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Nouman Ali Khan
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700 a day hidden behind me was salatu salam wa

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Sallim either odd or sappy, or Minister nevison Mehta, he did a lot of them at home one minute Athena Avenue allow me to study, whatever service, whatever service sub Milan, epic now Good luck, good luck. And in the open, it means that none of us a cinematic,

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beginning with the 15th is our sort of budget. So if you'd like to follow along, you can grab him as the 15th, I have the 89th solo. So at 915.

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Before we took the break, we were talking about the beginning 14 out of the solar and we learned that a large religion began with some profound oaths, and then went straight into the legacy of those powerful nations that out did the courage in many ways that Allah destroyed anyway, and called upon to reflection on the people beginning with the messenger himself. So Mama, harvester them, how that could be, how could you destroy such amazing nations. But after all of this criticism, and the last thing we read was a threat from Allah. In Arabic, Allah means the bidding of salt. But he doesn't say that bidding of saw the new home, your Lord is ready in ambush. But he doesn't say

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ambush for them. He didn't spell spell it out for him. So it's there, but it's still not direct. The thing about a warning, one of the things that can undermine a warning is what's called a diffusion of responsibility. What that simply means is, if an entire group of new people are warned, they all basically take less responsibility, because it's a large group, they say, we can handle it, we've got each other's back. But if you weren't an individual, then the warning penetrates deeply. And it has an impact and it has an effect. So the psychologically This is called a diffusion of responsibility, right? The responsibility gets distributed among the people, and nobody takes

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charge. How is he going to help? Especially look at it from the humanistic perspective, when the messenger I think, is what was said on his speaking. Those who disbelieve, they don't see that this is the word of Allah, what did they see? They see, this is the word of the man. And they call him insane. And they call him all these other names. So what are they worried that he's gonna bring down the nation, they don't think like that, that doesn't cross their mind. So now you will see an amazing shift in the soldier from threatening the nation because that's what happened in the beginning of the surah. Allah was threatening the very stability of the Quran to the nation. Now

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there's going to be an empty felt a shift to Allah azza wa jal commenting on the individual human being embedded inside the eye are now beginning to talk about the individual human beings. So there's a shift from the collective to the individual. Thought here, in the beginning, this, this helpful out of this edition actually illustrates that the word that what is about to come is somehow connected to that, which came in the past. And then you find some commentary on this among lucila molars commentary. Also, we find something said about this in a samboni in his sort of defensive, and the summary of which is that in the previous we'll read about the worst kinds of rebellion, two

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big keywords were, and athenahealth will be that photography emphasis, there will still be on and there is for sale, there was a two key words of rebellion, the sort of before it had another two words. The other two words were Alonzo just says in the previous sword up in Garland, like Apollo 11 Tanaka for the two words that were the one who turned away in disbelief. And here, actually, first, we were told the reasons for that turning away in disbelief that will still be on and then we were told to constant the consequences of that rebellion, which is on facade, so photography had facade. But now Allah tells us basically where this journey begins. It doesn't begin with a nation, it

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begins with human beings, a nation doesn't become corrupt, people become corrupt individuals become corrupt. And when, when enough of individuals become corrupt, the entire nation is now for external feeding, and nothing at all.

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So the journey to corruption begins with the individual. And now we'll talk about the beginning of this journey for every human being, which is a very subtle and unexpected place. A lot of xojo says in Annabella usually we expect in an era we say inevitable,

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as for the human being when we test him but Allah says either Ma and Maria,

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even when and each and every occasion when we thoroughly thoroughly test the human being, unless as about himself when he thought his Lord will thoroughly test the human being in the Arabic language. There's a word for a test.

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into Hana into Hana like for example, for the nantahala taqwa that word into into Hana and Arabic means to test someone without putting them through pain, then there's been a like inner Ballona home, right?

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And that word better means to test someone with some difficulty, a harsh kind of test them. Then there's EMTALA, which is to test someone with the worst kind of testing, like really, really rigorous, difficult, harsh kind of testing. This is the kind of testing that word is used for it. Why are they so? Because it's tests were pretty tough. So he says, What is the data about? demand? Right? So that's the tough word. nobody uses that word for tough testing, that rigorous kind of testing. And he says, How does he test him? So

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he's testing you. And as a result, first of all, he causes him to be honored. Economic Arabic, is to cause someone to be honored, cultural minority, to be honored in and of yourself. And some no one is called Kareem. In Latin, nobody's called noble in Arabic, unless that nobility is recognized by others. So you don't just call a person noble, the word Karim, you don't use for them anyway, you use it when other people start showing them respect. Now this is getting, or other people start commenting good things about their character and stuff like that. Now this person has a law that says the first tough test Allah gives this person is that he makes him respectable, and noble and

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distinguished in society. He earns a kind of distinction in society a prestige, so he makes him worthy of prestige and society. How is this tough? This seems like this is a good thing. And on top of this, he adds some kind of monitor either, why not?

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Other places in the army find one another. And I'm Allahu Allah. Right. So often Medina, under in this is an AIDS is a different pattern in the Arabic language, which implies this has actually mobile by that guy in it, what it means is, first, he causes him to have prestige, then he thoroughly and abundantly gives him things that make his life easier and softer and relaxed from everywhere he returns, he's got blessings and comforts, and you know, these sorts of amenities that are available to him all around. So let us do things for this person. When you can think of it outside the home, the other you can think of it inside the home, outside the home, he's been

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honored. And inside the home, he's got all these luxuries, and all these amenities. Right. So it's personal and public. Both ways is life is what you would say life is good. Life is good. He's got a good reputation. And he's very living a very luxurious life. But a lot of calls this a very difficult test. A lot of the language here suggests this is a very difficult test. Usually, most people when they go through like a job loss, or poverty or bankruptcy, or foreclosure, or sick loss, basically loss them, they think this is a tough test. But when life is good, you get a job, you get a promotion, you have a lot of savings, businesses good, it's growing, the house is paid off, cars

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have been paid off, etc. When finances are good, you think this is good. That's a test. But this is I made it a task to test. And sometimes in the back of the corrupt mind, the corrupt mind, because the previous I did talk about facade, that they increased corruption, the kinds of corruption that even takes place inside the mind is that the more you have in this dunya, maybe it's because Allah loves you more.

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So the more you have is a sign of the more Allah loves you, which is actually a big bit corruption. Allah gave some very, very bad people, a lot of what's

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a login, and a lot of luggage, auto, a lot. And a lot of sub some of these people had a lot of prestige.

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They had a lot of prestige people listened to them. It gave me the ability to them some of the worst, worst, most humiliated of the profile, were the leaders of courage. But as far as the Quraysh are concerned, are they humiliated or honorable? They're honorable, but who gave them that prestige in that order allotted to right? So the same things that you would think are there because Allah bless me are actually in the end? What is the reality of them? They are a difficult test. Now what makes this template as difficult? The other test is difficult, because obviously you it's tough on you. Maybe it's financial, maybe it's health, maybe it's loss of family, etc. Those are difficult

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tests. You know, what makes this test difficult? It's very hard to actually realize it's a test. That's what makes this difficult. That's why most people fail this test, that tests people fail because of lack of support, they can't hold themselves, etc, etc. They complain to a lot. Or they become ungrateful to Allah, this test because you forget that the fact that it's a test, but now this person is something very strange, and puts in his legs it tells us that he that he says that he says, what does he say or be a corpsman and your pool is mobile and it's the present tense form. And before it there's a thought which means as a result of this honoring and these amazing luxuries and

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amenities and blessings that Allah has showered this person with, he over and over on occasion, he tends to

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See doesn't say just one. Yep, oh no, he would have been sakala. And you'll have to you can use Molly and mobile there. But here what we find is cool. In other words, he just he says on occasion, every time he finds an occasion he says something, what does he say? He says love be a common.

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Now usually in Arabic again, I'm gonna get a little bit grammatical you would expect a Corolla near of Leah, that's the verbal form of the sentence is what the Arab normally uses. But this is the nominal form the ismailia form,

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or be a column and it is in fact, my Lord, who has honored me. He's honored me. Now how many things that Allah do for him. First, notice how many things that Allah do for him he honored he gave him prestige, and he showered him blessings. But when he speaks, what did he speak about? He says, My Lord has honored me. But does he make any mention of the blessings? You see? So the first problem we note is that Allah gave, but he even on his mouth didn't even come mention of everything unplugging. Right, he didn't even acknowledge that allies also blessed me with a lot of favor and showered me up with a lot of blessings. All he mentions is this honor is God given. And in this, there's actually a

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profound, profound reality, that if you study the history of the world, you will find the most corrupt people that had power in the past, like the runners of false religions, and kings, you know, what they're part of their belief was that God honored them with that power. That they they're not in that position for any other reason, but they have divine help. God is on their side, somehow, even the fourth or the fifth round, the followers of Fidel, they believe that the sun god is on their side, right. Among the Hindu traditions, you had people that believe that the stars are the ones that pick them. And in the Catholic tradition, the king was ordained by God, right, the

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goddess, he's doing God's work, so to speak. So if God has honored him to fall in love, so they considered themselves above the rest of the people, because by saying, don't be acrimonious, yada, yada. But

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my lord has, in fact, honored me like he has not honored anyone else. He's, he's thinks of me as special. And since I'm special, naturally, as a result, I deserve all these favors. So he doesn't even mention the favors because he feels he's entitled to them. And this actually, at the very individual level, is a very sick disease. The one who gets so much from Allah starts believing that because Allah has honored him, especially that he's entitled to it, somehow he's elite over the others. So even though he mentioned his Lord, he said, what he did mention his Lord, but even the mention of the word here is out of arrogance. It's not out of humility. So he says rugby acraman Oh,

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my lord is honored. And now this same person, a lot. So this is what

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we're here not what this is a continuation of is a continuation. So it's the same human being. Whenever we if and when we thoroughly test him again. How do we test them this time? For God? Allah, Allah, he does. Oh, actually, I forgot to mention one thing I'll mention at the end of this ayah for both because it's the same for both i a father and Aristotle

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allows origin says how it's translated is he restricts the provision from him, or he lessens the provision from him or he constrains the provision from him. But that is by implication, by implication, the meaning is how Raja or na casa or Kabila, these are words for restriction and constraint, the word uses other Katara in Arabic is to have a very precise calculation and estimate based on very precise numbers, and to project in the future, a calculation. Allah uses that word here in terms of this person's provision. He says when we test him, and we exact the calculation for His provision, in other words, when he loses his wealth, it is part of the risk of a law, when he

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had a lot of money, it was written for him, when he lost most of that money that was also written for him a lead didn't take anything away or give anything that wasn't already in love. He could have been in public, as he says, except that it's already in a book that's already been declared, we've already elaborated, right? So this was part of it. Before I even tells us what he says, He tells us what we're supposed to be thinking, that is that comes our way, is not some special, you know, exception to the rule, this was written for us. And that is that leaves us is also part of what was not written for us. It was that morsel of food was not meant to go in our mouth. So

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that's how Allah says he takes him away. He calculates exactly the calculation for him. Now he says, to be 100, and then he says, It is my Lord, who has and the word Hannon from IANA, which means to actually make an effort to humiliate someone out of animosity against them. So what this person is saying is my lord has humiliated me, but in parentheses it means it is because he hates me or somehow I he's so angry at me for something apparently I can't figure out what it is. I don't know.

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He's doing this to me that sort of attitude, that entire attitude is captured when he says, and then now the comment I forgot to make that should be made here is that very, you know, in the concept of digital health in the Arabic language and grammar, you can spell a word with a full spelling and you can spell it with partial spelling. So here we find a common, but grammatically we say a comma knee for hoody familia, the year was taken away. Here we say a hand and but normally we don't say a hand and in Arabic, we say a hand any there's a Yeah, there. Now first of all, this is part of the style of the soldier, because there was another word in the beginning where the yacht was taken away.

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Remember when they leave is, it was one Navy that yesterday, right? But because the night isn't supposed to stroll, it is unique and a lot makes the night take a stroll. It is unusual. So the unusual spelling is used as part of the eloquence of the word. Here, the hub is used to actually make an exclamation mark, I this is the conclusive thing, I don't want to add any more. This is all there is to it. This is in fact how to understand my situation. So he says, My Lord has honored me. In other words, he's otherwise I don't want to hear any more. End of discussion. I know exactly what's going on. My Lord has honored me. And you will meet people like that, who will say who will

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believe certain things. And if you try to give them evidence and reason and reminder, before they even open their mouth, they don't want to hear it. They don't want to hear they've made up their mind. Similarly, there's a person who's bent upon complaining alleged humiliated me is No, you shouldn't say that. You shouldn't talk about elevens origin. You know, it's a testament No, I don't know, bro, you don't understand he's humiliated. He's made up his mind. This person has made up his mind out of sheer frustration. So what did they associate honor with? When people respect you, and when people give you blessings, by the way, the next I did not talk about ekra. And it didn't talk

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about the name. It didn't talk about honoring or giving blessings, it talked about this. What we learned from that is what is obvious. It's two things. It's all the physical blessings Allah gives us. And also, the honor, the respect that people show us is also part of that is, is also part of the provision. And so when that is taken away, for this person, and the people around him, apparently, the only thing that makes you respectable is your wealth. And when you don't have wealth, you're not respectable. So he feels humiliated when he doesn't have wealth. You know, actually, our kids start thinking like that. We're actually starting to train our kids

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subconsciously even to think like that. So if they dress a certain way, if they don't wear certain brand names, if there's certainly a certain kind of simple shoe, as opposed to an elaborate shoe, if they don't get that book bag that everybody else got, right. If they don't have that video game system, they only have the outdated older one. If you're you know, I said this last time if your parents drive an older car than the teenage kids will ask you to or even the elementary school they'll ask you to drop you off around the corner. Like they won't don't knock you off in front of the school because that's a humiliate. It's a kind of humiliation. Right? What do they associate

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honor and humiliation with? With what you own? Similarly, oh, I just live in an apartment. I don't own a home. I'm not gonna invite anybody because it's so embarrassing. Or the wife will say, why would you want to invite someone terrible? The studio apartment? It's so embarrassing, right? Would it be associating honor and humiliation with what we own? And these are things we say to each other all the time? This is not some, you know, abstract these kuffar in Christ were so evil. This is what we do all the time. Muslims do this all the time. We think we talk like this all the time. Right? So here we are always teaching us this is this is the character of insane. Now in some instances, I

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didn't say caffeine, he said, he said First of all, which means all human beings tend to have this attitude. The other thing is, we should never forget the root origin of the word instead. Like, for example, a lot of comments nesea. It comes from nesea. He forgot. He forgot, he forgot where he came from. He forgot what the truth is. He forgot what his master is. He forgot even if he remembers his mastering, he forgot what the relationship with his master is supposed to be. You and I aren't entitled to anything. If he's our master, all, all of his things are gifts. When he gives them it's his gift. But he doesn't give them It wasn't ours to begin with no room to complain. If you weren't

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entitled to something you can complain. But if you accept he's your master, there's no room to complain because you're not entitled to anything. He's the master. He's entitled to everything, you're entitled to nothing. So everything, he gives us a gift. It's a humility that dawns on the person, but when they have a corrupt relationship with their Lord, then this sinks in. And you know, the first step would chip on the first step is to complain about alone. He's humiliated me, you know what the next step after that is rebelling against the law. Why should I listen to him after he humiliated me? Right? I'll make money my way. I'll go into the heart of why because he didn't let me

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earn through the holiday. He was you know, I, I wasn't making enough I couldn't pay this. I couldn't get that now make it enough, you know, so you actually open the power of elegance to life. Remember, De Leon was mentioned before this exceeding rebellion. But now that told us where that journey begins. It begins with a corrupt attitude about a lot and the things you own

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The things you don't you think those are humiliation and honor. Allah himself says, when you eat in that room

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whoever Allah dishonors whoever Allah humiliates, you're not going to find anyone to honor them. They you think you'll find honor and other things. But if a lion is taken away, you won't find it in wealth or health and nothing. There's some of the wealthiest people in the world are also the most humiliating Bernie Madoff.

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extremely wealthy, but extremely humiliated. Right? This is the case. And there are people who have next to nothing, but a lot honors them in a way you can't speak about them in you know, and they don't have massive wealth to show themselves are enormous assets. But a lot honors them because they do the most work and they understand the slaves of Allah. So man, let's change our attitudes by means of these ayah. Now at the end of this was inside the human being, so every human being is supposed to think about himself, but the Quraysh the kuffaar have come to a point where it is not expected that when the insan is spoken about, they'll think about themselves, they become so thick

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in their heads, that it has to be spelled out for them. So there's another migration in the surah Allah says Kanda Bella to Cree Muna team, he doesn't say canavalia ukri, Maja t not the human being all of you, none of you, none of you honor the orphan. What do you think I should honor I was basically saying, not at all, you don't deserve to be honored. Now. You don't deserve to be honored at all. You're not being humiliated by any of this. And why should you be honored anyway? Never should you be honored? Why not? You people don't respect and you don't honor the orphan.

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The reason they should be humiliated is they don't honor the orphan. Now, please understand something about this idea of orphan. First of all, most of us, if not all of us do not know the orphans in our community. We don't know. We don't know where they live. We don't know what their problems are. We don't know what their financial troubles are. We don't know what they're when their parents passed, and whether they're a single mom, that's barely making enough to pay the rent, etc. We don't know. And that's one of the big crimes of the Muslim community that we don't know, we're supposed to know. The second thing here is, as far as the theme in the jacadi Society in ancient

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Arab society, what the theme meant isn't just orphan, understand, why is it even being highlighted here, because it's someone who doesn't have any support, no family, nobody will care for them. Nobody that asked if they get sick, nobody to ask if they ate or didn't eat, it's the ones that don't have any backing, none whatsoever. These are the people that are getting. Now in the olden days, even at least a widow would go back to her family and JDM. But in the Muslim community, what happens with the widow, she gets, she gets ostracized from every side, right? The orphan, the one who does just take Shahada, his parents may be alive, but he turns into a hero, she turns into an

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orphan overnight. They just don't, they don't want to look at his face. Like they, you know, I've heard horrible stories about brothers and sisters who take Shahada and how their families deal with the kinds of sufferings they have to go through. So they come to the machine, we all give them a hug, we celebrate them, we hand them a pile of books, which they don't, you know, nowhere to keep or even start begin to reading. Right? And then we're done with our obligation to this Allah. But not here, Allah speaks about the crime of declaration, you don't honor the help, May, Allah didn't even talk about them helping the team, helping the orphan, he said, You don't honor him. Now, it's easy

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to honor the one above you, it's easy to honor and respect your boss, your teacher, the amount of the machine, right, the elder, these are people easily honored. It's tough to honor someone below, you know, you don't think about honoring the guy that's, you know, came to do plumbing at your house, or mow the lawn, or you know, these are low below, you don't have to honor them. And actually, it's a sickness in Muslim society, people who do manual labor, they're looked at as less than human. Right. And we are the nation that says, you know, we're the people, we have the revelation that says all human beings are equal. Right? And the only thing that gives us a

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superiority, one over the other is a duck Wah, which nobody can see. Because Where's duck law? It's inside the hearts. And here you have in the Muslim world itself in the Muslim world, you have like, you know, this kid from a rich family yelling at an elderly because he works as a waiter in a restaurant and talking to him like his trash, just because he's from a wealthy family and that poor old man, it has to make his ends meet that was.

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And we don't just have this across the ocean. By the way, we have it here too. We have, you know, these deeply rooted racism and bigotry that you may not even spell out in the machine. But it's there when you Oh, man, those people moved in next door. Where are they from? Oh, yeah, those guys. Then we have this kind of like, we dishonor people based on what kind of work they have, what race they have, etc. This basically the social crime allies blaming, you know, how could you be honored? Why would you be Bible of honor, you know, to

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honor the orphan, you don't order the helpless, the one that doesn't have any support, you should not just be there to help them but to

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Show them respect. And so treat them like this royalty. This is the tradition of the Muslim cannabis team. And then he says we're not how Bula kurama miskeen? Why should you be honored when you don't even encourage each other at all, in any way, shape or form? In feeding those who need so first was honoring them, and then it was giving them food. Right? Well, I didn't mention giving them food for giving the poor and needy food first, he mentioned honoring the orphan first. So first, you honor and respect the needy because you know what we do? Here's $5 Don't touch me. homeless guy comes up to you. You don't honor Him, you give him what your honor him, right. There's this crime that you

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have to do for all human beings, especially those in need. This is part of our DNA, there's no greater than this. Giving could give. You don't have to show your face, you can just write a check, put it in the mail, and some charity organization will take care of it for you. They'll throw water bottles out of a truck, right? Like they're feeding animals at the zoo. Right? That's how there's no honor in that. It's humiliating. Imagine being in that audience that has to pick up that food.

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So here Lorenzo just speaks about first honor the one in need, then the he commands, or he lets us know that you you people never even encourage each other, in giving to the needy. In other words, you have this wealth, you have this, people respect you, and you have all these blessings, but all you can talk about as being pathetic things, never does it come up, we should help people with what Allah has given us. So why should you be worthy of honor without kulula terrassa atmananda On top of this, and you consume Torah, Torah says from vilasa in Arabic, inherited wealth, to love also means wealth that comes your way without doing any work. So you love to get free money. You're already

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rich, you're already okay. But you're constantly looking for a way to cash in. So maybe there's a family member who's about to die and you're thinking not about them, but about whether they're going to donate some of the estate your way. Right and you go over to their house not to visit the sick but to say did you fill out the will yet? You know,

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you become sick like you all you don't see human beings anymore. What do you see you see money? What do you love to cook you consume? Well, you consume this free Well, I can then lump you in a way that you consume it is lung numbness to get Pilate together. Like if this sub spread on a table, you spread your arms and you pilot together and then you eat it. Now what does that symbolize you symbolize you want to eat everything but also that you don't want anybody else to get anything? That's how you want to take the the wealth of the orphan. So Muslims especially Look out, you know, these things were criticisms against the kofa. But we've come to such an amazing time in this oma

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where who is eating the wealth of the orphan who's eating the wealth? Who's not giving the sister their do or the mother their do? Or the in the extended, you know, all the recipients of the inheritance who's not giving them the do the Muslim himself. I can take I have the muscle, what are they going to do about it? They don't need it, I need it, etc. Allah so what that coluna terasaki number, and then Allah tells us the root of all of this, why should you be honored to have Boonen man, love wealth, you love what this was, these were all actions on the outside, right? You don't honor the orphan, you don't encourage each other to feed the needy, the ones who can't help

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themselves, then you love to eat you you eat the inherited wealth, or the wealth you didn't work towards, and you hoard it all together and like to consume all of it. Then at the end of all of these outwardly actions, Have I mentioned something inside? And that's the you know, the last is the worst crime. So what's the worst crime? What to hate, Boonen? Man, you love wealth. That's your real crime. You know, the sort of the Toba election the issues that this threat to the believers, he says we'll encounter

00:28:56 --> 00:28:58

was wider Kumar shirato

00:29:00 --> 00:29:39

yakutat Shona Casa de Palma, Sakina tortona. He makes a list of eight things your tell them if your parents and your kids and your spouse's and your extended families, right. And then the monies you love to compile the savings you like to make and the businesses that you always fear are going to go down you know, 1000s of years ago people feared business will go down. Today's at the same isn't always Business News. everybody's watching the economy's not doing so well. The business you feared will go down talk Shona, casada hamasaki nocona and the homes You are so happy with. If all of those things this is basically our mind in this dunya and nordonia. He says in a criminal law he was sued

00:29:39 --> 00:29:59

he was he had infeasibility if all of those things are more beloved to you. You love those things more than a lot His Messenger and struggling in their path but are you just wait then hatakeyama will be empty until Allah comes with his command with his decision. You just wait. Allah issues a threat, and then the biggest crowd the biggest Curse of a life

00:30:00 --> 00:30:40

That is a lot in common philosophy. It is a law who will not guide you will not guide the corrupt nation. He calls these people the corrupt who love this more than a lot. Here he says about to go far you love money to a Buddha and man hope and Gemma, jump in Arabic I don't know Alan kassala more specifically to jump in here because used when you have like a ruler or a scale, and you fill it up all the way as far as the scale goes, right beyond the scale, you're just filled to the brim that's called right. So you love wealth, and it's filled to the brim. It has to be like fully, fully fully loaded. It has to be that kind of wealth. That's what you're in love with.

00:30:41 --> 00:31:23

Benjamin. Now this was the human being has those psychological problems. He says, My Lord has honored me My Lord has humiliated me. It went from there straight to pointing at the courage to hate boo, boo, boo. Right, these are words talking straight to the equation. But then now again, the sort of moves in its conclusion as the previous little move towards the alpha, the suit the previous sort of interestingly had the alpha in the beginning alhaja right in the beginning there was mentioned of the hereafter. Now we're coming at the end, in the previous soda we read attack ahadeeth last year, and now we're going to read can either cut in blue that can occur when the earth is smashed and

00:31:23 --> 00:32:05

pounded dukkah okay is to pound literally to pound and beat until whatever material it is turns to powder and crust. And then you can flatten it out unless has duck and duck meaning over and over the earth is going to be pounded and pounded and pounded until it turns into nothing but like powder. And it's just spread this flattened out completely, you know in the previous solar alive, it made us reflect on how the earth is so vast, and the the mountains are so strong such strong pegs on the earth, right. So we're in a facility headway evangelical fantasy but and now in the soil. He's taking that same Earth and he's destroying it. It's completely destroying it. He says in that book

00:32:05 --> 00:32:20

getting to that conductor. Now in the previous era, there was all this talk about wealth, wealth layered on the earth. And you should know all that you've saved wherever you saved it, what's going to happen to it. It's going to be crushed, reduced to nothing and flattened.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:34

Actually, this is the same word used with Musa alayhis salam, Salam Majumdar Boonen, Jasmine Giada hudak. Now anyway, which will soften, soften, soften, soften

00:32:35 --> 00:33:14

when, and your Lord will descend, and the angels will descend rows upon rows upon rows, soften, soften, over and over again, rows upon rows of angels are going to keep descending it'll seem like this never ending army. Now previously, again, understand they were they were impressed with their power on the earth. A lot of showing them how he's going to show them his power from the sky, how the angel the armies of angels are going to descend upon this panel. In the previous slide, we were asked to reflect on the sky and it's a different kind of reflection now we were told what either sama ek photofit Didn't they look to the sky, how it was elevated. And now on that day when you look

00:33:14 --> 00:33:16

at that sky, the angels are descending

00:33:18 --> 00:33:28

you know one last thing about this, you know them loving, inherited inherited wealth, and then saving it on the earth for them. Allah says about himself in National Medical album and

00:33:30 --> 00:33:49

we are the ones in fact who are going to inherit the earth. Allah says about himself he will be the one to inherit the earth so you think you're inheriting the earth do you think your children are inheriting the earth from you your house your assets your property your car, who's in the end going can inherit the entire Earth? It is Alonzo so we're not in an acknowledgement album and

00:33:50 --> 00:33:54

then he says hello tala g i Oh by Johanna

00:33:55 --> 00:34:36

on that day then Hellfire jahannam will be brought forward according to some of us who don't and linguists jahannam comes from the Arabic word jahannam which means torture chamber. Okay, so this torture chamber will be brought forth dragged forward with chains as we learn, right it's going to be brought forward before them. And then in the same I Allah says yo my idiot avocado inside because these are two nazeem in Belgium, these are things that are gonna happen immediately. So it's not even given the separation of an ayah Yama idiot avocado in sand for an hour and Allah decra on that day the human beings will remember thoroughly you know the word yet avocado and surf is completely

00:34:36 --> 00:34:48

spelled and you can have a dominant yet duck curve like oh yeah jackaroo fat and fat decorah right. In the previous Sooners, we found the messengers key is told constantly remind, remind, remind, remind, remind,

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

and the disbelievers they refuse to remember, even remember a little bit yet. It's when there's a little less even just do a little bit of remembrance, nothing

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

But here now yet that cold inside the human being will make an effort to remember everything completely. And this would allow as always in his heyday highlighting here's a contrast in the previous Sooners, the messenger saying remember, remember remember and do they remember, know when the Hellfire is brought forward? Now these themselves are making a thorough effort to remember every last detail yet that girl in Santa

00:35:24 --> 00:35:38

Monica and what's the benefit of reminder at that point? What What will that reminder do now? What another one? So at that point demson themselves remembering and then being reminded, has no benefit whatsoever? You know, in previous solos, we've learned animate,

00:35:39 --> 00:35:40

animate, so not

00:35:41 --> 00:36:21

every person will know on that day what it has to present for it. So every person will know what it's sent forward, what it left behind profound statements about what what they know, here, they are making a conscious effort to remember all the things they used to do get a backhoe inside of the car. And what is it that comes out of their mouth? When they start remembering everything that they had done? Everything, they'll remember all of their deeds. So what are they going to say? Leighton yaku? Yeah, lately. He says in your pool process over and over again. What does he say? Yeah, like any Oh, what destruction has fallen upon me? Oh, my God, what have I done to myself? These are my

00:36:21 --> 00:37:03

modern contemporary ways of helping you understand what Yeah, Nathan? I mean, the litany means Old English would say woe is me. But we don't understand what worries me anymore. nobody uses that anymore. Right? What have I done to myself? how did how did this happen to myself? I've destroyed myself and these people are crying over and over again. Then what do they say something profound, got done to the hierarchy, if only if only I had invested in the future of my life. But don't do I had sent forward. I had sent savings ahead so I can use the later for my life. What are they calling their life? Their life, real life is in general, I wish I invested for my life. And when they were

00:37:03 --> 00:37:12

eating the wealth of the earth when they were not encouraging to give charity, when they were eating the inherited wealth altogether, when they loved what wasn't it for their life.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:50

But now they realized that wasn't like this. We're in a data asset. And this is real life. No, can we and we had the only note. So now you're seeing if I only invested for my life. And these people have dunya when you invest for assets, you know what they tell you? Yeah, I know, you gave a lot of charity, or you're doing a lot of spending a lot of time for the sake of Allah, you should invest for your future. What they mean by that is for your dunya. And you say, yeah, I'm investing for my future, because that's your real future. Right? And then when they get to that feature, they say, I wish I invested for my life, how it changes perspectives, but that at that point, it's too late. And

00:37:50 --> 00:37:52

you know, this is why in the previous slide, even we learned that

00:37:53 --> 00:38:27

you're not you're not there to enforce anything on them. You're not there to enforce it. They have to remember for themselves and if they don't, this is what's ahead of them. So we find in falsetto, fasciae yaku, Nadeem and Mata Castilian. Yeah, let me cut into our unsightly Canyon fan even Arthur Lee hayati and valkia he says he will say out of humiliation and just as deeply felt regret if only I had I had sent forward and acted with righteous deeds that would have benefited me in my hereafter my real life that is to remain so Yola even know.

00:38:29 --> 00:38:31

If he then he can yo laser shut.

00:38:33 --> 00:38:36

Shut da da, da da da human ourselves.

00:38:37 --> 00:38:51

He says in CB fine. So Kelly commenting. First, I'll translate then on that day, there will not be anyone to torture anyone the way Allah is going to not anyone will be torturing his the likes of his torture,

00:38:53 --> 00:39:32

the Buddha who had not the likes of his torture, and so the commentary is on that day, there is not going to be anyone who can imagine a more intense punishment than the one Allah has prepared for the one who disobeyed him. What were the acts of disobedience in this saw, just take a recall. Just look at the things Allah said are you think you should be honored one of the things you do wrong, the the complaints I had waged against these people, and before the Leon rebellion, rebellion and causing facade of the earth, then he says what I used to call was alcohol. You know, if you're being punished and tortured, maybe there's a hope you'll escape and run away. Right? There's that at least

00:39:32 --> 00:40:00

in this world, that if there's a bad prison, or somebody's going to torture you and or is hurting you, maybe there's going to be a window of opportunity where they leave the rope or the handcuffs loose a little bit and you might run away. Allah says whether you people with alcohol, and nobody will tie the likes of his time, meaning the way he's gonna bond you and what's up in Arabic, like it's used in sort of Mohammed fashion diwata. When you capture the criminals, tie them tight, hold them tight, meaning these things

00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

captives award so there's no chance of escape, Alyson's, those, nobody's gonna bond them like I was gonna bond them. Nobody's gonna bond them like this.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:46

So this was the case of the criminals. We're reaching the end of the Sorana. And there's a profound shift. It is as though in history this this and this change. And this is transition that takes place in the sutras illustrates many things. What it illustrates here is in the previous IR, we were talking about the rebellious, but it is as though these rebellions are beyond hope. They shouldn't even be talked to anymore, like Allah was addressing them. And they're so hopeless, he turns away from them to the one that he has hoping the one that he expects from now because this is a last case. So they shouldn't even be talking to an older you say moolah, right? You don't even address

00:40:46 --> 00:40:56

them. You don't even face them. So let faces away from them. He turns away from them. And he starts talking to this one. Each individual person he says, Yeah, I get to handcuffs and movement,

00:40:57 --> 00:41:40

or tranquil or he says hey, tranquil or calm down and relaxed person. I'm not going to translate soul because that's a bit of a fuzzy thing in English. But anyway, a lot of transitions do say so. But it's not there's something more right this Oh, hey units that has now become tranquil and calm. You know, where this talk is taking place. It's taking place in gentlemen. And you know, yeah, in Arabic is used when you talk to someone, not when you talk about someone third person, when you talk to someone we need. Second Person, Allah is forcing the reciter of Quran to imagine his or herself being addressed by a lot in this ayah. He's forcing us to imagine ourselves and gender when alleged

00:41:40 --> 00:42:23

talking to us how long when he says yeah, yeah, to have enough. So he says, Are you satisfied soul? Oh, satisfied person. Multiple inand in Arabic means to be completely tranquil. How are you trying? By the way, this is what I was about a person who wasn't tranquil. He was only happy when he had wealth. And as soon as they went away, he was disturbed. And he said, My Lord has humiliated me. But the real slave of Allah, this person, he didn't let his nuts get taken away by empty desires. So as I mentioned, in another place, for a moment, half I'm a comma b, when I had nafsa, and in our, the one who feared the one who feared standing before his Lord, and He prevented the knifes from being

00:42:23 --> 00:42:51

from vanities from empty desires, right? So this person is being alleged addressing him that's kind of what I'm addressing them these beautiful words, tranquil knifes, or calm satisfied pneus. This, in and of itself illustrates one of the greatest gifts of Paradise is it to meet none. It's this calmness. It's this relaxation. Because this is not something we can ever have in dystonia. If you are ever relaxed in dystonia, it's probably 10 seconds, or like five minutes, where you say, home.

00:42:53 --> 00:43:28

And then something comes in your mind. Oh, I haven't done this. I haven't done that. I have to do this. I have to do that. Oh, my God, I forgot about that. Something keeps coming up. And no matter what you haven't done yet, there's always something you don't have. Right? Always, always there's something more. There's something more. Nobody's satisfied, unless has about this person is finally satisfied. Like there's no urge to get any more. There's no urge, there's no I wish I had that it's already there. When I can VM attached to here and before I go any further I'd like to connect these the beginning of the soda to the ends of the appreciate something very powerful. We spoke in the

00:43:28 --> 00:43:38

beginning about the four oaths that Allah azza wa jal took. And we talked about the various facets and their commentary on what I did, when I was shuffling when what when they invade us.

00:43:39 --> 00:44:14

We find something really beautiful commented upon by Muhammad Shah with only a shout out with a really beautiful, he says those four oats are also particularly special for the tranquil cells. The person who reaches this tranquility is a real servant of Allah slave of Allah. And one of the most blessed acts of slavery to Allah. Number one is the fudger prayer. Right abandoning your sleep then the slave of a lot takes most advantage of what times the last 10 of the Ramadan the first 10 have been hijacked, right when I add and

00:44:15 --> 00:44:58

then we're shuffling what what which were the odd and even nights of those times it was interpreted Some even interpreted as the odd prayers and the even prayers even in the odd rather, right. And then when they leave is the night as it's about to disappear when the night is about to disappear is the is the time to wrap up your pmla right, which is again the act of closeness to allies and also the time to finish your support so you can but fast so the the acts of closest worship to a larger region are those times that are illustrated or those what was alluded to in the opening oats and the one who was committed to those oats How is addressing that person at the end? Yeah, you have to

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

Yeah, yeah to handcuffs and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

My inner, now what is satisfied this knifes, what is satisfied this knows everybody else was running after stuff, what is the first and most important gift Allah gives this give me you know,

00:45:11 --> 00:45:51

return to your master, return to your master. That's the that's the thing that was dissatisfying. This notice that nothing else satisfied this person in their heart. And that'd be liquid in there hit or miss remembering Allah satisfied them. And now that gives them see action beyond even remembering a lot of return to Allah. In this there is a profound reality in the life of a Muslim who makes Toba or in the life of anyone who accepts this theme. When you return to a large religion, you face a lot of difficulty, whether you are a Muslim who is in sin, and they decide they want to change their life and they want to become obedient to Allah, or you are a non Muslim who came into

00:45:51 --> 00:46:26

contact with the teachings of this Deen and accepted this Dean. As soon as you become serious about this Dean, and you serious about returning to your master and really living like you're a slave, then you face a lot of problems, your family gets in the way your friends get in the way your own old habits get in the way your society gets in the way, everything around you gets in the way, maybe even the way you used to earn your money wasn't held on. So you have to lose your money to maybe you have to lose your business too. You definitely lose your friends, you always you suffer the relationships and families suffer, the American relationship can suffer that relationship with your

00:46:26 --> 00:47:03

kids or your parents can suffer all these problems because you didn't want return to align. All of these things are connected with being dissatisfied in life, aren't they? But when you are cut off from all of these things, and you return only to a law, you find a tranquility you never found before. You know, I've met brothers before, whose life was all about partying, they'll go to clubs and draw everything that would they would think would bring them pleasure in life. They tried, they tried it, they did it. And then a law brought them to the dean. And they said man, after you returned to a law that is a high I've never felt, nothing compares. Nothing compares. There is no

00:47:03 --> 00:47:37

you know, at the end of any of these activities, where you try to please yourself, are you indulging these sorts of things, right, this Hellenistic, you know, lifestyle, we're just live for pleasure, at the end of all of that they're so like, these are the people that commit suicides and stuff. Like they can't, they're never satisfied. They're never done. They can't get enough. And they think that's going to just bring them to an end. But they become enslaved to their own habits. But they're not even they don't even feel free. They say things like I can't quit. What do you mean you can't quit? Like somebody has a master over them telling them you can't quit and that's how bad it's

00:47:37 --> 00:48:15

gotten for them. So you become free from all of that and finally you become satisfied. So add in a big ol the attend of the two adjectives that are so incredibly beautiful one pleased pleased with EU law. Why is that important? In this sort I did speak about the one who's not pleased with the law, the one who wrote first who rebelled against the law and causes corruption then the one who would love any protests that somebody and calculates it he becomes displeased with Allah. Now this knifes because he's truly returned to a life just happy just content with Allah. The world can go left to right the sun can rise from the from the west to he'll still be contented alone. This this Leola,

00:48:15 --> 00:48:17

then even more muddy, yes.

00:48:19 --> 00:48:35

And you are pleased with meaning your Lord is pleased with you too. You are pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with you return. You are so happy with me and I'm so happy with your lessons on all of them. God, what an amazing gift. But that's not the only gift he gives another gift after this. He says fatherhood if anybody

00:48:36 --> 00:49:15

enter then in the midst of my slaves, you know, the first gift wasn't a company of who Allah Himself returned to your Lord. The second gift is the company of the other slaves of Allah. You know this believer right about Ibrahim alayhis salam, he read about other models have you read about Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and he read about Albuquerque San Diego de la hora de he read about these people and he said man I want to meet them so bad and what does Allah say after he lets him beat himself says what could he have entered the company must have joined this group you can go in there's no exclusive apps access there's no yellow tape no security guard on the doors that you know

00:49:15 --> 00:49:21

that no extra say this first pass Oh prophets and messengers only? Nope fully theory buddy.

00:49:22 --> 00:49:33

And in comparison to that what is last What's the last thing he mentioned? What would he then at the enter my agenda that in comparison to these gifts a lot less?

00:49:34 --> 00:50:00

Now the last comment about this gender. Let me say what Colin Jana enter Paradise. He says gender t enter My Paradise enter my gender. Meaning a lot is you know almost as though Alonzo john wants to show him what special arrangements and gentlemen he has made for this one individual person. He's not even talking to the oma at large. This addresses individually

00:50:00 --> 00:50:41

hoodie, Erie with hoodie individual individual individual individually addresses the person who enters in and says Come, let me show you my journal that I've given to you what enter might have a lot. You know, it's one thing to say enter your gender. But unless has entered, why isn't this what a difference what a difference that makes? It's a problem. So at the end of this in fact I want to again reiterate before I close, this transition illustrates that Allah is forcing us he's forcing us when you hear these words, these are second person who's talking Allah who's listening, you and I, he's forcing us to picture ourselves in that paradise. He's forcing us to picture ourselves in that

00:50:41 --> 00:51:18

paradise. May Allah make us the slaves of Allah that reached tranquility in this life. May Allah azza wa jal let us take advantage of the profound days and the acts of worship that he highlighted in the beginning of the surah May Allah azza wa jal forgive the shortcomings we have in our ibadat the way our mind wanders in the Salawat the way we we skip our prayers because of sleep and laziness, the way we waste our nights and you know, in entertaining ourselves or wasting time allows them to protect us from from all of that and make us amongst his beloved slaves that enter into His company into the company of his beloved slaves and into his his special paradise. Baraka lovely

00:51:18 --> 00:51:24

Welcome to anarchy. When finally we'll end it with Hakeem Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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