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After praising Allah subhanaw taala sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early will send them continuing a theme or a journey with a book of Allah Subhana Allah, and specifically with Gypsy which is ama, the previous two sorters are sorted out and other spoke about the grand ness of the Quran, or the sending of the Quran upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam today surah So today, you know, continues that theme of the Quran or the sending of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because the final baby beginner many earlimart the first set of described that by unit outcomes are mentioned if I just thought twice.

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I'm Barbie and Abby Martin are on the bay, you know, the evidence is the Quran the sending of the Quran upon mankind, or is the other meaning given by early miltefosine. Albania is none other than the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whichever view that we take both for them correspond with the surah because both of them speak about revelation and speak about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and this is the first surah inside this Jews that begins to speak or you have the Al Kitab begin to speak about the People of the Book. There are only two sources inside this Jews which had unanimously agreed amongst Allah for Syrian that these are classified as Medina and

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Saurus. So it will be Jena and surah Nasir Bovary surah is a unanimous agreement amongst a number of different see that these are Medina and Saunders the Hanafi or slow the Hema inside the the format and the language is all a concept of speaking about the Medina and period and specifically its are sorted by unit speaks about Al Kitab begin to speak about these individuals will not give in to Al Kitab. To understand a healthier the background of Al Kitab inside the Quran. Because some of us we don't have a deep penetration understanding of words of Allah subhanaw taala is just a tertiary reading, or just a global structure around us we fail to understand how deep the Quran is. When the

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Quran highlights what untapped the uncle Yehuda Massara had the Tibetan letter home. These certain individuals will never be happy with you had the Tibetan militar home until you begin to follow the Miller while Milla laser focus on our lives. Our local media Milla isn't just language or clothing or dress, or certain advocates who are an arrow home. You take these symbols, you take the format of their religious guidance, and you begin to imitate these individuals does you find inside the Hadith in sort of Abu Dawood, when Tasha Bobby Coleman for who are men whom whoever imitates a people eventually becomes like them, they are shy are symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, which a Muslim adorns

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himself with crystallizes themselves about their belief about the occur and about everything about them. If you can use such words linguistically that they want to take people away derail people away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala because there's some of us who think that there's a there's a mild relationship. When the Quran if you can use such words can stand on trial, the Koran is saying well and turbo alenka you're cool. mm zinox cbtf Siri, sir. So I have a cache of a London abadeer for eternity. What and turbo never ever will they be any form of contentment, happiness, acceptance, a common ground with these individuals who are inside the archive and they believe that if they feel

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and then they profess that Islam is a wicked way of life, Islam is a backward religion is a barbaric religion is an Arab format of religion that needs to be destroyed a subcontinent religion that needs to be overcome. This is what the deeper belief is. Even though we find out at certain times that the quran quran does acknowledge is going to be certain individually amongst them who will show affiliation towards the believing individuals that are didn't shed the nasty adultery Latina Amalia who will Latina Shaku Quran says lethargy, then I said the nasty adultery Latina amanu the most severe in animosity, hatred ranco bad feeling, deception, plotting, planning, killing slaying a man

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Allahu Allah Dena Shaku, these specific individuals, and those can be shipped with Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Tatiana accruable more data Linda Dina Amanullah Dina call in and Asara the most closest to individuals to the believers will be those who claim to be Christians, that it can be uncommon to see seen our burn, we're anomala you're stuck in your own because amongst that they are there. They're their priests, the clerics

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the bishops, that they are receptive to the words of Allah and Allah wa normally your step by rune and you know, arrogant individus Maha Allah Tara

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Keep it home. You see the arrogance even in a sci fi, the arrogance, language that they use that no one's forced us to stop what we're doing. We're still dominant, we're still powerful. They don't want to accept that there's a common ground of holding things still saying it's our own personal decision. There's no force upon us. There's no world politics, that route is forcing us to retract ourselves. And the reason why we mentioned is that we need to understand that the Quran is teaching us that these people aren't keytab and people have the book divert under Surah oduya Sabir in a bigger bill Hekmati will result in Hassan our Jia didn't believe it. He hasn't instituted that we

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find cool old to the wave of nostalgia with fear preaching and admonition fair warning, what God nobility acid and debate with him in a mile in a good manner. That is the sea of the context that we live in an environment around us. Like what Cora mentioned sutra anchor Buddha, similar verses that Allah mentions, will have to Jeju and keytab illa Billah billet ii acen illa levina one aluminium, don't debate with them except for in a good way, except for those individuals have one or more. Those are all clear oppressors who oppress Islam oppress Muslim then this is a different structure towards such individuals. Because inside the environment that we live in that we find that people

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are emotionally blown up about the whole idea to Philistine what alma uncas mill called the Philistine, well, I'm in Baden Aqsa, I don't want to diminish anything about Philistine who work for Marshall Aqsa, that's not my intent, because those people who are rallying inside and Philistine will not accept the Shahada I mean home and heal the suffering the individuals there they have a whole slew of what they believe it is there's a there's a the corium of Islamic nature that's that's there it's visible I'm speaking about us now who feel

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that peace people I don't want to enter into the semantics of a mobile Herat about political rallying etc that we find why in Canada is in the cathedral fuqaha because lace seven hasn't been a bad this is not from a bad dad. This is he had that that we find from rulings of programmer because one law firm and Dean will go to say this is against the dean. These are postnew but do know we have a slew of things externally around us. Because mean berbil fatwa, alpha Australasian equally McCann, well equaliser man, when you feel within your firm harder whoever gets fought to understand a fatwa is not a religious verdict, which is bounding upon every single community. Every single time. I

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fought when the 15th 16th century is not bounding upon us living in the 21st century. This will find kilda to the N word family Dean, a lack of understanding of Islam, that we take relics of 17th 18th century verdicts, we begin to apply them in the society around us. There's many things that Islam develops, it goes forward things more than challenges that we face in society around us. You can't pluck a 17th 18th century and then begin to apply to the people around you and say this is something it's a gang against Islam. They showed a lack of

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a lack of tarbiyah a lack of new source of Quran and Sunnah Quran and Sunnah meaning of ethical Quran Sunnah is to make a steam Bapat is to make extraction from the ruling from the Quran and Sunnah to make judgment according to the scenario that you live in. But what we can safely conclude about those individuals who may cluster and gather together a madman Adobe him, their ethical behavior I'm not pushing the intention may be far better than myself. There are far more zeal and passion and love for Philistine that we'll ever have inside our lives. Why not environ wire and apparently, my bad Oh, nice. Well, what is the importance of a woman climbing a lamppost and

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unveiling herself showing her body spraying green gas, shouting slogans? What is what is this? If we begin to solve and begin to reflect? We'll study this In comparison, the Philistine the mother who loses a children, the wife loses her husband. What did she say? She said, This person has preceded me. I will raise my children that tomorrow that this is a long term strategical planning. We're not short term individuals. Just short term an emotion of feeling that I've done my bit for Philistine Philistine is 70 years old. 70 years old probably is not going to be your new feces fissara it we just sorted out inside an hour. It's a long term strategic development and understanding of Serbia

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and focus inside our lives. So once again, I'm not having a go at these these individuals they are dealing with Allah subhanaw taala what happened man? hajian What are Calum? When a person does certain things inside this word before years ago a person would just write a write on an exam paper and a grade would give it to Maria from she doesn't understand grading will be given to them. So if when the examiners began to examine how people approach ease and they said no we need to place inside these exam papers, your process of understanding your process of coming to the end result even

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get the wrong answer, or you get muddled up inside you're working there look at your equation, they look at your working and they give you a grade according to that, because you want to see your understanding ability while in a method

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to understand that belongs the greatest example. There is a Snoop these ways that Allah has laid out of getting to the end result.

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The End does not justify the means. And we're Sila turaco Muhammad, wager haraam. shubho had wrong things. Just some people say a few people may be enlightened by Islam, a few people amongst 100,000 people in percentage doesn't mean much. It doesn't mean much. A few people may have awoken about Islam, or non Muslims have entered into Islam but by 100,000 in a percentage format, it doesn't mean much. It's a long term understanding what we need to develop inside our lives, and what we need to do. And somebody these individuals may look on the rectify, there is now a fifth, how many of us that we will come back and being so strict and punctual about those daily rituals inside our life.

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The daily rituals that Allah Subhana Allah wants to see us doing wants to make us to make supplication cooler, but this is only hikma to my balika this all awakening inside his mind for Ramadan, that all of us are living a comfortable life, a relaxed life that we think that everything is is happy and everything is glorious. Or we think that we are the chosen people, that some of us we really think we are selected but Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah wants to show us selection is from him subhana wa nurserymen Allah victories from Allah Subhana Allah he selects he's making tarbiyah of these people look at if inside so to Islam you find fit in but then fit and Allah Bani

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Israel in trials and tribulations about buddy serene time and time again, inside is a element that he's going to bring out what

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he's going to bring out leaders sooner to lay them out. This is so novela upon the earth, you don't just become glorious. You don't conquer over one night, you don't get put in a position in one night. It's a long strategical understanding and development to then eventually a lot of other places certain things so the these people being selected being chosen, we're not being selected or being chosen. That's because we're full of ourselves that we've been with the right chosen selected individuals. While Jim has another paradise for us. Well hold up man, you're cool and another Yeti which will only come when everybody's upon Quran and Sunnah had the heart of

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this on the game once a understanding of Quran and Sunnah terminal. Terminal Emma, how many Rola how many are Emma fuqaha became victorious wunderman how long know who's around around them? salahaddin Allah Ubl Cody read his accorded read his belief read about the people around him. The lead is around him they occur at different holidays you find some discrepancies inside the belief not that we're judging these individuals but we have this month this logic that victory will only be given when 110% everybody in the face of the earth is for the Quran and Sunnah victory be given history is proven that's not true. So how do you be retrieve history who the people is when? So when you

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believe that it's only only we can do certain things? 110% people, Thurman say I can call you let him tell Cathy rotten we know how many small group of people they conquered over hundreds of people. It's from Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So we need to go back and study the concept of Quran and Sunnah and understanding that Allah panda is rallying us around this is awakening us Muslims, because this is a company that a Muslim should be united upon. It's not just a third, and harem. Oba more rahoon. You know, our harem that the first harem isn't the cat but the first harem is machine oxa. That's the first point of prayer that we find 16 years or 18 sorry, 16 to 18 months of praying towards the

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Kaaba prior to the sending of the prophet Elijah, Sabrina Sacco Lucifer homina nursey. Now well known at

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the beginning of second use, read the defeat of these iron, have what's known as the hawayo Kimba moves to the face for 1618 months towards this direction. And they said upset that now we will turn the direction, what's going to happen to the Salawat these 16 or 18 months that I've been praying, Allah mentions will malkia and alone you'll be an email.

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Allah will never let your Eman go to waste. We might not set up to come your prayers with 16 to 18 months and never go to waste. workaholic. I'm sure we had a Philistine one Makana lolly you'll be in Monaco never let your email go to waste. Those people sacrifice that people they want to sit and nitpick. Well, maybe they're not the right best of most have maybe done this wrong. Maybe they've done that wrong in their life. Maybe to pick this about them. Maybe the woman's job isn't appropriate. Maybe the birth brothers and having a beard maybe just don't pray appropriately. He doesn't follow up call and sooner properly. Now you're familiar aka a man and

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woman answered the call. No, not yet. Hello, Jana. Who are you to make the audacity statement that this person will not make it to gender

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Who has a right to say that has an elite illa billahi Subhana Allah. This is only for last one Makana. loli will be an Amana. Allah never lets the Eman of the believers ever go to waste.

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As we sit there, typing away, making comments, making suggestions, they are they're suffering, sacrificing protecting muscle. oxa So you think that Allah is going to give new preference of adult individuals tender? hasha

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Well, what I, what I intellectually, it's not plausible that I'm not trying to give preference to somebody, another individual who is not making those efforts. So as we began with Allah pantalla select certain individuals and select certain mawatha in certain places for our for what purpose to awaken us Muslims, that is much higher. There's people who believe in Allah, Allah, one man Nakamoto in India and you know belaying Aziz in Hamid, Allah de la macusa my work will not follow Allah condition, Raisa Kabir. Allah didn't say the reason why la policia in Shaheed those who torture harm the believing men and women. Why because c'est la ilaha illa Allah. Allah Allah Allah Cooney Shea in

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Shaheed Allah is a witness over everything will never let it go by will either give them do justice is that is dunya or inside Accra. So this is the understanding of our multitap the US living and the wider world was taking place and the world around us our engaging with the people around an issue be engaging these people to call him to the message of the Quran. We're not mohammedans what orientalist, we don't have this cultural understanding of Islam that we display inside our society or moments of displaying of Islam that we have no we have mustard on Easter who are Dean Dean who can you lead in an avenue or the Hulu facility for tomato tomahto Shea pod and into the into the

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best of your ability to the best your ability don't follow the footsteps of shaper to think that this this this this Carnival that we find all it will give successful skater Philistine many small percentage of awakening it could be a million man march a million man march regarding Iraq. A million and march did it change the war never changed the 1 million man march was carried it never changed the war. Because a famous Chinese proverb inside your home, consult your wife. When you walk out the door, do whatever you want to do. 10 Downing Street record all of the religious scholars from all fractions. I sat down with him and said What should we do? They were advised don't bomb

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Iraq. Don't enter Iraq. didn't listen to the advice. When I walked out the door they bombed Iraq, why children because the future lies with children because children will rise. These children who see their parents suffering there thank you rise. They're going to Psychology Today going to rise and they're going to defend their land, their property. See the mother who suffered the father suffered, see the family members have suffered the grandparents. They're gonna see that psychology they're gonna rise and when they arise they're powerful individuals. Because a person has lived death does or die. He does a die person live death there's a dies when you see these around them for

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us we die and as soon as it dies, it crumbles. We lose hope. We despair, they don't die, they rise. This happens to them. This is the images of a young boy with a stone frying a stone his famous image Frank stone against a tank 325 odd tanks that have not a single tank that but people Philistine have one stone it stands there in front the tank what is the tank do? It turns around it runs away. Randomly Mazza BNF equilibrium log if

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Jimmy and worker logam shutdown you think they're united by their hearts are divided. A love place Rob inside their hearts. This sort of suitor beta is all speaking about this, about 100 keytab that these individuals lamea Cooney Latina cariforum in an Italian Michelle Tina Mumford. Tina had that to me beginner mon for Kimmy monetary keen. They never get to give up their ways. Until the beginner comes to them. They always going to be obstacles, or for a Christmas pizza. Mustard will never go to Jamba

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Juice preset the Gentiles will not go to Jenna.

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We're not going to be derogatory to any individuals or Jennifer Coggan muslimeen. Gender is only for believing individuals.

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No concept, again of unity of religions that we find that some people try to preach in the Latina coffee room in El Kitajima shakin scenery Jana, Callie Dean Ophelia, Ola, ecohome charbroil Berea it could be the best of individuals

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that their characteristics, their behavior, the speech, the lines, the goodness, or why does Allah say that they are the worst of people? Why? Because you know, they reject the last kind of what do they attribute to love? What did the Christians attribute to Allah Lakota for a Latina

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don't invade of disbelief from from the Christians who say that allies tally to thalassa the Allies one of the three, the concept test leave Trinity. There's only one God is only one Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise when I say zero vanilla, or there is a son of Allah, they've all disbelieved. That's the Quran suited man in the fifth chapter Quran speaks replete with ayat speaking about their belief. Hector Al Baqarah sama Al Imran fumar and Lisa from Alma. Ruthie, sala de su focus upon the soul is that the Quran Why is the Quran beginning with only speaking about these individuals? The whole of Bach I speak about a yahood. Well Al Imran hold the Surah An Nisa when you're when the

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surah Allah made

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the matter? For what purpose is a frivolous that we're speaking about these individuals is the beginning of the Quran to awaken us to see what's going to take place. That's when I mentioned these individuals. In no my ustick belief occurred Hara Malala Jenna Womack. What Malou, Bonnie minimum unsought those people coming should be the last pantalla will never ever enter into paradise. never enter into paradise, is the promise of Allah subhanaw taala. So these interviews never get to give up their ways, had to move by Hina until albena confident the beta is the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Sam, as we mentioned, or the coming of the Quran,

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even the surah you read about that the field is Surah you find that obey even gab,

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even the prophet Elijah Some said to him

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in the law, Indeed Allah Subhana Allah told me about me and Accra Allah, shorter VEDA omaka Allah salatu salam, Indeed Allah told me to tell you to read upon you so to begin for you to read through to the Jena Carla obey even while cemani Allah did it last pantalla mentioned me by name. Did he say my name obey even by name Kala Nam? He said yes. The provocation for Becca obey, obey, obey become the getting overwhelmed began to weep. They are Allah Subhana Allah is telling the prophet Elijah to tell obey we have to read the Surah

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aboubaker Gita is the theory mentioned this shoulder or slew of listen to the Quran man do not

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the person who is lesser than you, the man who murdered Quran, but maybe may not be as proficient as you but to listen to reciting the Quran for humbleness. The Prophet son throughout his life many occasions he was obliged to read the Quran to recite the Quran Kala Accra Coca

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Cola shall recite the Quran upon you cocoons right It's been said that upon nucala nam, I want to hear from other than my own self.

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It creates humility, humbleness, listen to the Quran. That's what the Quran is. This is a beggar is the beginning of a beginner that we find, obey becoming forgotten he the Prophet I some Asya obey, obey even Atari. But what if in Quran Do you know what is the greatest idea inside the Quran? Allah,

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Allah if Allah Allah, Allahu Allah hydrocodone. I too could see sort of Baccarat was 255 there is or the Quran is ayatul kursi and the progress on

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your other Monday which is Konya obey even camisa de de fine.

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Learn the Quran Minerva,

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learn the Quran from for individuals for maximum obey, even come had even forgotten, obey even for while Sahaba with the attachment with the Quran with the book of Allah Subhana Allah so that you find that when the Prophet ism came with a message, they were receptive to the message, they were receptive to him receptive to the Quran, they carried the Quran they lived the Quran they implemented the Quran, but these individuals had heard that

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they will build until the beginner comes when it does come to them. What do they do? They begin to reject the beginner. They reject the Quran or they reject the Prophet Allah is not to Salaam Carranza, Yara, Fukuoka Garifuna, they know him like they know their own sons historically, a foreigner under Muhammad Rasool Allah. in Medina, what were they waiting for? You find that you find in Medina rule by tribes, by whom? Who is governing Medina before the Prophet has entered into Medina, how

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can we find well controlling it? But they were waiting for a message to come from the lineage of his health care food now coming up now they know him like they know their own sons today. He's well, then they know the prophet Elijah, they know him. They know his message. They know the Quran. So these individuals that know the truth, or the sending of the Quran does look from the wounds these individuals that he's going to mention that send the beta and the beta as I mentioned, I'm sure he does or he does he mentioned that the idea is cell following mentions rasuluh minima yet, Lou, so refer Mahara a message is going to come and go

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recite the pure scripture.

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So the pure scripture is the Quran and the messenger is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when Quran Muta Hara the Quran is pure lamassu inamoto Harun no one touches the Quran except for the pure what jamul fuqaha maturity the fuka dimension, no one can touch the Quran inset unless in a state of purity

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in a state of purity and majority the fukagawa to this view, because we find among in our society, a concept of leniency. Now, you find inside our society and then sometimes we we we try to because we try to begin to give rebuttal towards people or become any emotional when your emotions are incorrect, had total Khurana

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to place the Quran on the floor and say this is not the actual Quran Matt Murphy had placed in the Quran on the floor and reading it maybe later called Hara eunuch.

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Maybe the cookies are giving is no harm in doing it. But this is PETA Candace matahari a pure Book from Allah Subhana revelation from Allah Naga, how would you deal with it? Right from the beginning stages of of his preservation of holding it doesn't read the Quran not lying down on the floor, faces the Qibla upright read a double Hamilton Hamilton Quran read adult carrying the Quran reading the Quran, respect to the Quran. Because what we find inside our society is this leniency of everything about Islam that we don't know yet everything goes everything is our own free interpretation of our own right. We have centuries of centuries of heritage about how we can conduct

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ourselves. A person comes coalition and in strange individual makes one statement, I will begin to flock around that. And dismantle the respect the honor that belongs to the book of Allah

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kuttabul iema we find it inside is a Hema pure inside the book of Allah. Allah is pure, that term is the term inside the Quran. They are a Yama they're straight. They're pure code inside there. And then Allah mentions give the after all this, Allah then mentioned that these individuals in the Latina car from an educated woman she again, Finnerty Johanna mahali, denorfia.

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Allah mentioned knows that these individuals have alien, Huawei mostakbal that now and tomorrow and in the future, there's going to be mass amount of individuals who are going to go towards jahannam

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what matters a rocker Latina Wu Tang Kitab lm in bad image will be you know, they never different except for what evidence came to them.

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And we know the heavy dancer them I'm Timothy if Terkel yahood. The route they splintered. They split into 71 six Kowloon for now. All of them are going to be in a fire except for one one nesara cadet except the two six Olam in the fire except for one what and this oma would split into 73 sects all in the fire except for one news I had met and it was heavy. What am I my companions upon this hadith interpretation Hadith lay Sally Chabad Leslie nurse enough to go around and say to a person you know you're you're dizzy you're outside the you're amongst those 72 sec's you're going to hell fire that's not the title of this Hadeeth

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I've already mentioned it shows about differences. That small difference shouldn't rise to become major differences inside our society. That's what happened to Al yahood when the Sora we find small things inside our society we raise them up why Hitler is Salim Elahi don't give Salaam to his brother don't meet this one this person's like this. This person is like that this charity is like this, this organization that this Muslims like this. This person is like this had a tougher rock, Aslan Islam who HTML ness. The ascent of Islam is to gather people is to bring people together is to create hope, love, devotion, commitment or nurse advice. That's what actually Islam is is not the

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frog, cooler his baby malady him for every person rejoicing with their own self. This is a blemish. That is what some of the Romani tafasitamab spoken about is this the interpreter they've taken that we shouldn't be making a tougher rock for Dean to follow manana. There should be a unanimous quotation inside our lives. A unanimous concern, just like wind is concerned. That's what I'm most proud of showing us that beta knocknarea concern for all Muslims, and we'll sit out shift out that the moon afrikan who want to make their blunders make their statements make their comments, shift them out. As I said, let's go into technicalities. At least acknowledge the respect that belongs to

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pay to knock this at least respect that speak about that. acknowledge that that's what Islam is. But as we go into tertiary issues, we forget as tobiah or EC we forget the main principles.

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We forget the main piece when we speak about we know what it is what do we do we know what Akai do we do? Do we know? Muhammad? Rasulullah one Latina mawashi puffery Rama Oh, VEDA whom, what what Quran do you read? What

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Works of archive Do you read inside your life that you speak about a guide believe the Quran says Muhammad Rasulullah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, one Latina puffery. Believers are those individuals that when the time is right, there's a unified concern, a unison concern that they're going to be shut down too far. Are they going to be romantic? Cofer? Are they going to bear civil? Are they going to bend over backwards? Are they going to divert? Are they going to be kind to them? When they expel us? they exploit us they harm us. They kill us. Is this a type of niceties? It is a time to drink coffee or to drink coffee with them and updates with a laugh in their faces. Is this a

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time for that? This show that colorful occurred. It shows clearly a deception in our own minds that we don't know what we believe is and as I mentioned rally ran on the road in Africa, whereby the major concerns in Islamic history and they revolve around the common cause of preservation of Islam. While my omero elderly Abdullah mostly seen and ordain whenever I will a masala cerca de Cadena

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in Saudi Arabia, do you find that Los Angeles gives a commandment that these individuals were omaruru the commandment was given to these individuals. Likewise, tourists Muslim Ummah is only to worship Allah subhanaw taala as the Quran is replete with IR inside the Quran, Walcott was saying alladhina Kitab will come lucuma yaku Anita Kula legacy advice was given to the people that came before you and to you to say only Allah Subhana Allah EULA Dena Amano. quotevalet camassia muka makuti vallila dynamin publikum la la quinta takuan fasting isn't just for his Muslim boys previously, what purpose that I'm not going to touch upon. So the Quran has generic themes that the

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essence of the Quran the essence of the most embody the essence of the human being one Mahalo to general insert in Lally a boon the essence of creation a human being is to worship Allah Subhana Allah. This is what we forgot to insert our belief structure that when we're around people, we should be engaged in reminding them about the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah speaking about that, what are the crew like Akbar? That's the greatest Vicar to speak greatness of Allah Subhana Allah to remind these people about the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Akbar, Snuffy, Coolio Murthy Rasulullah and a Buddha Allah what study Buddhahood we sit amongst every nation of people a

00:32:27--> 00:33:11

messenger to proclaim to people call to Allah Subhana Allah stay away from anything's worship besides Allah Subhana Allah and likewise Aki masala to establish a Salah was aka me Kathy resorted to three dimensions and I had the idea to do Lu, this is shows Under Armour Minal Eamon, the actions are part of Amen. Just like today we find that we began with people who would fluster for his cause and say, Allah will judge me along with judge me if I don't wear my hijab properly. Allah will judge me if I don't pray, Allah will judge me even if I've done this wrong. Type Allah will judge you by as we mentioned, Allah no ko amin, Allah who manage now Sunnah Subhana Allah, Allah has laws

00:33:11--> 00:33:53

legislations teachings, parameters that which are laid out the person needs to do you Latina and Manu in cancer Allah Yun ser como academical. Allah say that victory doesn't come like this. There's a there's a pattern if you do certain things to gain the love and the victory from Allah Subhana Allah so this concept that actions we don't need to carry out certain actions or as they say there's a greater cause. Yes, there is a greater cause. He said we all we are all bleeding about Philistine we all bleeding about it. But don't intimate things that you can do immediate things that we could all do as Muslims inside our life. They are they are very important. They are like small, small

00:33:53--> 00:34:35

pebbles because indeed algae ban Mounties are made mineral mineral. I saw the made from from stones I saw made from from small pebbles, the great big mountain that they made. So all of us have ripple effect that all of us we strengthen our Deen strengthen our email, encourage yourself and also be vocal. I'm not saying that don't do these things. I'm saying at the same time Look at the strategic planning inside our life, inside our community within ourselves. Where do we want to be in 10 years time? 20 years time? Is it just a ceasefire today and it continues? read the articles? Yes, a sci fi has continued. But apartheid still exists. The suffering still exists, the wall still exists. The

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

longest move in the face of this earth of apartheid I find is this wall, a barrier that's been placed that people have to carry on for hours on end just to go get their shopping their needs are humiliated or tortured. mothers who have to give birth some of them give birth inside the vehicles summer is that the children have died but a time one father he had to wrap his newborn child in his jacket and by the time they got to vehicle he got

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

The hospital child had died,

00:35:02--> 00:35:28

that he died and the route is a simple route is a straight route, but because these people are blocked the route that you have to go the longer route or you have to show your permit permits in your own country, in your own country that you have to go through this. You know, we complain about standing in queues at the moment in COVID hardship and lockdown this imagine this for 6870 years. So what imagine this was 70 years everyday you have to go to school.

00:35:29--> 00:36:08

You have to go through this you have to be humiliated the atrocities that they commit upon the Muslims that we give a tacit approval towards it. So rightfully Allah says that they don't individually we're going to be showing animosity they're going to have what's going to happen to them. They're going to be finale Jan them Holly did Ophelia hula come Cheryl Berea, then Allah give Bushra gives good tidings. Allah begins by speaking about those individual because when the under siac because speaks about in the Latina tougher what are the most I'm going to go off the path. Then Allah mentions in the Latina Avenue wamena solely head down Jana. For these individual belief in

00:36:08--> 00:36:50

Allah project do watch his actions for them will be Jeanette. underneath you find rivers will be flowing. And for these individuals call it in a fee here are the Abuja for eternity, they're going to remain there. And these interviews Allah mentions we began with around the yellow and humara do and we think that Allah is happy with us, that we think in a small mind, and a small concept, and a small brain that we think that a lot of guys is only happy with me and no one else no one else is happy with. But Allah says Allah is happy with those individuals carry out the righteous actions. Then Allah concludes, I mentioned daddy kelemen hashirama that is the one who face of law as a mom

00:36:50--> 00:37:08

Sadie, you mentioned that this is the essence. This is the essence of a self he had he had his surah the hidden element inside his surah is Harsha to law is the fear of Allah. Every person has that fear of a loss either within their heart inside their life. Then victory is not far away.

00:37:09--> 00:37:29

Which is not far away. It's all even even a person doesn't visualize that victory. There's victory within themselves. So you find out from whatever angle the Muslim is victorious. What till a year mu there will have been and now these are just days that we alternate. It seems on face value. But the believer is always what Kelly Mattila here earlier. The believer is always successful.