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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of Islam as a way to achieve Islam and the importance of daily prayer for the five or six daily prayers inside a life of patience. The transcript describes a group discussing the end of Surah Surah and the importance of knowing the Prophet Muhammad and his actions. The transcript also discusses the importance of rewarding older individuals for their hard work and the importance of focusing on personal development and staying in a personal aspect in one's life. The death of time is a real death, but it is a real death.
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early we're sending them continuing the theme of a Dawei delay Subhana Allah adapt Rodial Quran without an MBA. That has been a main three themes in the previous sutras, when you look at Surah Noor. Likewise that Surah Musa mean that we find the main Surah Jin as well previously, that the main theme of these three sutras is about the role of the prophets, the role of the Quran or the impact of the Quran, and the impact of giving Dawa inside society

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as we enter into certain Muzammil, which is specifically speaking about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, but the same three themes exist inside the surah as if the extraction the hidden element inside the surah is that before we begin to preach to the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, we begin to give Dawa to people that were to the Quran. There is a core element that some of us are many of us fail to understand, is a concept of spirituality. Because in his Surah, it speaks about the build up of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, yo yo Musa mill, ami Leila Illa, Kalina, a one who has been wrapped up in the garments, Camilla, Illa, kalila, and ishara. That before we begin

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to give Dawa exert our efforts towards people that society around us. First we need to focus upon ourselves because it's a strange world that we live in. Because even in the science of tolerable to learn that we find the science of gaining Islamic knowledge, the intent of many people is something else. And as we find that people begin to topple later on inside their lives, had to find even some people that become atheists inside they believe, who may be either involved in Islamic activities of giving Dawa to people, because the focus is upon other individuals, is about society without focusing upon firstly, primarily upon oneself, strengthening one's own image and one's belief that

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we find there's no point calling to people giving Dawa to people are giving data to the Quran, where many of us don't even understand the Quran or liaise with the Quran. The Quran says, What up till Khurana 13. That's why sometimes many of us are taken aback even some basic non Muslim could ask questions about the Quran. We don't understand certain aspects of the Quran. Or we haven't exerted efforts about the Quran, about our journey with the Quran. It's about learning how to counteract people's arguments, how to refute people how to look down upon people. That's what most of us our theme and a life is about. That's what we focus upon. So we missed a core element of Islam. The core

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element, the hidden message inside the surah if not, the hidden message throughout the Quran is one of spirituality. One of Ischia, one of focus, one of devotion, one of commitment, not that the key element that comes I need to become as we find the youtubers around us, I call Islamic YouTubers, that's what they are shallow individuals, Sonata to shoot six months, maybe even three years maximum reading certain texts or new source, and they have the audacity to challenge people who've been reading for 30 years of their life for two years of their life, 50 years of their life. Not to say a person can't make mistakes is plausible. But logically as well think about a person who is involved

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in maybe, let's say, in the modern world in structure, building of structures. You may have mastered one element of plastering a building, but you don't understand nothing else about the structure of a building. That's the only thing that you know. So you begin to pose a look at me I'm a good plaster when you don't know nothing about bricklaying, electrical work or installation. You don't know anything else about that. But you have the audacity to say to a person who spent their whole life doing that, that this person doesn't know this. Maybe they don't know that small element, but you can't take away the credential of who they are. And this is the reason why because we are focused

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maybe we're to blame as teachers, that we're just teaching people that go out after people go and find mistakes of people don't worry about mistakes or people if you see somebody doing something, that's what you're not doing. You need to highlight that you need to flag that you to highlight inside society. It's our own fault personally, that that's what we become, rather than focus on what we should focus with a core element of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the Quran told told him to call me Leila Illa kalila and this is a failed I'm not a commandment. After all, Emma said that the night prayer for the Prophet and some words something obligatory for us if we find it and the sooner

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becomes a choice, but for the progression, it becomes obligatory to the minimum that we should be doing is the press haven't come to see the people who've given Dawa inside the park faced and to pray their prayers get back to Dawa, get back to this. Maybe once in a while, you may need to hasten yourself, but is that every single day of your life, every slight hastened and then you're speaking about Islam, you speak about our salah. Hi, Mr. Cool. It doesn't make sense that you speak to other people about Islam core fundamental issues within yourself. You don't hold fast to them.

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and actually inside the surah look how many times Allah is trying to make these inferences about a sunnah Camilla in a nutshell the lady here shall do what? Isla Joaquin Mashallah. So Allah mentioned these three times or more than in Arabica. Jana Aneta Docomo at dinner Taku movie ha Taku be Sana Sohei inside the surah Allah is highlighted many times the concept of Salah for what reason?

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Actually in the Quran Allah mentioned Psalm 85 Autonomous or the Quran Wa T mo Salah to occur for what reason? Why does Allah begin to Quran mentioning when Allah Kabira tun Illa Allah Harsha EAN was stirring up somebody was Salah were in the Halacha be written into the kosher in Sikh is Tiana B Sabri was salah, seek aid and assistance by a patient and a sunnah were in Na Na kabhi Ratan indelicato Shireen is going to be something burdensome difficult for whom

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for the average people except for a little harsh in those who know that their key element their key rob the key relationship between themselves and Allah's founder is a Salah Oh well, I will share my your house well abdomen piano, the first thing we're all going to be asked about on the Day of Judgment, the first thing every single one of us not asked about somebody else. And then what did I find? First thing every single one was we asked about is a Salah

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is the prayer. That is that is to some degree rectified or person has made that effort inside their life tried their best, supplemented that we'd work with no afield, which Sunon the Amazon people just engaged finished Estella is it? Hey, Ava upon us, because people are true what they say you pray no sooner you pray no, no if you pray no, no What robot if you pray nothing. Because as soon as you finish a prayer, people stand outside for half an hour, 45 minutes, an hour, two hours, three hours talking on a daily basis. And then you will do pick bones with other people how they offer their prayer, maybe at least the offering is soon. The often the relative at least they offer their

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12 Soon enough of the prayer in the day and solidifying their house in paradise. They've got the Yaqeen Haven't they? They've got the certainty that I want the house in paradise. I want to strengthen it. I want to build even more. These are cool things that we should be focusing inside their life. And likewise when Quran. Here is some of us, we could barely read the Quran at times better you can read the Quran after 10 years of so called practicing Islam. We can't read the Quran Heyburn we're not asking people to become proficient readers of the Quran doesn't mean Allah is prime data but at least be able to read the Quran and relate yourself to the Quran. Understand the

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Quran, work till Khurana Tila recite the Quran with 13. Reciting with understanding pondering have your world have your daily reading the Quran through every single day of your life. Set yourself a target half of Jews will have to suffer worship even one page. Even one page every day wake up in the morning or in the evening about an acid or whatever suits you have read that on a daily regular basis. That this is you're born with Allah subhanaw taala and I call you find a sub key element was the Anima your Kowloon what have you Mahajan, Jamila, these are all elements dusky and Sadie surah was the summer as you mentioned in the data of new Hala Islam, patients in his life, the patient of

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was welcome. Sobre el asmin Russa be patient like these strong resolute individuals is that not to scare? Once again hastiness that we have inside our society we don't want to follow the long, tedious proper path of Islam of five daily prayers inside a life of patience, reading the Quran, studying the Quran, implementing the Quran, and like what define a seeker. What's good is not a beggar what a button. Tila, make dhikr of Allah remember Allah Subhana Allah Allah and at the end of Surah seek forgiveness was stuck for Allah and Allah hug afforda he seek the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah all of these five or six elements are what Ischia

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purification before we start jumping to other things inside society, which we're all prone to do, which we love to do actually because very easy to go and to preach to other people and tell other people is very hard to work upon one knifes one soul that's what really must say that enough the soul is a continuous battle. One day for the soul one day for you one day for the next one day for you one day for the Eagle One day for pride one day for sincerity one day for hardship one day for sadness one day for weakness. That's why the knifes is always struggling. That's what Allah protects at SU two jumps to Psalm 11 or 12 oaths took worship see what do haha what do her took an oath by

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the sun and the coming of the day daylight only 11 or 12 oath Allah mentions Qaddafi Herman Zabka.

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Then Allah mentioned successful is the one who got

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After the care who is purified it a dummy who are your own inner ha?

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Who purified what what is this thing that Allah speak about you have to purify inside your life. And that's what called herberman. The SIR wretched is the one who pays no attention to his soul. You are Man via your soul. You're not a man by your bodily structure, your man by your soul exists within you. That's what makes you a man. That a more the soul is just some random actors here that the soul is like a wild beast. It runs herders, runs towards passions, desires, temptations, the world, the dunya wealth, property runs towards that sort of soul needs to be tamed. It's a wild beast, who have attained their soul has controlled the rest of their body rest of the organs. Whoever tames their

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heart focuses upon the heart that's on the mend. You've read the Quran about the called the heart being being pure. Eliminate Allah because being celibate comes with a pure heart in a hadith is Allah if Allah NFL Jessa de Moo Ha, inside the body is a piece of flesh in the body is a piece of flesh, one piece of flesh.

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If that's rectified, the whole of your body's rectified

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what is that small piece of flesh, and our he'll call it the heart. That's it. Spend your life focusing, focusing upon your heart. focus upon that the rest is trivial. The rest of it look at the provenance of look throughout his life. Look at his devotion, his commitment even suited Muslim read Revelation, whether it be the second or third or once the first four suitors that we find. Read the buildup of the surah read the beginning of revelation Sahih Bukhari that we find revelation came to the Prophet Elijah somehow revelation needs to come to him and he went back to his wife Khadija, what do you love to Anna? What do you say to the maroon is a male loony? wrap me up wrap me up.

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In other words, I am sad inside it up see the man's love for Boehner begins and below when he would just say Rudy not much for both these words, intertwining words that they are, but he wrapped himself in a gun because he feared he didn't know what was taking place when his revelation was coming upon him.

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And Allah then said to him Camilla Illa kalila, because if you look at the scene and he was searching for peace, tranquility, can you get to happiness? And no one minute Ebert I used to go to God Hera used to go to cave Hara, and sit there for days on end, reflecting, searching for what, searching for Allah Subhana Allah, that is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's the cancelled we don't need to go to God Hara and enter into a cave or make a retreat to find Allah Subhana Allah that was specific with a Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So Allah addressed him yet you will Muslim mill,

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speaking to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, as we find that some of the elements of these are the titles of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam you know, inside the Quran Allah uses certain people about certain speeches when you speak yeah Ibrahim yah Musa yah yah yah yah Dawood Allah Spanner speaks directly uses their name but a prophet is have never used his his name correctly. Allah never use the name directly Ella fees FeCr can now be except for speaking about the third person the past tense one man Muhammad Allah Rasool who is Muhammad except for mercy existed before you Muhammad Rasul Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah speaking about him whenever the Quran when Allah

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speaks directly to the messenger Yeah, you are assumed but Nygma on the lake and Arabic

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top of Allah subhanaw taala your soul your messenger Yeah, you had Nebby Cooley as well Jake. Oh perfect, say to say to your wives, these are Sita about how ALLAH addresses the prophets. Allah shows his MACOM does he find him in a hadith that you find inside in such a Muslim? mistaken? He said Anna anna muhammadan

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were Amadon I Muhammad and Muhammad

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Why not Mahi? Yum. Who became Cooper? I'm the one who are bleep obliterates who wipes out cover one and half share I'm the one that people gathered or people gather whole Academy will gather around my feet gather around me cluster Rami we're gonna have him and I'm the end the seal of the prophets. Some Allahu alayhi salam and Nabi you hola me neither Mina and fusi him soon.

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They said he took me down Allah speaks about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Surah Azzam speak about a Confederate speaking about Jihad speak about struggle, but the reality is surah is all about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is all praising him

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and so somebody really well you could see how they began to extract so I'm gonna go to the View they get 99 different ad you know, the old derive this mobile Naga excessive name that people are added to the Prophet Allah

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that Islam but you can see where the love comes from. You can see where it spilled some from the Quran and the Hadith about certain titles which are given to him. How does the Quran describe the prophet as we look at the end of Surah to toda, la caja camera Suliman and Fujiko as he is in Allah He managed to hurry Sudanic me Nina rueful Rahim

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and the SU two Toba and he does come upon your messenger grieves and messenger for monks your own so it upset sins, you don't come to the guidance. It worries him it troubles him. And he's removed his Rahim pitiful mercy for kind, compassionate.

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Allah uses these titles with a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and insipid readings and oluwo Aluma Quran about the collection of this verse,

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how this verse will put together a compilation of the Quran is a marvel in itself, of how the prophets have described is what individuals carrying is this one verse, but as a different discussion. Yeah, you will Muslim will come in later in LA kalila. Stand up in prayer, part of the night, half of the night, or increase upon that. And even in cyber inside is sort of how many times a night is mentioned. Because night is a time for obedience of TA, fighter for fun sub. When you finish your daily chores, your work your career, can find moments, find moments to remember Allah subhanaw taala especially during the night that final part of the night of remembering Allah

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subhanho wa taala. And as we find that Allah has kind of mentioned about those individuals who offer the night prayer, if it's to record, but as Senator Aisha I said earlier mentioned just before we go to sleep, just read that you'd be routed amongst those individuals who observed at night prayer, Dr. Jennifer Junu boom, undeliverable IGP. Yet the runner up on ko from Altamira woman murder that no human for corn, they sacrifice their beds, they sacrifice their sleep. They sacrifice it to remember Allah Subhana Allah that's what even the IRB speak about. enough you have to submit what you will not be Wakita Fellaini wouldn't heard nya Tilly and Bab read it to see these if

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these were the profit as agreed this is when you make PMO Lane make tahajjud and when you read this out he would weep of reflection Rabbana Mark Calaca heard about Tila it doesn't have to be excessive reading the Quran excessive praise that people say oh read X 100 amount of rock out in the night and particle given to you simple 2468 must now we must increase decrease as much as you want maximum as early math concluded 11 Eight record of the night prayer and three Witter able to condense that pray one with that if you want to condense it. But the problem remained constant when he began to do something which is even supererogatory he remained observant of that.

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Even though I had all of the different tasks yet to do inside his life, he observed that throughout his life Wamena Layli for tahajjud been filtered in a night. Make no filler. Make the no waffle. So in your Berserker, Booker calm muda

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Assa when Elisa Vimana perhaps happen and indeed Allah will raise your rank,

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McCollum and Mahamudra oh one and for dunya what a foreigner look at the crab food Murphy era, and inside an era that's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, just the encouragement that we should find inside Allah looking at the Prophet alayhi salatu salam work till Khurana Tila look at the recital of the Quran of the prophet Elijah many companions right they said we never had the best of voices are the best of Tara was the Quran of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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Tana Yokohama Dhanbad done. He would elongate slowly at the end of each verse. He would stop at each verse appropriately.

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That was a prophet Elijah wouldn't hasted inside his Harada that many people made his haste and for the recitation were up till Khurana 13 That's why people that really mad debate that he calls it mucho would or reciting Quran in In a beautiful tone and extending elongating Lee. There's a debate amongst fuqaha and remember about that.

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But the Sunnah of the Prophet Elijah was work till Khurana Tila to recite in a flowing manner, no need to excessively elongate certain things, it flows. That's more close to Accra. Illa sadhana of karate rasool Allah you salatu salam that we find an imam in because he decided to proceed. Before we begin, Sita said he may have has a whole chapter in his Mikado speak about Phurba Al Quran about the virtues of the Quran is a you know, a swatter Kumble Quran, tried to exert your efforts, your voice in reciting the Quran. It's not just another book

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that you read is mumbling away murmuring away. He made that That's right. That's how many times you know that. They're far better does that we were looked down upon and they they have this deep reverence

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this deep reverence for the book of Allah and that they have

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The way they do adorn it the way they preserve it. And the way that they read it because they believe passionately, these are the words of Allah Subhana Allah and we take something like

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he said to one of the companions, who Tita Ms. Merwin Mirza miryalaguda Would you've been given one of the flutes a flute well amongst the flutes of the family of Dharwad because the who that is beautiful voice

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that computes that companion. Abu Musa luxury

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hero Abu Musa actually said because I progressed and walked past him and heard his camera. He said yeah rasool Allah is merciful. I knew that if you standing outside I would have beautified my voice even more.

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He's just reading.

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But if I knew you standing outside there out of exerted my effort even more, I already the problem is praising him that you'd be given such a beautiful voice of reciting the Quran. Focus the Quran as we find that certain people have a beautiful voice and it was known as crucial filled Quran a person can decipher this person understand the words of the Quran because some folks could just imitate a voice and it's those who understand the words of Allah that has a deeper penetration Lisa Mina Mala Mehta, Gunda Bill Quran he's not from amongst us who tried to exert themselves in a recital of the Quran that we find.

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And maybe that could be hard for many of us

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in the world of the society that we live in, but look at his encouragement. The one who recites the Quran Ohama here, he's an expert. He'll be with the lofty individuals

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but that individual who struggles who stutters who breaks, who finds it hard to read the Quran

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Well, I will add you rod

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will have to rewards

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who started with the Quran finds it hard, never know they when they were young, tries to come back to lead the Quran and elderly age. Look for inspiration to the prophet Elijah will have to rewards

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doesn't shun people away, doesn't push people away. He tries encourage people read the Quran, study the Quran ikura worka. Read and ascend.

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Why Nah, man Xena taka agri craft dunya oh come accord.

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Read at ascend wherever you stopped reading.

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Wherever you stopped reading will be your place in Ghana.

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Wherever you stop reading estriol MACOM that's your position you carry an ascending up in the heavens where someone who fathered the Quran, a guide towards the word of Allah what we find a nasheed

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I don't want to enter open his kind of books about I know she'd Islamic and as she they call it even people memorize the Quran again towards that path. Why are we going to that path?

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Maybe some people say is to give tranquility ease or whatever maybe to society you don't need and disciple Quran you're a person who's got the Quran inside your chest, what more do you want inside your life?

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What more attention do you want inside your life that we we begin to divert towards that.

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That's the that is the that's why it shows that we don't understand the power of the Quran the intent of the Quran. If we did that, we'd all be rushing towards that.

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That's what the struggle would be inside that dunya that's what a companion known about who knows the most Quran and how many them knew the most Quran

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and then that's why I had to go down another stage who's slightly older who is who became Muslim before because everyone fulfill the basic criteria. They're most fulfilled that card that they would prefer the Quran the noodle Quran inside out, try to go to the next level.

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So these are the things that we need to focus inside our life in Sanuki Annika colon Sakina.

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Now the Quran

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Quran at the same time will occur just under Quran redecker For

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instance, so to cover the 54th chapter four times I mentioned it's easy to learn.

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So why does Allah say in us and Oltean a colon subpoena? We're going to put down upon you harsh words, severe words. If we take that literally physically, as you mentioned, read about Revelation the Quran will come down and the Hadith in Bukhari, the prophet shall be mentioned, it will come back the ringing of bells will be strong sound, the moving of chains, chains being dragged, it will kind of be heavy on my mind.

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And likewise he said the other day to be in a similar to how God covenant is a form of a man debri will come with a man and given that revelation

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and occasional Quran would come

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when a mistake is at been served, but we're sitting here that professor was blessing. Five was reclining on his side sitting besides it recording site and revelation came

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in nurse at Alika golden Akela. He said my thigh was about to break

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is about to break the

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Because the power of the Quran and Sunnah the Khurana jevelin We said that is called an amount of turning to dust. That's how strong the Quran was. I she narrated the Quran would come down on a cold day

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pearls of sweat pearls of sweat droplets of sweat will come down from the brow from the forehead of the prophet Elijah someone to cold day

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in saloon to La colon Akela.

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are the only were mentioned colons a pillar in Babel. When our mere when the where he

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Quran is serious business obligations, rules, regulations.

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Quran Islam isn't a joke or someone's that we take, have you met your mentor? Is it entertainment?

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Islam, Quran makes you men.

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That's what it does. That's what the Quran that makes men of people takes us we have shallow individuals and it makes great men, powerful men, strong men, strong personalities, strong individuals. That's what the Quran does to a person.

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That's what it trains a person to do definitely give them strength. It gives them power read for the company not only more powerful, strong individual, but what gave them the strength was the Quran. Quran lift him to another spiritual dimension of kinda Quran within them understanding the Quran that's already been seen amongst many of the relevant the life was about the Quran even had Tuffy city when when they get placed inside prison look at many that Rama they think Allah subhanaw taala that that they thanked the people put placed them in prison. They thanked them to say because why it's a time for me to reflect and spend more devotion to the book of Allah Subhana Allah read rasa

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if he told me Rahmatullah his message and read his letters from prison that he wrote

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that people fluster unchecks we take me far away people are from him. And him Jaha Billy Cerny will be calling me will be safe. He he, he's a scholar who fought with his pen with his voice with his tongue. When he saw that check with somebody Tamia, that's what he's been given that title in all aspects. He done that. That's when he's placed inside prison. What did he say, man? The effort will it be an agenda to boustani the Saudi What can my enemies ever do to me? What can they ever do to me? An agenda D will stand if history my God and my paradise are right here inside my heart. What God will be mana and Quran

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as long as the Quran remains inside my heart. There's nothing these people can ever do to me.

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And as you find some of these works at DeviceID, he wrote them with coal.

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He wrote them with coal when they took the coal away from him. Then what happened? Allah lifted him took him away.

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When he took the coal away from him and he was right in the field, they took Allah's Paladins this time to leave now. You fulfill your purpose now they're not allowing you to carry on writing to see right in the book of Allah there's time for you to leave this dunya and to return back in Sanuki Annika colon Sakina in the nurse Yetta Nene, he I shall do what Tila, the beauty of the night.

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The awakening of the night is the best time for you to focus towards Allah Subhana Allah in the lack of fitna Hadees subhanaw taala in the day is a struggle that we find

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that we will go through that we need to overcome in what's good Chris Mara betta water bottle in a tub tiller. Remember your Lord

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what a battle a tub delight be man athletes who live in a bada

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that focus remember Allah Allah be focused in your a better towards Allah Subhana Allah have you been you've either phoropter fond sub wider a bigger firm calm

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when you complete His word focus toward Allah subhanaw taala Who is Allah subhanaw taala

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see you know the Quran many books we read these if we don't see core elements.

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What is Allah is trying to want us to develop inside our life.

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Just have this tertiary reading. Allah says Rob will Masha evil Margaret, he's the Lord of the East and the West, La ilaha illa who, you know, we just acknowledge who will be of Allah subhanaw taala none have the right to be worshipped except for Allah Subhana Allah for decayed who were key, take him as your companion when he takes care of your face, your protector? Where are we from that in the world today?

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Where are we from that? Where do we take it from a worldly perspective? In a political world of the Muslim world, right down to a minor level? Where are we from that where are we from these words that we speak about Tawheed of Allah subhanaw taala though he didn't just to know the the sections of belief don't need to implement it inside your life to become Ross if and your belief about Allah Subhana Allah when Allah mentions inside the beginning also learn I'm speaking about those individuals, their characteristics who read the Quran who study the Quran there are the two Eman increasingly email What does then Allah mentioned, we're under a beam yet a workload then they place

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

their trust in Allah is not just a reading of the Quran is not a reading of Islam. It increases your rate

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

alliances, your total reliance, your total dependence, your total commitment lies with Allah Subhana Allah. You don't find that in books.

00:30:09--> 00:30:13

You won't find that in books. You can read as many books as you want inside your life.

00:30:14--> 00:30:22

We don't need books of you. That's for instance pseudogene. Many alumni said they just heard the Quran and look what happened to them, how they move mountains.

00:30:23--> 00:30:35

We're here in the Quran for the last 1400 years. We're breaking mountains, we're collapsing mountains. We're collapsing the mountains of Nocturne all of his heritage and prestige and honor dignity. That's what we're doing.

00:30:36--> 00:30:39

That's what the world's become, is drifting away.

00:30:40--> 00:30:51

Because we don't feel that our protectors, Allah, we feel that we need to modernize ourselves with the modern world to be equivalent to them. That's power. That's glory. That's honor, that's dignity.

00:30:53--> 00:31:02

That's a lack of Tawheed that's what you call lack of Tawheed lack of a weakness of iman. That to be like them will give us glory.

00:31:04--> 00:31:29

To live their life will give us reunite again, Islam once again. That's a lack of Tawheed a lack of conviction in the new south of the Quran and Sunnah the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because if that was true, then the prophets haven't had access to all of that in his life. And you could have done that. But he told us to remain in a certain aspect in our lives, and we worried about certain things inside our life that we do focus on throughout our lives was anima yaku loon.

00:31:30--> 00:31:49

And then whatever people will say whatever people do, what's the LMA your Kowloon be patient about that? Don't lose hope don't fear don't despair. Don't get engrossed in in the people around you ILA will call that many of the youth involved in his kid for that he said this he said that he done this video I do this video he says this I say that was near

00:31:51--> 00:31:59

an AMA your Kulu and be patient is man had you not be alive. So be patient is carrying what you're doing? Why are we always so personal?

00:32:00--> 00:32:11

We feel everything's personal, something which is wrong. according to Quran, sunnah anyone could crack anybody over the hubbub is given quote by people say people tend to don't want to listen to you, and he don't clarify your state.

00:32:12--> 00:32:17

Did he say to them, send them to the gallows? Did he punish them to the torture? Do you say Don't you know who I am?

00:32:19--> 00:32:40

Don't you know who I am starting this member? How dare you speak out in this manner? Is that what he done is that what our leaders are? Is that their characteristic is that their behavior? And prior to is the look at the character of Prophet is that how many times people harmed him or pressed him when he showed the finest of character behavior never personal inside his life that we find

00:32:41--> 00:33:18

in Santa's naked rasool and Shahidan and a covenant Allah speaks off the spiritualist we build up. Then the Quran to then go out like we said to send too far out we said Musa chicken peach team, we sent you a message, it's time to go out and preach to the people. After all, there's no discussion about tusky about patience about the Quran about the night prayer. Now's the time to go out and speak to the people not to take that in the beginning that you learn one or two I had to read one or two books, get excited go out and go and start preaching to the word and after six months you don't practice your deen at all. It's a common denominator moment inside our society. How many young youth

00:33:18--> 00:33:37

have received after three months six months that's it we are they they wait for the salah Shala even becomes difficult for them. five daily prayers inside their life because focus is upon something else. common theme inside the Quran we mentioned that spirituality and Yama Yama returning to the last day

00:33:38--> 00:34:18

hardly ever will you find this distinction or the separation bit Allah's kind of speaking about things of this dunya even can you look at so to Bukhara Allah speaks about rules and regulations Allah will will swayed the discussion back towards the last day about the hereafter because that is the feeling that instills the individual, the things are checking point inside their life, a summer, room be turned off ruler, when it happens will begin to rip apart that is reality in action that's going to take place that Allah is destined. The day that you find that the young boy, your journey will learn Sheba, that a young boys have become grey, as the Quran had described because of the the

00:34:18--> 00:34:21

coming of the Last Day, the worry of the last day.

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

This is spirituality. That checking point a daily inside our lives is about an earthquake is about the last day about being worried about the loss of Allah warns us then again Allah ends the surah in Arabica Jana Nakata como adminstudio se Layli when he sung, Allah knows how much you stand at the night This has already mastered this the only Surah that the end of the surah cancer is at the beginning of the surah then some elements of the beginnings of Makkah and the end is a Medina surah. Now that prayer because it would have been something difficult for the Muslims to pray every single night so Allah just encourages us. Pray in your half tonight. A third is not a call tonight.

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

pray whatever you want, no matter your sermon Al Quran read whatever you want from the Quran.

00:35:05--> 00:35:36

Then again Allah mentioned no matter yes sir aminu read whatever you want Allah knows I demand a coolamon Kumar ba amongst the Sikh amongst them you travelers among you're going to be striving and struggling the wave Allah Subhana Allah for Corona, your sermon read whatever you can of the of the Quran in your daily reading. This is our last pantalla encourages us inside the Quran. And the Sunnah then concludes after this discussion about the night prayer and praying and in all our chemo Salah to work with Allah cordon Hasina.

00:35:37--> 00:35:42

A establish a prayer give this guy and give a good loan to Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need our wealth.

00:35:43--> 00:35:48

The wealth belongs to Allah. Allah wants to see what are you going to do the wealth that bestow upon you

00:35:49--> 00:36:23

so to Skia is also not just a spiritual element of the bodily structure to Skia of our of a man of our wealth of M word. We could do that inside our lives. Well cryptolocker then Hasina what not to do Molly unforthcoming hiring to do it in the law, whatever goodness that you send, it will be presented to you it's all stored with Allah Subhana Allah well Montana lol you do email Allah never let your email go to waste was stuck federal law in the Lahug a folder Rahim then the end of the surah make a stick for after the prayer Why do you say a stuck for Allah three times make a stuffer throughout the day

00:36:24--> 00:36:51

that's what I believe we should be always make it stick for the proper reasons not to feel bad rewired Sabine Mira Hatter, extra meat at Amara after more than 100 times in the day the profit I started making a stock for is take for a stock for Allah wa tuberculate is making stiffer making Tober asking Allah to forgive him to part and we've mentioned in the previous Surah about the for wide in South Sudan news about the for one of making a steak firm.

00:36:52--> 00:37:14

So these are the aspects of the scale that we need to develop inside our lives. Be focused upon them because as they say the world is savvy as they say people will come and take you away from a dhikr of Allah remembrance of Allah hunter in the morning in the evening reading the Quran, a telephone call a message here, a WhatsApp message there a discussion here this day this program the start and the other set, your date over finished.

00:37:15--> 00:37:23

date has been wasted another day. Combined asset lost another day. That's it. Remember I said that death isn't something to be worried about.

00:37:24--> 00:37:28

Death isn't something to be worried about. The death of time.

00:37:29--> 00:37:32

When you squander your time, that's more dangerous.

00:37:33--> 00:37:53

That's real death when you're just wasting your time. Just being idle in your time not being constructive inside your time. May Allah is prank ideas, all the Tofik inability to remain close to the sun and the teachings of Prophet Allah is a nation of discipline to follow his manhood his character, his behavior, how he lived in the face of this earth and to rejoice and to be back with him inside the era.