Hasan Ali – Humans couldn’t organise the Quran the way it is

Hasan Ali
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part of the Quran I just want to share with you in the last few moments of this, and I want you to understand this, because the Quran is something so beautiful. It looks like the Quran is not connected.

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The Quran looks like it's not connected. But if you look at the eyes of the Quran, you will see connection there. And sometimes you have to think very, very deep to find the connection there.

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So let me explain that in another way.

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When a human being writes a piece of work, we find a beginning, we find a middle, we find an end, and the beginning the middle and the end more or less flow in a in a pattern we can see clearly the Dizzy, there's a clear, you know, direction here of us understanding something. So even when I talked today to you, I said to you that there's a broad thing we want to understand how Allah is going to create communicate with the human beings and how Allah is going to tell us he is the harlot. And in that I gave you three categories. And under the three categories. I told you tough kid with a yarmulke TBL I learned about the mouth and I followed my last 50 minutes, all with all of

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that. So it's actually coherent. You can see a beginning you can see middle you can see an end you guys understand that? When you look at the Quran, sometimes you're lost. There's the Quran kind of says this and says that and says this and you think

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What is Allah azza wa jal like if you really see the thing, what's the connection between the first thing you said then the next thing he said and the next thing said, I can't see the connection. So, let me let me show you a connection. This is one of the parts where I should look at the semester think you know, when I was young, what is the connection but only when you study this through great scholars of the fsid you understand Wow, look at the connection. So let me let me give you this is this is a Surah which most of you most of you know. Okay, this is Surah, another student number 78. So Allah azza wa jal says unmade a sir alone. What are these people in Makkah disputing about? I

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didn't never allow them or what the disputing about the the great news which is, which was a great news, the great news of the day Jasmine, under the home fee hemo telephone in which they find themselves in a difference of opinion, Kayla, no No Say Allah won't they'll they'll soon know about this. Suma well then again can say Allah Moon No, no, no, they're soon know about this. unnaturally out of balmy had, did I not create the earth as a bed? A flat surface? Now look at this, right the first five Hyatts talk about people in recent loss of loss most time they're disputing about the resurrection. They're disputing about the day of judgment. And they're saying, Well, what we're

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going to be brought back to life again. You see

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that this is the first five verses. Suddenly Aladdin twitches and he talks about the Earth did not make it flat. Okay, so it's the conversation has switched yes or no?

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Yes. Okay. Later on, you're going to find Allah azza wa jal is going to switch back to the day of judgment when he talks in it number 18. Yo, Ma Yun Felco if you saw the day when the horn will be blown. Okay. He's going to switch back again. So the law of switching Judeans on this? Yes, it seems like there is no connection but I'll show you the connection right now. So Allah says alumna John in Alabama had did not make the earth a flat bed when Japan Tata did not make the mountains things that will keep the earth in place. Well hello and welcome as Roger did or not then create you in different pairs. Male and female. What your Anoma conservator did I not make your your sleep

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something that gives you full rest you have your cutter from cutter from all your thoughts of the day and you get some purists. Well John, the lady Besa and I made the night something that gives you a cover what John O'Hara Maharsha and I made the day something that you find your livelihood in there. Well banana for cotton seven Shuddha and above you I made seven strong parts which is referring to seven heavens was the unknown Sirajul hija and I made for you a lantern from within that which is a which is the sun that we're actually seeing once the nominee and most Shiratama answered jajah And I bought for him from for you from the clouds water in abundance Loquitur we

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don't want a better so that I can take from the earth as a means of the water. I take out certain seeds and I take certain vegetation

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But you're not in alfalfa and I create for you many thick sort of

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gardens for you in Yeoman. Firstly Cannoneer Carta, the day of harvest has its meeting point.

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And did you hear that? First Allah talks about the people in Macomb Cabramatta were disputing about what

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about the resurrection? Next Allah gives about a good 10 verses telling us do not do this. Don't do that. Don't do this.

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And suddenly Allah says the meeting of the day a young man first foster the day when things will be separated, that meeting is coming now listen to the because Allah switch the conversation again. Yo Ma Yun faculty so the fact that tonight the day when it will be blown in the horn and you will come in troops will put your hat is summer over cannot abueva and the skies will open and they will be duels and gateways was the year of the Jeep Alfa Cana Sarada and the mount is will be flying and so on so forth. Allah says in Niger Hana then he goes to John Okay, now you're gonna think well hang on a minute. Number one, they're talking about the Day of Judgment number two, Allah gives us 10 verses

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about all this these gifts that He gave us. And then he switches back to the dead. Why? A deep fossil mana, Muhammad Allah who he has given the connection to all these verses, and he says

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just as the farmer will have the day,

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the sun

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the land, so Allah first talked about the land, okay, Allah Akbar made the land flat, please Okay. And the farmer needs his land to be stable, and the farmer will then need his rest he comes to the farmland, he needs the ground to have night as well as day and in the daytime, there's going to be sun shining on his ground. And in the in the in the daytime and nighttime, he's going to have rains to fall on to his ground. And then the rains will bring up the crops and bring up the from the seeds is going to bring up the vegetation that he needs. And and the farmer will see many different flourishing greenness on his land, and he's going to be so happy and in the end, what the farmer

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does is the farmer comes in the day of harvest, and he's going to cut it to the stubble, he's going to he's going to separate the seas or the or the whole, you know, stole from the chaff. He is going to separate it, he will take it aside. And then He will separate the seeds. And after he separates the seeds, he will he will want only what's inside the seed he wants those piece of rice or who wants those pieces of wheat, he will throw away everything else. He doesn't need

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the law, he doesn't need the stubble anymore. He doesn't need those other things anymore. He doesn't need the rain. Now for these crops, these crops are grown, he doesn't need any of that he can wait for another time to use Allah but right now he will abandon all of that just for the seeds and, and and the produce that he has. He's not interested in anything else. The same way. Allah azza wa jal has created the human beings for the human beings He created the sun, the earth, He gave us all of these gifts to give us everything around us. He gave us the conference, he gave us the animals he gave us the food he gave us the drink we need, he gave us the comfort on the earth. He gave us the

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you know, the night the day he gave us all of the things that we need to get a livelihood and to get rest and to get back on all of that. And in the end, when Allah takes the human being on the Day of Judgment, just like the farmer takes the takes the whole you know, on the day of harvest, just as Allah has said here in China number 17 in yo ml firstly, can Amir PATA the day of separation, the meeting is coming just as the farmer is waiting for the harvest day so he can separate everything from the seeds that he needs. Allah azza wa jal will separate the human from everything else. So who crushed the mountains, he's going to break the sun is going to break the whole of this earth is

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going to break everything that he gave us the whole night and day, the whole thing that he created around us for us is going to break all of that crashing. And the only thing that he wants is the human and he wants the genes. He doesn't care about the other animals that are around us. They're all going to be turned to dust only the human in the genes. And just like the farmer when it takes the seed, He peels it and he wants a grain of rice inside it. That's what he really wants. Allah will take the human being he will take what Rasul Allah is to do, he will take out what's in our hearts and the things that we did for him. That's the produce Allah is going to take. Now tell me Is

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it linked to is not linked,

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