Quran, there is no example better than the example of the Prophet salallahu Salam, never compromise your faith. Never compromise on what you believe. But what can we change, we can change how we talk to people, we can change how we behave with people, how we interact with people. That's where we should learn better character. That's where we should learn to be more generous. That's where we should learn to be more kind to be more emotionally intelligent. But do not alter, do not change your Deen in your religion for anything.

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There are a lot of voices, even in the Muslim community, on the fringes of the Muslim community, that are calling for reform and change of our religion that want to reinterpret and revisit what we believe in. No, no, we will not entertain that. We don't need to, because there are the ideas of man, there are the ideas of human beings. And then there is the revelation from Allah Himself.

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It is the thoughts of the creation and the truth from the Creator.

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And so to fail, he goes back to his people but he's very harsh with them. He says either become Muslim or I cannot deal with you. They say okay, we choose not to deal with you.

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So he got very like upset. He comes back to the prophets, Allah the salam, the prophets, Allah he says, What are you doing back here I told you to go back live with your people and share a song with them. And he says that in the dosa, in the dosa, Nicola Messina will cover they are addicted to fornication and intoxication

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their quote unquote bad people.

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For the Allahu Allah him make dua that Allah destroys them, oh messenger of Allah. So the prophets, Allah Islam raised his hands to make dua

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and the Sahaba see that when we saw him raise his hands, we said in the dose and the halachot doses dead, because the Prophet is going to pray against him.

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But when the prophets Allah Nizam opened his mouth, the words came out Allahumma de Dosen when narration says he said it three times, Allah Who Magneto said what TV him Allah who don't send what TV tvm Allahu Magneto sinuata TV him Oh Allah guide the people of dos and bring them to Islam bring them to me bring them here. Oh Allah guide the people of dos and bring them here. Oh Allah guide the people of dos and bring them here.

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And to fail he then told to fail. eater Jerry la Komik now go back to your people. Further Oh, homie, LOL Islam, call them to Islam. Were folk be him and be kind and gentle with them.

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Be kind and gentle with them. That is the blessing of Islam. And what happened 10 years later, the Sahaba say

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to fail returned. But this time he came to Medina and actually yet to come to Haber. Because the prophets Olson was on Haber.

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But to fail returned a decade later.

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But when he came, he had over 1000 people with him. The Horizon became covered. They came over the hill and it became completely covered with people. He came with over 1000 people and he said they are all here to become Muslim. And one of those people that came that day to become Muslim was none other than a boo hoo radar or the Allahu Anhu.

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That is the blessing of Islam.

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That is the blessing of our deen in our religion.

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So I wanted to conclude here

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by sharing some of the fruits of our deen in our religion. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran in Medina in the law Hill Islam,

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that this way of life, Islam, this is the chosen religion by Allah. This is what Allah subhanaw taala wants for you that the prophets Allah Allah subhanaw taala tells us for us even more to how can he Dini Hanifa FITARA Tala Hila T Fatah, renessa Allah, this is in tune with our inherent nature. This is the natural inclination that Allah has built us with that Allah has created us with that we turn towards the worship of Allah subhanaw taala that the religion of Islam is centered and focused around devotion to Allah, the oneness and the devotion to Allah. Boo Allahu Ahad Allah

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Who's somebody loving your leader? Well I'm you lead with me Aquila, who co founder heard that Allah is only one and only upon Him do we rely? This religion is a religion that emphasizes knowledge and intelligence, it corrupt Bismillah because Allah the Haluk read in the Name of your Lord, the one that created it is a religion of honesty, integrity and justice and fairness in Allah yup rubella Adeney well Sunniva eater evil CORBA Allah command you towards justice, fairness, excellence into respecting your relationships, taking care of the people that are given to you. This is a religion that does not involve compulsion, we do not compel we do not force our will upon to others. La gras

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15 This is a religion in which Allah has removed hardship while my Gianna on a confit Dini Mahajan. Allah has removed hardship from you in this religion. This is a religion of balance, because Alika Jana was SATA? It's a religion that grants you honor when he likened Iza when he rasuluh he will mean that is the honor belongs to Allah and His messenger and to the believers. And this is a religion of beautiful, noble honorable character. Where did the prophets Allah the Selim says, In nama Boris to Luton, me my Makati Mala clock, I was sent to perfect and to complete noble character, good character, honorable behavior. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to practice Islam

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properly. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us consistency upon our faith, consistency upon our religion, and may Allah protect us from the corruption that is being introduced upon this community. May Allah protect it from that corruption. I mean, the horrible al Amin Giselle Kamala Hayden was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.