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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom we stopped, we discussed the previous Surah of spirituality of certain Muslim male. Yeah, you will Muslim male kami Leila Illa kalila wherever we mentioned that this was the Prelude in the beginning of the DAR or the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, to build oneself in a form of spirituality. And that's why we can possibly understand today why Allah subhanaw taala plays so to Muslim male before Surah Al Mudassir, evil muda series amongst the second surah with a few yards from the beginning, I sent down to the Prophet alayhi salatu

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salam, for possibly the reason that first we need to focus upon our spirituality, the skier to NuForce that we find that many of us that we begin to be worried about academics of Islam, or technicalities of Islam. So many earlier I mentioned, Muslim youth can also Halima Minal was Sol. Many people who don't know fundamental principles of Islam or have a deep rabbit hole and fill in a deep understanding will be prevented from getting to the end goal. Because we find that many of us are hasty in our studying of Islam. And we have to speak about the culture and environment that we live in the people are being taught, or their practice just to find things about other individuals.

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That's what the main thrust of our society is. So people after two to three months of reading, they believe they have the right

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to condemn or critique other individuals. And they failed to understand the path Mahajan Quran that you don't just jump straight towards an admirable model for Navy and an mancha in ordering the good and forbidding the evil. Especially a person lacks spirituality inside their life many people that we deal with even fundamentals of praying a salah they find it difficult, but I find it very easy to go to preach for hours on end to other people and speak about them but if I need something suceed hard and difficult to come to the masjid or to join the Jamara or to pray in congregation to come to the masjid so this show days there's a if you can use such harsh words as mud is a sickness abroad

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see Peruvian inside us in our hearts we haven't really focused upon them that we're jumping to the other aspects because hey Allah den mentioned after sorted resemble, yeah, you will muda say to come for and there. Allah den mentioned afterwards now go and preach to the people go and warn the people. That yes, we should warn the people but we shouldn't be hasty in our warning towards the people read the secret of life of Obama, even though I should who died in 1973. One of the most common day movers zeroed at the hurried with 10 We're in 30 volumes, maybe today's printed in less volumes of original versions 30 volumes. If they actually died in 1973. They say he read the fear of

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the fuzzy for 50 years come seen Santa for 50 years he read the first seed then he began to write and speak about the fear of poverty. Mr. MUFA serine. He spent seven years writing is to feed and his works of theory of history. He spent WCF series also in 30 volumes in its original print format. Maybe it's condensed today, he studied he spent 12 or 13 years writing history codifying history. But many of us are helical insert him in Agile. Man has been created a state of haste. hastiness, hastiness in everything that we do inside our lives, and this environment around it. That's what it teaches us to be haste, to be hasty to be judgmental, not to be worried about aspects of

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spirituality. That's why it's so troublesome but and Madatha deeply speak about spirituality as well as warning the people. Look at the end of certain Mudassir it's not just about speaking about speaking about ordering the good and forbidding the evil. It highlights the concept of action by Celica comfy soccer Columna communal mousseline what made you end up going into soccer was soccer smash Jahannam among to seven names of Johanna mentioned inside the Quran. Why did you go there called alumna communal mousseline, and disciple you look at giusta bark and use Amma you find it replete with Ayat speaking about what is always speak about for way too little mousseline woe to

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those who offer their prayers Fela sadaqa what our Salah never prayed never admitted the truth. They hola hola Chanel Tim de Moon half moon many disorders are always ending or speak about a Salah for what reason? Why is

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El Mirage and marriage. It will speak about the journey the night genuine of a Salah because oh hold your hand Cebu added up your multi year Asana because the first thing that person is going to be asked about on the Day of Judgment is about Asana is about their prayer. So I

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How can we be rushing around to other things? And we don't have these fundamentals in place in line in check that we're worried about them. That will shatter five meter dimension on your mudroom and many will have authenticated the Hadith one of the best prayers. The best prayer is Fajr on your mobile drummer, Bill Giamatti, helpful, Imam. That's the best prayer. That's the beginning of your mojo, not this isn't the beginning of your mojo. That's the beginning. That's the real beginning. And what's the ending of that after Juma preservation of their prayers, making sure that they're there for the next prayer. That's what you meant when Allah speak to our key Musala. What is a karma

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to Salah malerkotla was a de sala de they carried out the prayer in karma to Salah middleby Dahlia was Will was set off in the higher in the beginning in the middle. In the end after the prayer, it's always that devotion, that is a person who is returning back to Allah subhanho wa taala. So he finds inside the surah that Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us time and time again, about the beginning of Revelation is Surah speaks about because there was it was known as Fatra, a pause, when salted anak was sent down in Ramadan. And we mentioned that as soon as will be revealed, sent down in the muck compared it doesn't necessarily mean it's the whole of the surah because so that we find only

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the first five verses were sent down. And straightaway there's a fatwa there's a pause. And the Prophet SAW he looked up into the heavens and he saw Dubray and A salaam because he fought something and overcoming that what he experienced is not the truth was not reality, because not everyday Do you experience to see an angel when it's all with 600 wings? You don't see that on a daily basis. So he began to question himself that is this reality. And so there's a fourth report that he sold you Brian and then it was said to him yeah, you will come for underwater Bucha for Kobe was the yeah but for puck here. Allah did said to him yeah, you will muda say the one who is enveloped, the one who's

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wrapped up that you find a deep relationship between Imam Sadie mentioned between certain Muslim men and certain would just say that one in the same thing because I'm balloony does thoroughly carries the same meaning. And so even inside is so refined so many interlinks between these two sort of both sort of speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his task, his journey, his characteristics, and likewise the end of the surah is what speaks about what stuck for Allah in the log of for Rahim at the end of SoTL Muslim buildup we find and sutra Mudassir who had a Taqwa where he will mark Farah, that Allah's carnage one that you should say, have Taqwa towards and he's the one who should

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seek forgiveness towards Ghana. ishara that no matter what we do inside their lives, who I have to talk or almak Farah, Allah knows who the duck in the pies individuals are, and he knows that we're going to subhanaw taala we're going to fall short inside our lives. Well, we're at old Mark Farah, and one who pardons and who overlooks. So when the Prophet has received this revelation, and he comes back to Khadija Rhodiola Tada Anna, look at the wisdom look at the full sight is the inside of Khadija, if you've had Camila, Camila, Mina, Regina Nicosia, many men have been completed before but only a few women have become complete women. Amongst them, it's Khadija, our mother audiological

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Anna she's so the foresightedness that what you saw, and what you've met, this is from Allah subhanaw taala that you're a good hearted person, a kind person, you keep ties, you keep relationships, you're charitable, you do good action, this is from Allah subhanaw taala and that's why she saw that this must be that this prophet or this individual has been blessed by Allah subhanaw taala and I'm sure many of us are familiar with the story of going to work I but no fool who the Christian at that time will turn it into Christianity who then said that your your people are going to fight against you.

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Accra God call me Are you going to do any call me are my people going to throw me out expel me from Makkah? And he said yes, there's never been a prophet, except for they're going to be expelled. They're going to be initially going to be turned away wanting a bigger first beer. That's what the main set is. Surah The in this journey of giving Dawa while you're a bigger first mayor that you need to have patience and giving Dawa patience and commitment that's why I'm I'm sad sad to see you highlights and we're sober. The various grades of suburb inside a person's life a person needs to have a suburb, Fatah, a suburb when you obey Allah in His patience in his resolution, a suburb added

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Marcia, suburb to stay away from sinning, disobeying Allah Subhana Allah and southern regarding the commandments, that Divine Decree predestination and other of ALLAH SubhanA one has to accept that this will Allah has decreed for me. So yeah, you will Mudassir one is envelope modern data fussy dimension that this isn't for cuddly Rasul Allah to slob. Even if this is one amongst the symbols of title given to him I'll Muzammil and Mudassir but some early math FRC dimension. This is for every individual whose envelope who is engrossed in the dunya who is involved engrossed in

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Man what dunya involved in the world involved in wealth in property in life in their family in their children. Yeah, you will notice it everyone envelopes in that this dunya engrossed in the dunya comfort and their get up and Warren Lin accosted and in Santa Ana dunya. The purpose of the human being placed upon this dunya is an eating and drinking and surviving and having good life. These are all tertiary elements of the human being, that as human beings, we enjoy that. But that's not the main intent of the human being, that it becomes a vicious cycle that we all get entrapped in that that's what all life is about. Yeah, you will just have come for under wear a burqa for Kabir. And

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you should praise your Lord, magnify your Lord and Olympus it doesn't just mean just to say we're Kabiru Takbeer at the end of certain Israa that we find just to say Allahu Akbar.

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What a book of a cupboard it means to have or fair love, hope devotion with the aim of 10 feet can you become other Matala? ficolo Because when you have the grand you're that beneficence the supreme belief inside your heart of Allah subhanaw taala that leads you towards pa that leads you towards obedience, that when your heart is full of fear of Allah, grant you of Allah Greatness of Allah subhanaw taala that's what will enforce the individual to come towards Allah subhanaw taala were a backer for Kabir. That's why it's highlighted inside the surah what's the better for to hear and purify your clothing is just a literal meaning. But it's a deeper meaning for Fahad called Bucha

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purify your heart, purify your heart, min min a Shakti or RIA while Arrojo was summer, as a meme Saturday inside is the CD mentioned purify your heart from shirk, from hypocrisy from shaking off, but being startled, purify that was the book of Allah purify the inner elements. Many elements of Mercy they mentioned was the back of the head getting any cold back, purify your heart, focus upon your heart. And then Rafi armonica and your actions purify them and takuna ha Listen lady subhanaw taala they actually the pure for Allah subhanaw taala and then comes the literal meaning of clothing. What's the back of my head take you? Yeah, buddy Adam who Zenyatta come in the cul de

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Masjid. Yeah Benny Adam or children. Adam when you come to the masjid when you come to Salah who do the knitter comb. Take your beautiful garments. adorn yourself with the best of garments, dress appropriately. The uneca Takuma Imam Allah subhanaw taala you're standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala take your best garments when you present yourself in front of Allah Subhana Allah so he's somebody early Ma said purify your clothing, external clothing, and some said this refers to remove any ninja from your clothing. And some even say it refers to keeping your garments above your ankles, as some random I've made the feet of this as well was the back of attack here that dress

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yourself appropriately in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And maybe we don't want to delve too much into the 50 or about it. But we know that the Prophet ends have kept his garments above his ankles. Allah Khalid Sheikh that was the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and Sunnah Valhalla rashid al Deen Abdullah bin no Arjun. That was the Sunnah and they practice and then somebody took it literally was the burqa Fatah here, because the more the garment goes in the floor for a man who impurities will be placed upon it. So purify yourself what's the back of Allah here? We're Woods Falador stay away from idolatry, statue worship, and other lmsc mineral mousy was fooled. Stay away

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from the noob while mousy keep yourself aloft free from sitting free from entering into vices and sins. These are all commandments from Allah subhanaw taala that each one of these becomes a focal point inside Allah that we do focus about before we go to focus upon other individuals. What's the book of Allah? What huzzah dude what a turn on the stock said don't give. Don't give to people to succeed that you want more back from people. Look at these trades in Santa Quran. In nama not in Macomb leverage Hilah Dan Reedham income Jessa and wala chakra, when you give you don't expect any reward Landry domain comm Jessa and what are Shakira? We don't even want you to say to us, thank

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you. Or Jay Sekulow Hara nothing, believe it is a one that and here Allah is saying to the Prophet alayhi salam don't give so that people may praise you or people may in return give us something more. Just know what the psyche of a Muslim should be. Those people who give sadaqa or give charity or do actually that maybe later on their praise or maybe later

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on what are two pillars Takata can build many will other, don't destroy your sadaqat Bill money will other by continuous mentioning, I did this for you, I helped you here. Remember this are done for you inside your life. Remember this charity done for you remember this, don't destroy your support by continuously mentioning you're harming the other individual by making them feel bad that you've done a favor for them.

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But below your moon, no honeycomb and how they're coming in imagining going to Saudi again, what is the favor of Allah that guided us or gave us wealth, gave us property gave us knowledge gave us understanding gave us a position gave us something is from Allah Subhana Allah, why am I becoming net met in farming Allah, whatever nearby that you have, who Amin Allah is from Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah just wants to see how you get to deal with his, with his blessings that he's bestowed upon us how we're going to channel these blessings upon the face of this dunya is what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to see from every single one of us, when you're a beggar for sphere. As you

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mentioned, after all these commandments, you need to be patient. And you mentioned Surah Lu patience in the path of Dawa because many of us that's all we want. We want instant results. immediate results have been given that this person he listened to me or he took my advice, or he followed what I'm falling inside my life or he changed his life. Immediately after five minutes of speaking to this individual. There's not a benchmark, no highlight some spent 950 years speaking to people. When I met a man who ended up Khalil and only few people believe him. Does that mean there's some deficiency in the Tao of new Halle Salah in his preaching and be I will come with a judgment, some

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will have a few so whatever 100 Some will have only one or two people with them. But they carried out their task. That's all that a Muslim is supposed to do. While you're a bigger phosphate carry on preaching the deen of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, then Allah mentioned for either nuclear fission now or now the discussion moves from all these traits and his characteristics towards the day of judgment, which is inside all the suitors that all the suitors are trying to highlight the preparation in meeting ALLAH SubhanA. Dianna are now called who are sore

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it is the trumpet. That's gonna be blown on that on that day. Find a new face of his soul, that everything will come to a standstill on that day for sorry calm and free summer word. moment will be elimin sha Allah for menoufia Coffee okra for Edo pm on Yom Varone every blown again and everything will perish. Could lumen Allah Fern everything on his face to the earth will die will drop down? What happened? Mala Iike everything will finish and it'd be raised again in front of Allah subhanaw taala Musa and his son will be holding on to the throne and the prophets I would say I don't know whether I woke up first or he got up first before me. These are even the Ambia the prophets

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everything will just stop there. Because the only thing that remains to show this at the beginning is sort of a Kabiru Kabira is the grandness the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Jalla who is the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah that the human being has nothing has nothing inside this life what I feel Astra, love for dunya Allah fill Accra in Naramata Allah subhanaw taala except for the Mercy, the compassion, the Mercy of Allah Hunter had the Rasul Allah, Allah means he said, Even myself, if Allah does it in Shroud me with his mercy, I don't know if I'm going to be forgiven, or paradise is going to be granted. I look at many of us the view that we hold inside our lives, that we think that

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Paradise has been granted to many of us individuals for further Alika further Lika Yama in in Yeoman RC I don't care theory that I hate who you see here. This is going to be a hard day. A harsh day. Very difficult upon those people disbelieved and lost count I even for for Muslims, is going to be a very difficult day. And so people ask the question, why will the Muslim be worried on that day? Because it's the natural fear. As you mentioned, other Mattila greatness will establish on the day not knowing what will take place, what will happen to each and every single one of us, you're cool, okay, if you do not have the Yamuna acid inside, so to cover the display, you said this is a very

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difficult day upon us individuals. And then the Quran mentions I had mentioned certainly woman HELOC to Wahida. But I'll begin to speak about the Quraysh or specifically Alwaleed bin Mahira as many movers threnody mentioned, and here we can extract look the nature of the Quran. How the Quran speaks about certain individuals. But yet at the same time, from the loins of these individuals who comes out the loins of will need to be Mahira Carly didn't Waleed, he son becomes the most magnificent companions to this day. That way his father becomes one who rejects doesn't believe. Yet Allah subhana brings out from his loins once a day to defend the parameter of Islam, like what

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people have to die if who rebelled, who expelled the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and what happened later on the best of people became the people of thought if that we find

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30 Woman Haluk to Wahida leave me alone and this person created all of his own. What the ultra Humala mum do the and I gave him expansive wealth was given this individual what Bernina shahada children to show his power his mind Allah is part of speaks openly what he gives to the disbelieving individuals how gives them these privileges Well, my head Tula who come here, and we facilitated for him I live which is smooth and comfortable.

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We've given this power we're given wealth we're given children we give him a good life from now you know and as he and he still wants more he still thinks that more should be given to me Canada in no turn any thinner I need.

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But after all of this doesn't make a difference how many children you have, how much power how much wealth that you have, how much property how much life that you have?

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Canada in no Ghana, the Tina are neither he turned away, I need an area to lay Subhanallah he turned away from Allah subhanaw taala. So okay, who, who served, we're going to make him climb the mountain or the mattify See, this is a mountain of Jahannam

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a steep mountain, the mountain agenda is going to climb and be plunged down into Jahannam when he reaches the top will be given to this individual. And then what he plots and he plans to say something about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for Carla in her the in La Sierra. Sir, this is Magic of old because the Quran was a remarkable speech of Allah subhanaw taala they couldn't give it a rebuttal. They couldn't say anything. So they got together, and the only thing the Quran should come out with together. This is nothing but old magic. Quran is a magical speech it overcomes people it divides people, but many of the Quran when you heard the Quran, they marveled at the Quran, they

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move them. So Allah mentioned affirming herbal Hadith the baboon, do marvelous Quran this Quran is powerful in his iron, powerful in his structure, powerful in his movement, that they knew the Quran knew that this is from Allah Subhana Allah so many companies when they head move them with the feet of many individuals when they heard the Quran, the ayat of the Quran, it changed their whole lives, just by listen to recite patient of the words of Allah Subhana Allah in her the Illa called Bashar so Slee Sarkar they said this is only the speech of a human being yes that the Quran today people don't read the Quran. What Yeah, hey, don't be Jihad didn't Kabira give Dawa to people and so suited

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for God give them the Quran even it's just a translation. Give them the Quran time to read the Quran. Study the Quran because there is no empty love inside the Quran. They said this is speech of a human being. There is no speech of any human being. And then what happens Allah says that so SNI soccer, were trying to throw him into soccer. Women's soccer is from the names of Jahannam women's soccer. There are two key what are the we're here to learn barsha we'll explain to you what Sukkar is what Jahannam is La Tomoki well, it leaves nothing but it destroys it. It wipes it out and burns it out. Le we're here to bash it. It changes the color

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of human beings. It bends as we read some Hadebe I mentioned how Jahannam was ignited 4000 years till eventually Jahannam is a black color fire it is

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ignited is a black fire that just takes away our place to start the Quran. It goes deep that into the skin

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that's why children who Mirza isn't really mastered that Roomba is burning deep down into into your heart. within your heart the fire will traverse travel into just not your external body. It will be in your internal body. This should be enough for a person to frighten them. That's why when the Quran had mentioned comfort and therefore people might be saying, Why is Allah saying comfort and why is it ALLAH given Glad Tidings because makan when Elijah Muhammad and Bushra the beginning of Dawa isn't a station of glad tidings. The McCanns need to be warned. People need to be warned. People need to be awoken. That's what we need in our in our time at the moment. People need to be

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woken up from this deep this flood of sleep and then to find that balance that a perfect recipe is Bashira and when Avira is going to give glad tidings also he wants people as well accordingly Elena this at the Usher over Jahannam soccer refine their 19 now Hey once we get people begin to delve into why 90 In some relevant say it specifically means 19 Other olema say when numbers Numerix accounts that the Quran is contra member because it could mean beyond that is just a speech to Allah could be using it is 19. But when people begin to delve into numeric justice we began with getting to the end that people try to decipher the Quran according to their own intellect according to their

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own mindset. The Quran has been explained

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Among sitting centuries ago, every single thing you want to discuss you want to understand today, go back to classical MUFA screen and you will find the answer there. Don't use your rationale to understand the book of Allah subhanaw taala to apply the book of Allah Spandana that's why certain individuals delve into Numerix only even como Josie went into some spirituality of the number seven occurring occurring inside the Khurana seven paradises or seven is a sort of Fattah, he began to say seven tawaf circumambulation undercover said, it could be some spiritual element of why seven has been used inside Islamic texts. But this could be something its own extraction. But to delve deeply

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into Numerix is dangerous. Islam is an intellectual at times, this is sickness spreading amongst us. People want to understand Islam intellectually, if I can understand the concept of us herbal calf, the boys inside the cave, dude with that dude, at the jail the last day if I can, intellect, literally, rationally perceive and understand it inside my mind, then it must be something which is plausible, acceptable. But the sad thing is that many of these things that Allah discusses in such sort of calf is a Surah of more desert. It is sort of miracles in itself, that everything taking place in southern Sudan is a miracle. And that's what Allah makes a shout out inside the surah.

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About people who have doubts, who ask questions about these eight, these, these angels of Allah subhanaw taala, when maganda is habanero, Illa Mala Iike that Allah has placed these people around Jahannam are to be nothing but angels and angels, they are not angels that we may think they're soft in nature, because angels have different situation different locations in Sarasota. Hareem Allah mentioned Mala Etta to rely on shudder don't lay out soon. Allahumma Ahmed Ahmed, Luna mag maroon, the ova Jahannam did not soft angels are weak angels. They are harsh angels, that sort of coloration. They heard this and they had this attack this coloration that will fight our way out of

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jahannam. If there's only 19 Angels were 1000s in number, we'll fight them we'll fight the angels because we're warriors and we'll come out of it. Abuja has said each person take 10 Angels 10 of you take one angel each another individual, he said we have to diversity. He said I'll fight 17 Angels and you could I take the other two angels. And some early metaphors he does speak about this individual was the one who said he's the one the most strongest individual who would place a leather carcass underneath his feet. And it asked people to come and pull that carcass out from underneath his feet. And many would come and fight and wrestle with him. The carcass would be ripped apart by

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he wouldn't move. He wouldn't move by this person needed to be humbled.

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Who did he challenge to wrestle. He challenged to wrestle the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and a prophet I suppose that no weak individuals may perceive the progress or beat him many times. He still refused to accept Islam, because I prefer someone with a strong personality. Read a Shema al Muhammad Al Imam Timothy, read about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's who we should wrestle around Russell around, make that your goodwill. Don't look at the world around you. The world is full of weakness, weak men, weak identities, strong men is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they even companions said when the war became fierce and harsh and difficult, we would go behind the

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam because he was a man who was full of strength. He would ride a horse without a saddle with his bare legs, he would ride it that was a prophet somebody returned back and he said to the people in Medina be at risk. He wasn't a person who said go up, but go and fight for the Antara Buka for Katella in the how do you go out and do these things? He was the first one to go out to protect his people to preserve his people. That's what a role model should be. The Prophet Allah is not to sit up on a datum in the fitnah we've only made these this number this numeric format as a fitness implica theory says the bar and the nurse this is just a test for people you

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mentioned whether 19 is actually the format number or it's another number whatever it may be. The real meaning in the meaning of this is this this this numeric format is a fitna is a trial for certain certain individuals that you don't want to accept the commandments of Allah Subhana Allah so Allah mentioned when he Hakuna Latina ficolo will be murdered and McAfee Runa mother arrived the law behind that masala that people who have a sickness inside their hearts are the disbelieving individuals. They always poses question What does Allah want? Why this parable? What is Allah what why this example? What is Allah was speaking about the last day What is it Allah was speaking about

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this? That's a sign of a Murad of questioning Allah subhanaw taala What does Allah one that's at the beginning of Quran it begins can only can you didn't know me didn't want to deal with low minutia we had the minutia that That's why Allah subhanaw taala guides whomever he wants, and he misguides whomever he wants, also is Allah mentioned tutor Bacara you didn't do B casita and DB Kathy.

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Raw in the beginning of total Bacara, that when they ask the question, Why does Allah placed these parables inside the Quran? Because Allah guides whomever he wants to buy these parables they understand the meaning of these parables. And he sets a straight many individuals who don't seem to see what the intent of the speech of Allah subhanaw taala is, as we mentioned, many individuals are asking these questions about the last day about unseen affairs, about the Quran. That's what and then they try to mock people and say, These people are simple people. They're not intellectually because they don't have the rationale like us. Maybe we don't have the rationale like you have.

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Maybe we don't have academia like you have. But we follow the majority view of, of what is the average person. The simpletons Muslims have believed that for centuries for generations, this is what they believed about Islam, that they take it on face value, and that's what a Muslim should be. Not to fall into academia to begin to question about Islam as what the world around us is teaching us women are Yana mu there are bigger inner who no one knows about the army of Allah. Why am I here in the Quran in Basha, no one actually knows what Nicosia he or she says it's nice to have seen that this Allah has done the last kind of you share that the number isn't important. It's not important

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whether it's 90 More or less. One I knew the Rebecca elder who no one knows the exact amount of soldiers of Allah except for Allah subhanaw taala that's why he lists so many narrations that is the seed. It was not as baited matter more the replica House of the Kaaba, if you traverse traveled from the top all the way through the heavens, forever and up to the Irish. You're just before that you will come to the dominant albedo and much more. The often frequently visited home, the khutbah, a original blueprint of the Kaaba, everyday 10,000 Angels enter it. And you know what, they never get to return to come back ever again. Just do some maths inside your brain, obviously not going to be

00:31:58--> 00:32:28

possible to do the maths, that if every day since the beginning of time 10,000 Angels have entered and never got the chance to come back again, how many angels are there, and somebody had either continued to mention that these angels that No, an inch left, you find that that Heavens are weighty, they're crumbling, they're about to collapse, because they know not a span. Any inch left except there's an angel who's praising Allah, glorifying Allah making this be making dammit making daleel

00:32:29--> 00:33:11

The strange thing in somebody's Hadith it mentioned that the angel is going to say Subhana matter but not to the tick. The angels are going to say glorify the you Allah. We were not able to worship you as we supposed to be worshiping you. Centuries karoun 1000s of years 10,000 of years, angels have been there glorifying praising Allah Subhana Allah subhana Mata but not a bad attack, we haven't glorified you and you deserve to be glorified. We have been praised you. We just have a few segments of eBay that and we we full of ourselves, full of ourselves, that we're Caribbean in Ultra close to Allah Subhana Allah that's what many of us that we think inside our lives. I tell you the

00:33:11--> 00:33:24

opposite. The only time that we spent we have not worship you Allah subhanaw taala called Luna FCMB matassa but bruh Hina every single soul has a pledge what is and we testify pronounces ikura Kitab

00:33:25--> 00:34:05

Kapha when Africa yo Malika Ceiba read your own record sufficient you are a witness upon your own self. So everybody has a pledge upon the onset what they've done inside his life in the US herbal Yameen except for the people of the right hand or people are paradise he did nothing yet alone. They're going to be asking paradise they're going to have the discussion now now's the time to ask a discussion and in moody mean what's happened to so and so now? We are these individuals. They will set my salah comfy soccer was set to this interview second time on the mentioned soccer Jahannam inside this short Surah of 54 Adversus why you inside Jahannam called will Amna communal mousseline

00:34:05--> 00:34:12

while I'm not going not mo Miskin. What couldn't Nana who do Malhar it didn't go couldn't Luca debo be yo me didn't had to attend Eliakim

00:34:13--> 00:34:13


00:34:15--> 00:34:59

Actions. Why you hate Jahannam Columna criminal mousseline we never used to offer the prayer. Second, what? We never used to feed the poor people. So it's not just offering Salah that a Muslim by default is one who's generous, who's feeding poor people helping people. Welcome Nana who do Malka. I mean, we used to squander waste our time we used to waste our time look, look at the masses of the youth masses of the of the world travel the world. masses of people just sitting there. shisha bars, lounges, coffee bars, cinemas, plays amusement arenas 1000s will be there just sitting there, just wasting their time. As we began with comfort and we have a greater objective inside our

00:34:59--> 00:34:59


00:35:01--> 00:35:44

What could Nanoka do beyond me, Dean we used to reject the last time we never had that conviction had attorneys Yaqeen until Yaqeen came to implicative mentioned the end of sort of hedger cannot miss the idea why Buddha had yet to again, carry on worshiping Allah, Allah until your kin and moat comes to inside this dunya and then Allah mentions from a from an alum, karate Marathi lead, they don't get to turn towards the Tuscarora the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah Gangnam Homura Muslim Farah Allah describes it as if they are donkeys wild donkeys in a pathway being chased by a suara by mutase by a wild beast or a lion is chasing after this running helter skelter we began with inside

00:35:44--> 00:36:06

this dunya that the last individuals and every individual wants a clear record given to them can nebula Half Moon and Earth era these people don't feel Accra and Allah before I met you for my temperament, Chef read there's going to be no Shiva given to these individuals to anally Shara fill Quran that if you didn't do the action, don't expect intercession.

00:36:07--> 00:36:31

And this is another problem inside our society that people think just by default, and people shouldn't think we're trying to have a grudge against certain beliefs inside of society, but people are leaning towards it that just because I believe in the Prophet alayhi salatu salam just because I utter his name so by default intercession would be granted to me or in a matter fuzzy dimensioned that there's going to be no Shiva if you didn't carry out the actions

00:36:32--> 00:37:12

how you perceive that he's going to intercede for you if you don't carry out the action that he told you to do. Try the action then intercession will be granted to you Tala Bala food and they don't say the last day can they know because Kira and D this reminder from Allah Subhana Allah Kermanshah zakura whoever wants to proceed and take this remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah wa Yes, Corona ilang Masha Allah, this guidance is from Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah subhana guides whomever he wants, and when a person finds that guidance, they should be full of gratitude to Allah and then at the end to sort of mentioned who added to Dakhla WorldMark. Farah, Allah Subhana Allah is a one that

00:37:12--> 00:37:51

you should have talked about regarding and one of you mentioned you seek forgiveness. So just like an endo suta, Muzammil, so we ask Allah to make us amongst Andrew Taqwa people of taqwa, people of consciousness, free seer, oh well, an insider, a private lives inside our private hearts. That is Takala is proud to because that is the greatest weapon the greatest tool of the believer it tequila hazemag good faith, Allah wherever you are. That's what the prophets have instilled amongst his companions, instilling fear Allah wherever you go, you have that inside your heart, you'll be successful individual taqwa, Luffy Colombia, inside our hearts, and at the same time, to have that

00:37:51--> 00:37:57

concept of forgiveness, hope and mercy from Allah Subhana Allah may Allah is trying to make us amongst those individuals.