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Nadim Bashir
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Last night we are just right now in South Africa, we finished the 25th *. And starting from the 24th Joe's into the 25th Joe's and into the 26 Joe's. There are seven sodas ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala, or there are seven sodas, they began with subtle warfare. And then after sort of offer comes to the facilite, I was sort of fossil comes to shoot off, and then sort of Zakharov surah. Doohan. Surah jatiya, struck off seven sutras, what's common between all these seven sutras

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they begin with harmony. This is the only place in the Quran that seven sutras in a row they begin with him in a cathedral with Allah Allah in His Tafseer he writes, that even Abasa the Allah Allah says that everything has an essence and the essence of the Quran are the seven ha memes turas in fact, epidermis, rudaki, Allah Juan, he says, He gives a parallel, he says that, imagine a family is looking for a place to live. And they come across a land which on which land there is an abundance of rainfall. So the man decides that he wants to live in this area, and he goes into that area and he comes across a very beautiful garden, and he sits in that garden and he begins to just, you know,

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engage and enjoy the garden in itself. Even Mr. Udo you, Allahu Anhu says that that area that land on which there is an abundance of rainfall, the parallel of that is that this is like the Quran. And that garden in which the man goes and he enjoys himself is like those seven high meme sutras that when you get to the sutras every master who says that when you get to the seven sutras, you sit there and you enjoy the seven sutras that begin with her mean, now what is the common in all them besides the fact that they began with him? The fact that they're all were revealed in Makkah number one, okay, they're all were revealed in Makkah. Number two, they all include the story of Musa there

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is some there is some mention of Musa Allah, you summon all the seven sutras. We also find that every single Surah they begin with something regarding the Quran think about it. So the Prophet begins with Hameed 10 Zero Kitab Allah talks about the Quran surah facilite. Allah says 10 Zylon Mina Rahmani Rahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah Surah says hum you Asif Gallica you Elijah, what? Public Allah. Again, ALLAH is talking about the Quran. In Surah Surah zakura of Allah mentions Hi mean welcome kita Bill Mubin the Quran the book that is very clear in his message, the next Surah against the Han well Kitabi Naveen sootel jatheon 10 Zero al Kitab Amin, Allah Hilah Hakeem so that

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often zero Kitab even Allah, Hakeem all seven students, the second is after her meme highlights the Quran in itself, then we also find that what are the sutras about the seven sorrows? They are about that we as the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam have a very strong and a very big responsibility, which is to convey the message of Islam to others. And in conveying that message. What are the obstacles that you and I were going to face? Those things are covered in the sutras? The what are the obstacles I can sort of offer Allah talks about all goon Allah talks about Harmon. Allah talks about these kinds of arrogant people. So these sources, they talk about that also we

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find that in the Surah, Allah talks about the superiority of the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam over all the previous OMAS So likewise, so when you think we think about it, when you come to these seven sutras next time, and by the way, you won't find any other place in the Quran, a hammy like an isolated Harmon This is the only place in the Quran, seven sutras in a row and they all begin with Jaime now inshallah today from Surah from sort of foster that, I just want to share just one important idea with all of you today, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what a tester will hustler to what is the year that good and bad are not equal. Meaning that here in this context,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about from the context of Dawa, that good and bad are not equal means that if someone is being abusive, someone is yelling, someone is being rude, disrespectful, then you being rude and disrespectful and behaving their same way shows that there is no difference between us in them. Allah subhanho wa Taala says for either lovey dovey anecca with a different ability here accent when someone does wrong with you, you repeller with good for either love eBay Nico Urbina who can actually going to harm him right now. It's either Well, it might be MIT but one day in sha Allah, they may come close to you now

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Oh, there is another broader perspective of this idea. Well notice that we'll have to, we'll say, Yeah, and that is that someone may do wrong with us. But that doesn't mean that we do wrong with them. See, a lot of times we feel justified that I can do wrong to someone else. Why? Because they did something wrong with me. First of all, is that instead of Shula, which is also one of the seven sutras, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What does that we say? Yeah, I didn't say to Mithila someone hurts you. The compensation of wrong is wrong in itself. someone does something wrong to you. You are by Islamic law by Islam, you are allowed to get even with that person only to the extent of what

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wrong they have done to you. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says for mana alpha, whoever forgives what else Lucha and they reconcile, then this is such an amazing reward, that the reward is going to be given only by ALLAH SubhanA wa at the island. And by the way, Imam Ahmed humble Rahmatullah Eileen, towards the end of his life, all those people because during his time there was a great fit that that occurred regarding a topic regarding the Quran. And because of that he was imprisoned and because of that he was tortured. And the people who tortured him have been humbled Rahmatullah and they, they came to him at the end of his life, and they began to seek and they began to seek

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forgiveness and imala humble, humble forgave them, and his son would come to him and say that why are you forgiving them? They torture you in prison? You should be waiting for the Ark era and then get even with them in the ark Hera, and that is when Imam Muhammad Muhammad Rahmatullah Allah He would say that Allah says in the Quran for mana Alpha was Lucha for Allah. And he says that on the Day of Judgment, we all will be on our knees. And Allah subhana wa Taala will ask, is there anyone that I owe a reward to? And Imam Muhammad Muhammad says that at that time when Allah will ask this question, I will be able to stand up and say yes, Allah, there are people who committed against me,

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but I forgave them and I reconcile my matters with them. And Allah says, Allah, Allah, and then he will say that on this day of judgment, you owe me a reward. So therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him a reward. So this is when someone does something wrong with you. However, the Quran does also say that when someone does something wrong with us, a lot of times what happens is that in doing the wrong back, we always cross limits and boundaries. So what do we learn from the CEO of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam quickly inshallah there's a very beautiful story. After the Battle of a herd. There were two instances. There was two situations where people came from outside

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to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One was called the treachery of a Rajouri were people they came to the Prophet salaam, and he said, Yara, so Allah, we have a community, we are looking for some Sahaba to come there and teach our community members about Islam, the Quran and so forth. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, of course, he is not audible away, he does not know what is the there are sinister plans. So he sent a group of Sahaba, the Allahu Anhu. And what happened was that the Sahaba rhodiola, on whom they were walking into a trap, and they all were massacred, they all were killed. Then the next person came, there was another than there was another incident right

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after the arrival for that call, the treachery of bid on my own or the tragedy of being on my own. And what happened in that was that there was a leader called name abou Barah. He came to the Prophet sallallahu it was some he was from nudged. Now you have to understand before the, the the demarcation of the countries like Saudi Arabia and so forth, long ago, in the time of the Prophet sallallahu, ala he was setting them you had a separation of key jazz and nudged by the way, and he in a jazz you had mucca in a jazz you had Medina in ages who have five and so forth, but nudged actually covered 80% of that land. Now this person, he is a chieftain of a nudged the area of nudged

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and he is coming to the province of cinema. He's saying that there is a lot of potential there. We want you to send some your Sahaba there to teach our people there. I'm impressed about Islam, but I'm not willing to right now accept Islam, send some people over there. Now the problem is Saddam had already found out about what happened at a rotary and the Prophet Allah, your son was very skeptical, but because of houbara kept on insisting and then he did something which was very powerful at that time, he gave his protection now in the Arabs, when you gave your protection to someone else, then they were under your protection and by any means, or by no means were they to be

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harmed at all because they are under your protection. And the rule was that for example, if a and b are allies, and B gave their protection to C, then A has to also honor that request to Okay. He has to also honor

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that demand and that protection. So what happened was that Google raw says to the property is something I give you my protection. Now at that time, it was a very powerful statement. So the Prophet saw some said, Okay, fine, I'll send you the best of my of my own. And he said, Allahu alayhi wa sallam sent 70 Sahaba, seven, the Sahaba, who were considered as poor ah, these were those who memorize the Quran till that point wherever Quran had been revealed, and these were people who were from the US who suffer primarily, so the province of some he sent them. But what happened was that Abu Barah, even though he may have had a good intention, there was another chieftain. In a

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nudge, whose name was on Ben to fail, Ahmed been to fade that don't get this mixed up with to find even a hammer. These are two different people. Okay, so failing to Omer accepted Islam on the hands of the Prophet Salaam. And he was from those this is another person to armor been to fail, I'm going to fail. He had a hatred of Islam in his heart. So what happened was that when the Muslims they came, and there was a land where there was a well call Morona and that's why it was called bitter my owner, the tragedy of bitter my own and so from there, the Muslims, they sent a one of their messengers to Ahmed bin to fail, that go and tell them that we are here, as this person, his name

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was haram in Milan, he had gone there as a messenger. Now, even amongst the Arabs, if you were a messenger, they are not to be killed, and they are not to be harmed at all, no matter how much you despise them. They are not to be hurt at all. So he came all the way there. Now I'm going to fade is reading that letter that has come from the Muslim camp, that we are camped at Bill Maher, ona, and what he did was that he gave like a small signal that go and killed him in hon. And while Muhammad was there, right behind him, someone came and attacked him in the Sierra, the books of Ceylon mentioned that a man came from behind him and put a spear through his body, which caused him which

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causes death at that time. And by the way, as soon as that spear pierced to his body, the first thing that came to out of his mind is foods to build up build. Kava, that's the first thing that came out of his mouth. First to build up build caliber that I have become, I've succeeded, he died on the spot. And then he told me, I'm meant to fail, told that go go go to this place where all the Sahabas are. Now the Sahaba did not come with the intention of war. They came with the intention of teaching, and Talim, and Tottenham, and so forth. And when they were surrounded, all of them were massacred, all of them were killed. And at that time, what happened was that there were two people,

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two people who had gone to go fetch water. One was a Mohajer companion by Monday, and there was another one. His name was Ahmed. And so both of them, when they were coming back bringing water, they began to notice that there were vultures in the air. And they that was a signal that there was something going on wrong, because vultures will only go where there are corpses. So, so almost said, Who's the Mohammed? He says, I don't think we should go there right now. I think there's something we're walking into danger. But I'll move there was a Saudi companion. He said that how do you expect us to leave our Sahaba and just go back to Medina, it doesn't make any sense. We can leave our

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Sahaba stranded and are companions. So they went and what happened was that they walked into a trap. And at that time, the those people sent by Ottoman to fail, they killed and wounded on the spot. So he also was a Shaheed however, armor was able to escape. Now as the armor escaped. Now, here's the key part what while this one is a whole story, but this is the key part here now, as he was coming and making his way to Medina, he came across two people who came from the same tribe as I'm going to fail. Now, these two people have come from Medina, they have left Medina, they're headed towards the nudged, they're headed towards heading, they're heading back home, basically. And they have no idea

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what has happened. They're at home, they have no idea what's happening in their tribe, and how I'm going to fail. He has attacked the Muslims and he has he has committed a massacre. And on the other hand, he Ahmed does not know that they have come straight from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So what did he do? He actually while he was there, he knew he asked him, Where are you going? He said, We're going there. Which tribe you belong to? We belong to that tribe. I'm going to as I told him, and he said, and he because he was so much filled with anger, and rage. When these two people from from that same tribe of ominto Fail while they were sleeping. Omer killed both of

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them. Okay, I'm gonna kill both of them. Now. Once again, let us that will have sanity will say, yeah, what happened and what that tribe did, they did absolutely wrong. And what I'm always doing is also wrong. And two wrongs don't make a right. Two wrongs don't make a right. So he went now what happened was that as you know, when you at that time you killed someone you started

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torching what they have. As he began to search, he came across a paper, which said that these two people are have been given protection by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now he's thinking to myself, oh my god, what have I done? He goes all the way back to Medina. He says to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that this is what I've done. Now the province of Samoa, think about this for a moment here. The province alone could have said that you know what, they killed 70 of ours, you killed two of theirs, it's fine. Don't worry about it. I give them my protection, but it's fine. Let's test that we'll have Senator Willis a year, good and bad are not equal. And the Prophet SAW

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Allah while he was Saddam was extremely upset with him. He says, How dare he says jasola buddy killed so many of ours, and we killed two of theirs, does it not? Does it not work out little, I know is still imbalanced. But we killed two of theirs and they killed somebody of ours. The problem still said, he says no, it's not right. What they did was wrong. But what you're doing is also is wrong. It does not make it right, what you're doing. And that's the lesson for all of us, is that when people do us wrong or when people do something that is wrong. If I do wrong back there's no difference between that person and me. So that's why lab tester will hustler to will say yeah, and

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the Prophet SAW was someone who found out about this, he then decided that he has to get because at that time, even till today, according to Islamic law, that the penalty of manslaughter is what was the penalty for manslaughter.

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100 camels not a red camel. 100 camels okay. 100 camels is the penalty. So he decided that I have to now give 200 camels and lo and behold, the Prophet SAW Allah was someone who was able to give and arrange for 200 camels. And he gave it to that family. But the point is, this entire story if there's one thing that is taught us is it taught us the integrity of the Prophet SAW Salem, it taught us that our province that awesome taught us that two wrongs don't make a right there probably some taught us, let us that will have to Well, I say yeah, so next time, if there's someone who does something wrong to us, yes, Islam has given us permission to get even with that person. But at the

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same time, if we forgive and let them go, and you put in into the hereafter, then inshallah there will be justice. Most certainly there'll be justice. But at the same time, if someone does something that some wrong, and we go back, and we do want to them, well, that there is no difference between us and them, then, as much as we want to despise them and what they have done, then we have to criticize ourselves too, because I'm no different in that case. So that's why we understand this idea. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala that may Allah give us a Tofik to apply this kind of ayat in our life? May Allah subhanho wa Taala always give us the ability to differentiate between what is

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right and what is wrong. I mean, no, but I mean, does that Kamala Hey, I said I'm already gonna have to lie brachetto Allahu Allah. Allah.

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