Ali Hammuda – Sacred Truths #12 – He hugged the killer of his son

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the murder of a man in an apartment complex and struggles with those who fall out with others. The Prophet Sallali alayhi wa Sallam said that people of color are the worst of all, and they should not be recognized. The importance of reconciliation in Islam is emphasized, with a disturbing quote from Shavon during a conversation with someone named Danny. Consciously reminding people of the need for apologies and good deeds to avoid failure to achieve their goals.
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There was actually a brother called Salahuddin. And in 2015, when he was doing delivery for pizza hut in America, in Kentucky, he was robbed and stabbed to death in an apartment complex. And, you know, the key headline that came out afterwards, it was actually later on during the court hearing, when his father came eye to eye with the killer of Salahuddin. And just before that, the killer was about to be handcuffed and sentenced for that one years. He, he embraced him, and he whispered in his ear, and he said to him, I'm not angry at you. I'm angry at the devil who's misguided you.

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And I hope that when you leave this place, you do good deeds.

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And this brought everyone in the room to tears, and including the judge. And who would have thought that, you know, there's one thing to forgive someone, but to reconcile with him.

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After all, Allah subhanaw taala said was sort of

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reconciliation is best, if you were to ask any individual, nine times out of 10, there is a person who they fallen out with whether the dispute is between husband, wife, Father, Son, employer, employee, businessman and his partners, measured committee members, others, you've almost certainly experienced this yourself, or you're at least aware of two people, two parties that have Now bearing in mind the sheer number of self inflicted hurdles that already exist in our journey to Allah subhanaw taala and the home of the Hereafter, I mean, just to list insincere thoughts, love of fame, laziness, complacency, self admiration, robot like worship. The point is that our short lives are

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already plagued with so many deficiencies. So now is the time to identify and treat every one of these hurdles before time runs out. And one of the largest hurdles that exists on a person's path to Allah Jalla Jalla Lu are fallouts with other Muslims.

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And it's for this reason that there is a special group of Muslims who have taken it upon themselves to revive a very precious act of worship, as they actively track down those who fallen out to try to mediate and resolve their matters because they've realized that this is one of the most rewarding yet neglected acts of worship in existence.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Shall I not inform you of an act of worship that is greater than praying, fasting and giving in charity? They said, Yes, he said, reconciling between people.

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So these people who track down people's fallouts and they try to mediate, they have realized that this is a form of charity as well, that doesn't involve money. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, I've been to sadaqa de Islam who that will be the greatest of all Charities is reconciling between people. In fact, when use was conveyed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that the people of color that had fallen out, and they were hurling stones at one another, he immediately said, it has been at a loss of their how they, you know, let's go and reconcile between them.

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So whilst the overwhelming majority of people choose to just act as spectators, as analysts, gossiping about the fallouts of people,

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this select group of Muslims are of a different kind altogether. They speak so little, but they do so much. Allah how many satanic blocks have been spoiled because of their efforts? How many households have been repaired because of them? How much do I is made for them due to the peace that they've brought on others? And just how many good deeds have such people are masked, as they revive an act of worship? That so few are courageous enough to embark upon to reconcile between people so take it upon your shoulders to plan a strategy to bring quarreling Muslims together? And whether it is you who shall execute this plan or you will communicate who someone who can do it on your behalf?

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That's That's irrelevant.

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This addresses the Reformers amongst us who shall act as peacemakers between disputing Muslims.

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Now, if you happen to be one of the two parties that has fallen out with another person, then this principle, what sort of reconciliation is best urges you to start a frank conversation with yourself before it's too late. Once you

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tell it that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Toronto will move equally. Meanwhile camis the deeds of people are presented to Allah every Monday and Thursday. And Allah erases the sins of every Muslim who does not associate the partner with Allah.

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Except he said to people who have fallen out, it is said don't forgive their sins until they reconcile.

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Imagine, despite your many good deeds, your relentless pursuit of avenues of Allah's pleasure, pleasure, this one Fallout, as you may call it, has the capacity to block the original since leaving a person exposed to so much more trauma on the day of judgment that is needed, is it worth it? Now Shavon during your one to one conversation, he won't give up from trying to dissuade you from acting upon this principle of reconciliation as best shaitan will say, Fine, reconcile. I just don't do it now. Give it a year or so.

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What does the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say here? He said man ha ha who said that? And so who I can say if key Danny, whoever boycotts his brother for a year, then it is as if he has spilled his blood.

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Shavon he will not lay his arms. He will say to you okay, fine, you want to reconcile. But don't give it a year. Give it a week. Surely you both need some time to cool down. Another desperate attempt to discourage the application of this organic principle. So retaliate? Again by citing yet another Hadith

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where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lay your hands on a Muslim and yeah Hydra who thought Kahala? Thurman Hydra aka who volka salah is in format the Halyna

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it is impermissible

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for a Muslim to boycott his brother for over three days. And whoever does so then dies will enter the fire

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Shavon will plead replete. He will say okay, okay fine. Wait for him. Wait for her to initiate the apology.

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Respond with the Hadith waha Euro Houma la vie aberdovey Salam, the best of the two quarreling parties is the one who initiates the salam don't give shape on a corner to breathe. And then he will say to you okay, but what if he rejects your apology?

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What a wasted effort.

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No, it's not a wasted effort. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said we're ylim Eurodollar he could have been if me

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what how Raja al Muslim Meenal Hijra. But if you are rejected,

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then that person will be sinful and you have freed yourself from the

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sea corner Shavon

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make the apology shaytaan. However, we'll make one last desperate plea to veer you off this path of reconciliation. And he will say to you have you considered the consequences on your honor? I mean, how long can you go and that's when you deliver the final nail in his coffin with yet one more Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a profound statement or he said there are three things that are taken oath by Allah's Name will happen. Number one, one who gives in charity his wealth was will not deplete.

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And number two, when one pardons, Allah will increase him in dignity. Did you get that? When a person pardons Allah will do what increase him in dignity, not the opposite. And number three, he said whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will raise him.

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So what corner the shaytaan have to flee after you have quoted him with all of these Hadith apply? The principle was Sohail Acharya, reconciliation is best. So regardless of whom you may be in the eyes of people set your ambition in being the better believer in the eyes of Allah. So humiliate Shavonne liberate your soul from the burden of resentment and issue that courageous apology and remove every self inflicted hindrance that stands between you and Allah. And when you hesitate remember was so high reconciliation is best

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well, being happy

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being helped

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obey shields oh and

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Follow up on

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I'm Phil

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