Tafseer Of Surah Al-Baqarah 01

Zoubir Bouchikhi


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Sheikh Zoubir goes over some of the first verses of Surah Al-Baqarah

May 2009

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How many layoffs

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how many accidents

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suddenly, when you see me

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tired, I'm saying that what I'm saying

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international people

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who are coming in offshore when they

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made the respect of others, I welcome you to another Hello. Today inshallah we're going to

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shed some light on few verses from Salt and

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and so halala before I start, I want to praise Allah and glorify His name because how beautiful is the poor and we have no idea we have really no idea. Now, just to give you an idea how beautiful it is and how logical it is in logic you can see the logic

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what who is the first man on earth

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Adam and Eve Cena is the first man mentioned in salt

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is the first man mentioned in sort of the first story mentioned in sort of

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why not? Mohammed?

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Why not? Why not Jesus peace be upon him because simply the beginning of the

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30 highs number one, the opening and the cow

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it makes sense. is not another prophet is the first human being a lot has ever created. And his story is so amazing.

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All of you know it when a love was about to create Adam and a seller he informed the animals with follow criminality in Ninja I don't

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know how he found us at him.

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So why some people say we have been created for paralyze, we have never been created for fairness. We were meant for curse. Because before even though I created Adam, he said to the angels come in angels I'm going to create a new creation called the human being and his place will be on earth

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before he even created him, let alone after the creation and the temptation of the shape

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of the earth it is decided is dandy.

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In Nigeria, you know I am the decision is made I'm not consulting you. I'm just informing you

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fill out the fill out the honors.

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Vice Chair and the

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brothers is to be with you that

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how can we be halifa of Allah? When the level is for us to do good and we do that? How can you How can you be Halima?

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Allah wants you to be halifa do you want to be a diva? Is the question.

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In Nigeria I don't feel out of the Khalifa on the Angelus said wala Fie, ha. They didn't object they just asked.

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Never any one of us who think that the angels objected to Allah? No.

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At the geography Ha, ha, well, yes, we could demand

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the majority of them often sitting in this area, they say, well, they abused themselves, the Angelus accused themselves they so on why are you creating another creation? Because we are not doing enough in placing your name.

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When you suddenly fall behind it, like they accused us of all law, are you going to create a new creation that is going to be better than us? In praising you and mentioning your name? When you send me home

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when you

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are in need, Adam? metadata. Here's the catch of my lecture today. When I said that, I don't know. I know, intention to dispense. The first story is the story of Adam and Eve.

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And that is the father of mankind. So it's very logical that Allah subhanho wa Taala in his last book to mankind talks about the first creation, not about anybody else, first of his creation, when it comes to human beings is Adam.

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Now before he even created him, he told the angels Why is going to create he said, I know what you don't know.

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Now what's the relationship with? I know what we don't know?

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With our topic, importance of knowledge, because Allah subhanaw taala is going to make Adam significant in his creation With what?

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With knowledge, but with anything else, why the human being is so important for my wife

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because of knowledge, and that's why the first reveal in the Quran was what

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we seek not not praying, not fast.

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What you're doing is very important. What we're doing right now, this lecture is building civilization. We are building civilization we don't see it now with our great great innovations, inshallah we'll see

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to build a civilization was the civilization built in profit masasa, the modernity No, he died, he saw nothing. He saw no building except Medina. And Medina was it was one of the pillars worldwide.

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But his teachings

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were foundations for a great civilization that took over the world for 10 centuries, the greatest civilization ever made by humans, because it was based on knowledge. It was not based on power, like the Romans, the Romans, were powerful because of our military power, not the Muslim.

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We had great military power, but we didn't use it the way the Romans used it. The Persians the same thing.

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The Persians were very powerful, militarily speaking, but not spiritually speaking. So, brothers, in the military, now, to prove to them

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala, indeed has great wisdom in creating Adam, what did he make Adam,

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supersede them with? What can we supersede

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the angels in their obedience to Allah? No, we can't. Simply because they have no choice. They cannot disobey Allah.

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We have the choice we can disobey Allah if we want. We should not?

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Can we pray more than them? I don't think so. Can we praise Allah, Allah to Allah His name, the way they do? They don't even come close.

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We don't even come close some some of the angels Well, since Allah created them until the day of judgment, they do nothing but praise Allah. Later on, they have to run they don't get tired. Imagine an angel is created from the day Allah creates him. And in the Day of Judgment, he's billions of years before us. He's saying nothing. But somehow the luck would have been like that. He doesn't eat, he doesn't drink. He doesn't drink, he doesn't sleep.

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So what makes a human being so valuable?

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Again, is a knowledge. And that's why Allah, Allah says in the next area.

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Allah has taught Adam, the names of things,

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all of them.

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When he created Adam and Eve, was pilot Matata, he taught him the names of everything. Everybody think the trees, the animals, they're the mountains of fish, everything he said, he said, this is this this is

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than he told the animals can you name these things? They could not. They didn't know that even know what the fish was. What's the name of this creation didn't even know.

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What's the name of this creation called the mountain? They didn't know.

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What's the creator? What's the name of this bird? They didn't know. And then Allah subhanaw taala. Don't ever tell them. So Adam, it serves to say this is a bird. And is this type of even the type of

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this is a fish and this angelfish This is golden fish. This is a shark. This is not the shark. This is this, this is this. This is

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this is a lion. This is the lioness This is a tiger, this is an elephant.

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So then, the angels realized the heck out of a line creating a new creation. So but what made Adam significant is what not is not is not

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taking human being who is 12 meters like Adam was created. It was 20 meters tall.

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What am I creating did he was brilliant, huge 12 meters long, like two stories or three

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can take him and take an algebra who is greater financial, but what makes that human being so significant is the knowledge