Murtaza Khan – Sins And The Effects

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of the physical presence of Jesus Christ during the pandemic and the potential for mistakes made by Muslims. The loss of the first century's wife, children, and father has caused mistakes, and the importance of praying for individuals is emphasized. The segment also touches on the topic of drug addiction and the importance of protecting oneself and others in achieving good deeds. The segment emphasizes the need for individuals to be wary of bad deeds and reminds them of their actions. The segment also touches on the history of Islam and its conflict between western culture and western reality.
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi nashoba Minister known as the Pharaoh, when are older below him in Cerulean fusina amin se dr Molina

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manga de lo furthermore the learner woman, a little fella had Yella

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wash had you

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either in love bombing the hula sharika where he had you know Mohammed Abdullah who were a solo maga in NA Stockwell De Sica terrible law or higher on the Buddha who the Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa early he was an alum was Sharon Morimoto to her wakulla Desert in beta will collaborate at in Bala that in wakulla gonna let him finish.

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After praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations when the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, when he was seldom

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we find that many of us, we take it for granted for being Muslims.

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We think that being people of tawheed

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or people of the Sunnah,

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that we won't be punished

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or there will be no responsibility in a day of judgment

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that we are free from our sins.

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There is a slight element of truth to this,

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that mencoba in Alito, he, amongst the virtues of the blessings of being a people of tawheed is that the sins will be wiped out.

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As for that definitely being for taking place, will earn more in the law, his opponents or other, that knowledge lies with only a loss of hunter Hannah, obviously, we hope that our belief and a journey of tawheed leads us to become those individuals who earn that virtue. But for some of us, who carry the message of tawheed, the message of the sadhana we find complacency, negligence of the head. negligence of the sender, which leads to negligence in our actions, lead to disobedience, leads to murase leads to the carrying out of sins

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and sins is one reason why we are suffering whether personally or as a Masjid, or as a community or is it oma amongst the prime reasons why it is Muslim owned by suffering after lack of the hidden belief is the sense which we Muslims carry out because I began with many of us we take it for granted we think that Allah Subhana Allah will not punish us because we are Muslims. It is true that lots of parents are not destroyed this Muslim oma but that does not mean as Muslim Ummah will not suffer. by her facade, Phil burry will have been a cassava ad nurse they will the combat and Lady army Lula alone you're your own boss Professor evil corruption has appeared upon the land and the

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ocean, because what man has sent forth with his own hands, whether we take it to be the ozone layer destruction, the ozone layer, corruption of the of the land, oil spillages in the oceans that we find. And then we find the more in a meaning our sins, our vices, as lead to corruption upon this earth and allow us to taste the fruits as to taste the fruits of our own actions and via the tasting of these fruits that we may then begin to repent. To come back to the loss of Hannah Hannah does Allah and Allah mentioned inside the end of sort of the tober

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Allah your own unknown afternoon of E. coli. I'm in army merata now Marathi from malaria to buena wala whom he has that Kuru. Don't you see that we test you maybe once or twice in a year that you may repent? Or you may return back to Lhasa panda hugger. These are all signs of a loss of Canada. For the believers to become stronger for the believers to repent, to make at least defer to make October in Nevada, you have Butoh verbena we have bull Mata Hari, Allah loves those people who make Toba and those individuals who purified themselves man is always full or will make sense. khulumani Adam hapa hi ricotta in October board. All the children of some, the sons of Adam, the children of

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Adam will, will make mistakes. But the best of those individuals are those who were

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Back to the loss of Hannah Diana. Likewise the prophetic traditions that we find appropriate and he also mentioned a suede llama. I seek repentance, so that a murderer could lay on 70 times if he bought the rewired or the narrations of me a Tamara more than 100 times. The Prophet Allah is not so much safer and appropriate, it is not to Salam had no sins. There are no sins on the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he is pure, the most purest creation of Allah Subhana Allah is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the ultimate creation of a Muslim founder and the best human being that ever came on the face of this earth. And he will be the best inside paradise as well The one who will open up

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the doors of Paradise, only permission has been given to him. Some of the law I send them, but yet why is he making a safer? Why is he making Toba? Why is he encouraging this Muslim Omar? Why does the Quran mention as well you lead in to boo in avahi toe button na suha are you believe repent that Allah Subhana Allah with a Toba which is full of sincerity, na souhan that's what you find the word no see, her advice is taken linguistically from the pureness of the honey which is extracted from the beehive that when a person turns to Allah Subhana Allah, it's with total sincerity, devotion and commitment and to become a better individual. When a person thinks that there is nothing wrong that

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I'm doing inside my life,

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that is a wrong understanding all of us will will make mistakes that define the soul of loss that may decide sort of use of in the nutzer the camera to be sued a llama hemara be this sort of all of us has an inclination towards evil or coming to a given opportunity go towards something which is incorrect. A llama hemara be except for our soul which has the mercy of Allah to Allah upon it. So this is the first key beginning of us Muslims in general, that we have to recognize that we do commit sins, we do make mistakes, and these mistakes are detrimental to our life. They take away our blessings. Thus, if I'm talking about new highlights Allah when Allah mentioned about him for Costa

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Rica, camino Cana LA for your silly summer on a computer or you can be unwell anymore Bernina congenital yaku and Hara Manoj Kumar Cardona monomoy mokara, so many relevant mentioned when people complain about the sustenance about the risk by their family about the world about their life. These are the wide of Toba What is the matter with you, you don't repent back to Allah Subhana Allah and he will open up the heavens for you, give you the goodness, the blessings of the heavens and earth in other places at the Quran. So there are a lot of times I mentioned one of our Helen Cora

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Baraka in Minnesota, you will out if only the people who really did believe will rip open the blessings of the heavens and the earth for these individuals. Well, I can cut double, but there are people who reject don't want to be committed towards Allah Subhana Allah. And that's the last pound that I've mentioned about Bernie is for him. When he highlighted Why would a left hander I want to punish us. Now, you know, we are His beloved ones, we are the children of God. A lot of times I mentioned,

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fulfill me, you

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know, become, but I'm sure Mr.

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Alexander has mentioned that we are going to punish you. You just like the rest of the human beings or the creation that we've made because of your sins that Allah Subhana Allah will punish individuals place hardship and difficulties. When people turn away from Allah Subhana Ghana does you find that prefer in general means being ungrateful, full of in gratitude that a person does not recognize either the blessing of a boss panda either does not want to pray, doesn't want to submit to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah talks about a blease Allah mana contest to Delhi masala to be a de esta Bertram contaminant Arlene, Allah are talking about a police said what prevented you

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from bowing down to that which I created with my own two hands.

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As Bertha, I'm contaminant Arlene. Are you an arrogant individual or lofty individual? What was the month? What was the logical understanding of a police color unassailable Minho, Halekulani Minar wahaca hoomin clean, he said You created me from fire and you created him from clay. He used his logic because he thought that fire is more superior than clay that you find all gerima the first sin. Forget about on the earth was a cotton the story

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Have you ever copied over Jerry Murphy sama, Phil Jenner? The first sin in the heavens? The first sin in paradise was an kibber was arrogance, a belief Sid colada hieromonk who are better than him? Welcome nesma had a young Muslim sent to another Muslim, that I'm better than you is a racist understanding is a big disease a big sin that we find in many of us we fail to understand all of us are the creation of Allah Subhana Allah Yeah, you're in kalapana komenda, Karima,

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Michelle Obama, Isla de Tara fo in chroma commande de loi at home, children about the moon Have you been created from Adam and Hello, my name is Sarah. And we may do various nations and tribes to get to know one another. The best of you in front of Allah Subhana Allah, Who is the best one who the best individuals in a coma coma in the lottery at

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the best of you in front of among those who fail Allah subhanaw taala does he find the McDuffie the pious individual is the one who sticks to the handler and avoids the Hara. That's why he told me Rahmatullah I mentioned Kullu Valley kulu taki. For Voluma. Every person who sticks to the halaal avoid Sahara becomes a friend of a law goes into the friendship with a loss of data and in only a minor hope when I know him, one of whom has a known and levena maneuver Keanu Jaco code, friends have a loss of amateur either those who believe and Latina Manu, what can we attack on those who have Eamon and follow a path of taqwa you can't say you're a believer, and then you do harm in your

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Now for some immune deficiency inside your Amanda for email, it doesn't manifest we say that we believe we're Muslims, but we don't want to do certain things. That's the point of going back to a belief, Allah Subhana Allah excelled a belief because of the one refusing to one such

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knowledge such a burden essentially of Sheriff to Sharif, a sensitive show rank and superiority to add them as a seller, because a lot of data mentioned well apart from that many urban Warhammer lungful Barbary will bow, whereas the phenomena Paiva nomada sirimon collection of NIDA volcarona Bunny, bunny, Adam, Adam, I mean given rank, dignity, prestige, we take you over the land and the oceans. We gave you a mob preference over everything that we created that's asked the human beings a belief was told to prostrate in front of Adam Tarbell was Takara joaquina middle care theory. He refused to bow down and he gave his logic that I'm better than this individual. He was expelled from

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Jenna expelled from Jenna for one such the Rockies who had a focus on this. He was expelled from Jenna for refusing to one semester non Muslims. Today we Muslims not classifying any Muslim disbelievers. We refuse to pray,

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refuses to pray. Mmm shocky Nice to see based upon his eye and inside the Quran, or even Karima Josie highlights a belief from this one such that became a disbeliever look at Muslims today who don't want to pray. Muslims who don't want to pray, what is the routing of that such type of individuals? Does the Quran mention?

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confirm sadaqa whatever it for so for your owner.

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They came after him a group of people

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who shall work they began to follow the lust and their desires. lusts and desires is disobedience is since person entered into sin. Eventually what happens? They leave their prayer. Leave the prayer for so for your corner.

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They're going to be thrown inside a high who awared in feature henden has really multifaceted mentioned. This is a valley in Paradise

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Valley inside jahannam for people who don't pray. That's why many of them have gone through the ruling and Muslim who does not pray and refuses to pray can be classified or they have the authority to do that the judges to classify that person as a non Muslim as a disbeliever. lucidly, Allah nobody preys upon the individual and not buried amongst the Muslims. What is one reason why some of us Muslims, we don't pray especially in our culture, what we find because we feel that we sinful, we commit sins, so amazed will not pray. When you commit sins, your sinful individual, when you leave the Salah, then you can become a disbeliever that's the companions mentioned we never saw anything

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in our life to classify

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person's disbeliever except for a smaller person who leaves it. person should never ever leave the salon. That's the way of peace. Emily's the trap deception of the devil. I'm a sinful individual. I do wrong things in my life. Why should I pray? I missed one prayer I made with Mr. Next prayer. I miss your maluma amazing Mr. Nix Yama, Yama. maysville Miss Ramadan, not fast not do this. This is a trap of the devil at some Muslim they fall into come with these excuses and they eventually leave the prayer. Leave the link with Allah Subhana Allah, the prayer will drive the person away from the sins in a salata turn her annual cache when monka a seller takes you away from alpha Hush, lewdness,

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promiscuity, sexual misconduct, wickedness, bad behavior, bad conduct in masala, Tottenham, and in fashion, one router and anything which is even when a person understands the prayer, the concept the prayer understands our Roku was to do what Tisha would understand was being read inside the prayer not like many of us just becomes a form of exercise of offering the prayer, no impact. The prayer has a very very deep impact upon the belief in individuals called me noon. Allah de nom de Sala team, hace rune Allah panda describes me noon in the 23rd Chapter The Quran describes who the believers are the first sefa the first characteristic of the believing individuals called the

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Flathead minimoon successful will be the believer and levena home de Sala team, hace Rhone those who have subservient and focus inside their prayer towards a lot of their honor does not count I mentioned something strange right in the beginning of sort of Bukhara why Nana Kabira Illa Allah Kashi in prayer is going to be something very, very difficult, except for the person or the people who are in a state of devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. So the prayer becomes a format of bringing a person away from their sins, weakening the sins, that the person sins, and in stays away from a prayer that it becomes more trouble, more difficulty for an individual to drift further and

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further away from Allah Subhana Allah and some of us, we don't see us as doing sins. We think that these sins are trivial. There is no trivial sin inside Islam. There is no trivial sin at Eton Muslim, the gum Ackman the appropriate artists are mentioned that a person who wants to ignite the fire, he goes and collects the various branches and twigs and he puts them together till eventually the pot begins to boil and it begins to cook something. What is this method? What is this parable? This parable is that every single twig has a role to play. Every single sin comes together, it comes together to harm the individual does you find the person is not look at the smallness of the sin,

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but look at the greatness of the one that you've disobeyed. That's Abdullah bin mustard he mentioned under Manasa the hypocrite is the one when he or she commits a sin they just see it like a fly on the tip of the nose and they brush it aside think nothing of it. Um, and Mothman. As for the believer, when he or she commits a sin, they see a like a mountain and top of their head about to collapse. That's how a Muslim sees a Muslim doesn't see anything trivial. Everyday we find people begin to dissect and say that everything is trivial. It's only Sunnah it's only a small sin. Allah mentioned lair Kabira man is stiffer while a sahira man is camera. There is no big sin. If you make

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Toby's too hot it wipes it out. Does he find a very strange ID authenticated by shape nurseline Alberni, that metal a person commits a sin. You find instead that remain, or don't write it down for six hours, because if he repents or she repents within those six hours period, then wipe the screen away of that individual so that the man is stiffer, there is no big sin. If a person repents, while a saphira man is Demerol, there is no small thin, meaning it remains from a small sin moves into what my Scimitar, continuously doing a small sin to Dominica becomes a major sin. Continuously doing a small sin is classified as Sheree I becomes eventually classified as a major sin. That's how I've

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dissected things, not the way that we think think of certain things. It's only a small set is only triggered, what impact does it have on me? What impact does it have? Well, why he

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when he used to wake up in the morning, and they see that their wife is not obeying them, their children are obeying Him, things are not working well. Sometimes his trials and tests there's a fine line between trial and test in his life. But many times they'll go back and ask themselves, which shouldn't have been left

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My life. What wrong did you do last night? What Cindy commit? Did I backbite against anyone? Did I look at her on some other element? Have you read the Sera, Sera novella of a mama Daddy, you read the lines with individuals that agigaram says that even I just looked at the foot of a woman. It took away my flesh, you took away the Koran from me, just saw the foot of a woman, we find it as trivial. We find it as trivial. That's how they saw certain things. Just that glance took away they took away the devotion. What do we see every single day? We think nothing of it. It's a modern world. It's a life that we have to live in a corrode your Eman. That's the last time that I

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mentioned kettlebell run on a Mac can we oxy bone add on the heart has become an iron seal has appeared upon their hearts for the sins that they commit in the Tafseer of this idea that we find in a pseudonym Timothy might have mistaken every time a person commits a sin a black dot comes upon the heart of the individual, if they repent is wiped out. But in person continues. Another doctrine eventually person heart is blackened. does a person who misses Three Jewels in a row that person's heart has been seized by loss of hand and a seal by loss of hands honor that no guidance comes to the individual except for in a left hander under winds. But some of us we find it once again as

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something which is trivial. That work is more important. Life is more important non Muslim more important. We'll just squeeze Jumeirah here or just attend the formality. Get it over done with this how we see things get it over and done with what may be on the Day of Judgment. May Allah forbid alone, get it over and done with and throw us into gentlemen. Get it over and done well, yes, eventually Muslims will go to gender there's no doubt that's the creed of it. So not every Muslim will eventually go to Jelena every Muslim go to gender but it's about finding the swiftest and the quickest way to get to gender. Or one of those ways that we touched in the beginning is about being

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of people of the heat. And secondly, being people so number 30, being people of trying to abstain, stay away from disobeying us and encouraging the people around us that you find it very beautiful Howdy, howdy to Safina the hadith of a ship. We find that all this Muslim Ummah is just basically traveling together in one great big ship. Because sometimes people take it personally, that why do these people? Why do they speak ladies? Why do they disturb a piece, why they stop people doing? why they're always talking about this, you fail to understand we are one Muslim on my traveling one ship. Somebody is the admiral, somebody cleans the deck, someone cooks the food, someone takes down

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the mouse, someone controls the ship, they all working together. And as you find that in this heavy talk about the ship, the people on the lower deck, when they need water, they need to come to the people in the upper deck. And the people in the upper deck throw their buckets, they pull up the water and they bring it downstairs. So some smart guy downstairs, he thinks you know there's no point going to the top. This is to drill a hole here and bring the water out of the ship. And what will happen, they will drown. And the upper deck will drown for helico Jamie and they will all drown will be destroyed. This parable is Hades is talking about what about an admirable maroof.

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about all the good and forbidding that even if we don't do it, we're all going to drown. Don't think that I'm an exception, that exception, this present exception. We are all better we all together. We are a reflection of our society. That's what we are we don't make the effort, then don't complain about the society. When people come and say that the average Muslim? Well in the lives of 100, the average Muslim, inside this country at the moment comes from a life of disobedience. And then begins to obey laws that average young Muslim I'm referring to when we was growing up, the average Muslim would very rarely get involved in heroin. But now it's the opposite. Every young boy in general,

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will come through a life of Weiss the life of the harem that we will not be surrounded by because we don't want to make that effort, as we will know that trafficking of drugs is a big problem known amongst non Muslims amongst our Muslim community. It's a big issue, that we turn a blind eye to it and think nothing of it. It has no impact upon us. It has a big impact upon us a very, very big impact upon our children, that even those elderly individuals that you find to be involved in the trafficking of these substances, enters into the family into into the home destroys people, destroys our community takes us towards heroin, takes people to sins and buys that we find as we become

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complacent. You find that the society begins to corrode away. Zina becomes common now it's not a big thing. sexual relationships before married, even why it's being married. adultery, fornication, it's no big thing because why everybody does it. When did you ever

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Find a Muslim. When do you ever find out parents are garbage? When do you ever find them being involved in Xena? When do you find that very, very rarely nerd Iran? Very rarely, you know a grandparent I came to this country read the history in these towns in the cities in his factories. They used to work hard after the Second World War. And they said to these people, they asked him What do you want? They said we want to bring our families over the game genuinely were just people they guarded themselves. That's what's so to me. new dimensions will levy normally Fuji has a role in there as well. Jim Obama elected a man whom from Manitoba, hora de Luca, Hola, como la doon.

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Believers are those individuals who got the chastity, God the private parts, they said to these individuals were to bring our family members over, we want to go home and get married, and take care of ourselves. This is what our grandfathers were, this was our fathers were our parents were today, what do we find? What do you find common practice, common practice girlfriend boyfriend relationship, even on this day of Valentine's Day, but we find a common practice a shallow understanding of life that people think that this is the way forward. Even some of our peers, we don't think much of it. There's no harm. If my daughter's going to university, she's mixing with the

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opposite gender, she finds someone she gets married, she settles down. How can that be something that isn't trouble you inside your mind? Excuse expression, your daughter could be committing Zina, and you think nothing of it. A day you lay your whole gender at the youth will never enter into paradise to a woman, but is the youth who's a person known as the youth. And the youth is a man who doesn't care about the female members of his family doesn't care how his wife dresses, how he dresses, how his sister dresses, doesn't care who she speaks to how she speaks to that person, what she does in her life.

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And sometimes the masses of so called Muslim men,

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they don't care how their wife dresses when she observes a job he does or observe he or she talks like this. She dresses like this. My daughter does this my sister does this. They don't care less.

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Less to suddenly Why are you paying for your life? Or it's personal. Dean is not personal. Religion is not personal. It's a global affair. You have to encourage one another. You have to remind one another code to hire American cleaners. Tomorrow Muna bill Murphy, where can

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you the best people ever raised up, you ordered a good and you forbid the evil? That's the Muslim is the one when they see buys, Manga Manga Manga for you. God

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forbid he said he filed them yesterday for because he was a leaker upon a man, whoever amongst you sees and even then change it with your hand. If you're able to change it with your hand, at least speak out against it. If you cannot speak out against it, at least despise it inside your heart with liquor of a man and that is the most weakness of EMA, at least inside your heart that you see something which is wrong. You see,

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it plays on your mind somebody doesn't play in our mind. We see Mancusi Hara, we see what people are doing. It doesn't bother us,

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doesn't bother us one bit. It just is part of life. It's a norm in society, we have to accept these things. We don't have to accept these things. We don't have to accept these things from the Muslim community, we expect far better from them, far better from them that they should not be stooping down to such a low level, that sins become common practice, sins become something which is trivial sins become something that we should all be doing inside our lives. And as I mentioned, many of our Muslim youth, they come through a life of sins that eventually may begin to awaken up or begin to affect or begin to think and some of our parents are totally unaware. And for the most of our

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parents are totally unaware of what our children are doing, what's happening inside their life, and what they involved in. That's why even simple things like music that we find, will mean a nursery when you study law will Heidi thelia Linda and Sabine Linda, instead of beginning surah Lockman 31st chapter for some verse number six or so that we find woman a nursery there's some people who seek by Allah who is vulgar, vain speech, even in more speech, they try to distract people away from the path of loss panda Allah Mmm. So you can say this Tafseer he mentioned, he mentioned this, that the orange used to hire singers, female singers, and say to them sing and dance for the people and pour

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wine for them. So that people may not listen to the message of the Prophet Mohammed some of the lies and delay come today. What is his word full of today is disruption. Taking the youth away from the path of a loss of heaven Diana, drifting them away. So people forget Allah, that what is that become the even the satellite channels it becomes the other and after that return back to the drama

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returned back to the Hara return doctor are people out of respect for the scarf over the head or become silent for the other? This is mockery.

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This is mockery, the other issue, move a person, remind a person, give them a spiritual uplifting to come and to answer the call to respond to Allah Subhana Allah, make them reflect inside their life is non Muslims head.

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And it's been proven they find tranquility find peace, they find proximity, closeness to Allah Subhana Allah. Once I was in a Masjid, inside Islamabad, as a Muslim country, a person I walked in slightly late for selected Russia and a person was standing there. I found it very, very strange. I found it very, very strange a person standing with a Muslim country. Why is he not praying? But because I was running late, I joined the prayer. And as I joined the prayer that eventually, in the third or fourth rocker, he came and he began to pray with us. And then we stood up to complete the prayer. He just remained there. Something came in my mind either there's something suspicious, mela

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COVID about this individual is a Muslim country. Something's not right about this individual. Why is he not praying? So out of frustration after competing prayer, I asked him, Why didn't you pray with us? He said, I'm a non Muslim. He said I'm a non Muslim using Italian. He entered into the mosque, and he was crying. He said that what I saw of your prayer, the bowing, the prostrating, the devotion, it drove me close to Allah. Well, life occurred to physical via thought in my heart, how many of us now offer that prayer. And we're even thinking about law. He just saw the physical movements. He just saw the movements and it drove him to weep. It drove him to think about a law,

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think about the Creator, think about the prayer. And here we are on a daily basis. We don't seem to understand the magnitude of the prayer. We don't seem to understand what will do to a person's life. How will it drive them to help them to stay keep them away from sins, how will purify the individual make them a better individual, that is the key. The key is the urn. That's the source of all goodness of richness. Because many of us we don't understand the Quran, even to read it in a language that we understand will at times help us will have a great penetration, we begin to read those Ayah about how it looks upon that idea to set it as a punishment, chastisement to the end

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affliction and hardship that a person every time a young adult I mentioned in general, what do they talk about? They talk about sins. That's why Mmm, there have been in his famous book as kabaya whereby uncovered the major sins, whereby he lists some 90 odd sins. And when I read parts of it, and you think some of these things that we do on a daily basis, are classified as mineral cupbearer classified amongst a major sin. How do one decipher a major sin? A major sin is one way by the Quran mentions Mahabharata. alene therefore them is chastisement. His punishment is the fire is the burning rage is torture, or does the HUD or there's a punishment upon his dunya whether it be

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flogging or stoning, or imprisonment or whatever it may be, the punishment is laid there all signs of being a kaviraj and there are many, many sins that we do, which are classified as cabana we pay no attention to them. So our sins are detrimental to us. Change will be detrimental to us on the Day of Judgment presents a malleable keytab layer you heard illusory rotten voila cabbie rotten. Illa so ha. Well, what do you do man? How are your dimora buka 100% say man you had the kita maka with this book? Doesn't matter with this record. La you

00:33:49 --> 00:34:08

wanna copy rotten? no small thing or no big thing Illa I saw her except for it's accounted for it it's recorded it that's what this book will do will lie in the day gentlemen strange is strange. Is that the Quran and mentioned that our body will begin to speak

00:34:10 --> 00:34:30

a lot other people find it very strange that the mouth speak how can how can my hand speed How will my five speed How will my body speak on that day? That's what we think because we think this is the only source of speaking they will say the thunder what gave the ability to speak will make these body parts speak there will testify against us

00:34:31 --> 00:34:59

sudo su two zinsser either su zillertal outdoors in Java what call an insane later calling sir No, man haha. Man will say what's the matter with you this earth? Why are you speaking against me? Why you speak against me even the earth will testify against us. Our own body parts will testify against us. Everything about us we testify against that there is no there is no hiding from Allah Subhana Allah there are some estimates

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

That any we seen in secrecy in is concealed? No one knows. Allah knows that you find that Allah Subhana Allah mentioned something inside surah Yusuf in the beginning talk about those people, the brethren of use of La Silla whereby they said what was the kuruman body common saw the hint when you know afterwards we become righteous people look at strange, strange the Quran is the Quran is very strange. Quran is talking about use of and his brothers, the idea to place it to kill him is no place him inside the well then afterwards become righteous people.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:06

What's the relationship to this to us today? The relationship is clear. Many of us must in reefing do what you want to do. But the cool new man buddy Coleman saw him do what I want to do in my life. When I get to your age of 14, or performed Hajj, um, towards the end of my life, I've had children done wherever do my life, Unum in Bondi common saw the head now become a pious individual.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:19

That's why those elderly people who come to the front row, no disrespect to them. They should be there. Because according to my mind, if not praying with one foot in the grave, they are seen as individuals,

00:36:20 --> 00:36:21

because they're one foot in the grave.

00:36:22 --> 00:37:01

Allah loves them. But what is more preferred? What is more preferred in front of a lust Panda and a young person, a young person with their desires are high. Everything is there anything exposed to when a person gets to elderly age, which is a foreign say about those individuals, that even when they've lost the vigor, they've lost? The zeal, the passion, there's no purpose in front of them. Why? Because they don't have no sexual temptation or desires for them. Why does the Quran mentioned that taboada say about young individuals? How does it highlight about them? Because they share what their desires are at the peak. So a person needs to control that. Does he find certain you will do

00:37:01 --> 00:37:38

Malone Yamanaka in doggy Lu, seven types of individuals will be under the shade of a loss to Allah whereby there will be no shade. Straight out the amount added after just Mmm. A lot of times are mentioned Shaban Najafi by the tiller or national park under a young man or young woman who grew up under or taking care of the worship of Allah Subhana Allah. That's what many of the young people do in their life. Are they preserving themselves? Are they preserving, keeping himself away from sins and away from vice? Does he find that the Hadith

00:37:40 --> 00:37:53

preserve and God Allah Subhana Allah and Allah will guide and preserve you alone need no garden? But it means to preserve the rules and regulations of last panda Hannah does some of the aroma they mentioned when some of the students asked the Chef

00:37:54 --> 00:38:33

80 years old, 90 years old person go to the toilet on their own pray on their own dress in their own do everything on their own. She is asked to shift from a who was here was the hidden thing that Mashallah to Barack Obama in your life, as the people your age. We're not saying this is the general thing. But this is something specific that can happen at times, that other people your age are able to do these things. He said that perhaps the reason may be that when we were young individuals, we avoided the harem in our lives. Now today, a lot preserved our bodily parts. A lot of preservers that we could take care of ourselves. It doesn't mean that if a person gets old and they can't take

00:38:33 --> 00:39:03

care of that they've done something Hara just trying to highlight that is a special someone privilege. special blessing is given to them that during when they were young, they guarded they preserved themselves they protected themselves. So Allah hunter in return, gave them good health, gave them goodness, gave them purity gave them a good life, towards the end of their life, because why when they were young, they were obedient, does the final day of judgment, the foot of son of Adam will not move until the last about five things. While I'm sure baby female

00:39:04 --> 00:39:45

will be asked about what when you were a young man, a young woman, what did you do with your life, then? No one use the elderly individually when you was young. And as a side point, anything under the age of 40. In the Sharia is classified as young. Anything under the age of 14 classified as a young individual. Medina, any sharing barbarian between 20 and 14 or 15. And 14 is classified as a young individual. What do you do with those 3035 odd years of your life? What do you do, then? The fruit of some of the other will not move until he's asked about this. So most of us have spent our lives in sins of disobedience, you find that they eventually they catch up. They catch up on an

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

individual and sometimes Allah to Allah wants to purify the individual in this dunya and a person understands that in their life, that because of these sins, this is why I'm suffering. But those people are still rejoicing, because you rather be punished for the sin.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

In this dunya, then inside the Hereafter, you'd rather be punished here, then inside the hereafter whereby you know that you can be punished for eternity. But it's no comparison of the punishment in the hereafter with a punishment upon this dunya. So the person is always in the search of trying to stay away from sinning and disobedience towards the loss of Hannah Hannah, does he find the encouragement to all of us Muslims? In the Hadith, whereby a man he killed 99 people, and he asked the people hold him in tow button. He said to people, is there any tober for me? How can you be told that for you? How can we toggle for you asked to add the author normal worshipper said is the tober.

00:40:40 --> 00:40:40

For me.

00:40:41 --> 00:41:26

There's no tober for you, you're an evil man. You're a bad you're wicked person. For Katana. We killed him as well, and made it 100 he killed 100 people still felt remorseful means that he asked the people who should go to who should ask, they should go to the island go to this person who's a scholar wahoo Nana for the island and an iPad. Here you see the rank of a scholar over a normal worshipper. Because a learner in don't redeem their understanding of the deen which Allah has given them. That's what the average individuals, they can say whatever they want to say. But they should be very, very careful. Because to say this is header this Hara, who say this about another

00:41:26 --> 00:41:44

individual could be detrimental, even a companions that we find not to belittle him, but help us to understand the concept because the old privilege and respected individuals, that one individual, he had a gash in his head. And you find that he was in a state of impurity, sexual defilement had to perform the hustle

00:41:45 --> 00:42:25

in the morning, so he asked him, What should I do? Because I have this wound as well, because it it could cause me harm, and I could die. What do they say? No, you have to you have to perform it just like some of us today, isn't it? When you see things black and white? No, that's it, you have to do it. So he went and he bathed himself, and he died. And appropriation was upset with them, he rebuked them that they killed him, they destroyed him. Unless Why did they ask? Why did they not first Aloo decree in quantum law known as the people of the people who are on people, if you don't know, don't say to other people, that this, you should do this, you should do that. If you don't really know

00:42:25 --> 00:42:38

yourself, you could cause more hardship upon the individual. So when it came to this individual, look at his advice, even after he killed 100 people, he said you are living in a bad environment for him. Are

00:42:39 --> 00:43:19

you surrounded by wicked bad people, you need to leave this environment, you need to lead these people and to travel to a different land and new land. This individual took he sincerely lemme highlight this hadith in the chapters of sincerity in Quito, Quito, sincere sincerity. He took this advice. And he took that journey. And I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Hadith. We took that journey where he's heading towards a new land he dies, the angels of punishment come and they say this man, he killed 99 people, then he killed another individual. This individual deserves to go to jahannam there's nothing good about this individual. The angel of mercy came, they said What do

00:43:19 --> 00:43:59

you mean? Fair enough, he killed 99 people and he killed another individual. He was trying to change. He was traveling to the new land. He wanted to change his life. So they began to dispute amongst themselves. So Allah sent another agent as a hack them as a judge amongst them and said, let us measure the land. Let us see which land is closer to if he's closer to the new land, he goes to paradise. If he's close to the old land, he goes to jahannam they begin to measure the land some narrations by an arm's length some durations, stretch his body to be closer to the new land, and you find by an arm's length is closer to new land. So the angels of mercy take him to Jenna. The key

00:43:59 --> 00:44:17

element or element mentioned by this hadith is what sincerity is sincerity is change for you. But the last team has said that what can allow for rahima for those individuals along with change their bad deeds into what into good deeds.

00:44:18 --> 00:44:46

We change a bad deeds into good deeds whoever makes Toba whoever makes that repentant, whoever forsakes whoever gives it up we change the deeds. Now the place in the Quran surah who defined in the vicinity you hipness, say that because the camera Lisa, Corinne indeed good deeds they brought out they wipe out, they rub out bad deeds. Indeed, that is a reminder for whoever reflects in the Tafseer of mmct talking about this is a sort of who they were not mistaken.

00:44:47 --> 00:44:59

The Prophet Allah says I mentioned a person came to him and said to him, I kissed a woman. I've kissed a strange woman. What is my atonement? How do I repent? So the Prophet Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:48

You remain silent. And then these Ayah to sit down, establish the prayer in the beginning, and at the end of the day and portions of the day. In the center, you'd have nothing yet indeed good deed. There wipe out the bad deeds in the dead is a form of remembrance whoever pays heed, either he asked, or someone else asked, Is this specific for him? Or is it genuine, the probiotics are mentioned but who is genuine, is gentle for any individual, any individual who does a bad deed, follows it up with a good deed, we'll wipe it out as we find inside another heading even above that we find whoever it is a bad deed, can follow it with a good deed. Tomorrow, we'll wipe it out. It

00:45:48 --> 00:46:31

will wipe it out a good deed wipes out a bad deal. So good deeds are a part of taking away that deed. But a key element is sincerity. President sincerity does those good deeds and like are just like a person may sin in secrecy. person should become frequent in doing good deeds in secrecy, doing good deeds. The only Allah knows for what intent it creates more effortless, more sincerity. You give wealth to someone, you help someone, you do something without the person knowing for what intent because you want to be rewarded inside. You want to come under their judgment and just start we all want to hide our bad deeds. We want to hide them, those good deeds that we've hidden from

00:46:31 --> 00:47:11

people, because sometimes our rear sharing of a form of mindshare can enter into the heart and mind the individual person conceives the good deeds, Allah Subhana, Allah would have multiplied many times over men a person called a judgment and see mountains of goodness. And asked Where did this come from? have all these good deeds, that you remember of advising this person in secret that you remember doing this good deed with this person, that you remember giving this wealth hoping this person doing this, doing that all in secrecy, so it could be multiplied. That's what this Muslim woman should be just like, we may sin in secrecy, because obviously, as soon as come island has

00:47:11 --> 00:47:51

become apparent, that's all we have to rebuke it apparently, if it's done in secret, there's not much that we can do. Because you know, what the Jedi are says, if a person sins in secret inside their own home, if a person called comes inside their own home, and May Allah forbid, is drinking alcohol, and somebody just happens to spy for the dog. And if I poke the eye, and Allah forbid, then the judge cannot punish me. Because why it's my house. It's my house, because he was spying on me my house unless I happen to be the stomach police or the government who's there. But with my husband, Allah forbid, or Muslims or who's doing something wrong, and a person does that they'll be punished.

00:47:52 --> 00:47:59

But our problem is that sin has become an enemy. That's when he will look at a zener you find you have to have four clear witnesses.

00:48:01 --> 00:48:10

And so to be so precise, but because the editor mentioned that each one of them has to stay and say that the needed entered

00:48:11 --> 00:48:54

has to say that clearly one doubts is thrown out a court is rejected. This is how accurate the Sharia is. But what do we find? a zener is in front of us. It's in front of us people all day long in front of us. Xena doesn't mean the ultimate sin. In Muslim I find the two eyes will commit Zina the hand you commit sin at the feet will commit Zina, what is the Zen of the eyes What we find looking at something which is hot on touching something which is haram, which is forbidden or what we find in our society is all there. But once again, we're not trained. Our minds don't think we don't train ourselves. We're calling meaning Yahoo to me, I'm sorry to say to the believing men, to

00:48:54 --> 00:49:38

lower the gaze of God, the chastity the private part, to preserve and to protect themselves. Does you find that Xena in a module Xia you mentioned that this is the one sin that destroys you on this earth before the Akira. If you read the punishment, what happens the individual with the evil and punishment which is given actually evil is a justified punishment at the end of the day, but evil for that person and what a bad what that person is facing. Why as a warning, as a warning when we just begin to find that sinning is trivial, and we began with our sins lead us to this pitfall. lead us to state that we're in that we think nothing of our sins takes away imagine that we find that a

00:49:38 --> 00:50:00

man is lifted, a man is lifted. The person who commits her arm imagine the individual lifted. When a person completes the sin, the man comes back to that individual. So we have to be very wary and careful inside our lives to encourage our own selves to remember Allah Subhana Allah remind the people around us as well to say Allah Subhana Allah to stay away from the haramaty

00:50:00 --> 00:50:11

temptations are many, the obstacles are many. And the avenues of sinning today are so many. There's so many avenues I've made it easy for people. That's why it's very hard to get to agenda.

00:50:12 --> 00:50:47

It's very easy to get to jahannam. Because most of the people who are in total experiment fell out of the loop and submitted, you be most of the people in the earth, they're going to be going on the way of misguides On the way to Jannah. And a person should have that their own personality, their own Eman their own Quran. So not the shallow understanding, because people are celebrating Valentine's Day people are doing this, that we should do this as well. Now you find these talks or what they saying to these young people, and the elderly people as well. They should be giving flowers to one another. As you find a talk show that the moment they're telling the people that

00:50:47 --> 00:51:24

everyone should because why? To create what is normal? How is it something normal happens in every subject which is normal? Don't essence of this. If you study the history of Valentine, the history history of all is behind it based upon Xena. So how can we find this as something which is normal and acceptable inside our lives? And like what we've got all these stems into the rest of their daily life, the heroine that we find we visualize, you know, we become I don't want to be seen as an outcast. I don't want people to say oh, I'm spoiling people's fun, or why am I saying this or family members will be upset with me. What did you say inside the Hadith now tottaly mahalo fimasartan

00:51:24 --> 00:52:05

Holic, there is no obedience to the creation, if it entails the disobedience of the Creator. While he was worried about what people would say, while we write what people say, if I don't go to my brothers or my sister's wedding, you know, people my parents will be upset with me, you know, there's going to be moon cut off, you know, there's going to be harem and the harem today, man. We can't even understand what the head office today, the way people are dressed and what they're doing. And we just turn a blind eye, the amount of turn a blind eye as well. No harm in this. The people enjoy themselves. Now. Remember before well like before, when used to walk on the street. The women

00:52:05 --> 00:52:23

used to cover their faces cover their heads out of respect to the LMR they walk on the street, they don't pay much attention to them. Nobody paid much attention to them. In the mind the coup was so bad there's no strength, no power in the action in their words. The people know that we want to be jabiru tyrannical people feel

00:52:24 --> 00:53:06

people see these are people have a lot to have shame. have shame in what you're doing in the way you're conducting yourself your etiquettes what you're doing this is what it means to be a Muslim and all of us every Muslim conforms to your deen you become an example, not become person who becomes lenient. lenient towards Muhammad were very lenient towards the dunya lien should not become lenient toward that which is haram. Because haram will as I began with it will destroy ourselves destroy our Eman and the sins our sins that we live in, becomes our own mistakes. Our own punishment as they say we see their own coffin we see their own coffee vide is part of since the last time that

00:53:06 --> 00:53:31

it was all a topic and ability to stay away from the sins miroir Amina mama Papa, whatever may be apparent where it will be hidden. Give us a tofik inability to stay away from them to become great friends and servants of a lost count down the path of obedience and encouraging ourselves and the people around us to remember a muscle Canada Adda Lacuna Coil the head there was stuff with a lady with a comb when you give me a muslimeen of a stock filled with Nova for Rahim.

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