Nouman Ali Khan – The Failed Argument of the Modern Atheist

Nouman Ali Khan
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Now I want to show you the other place in the Quran where data is used. And this is really important.

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Who was the makin Quran talking to?

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You know, we should keep people who worship many idols. But there was a small minority of atheists in Makkah to

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them there were not a large number. They were small minority, but they were there. And actually, some level of atheists are materialists have always been there in every society, even though majority of human you know, cultures and civilizations have had some kind of religion. But there's always been a small group that are just materialists or Neil is that this world is all there is this life, there is all there is there's no afterlife, there is no God, etc, etc. Okay. So there were people like that also in Macau, and even though they're a very small minority, and then they don't represent any authority. They're loud enough. And they're important enough that the Quran sometimes

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even records their arguments. And this is perhaps a wisdom in the Quran, that through time as Islam goes all over the world, there will be people that will subscribe to that religion, also atheism and so maybe their record their their worldview from back then from 1400 years ago, maybe that's old atheism. And maybe New Atheists have some really epic new ideas that are like so much more advanced and sophisticated, that their Aqeedah has much stronger foundations now, right? Maybe that's the case. But Allah decided to record these old Arab desert, you know, atheists that were hurting sheep, but were atheists. They weren't PhDs in a university and recorded their atheistic worldview and

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let's see if it's still relevant. We'll call Luma here in La Jolla to not dunya they said, it's nothing but our worldly life. That's all there is this world's life. That's and it's ours. Ours is important here, because they're saying who's in charge of my life. I am just do as you want, man, you're just going to be here and your cells are going to disintegrate and a goat is gonna eat it is you're gonna go into the dirt and you're going to come out like a plant and a goat is going to come bite what was what used to be yourselves. So just enjoy yourselves while they're together. And live your life. This this all we have and then they say number two, we're not here we're gonna die. But

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for now, we're alive. We live, we die we live. So basically, death is the end YOLO This is the Quran, Quran YOLO number two when Afia. Okay, this is what it is. But the problem with this, the problem with this is really interesting. The problem is if an atheist says there is no God, there's no afterlife, fine. The authority on my life is who? me so I'm going to live as I please. All if you're going to live and exist as you please,

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then you shouldn't die. Because then why do you want to die? If it's up to you,

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then because if I say I eat means I choose to eat, I sleep means I choose to sleep. I live I choose to live. If you say I die, you choose to die. Why do you want to die? You should you should just keep living? So they're like, Wait, we got to answer that question. Because life is up to me. Who's that up to? Right? Because they can take credit for life if they want. That's what they want to do. Right? But they took credit for death too. So they added Wilma yoo hoo Licona Illa da

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it's nothing but this all swallowing time. That's the one that kills us. Time kills us. Okay, we die Okay, no, no, I meant I didn't mean we die. We I mean that time kills us. This all encompassing thing wasn't for time, then we wouldn't well Marla home be human and, and they have no knowledge of how time works.

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Allah says they have no knowledge of it. Like they're talking about time as if they know what time is. They don't know what it is. And we're going to, we're only beginning to grasp even just that. At the straws of what this thing is this time is in a famous Hadith. Allah, Allah tributes time to himself. Let us have good data in Allah who had data. Don't curse time Allah Himself has time, meaning Allah Himself is the Owner of Time, like Allah calls himself noon, Allah also calls himself a dive. Right? And so what in Himalaya of unknown, they do nothing but make assumptions. Now.

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What I want you to understand about this, based on the atheistic view of time and all of it, the universe is so big, we're nothing.

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We agree Muslims and atheists agree on this one. The universe is so vast, and we are an accidental little planet. We're just these few cells came together after billions of permutations and bajillions of permutations. So we're here and you know, just by this happy accident, so just live it up. That's their view. You know what they use this as they use this as an argument that we are so insignificant that

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If there is a God, he's probably busy running other galaxies, and other nebulas and other dimensions and worried about black holes, he doesn't have time to deal with my insignificant little, few, you know, organic matter that came together. He's you know, so they use the insignificance of the human being physically, to this basically argue that we are too insignificant, and we're basically an accident and therefore there is no need to be concerned with a God, even if there was one hypothetically in this fourth dimension that we can pursue. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth

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can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section

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