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smilla rahmanir rahim in Alhamdulillah Hina minister in hoonah stock Pharaoh when our o Billahi min Cerulean fusina amin se Dr. Medina mainiac de Laval mo de Luna. Amen UDL fella de la what I showed you as

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long as the hula Sherry Keller was had, you know Mohammedan optimara solo. I'm about to call her DC kita Bobo was a real head he had you Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was a lamb was Sharon Morimoto to her or Columbo desert invader or colavita $18, Latin wakulla dollar Latin fitna.

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After praising Allah Subhana Allah, and seeking refuge from the evil around us, and the evil within us,

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that there are many characteristics that if the human being is not vigilant, that they begin to impress, and change the natural norm of the human being.

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As we know that the soul

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if it's tempted with desires, or with corruption, will at times begin to go towards that corruption. As the Quran mentions in such surah Yusuf in a nutshell a murder to Mizzou, Illa Rahim Allah be, indeed the soul has a yearning, desire, inclinations towards sins, in the context of this ayah is talking about use of Allah Salaam whereby that temptation is placed upon himself or that woman, besides Him, that if the environment is provided, the soul of the individual, the human being will be tempted, except for that soul, which has the mercy of Allah founded upon it, what has a strong knowledge and understanding. So there are many bad qualities that unfortunately, that we are

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surrounded by,

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as human beings, whether Muslims or non Muslims, believers are disbelievers. And these qualities and these traits,

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actually, some of them are severe sins, or they open the door to not just another sin, but too many sins. And some of these traits or characteristics eventually, Allah forbid, can expose the individual to Kabbalah to among some of the major sins, which we all know are very, very dangerous upon the human being. And some of these sins even become detrimental not just to the individual, they become detrimental to the wider society as well. If we don't begin to focus upon the removal of these traits, these characteristics and the purification of our heart. These are diseases of the heart that corrupt the heart and corrupt the whole of the mind and the human being. And thus we find

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inside the Quran, the successful individuals will be those individuals, your million dollar by noon, that day whereby our children and our wealth will not avail us will not protect us will not rescue us in attala have you all been Saleem except for the individual who comes with a pure a sound heart that is a hot Muslim, should be trying to seek and trying to purify their heart and that's the Quran probably the longest oath inside the Quran inside so to Sham some 11 of 12 consecutive oaths. A lot lb Allah mentions court of law Hammond zacher, aka habermann does,

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indeed successful is the is the individual who purifies it purifies the heart, purifies the soul. And wretched is is the individual who does not purify one's heart, one soul. So as you mentioned that some of these sins, open the doors to many other destructive sins, or follow on too many other bad qualities, many of us we believe that the first crime to be committed upon the earth. First crime in the heavens, was kibber. Was arrogance was pride, from a belief in the wretched the cursed one. And the first sin upon the earth, as earlier mentioned is a cotton is killing his murder. And this is partially true that this is the first sin the first major sin upon the earth. But the reason

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for this killing will help us to understand what comes before that. before killing we find the first sin is actually an hassad is jealousy. Jealousy led this individual to go and kill his own brother

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The dust we find our luxury model. The first sin that occurred upon the earth is an acid is jealousy that eventually led to the killing the spilling of the blood of an innocent individual. So if we go back to understand or analyze those are yet inside the Quran which focus upon the story of the killing, some of us may be familiar, but the main thrust of the inside sort of either the fifth chapter of the Quran verses 27 to 31. We find a story of our being will have been the English language and the Bible Translators able Annie and Cain, these are the two in the sons of Adam. Any la Salaam. The Quran mentioned What are a number of them have been Huck. It's called Robert Coburn

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and photocopied Amina howdy Manuel, Amitabh el Mina

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all add up to London. Allah in Namibia acaba luminometer clean the rate to them the story of the two sons of Adam and a salon with truth with justice with equity, because the context of this ayah inside suit my ADA is talking about the concealing passages concealing rules and regulations by Allahu Akbar Allah kita. So does the Quran he mentioned the rate to them the true version, the true context of the story of the true two sons of Adam Ali Salaam, if Corbin and Fatah Kabila mean, I had him while me Taco Bell Mina,

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when they both presented their sacrifice, and it was presented in accepted from one of them, and was not accepted from the other individual. Indeed, last panda Allah accepts the actions of the good deeds of the pious any individuals. So we find that the story the evil end, in consequence of transgression, of envy and injustice, what was the envious behavior and injustice that took place in the story between the two sons of Adam alley center, we find a time of Adam alayhis salam he was having his children, we find that in every pregnancy of how early Salaam there would be a male and a female. So that was how the progeny the lineage began, you need to develop, we find that the only

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way that to excel the creation, and this was specific to the time of Adam le Salaam, is that one brother would marry the sister from another batch. And likewise, the brother from the other batch would marry the sister from the first batch. So this in today's language may sound like insist insist is when a person gets married to the direct butter in your sister. This was specific at that time was allowed. And once the genealogy continued, and it was prevented. So this was something specific only at the time of add the mini La Silla. And we find that

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we also know that the lineage of the Muslim is carried out from the Father, and not from the mother. That's according Sharia, a woman does not change her name, woman keeps her father's name, because also on the day judgment, we raised by the names of our father, etc. So her deal, the sister that he was born with a twin sister was his sister, was not very beautiful. And we find that hobbies in his sister was in he was a beautiful uni sister. So RBL wanted to marry his own sister. According to the sooner the law was corbeil was posted marry the sister of hubby and hubby supposed to marry kaabil sister, but have been sister was a very beautiful, our being sister was beautiful. So he wanted to

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marry his own direct sister, not for the sister from the other batch. So we find that our family some he refused, that this is not possible. And then he told them to present a sacrifice, to offer a sacrifice or offer something towards Allah Subhana Allah, and whoever sacrifice was going to be accepted, then that individual will be in need the victorious one. And the sooner that time that we find is a sign that last round Allah accepts the sacrifice of the individual that a fire would come and eat away or burn away the sacrifice that a person has offered. have been being a shepherd bought a sheep as a sacrifice, or be being a farmer. He bought some food produced some grains. So hey, what

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am I extract another lesson that bring the good things in offering sacrifices, and often charities are unmentioned lentinan bira. hatha Takumi Mata hipbone, you never get to attain piety until you don't spend of the good things that you love. So here's a fire came and it took the sheep the sacrifice of her beat La Silla. So he was given the right any to marry any the sister. This enraged or increase his

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Jealousy to boil over there was not able to accept this judgment, call up to the neck. He said, I'm going to kill you. And this is a natural sweetener that you find at times and people don't have the ability to respond or to give a positive contribution. They become enraged, they become angry, and they begin to carry out their rage. And as we find that even amongst the companions, when some of them one of them got angry, the Prophet Muhammad and reminded the individual or no certain words the person says that would remove that anger that rage away from them. It's a MiG tau with to say I wouldn't be let him initiate honor again. Likewise, the final person standing to sit down or to move

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the environment to perform or do all this normally, people get angry because of some form of jealousy, maybe at times other elements as well. But normally fine jealousy takes a person to rage until eventually the person said, calling up the UK to London. Indeed, I'm going to kill you. So you find that jealousy that is a Quran mentions about other prophets as well, to Lucifer with Rahu or the Lula Camacho, abeokuta Konami body Colman Sala hain so they said octonal users kill users and then the whole of our father's face will be exposed to us and then any after that what a cool new member The Omen Sala hain Why did you decide to can use it their own brother because they were

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jealous of him. That was the main reason once again the main reason for them trying to attack use of it get rid of use of was the jealousy like was a foreign mentioned jealousy lead those people courage and a disbelievers led them to try to kill who the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam jealousy leads people as we like to touch upon to try to remove expelled and the removal of people of Islam. People who tried to call it was goodness that we find as unmentioned afraid to Allah loot him in Korea to come in no home owner Sonia takaharu get rid of the people have loot, there are people who want to carry out good actions where they want to be a purified any people. And what is

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the reason of this? Is it because as I mentioned, Allah in pneumonia Aqaba LogMeIn Amata clean Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah accepts the actions of the pious individuals. So people who are trying to seek piety tend to search towards piety that some people cannot tolerate, that some people are trying to be purified individuals are trying to be good individuals are encouraged other individuals who come towards that goodness. And likewise we learn from this ayah the criteria of actions being accepted but last, and Allah, his consciousness, his devotion, sincerity, and likewise, you find according to the sadhana, that is the way the actions a high proportion of action being accepted,

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but less bound and every person has that sincerity inside their heart, inside their mind inside the actions. What is response of the threat. So now he's mentioned that I'm going to now kill you what his response of the brother is something for us Muslims to begin to ponder and to reflect as the Quran documents. la empresa de la dakka dakka Fulani, if you stretch out your hand to try to kill me, Matt and Abby bear sitting here illegally to lock in a horrible, horrible alameen you stretch your hand to kill me, I will not stretch my hand back out towards you and try to kill you in need a half of the mean indeed I feel Allah Subhana Allah. So this is the response of the other son doesn't

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say I'm going to retaliate, or I'm going to try to kill you back. you stretch your hand out to kill me there will be no response from me. And we know as earlier mentioned and works with us if that had been was far stronger than our been, have been could have easily disarmed him could have killed him, etc. but he refused. Does you find laser shaded or laser Are we the strong one is not the one who can wrestle a person and put them down on the floor. The strong one is a shadow copy a lithium Lake nafsa who and the local dog the strong one is the one who can control themselves was in a state of anger. That is the strong individual that is a strong any personality. Like was mentioned Seaford of

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the believers that we find in Sarasota, Anya and Ron. They are those individuals who spend their wealth in terms of adversities in terms of difficulties times of ease, and then it comes well cow the mean aloha youth while are thinner and the nurse will lower your hip will masini those who literally they swallow the anger and then while are thinner and the nurse they pardon people will lower your herbal medicine in these characteristics. We don't seem to somehow unfortunately focus upon them. Yes, we may be puncturing our prayers adorning yourself with the sunlight etc. How about the internal Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad

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SLM, about internal sooner the Quran drives us towards well Cal the meaning of life. Those who literally swallow the anger and after swallowing their anger will afina and the nurse they are part of mankind they have no grudge against any individual and that's the Quran also mentioned Robin aka Lana when one in a Latina sub acuna been a man, while at Hulu, Bina hinder the Latina man in Nicaragua, Rahim. Allah Don't make us have any ill feeling rank or any feeling inside our heart towards our brethren who came before us. That should be the way of a Muslim for those people who came before them and those people who come in after us and some of us still haven't learned the

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lesson, or fight things amongst our own selves. So knees against Sudanese that we find no tolerance patience, people begin to lose control. And at times, we found unfortunately, that people have tried to harm one another or try to even take another person's life in matters which may be tertiary issues or matters of debate that begin to take place. We find a hadith in Sahih Bukhari Muslim either tawassul Muslim Ernie besafe A Hema if two Muslims they face one another with the swords fell apart in Walmart tools in the one who's gonna who's killing and the one who is killed. Both of them will be inside the fire. So obviously is quite clear that the one who's trying to kill she began to

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jahannam is getting towards a fire. How about well, McCool why the one that's been killed? Why should Why is he heading towards a fire? they posed this question to the Prophet Mohammed Salim. The response was given in Cana Harrison alacati sahibi. He, he had exactly the same intention. But the other individual overtook him that if he had the opportunity, he would have done suit, he would and likewise he would have killed him. So that's both of them. I'll call it evil box tool. Both of them go into the Hellfire because why have the intention of trying to kill any one another. Likewise, you find many young Muslims are able to control themselves don't know how to channel their physical

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strength. And it's been documented unfortunate many times inside our society of Muslims in becoming frustrated, especially young Muslims of the environment around us becoming abusive, not towards non Muslims becoming abusive towards their own Muslims becoming physical towards the on Muslims. These are not good characteristics for Muslim to have. as Muslims will differ, Muslims will disagree, but to become abusive, and full of short term will learn to curse to revile or to curfew nurse or to first second nurse to claim that people are disbelievers are rebellious people are wicked people are evil people or persons a hypocrite. This type of language and culture is not from a good movement.

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It's not for us to enter into this realm to classify people or disbelievers, people of recirc people are like this people are like that. Muslims should be vigilant of one such language and using any such words, like was defined in the Hadith Muslim Imam Ahmed, in econ cabinet, Adam be like the son of Adam who was slayed, and you read the context of this Hadith, that they will come a time that there will be any fitna a time will come they will be fitted and the person any who's standing with betting the person who's sitting, the person sitting you better than the one who is walking, etc. And then what should we do? If a person comes and tries to kill an individual? the advice of the

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Prophet Muhammad from that person comes even inside your own home if I'm not mistaken what the wording is. Couldn't company Adam, be like the son of Adam who doesn't retaliate? Doesn't retaliate towards any another, any Muslim. And likewise, you find him you study the uprising of melamine alphorn interseeded. McCarthy is mentioned as well, whereby it was man gave exactly the same advice that these people may come and attack me I will not retaliate any against him. So the crux of the matter is what why is the person not retaliating? That's what we need to understand. As the son of Adam Allison, we mentioned in need a horrible, horrible enemy, I feel a loss of penalty either. So

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hope, hopefully suspended under the fear of a loss bandanna drives the individual to come to a higher level of immersion, or have a higher level of understanding that a person is not going to retaliate or try to harm the other individual. So possibly some of us have lost the fear of a loss of parent data, which causes recklessness and carelessness behavior in inside a society. Likewise, you find that you're only going to earn a sin upon your own self. So the son of Adam LSM, he advises his brother in New York. And Abu Dhabi is a sneaker for takuna means have a nerve with Lika Jessa volley mean, indeed, you're only verily I intend to let you draw any my sin of killing me. You're

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killing me, you're going to gain that sin upon yourself. And likewise, the sin your own sins that you've developed throughout your life. So that's what you're going to get in sin upon sin of attacking your own brother. So what was

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The task of his brother, his task was to advise, advise his brother, you're going to gain this sin upon your own self. And likewise we as Muslims, our task is to advise people to highlight people with evidences from the Quran and the Sunnah, and to tell people to stay away from following their passions and their desires and their own interpretations, which leads into hatred leads to jealousy. Until eventually, that we find for work low enough, so who got lucky for khattala who for us bambino ha, serene, so the soul the other encouraged him, and made it fear seeming to him the murder of his brother, he murdered him and became one of the losers. So he kept this thought kept on playing in

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his mind till eventually he thought that the only thing to do is to kill my own brother and works at the facility that we find and many discussions begin to take place that how did how did you need her bill, or sorry, Bobby, you indicate any hobbies, various durations, we mentioned need to be checked, but we only highlight them just so we can understand the context of what took you need to place some of them they write that he began to twist any his brother's neck. Other said that shaytan came along and took a beast or took an animal and placed it on a rock and then began to smash it with a rock, and then

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corbeil and he imitated this this action and killed his brother in this manner. Likewise, other said that shaytan just came and whispered, that you should not kill your brother. This is the way of the devil is only meant to whisper the thoughts and we are the ones that go and carry out those thoughts. Our own selves it's unmentioned one mechanically it could mean someone I have no power. No dominance over you is referring to the shape and has no dominance or control of the human being into and out to come faster. optimally. Faster job to mooli faster first job Tom Lee falletta Looney vaalu enforcer calm and you responded to me. So do not blame me but blame your own self. So the way

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of shape on a lady you are sweet Sufi, so duty nurse is to whisper into the heart and the mind of the individual. So you whisper that the only way you can get revenge or retribution is for you to actually kill your brother. That is the only way so he went out and he carried out this evil action of killing his own brother. And as we find for us bambino ha serene became a model one of the losers in this world and like was in Africa as well. That's when he when he killed him, and he went back to our ally salon with the right shape and went back and said that any Cabela's be killed his but his brother Habilis killed him. How are they said I'm didn't understand what killing is what was murder,

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and said that he can no longer eat or drink, his lifeless. Instead is that moat is that death, that is death, and that she began to weigh in and began to cry. When other Madison approached and said, Why are you crying? Why are you upset, she kept on crying, he did not respond. And then add the marriage said this is going to be the Wailing in the crime, any often the daughters of Adam that will have this natural characteristic of excessive wailing, and crying Upon the death of individuals. We'll learn about authenticity of this, but you can see that the practice is clearly visible today, that women will become far more emotional over the death of individuals. And as we

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find these are the cause of Jay Leah, for people to rip their clothing to strike their cheeks and to uniwave. And to become so remorseful about the life that loss panda is destined to take away. Michael define for us by homina ha serene this individual became amongst the losers. There's going to be many repercussions of killing anybody unjustly it will traumatize you for the rest of your life. And that has been documented you study any human being. If you study in you ask an individual who's killed an individual in an innocent manner, without any justification. They're going through mental trauma and depression. Many of the soldiers at the moment are returning back from the worst

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wars in the world, etc, that we find they are suffering from mental depression. At the moment mental trauma mostly is based upon killing of innocent individuals. They have flashbacks of killing innocent individuals. So not the lion or the son of a loss ponder upon this earth. If you kill an individual in innocent manner, without any justification, it will haunt you for the rest of your life. It will become a nightmare that plays on your mind again and again. For us bahaman Aloha, serene, you will become amongst the losing any individuals. And this individual became such a loser. Such a wretched individual doesn't even know what to do. After killing his brother doesn't know what

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to do. So the Quran mentions of Baraka lava horrobin, Allah spandana send a crow a blackbird a raven, you have had to fill out the Yuria who came for you where he so he called a letter or just to an akuna Mr. Hidalgo.

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For over 30 so at urthleaf a spam in the mean. So last time that I sent a CRO, and another bird came with another CRO came and it killed the CRO. And after killing the CRO, is corpses lying on the floor that the other CRO began to scratch the earth. make a hole, dig a hole, and then push the other bird into the hole and then cover it up here. The brother recognize this is what I have to do my dead brother. This is a different the bearing of the corpse that we find today. No one knew what to do before. And he felt so remorseful for us BAM in a nerdy mean, what a wretched and remorseful individual I am. I don't even know how to bury my own brother I don't know what to do with him. Or

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to learn from these two crows that they fought a one kill the other one he learned how to bury in his brother. So works at the facility I mentioned that this is what began to take place severe regret and sorrow. He doesn't even know how to bury his brother. And even more severe than that, that we find or begins to take place in find a Muslim even admit that took the Doctor lunasin bullman never kill any soul or any individual without any justification in the kana Adam, Adam and I will keep filming me here. Except for that the first any this first killing that took place the killing of this will be blamed will go to the first of the sons of Adam Allison I'm sure a portion

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of that blood will be upon his hands. The unknown cannot Oh Willem and sandal cotton, because he's the first one that initiated the Sunnah of killing people. So every time someone is murdered or killed in an unjust the manner his element a percentage of that blame goes back to who to the son of Adam and his salon. All of this likewise find another Hadith the Prophet Muhammad some men some level Islam. So Nathan Hassan and whoever encourages good action will have the reward of whoever carries out that good action and whoever initiates or begins and even action will have a share or a portion whoever begins to follow that bad action. So, the Muslim once again we should be vigilant,

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many of us could have evil practices or characteristics of bad behavior, we should inshallah keep it to ourselves, Muslim is not one who impresses or encourages other individuals to do bad actions. If you do, then those people carry on that bad action, they could take it to another individual, another individual, and it begins to spread and you know, then you could be sharing a large portion that blame with previous it could be only one sin upon my own self. Now I share the sin of 1000s of people who are following that practice and that portion of sin returns back to the initiator. We find because of that what was written are prescribed not just for them but the rest of mankind that

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we find that last longer than mentions manage the delicate cut up the other Bani Israel and no human capital and of some degree Nazi officers and Phil

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khattala NASA Jamie woman

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in NASA Jamia mean actually done it because of that, because of the action has been documented in Santo Quran, Khattab, Nana Bani Israel. We wrote it upon the children Bani Israel and nobleman, Katahdin of some of the higher enough's if you kill any individual, without any justification of a certain order are just sitting corruption, innocent killing, plundering of the wealth and and killing individuals for animal khattala nursery, Jamia is as if you've killed the whole of humanity. That's what the Sharia law says, killing anyone without any justification is as if you killed the whole of humanity. Likewise the opposite you till you save one individual, you see as if you save

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the whole of mankind, this Islamic principle, that's what Islam says. That is not just a Christian concept of some people, they think about saving an eye for an eye or blood for blood to four to fix cetera. At the same time we find also Islam says, You kill one individually killed the whole of mankind, you save one individual, you save the whole of mankind. And as these people they know these teachings, and thus we have to remind them about these teachings, which exist inside their own scripture, the concept of jealousy that exists inside their own scriptures that these people begin to play any upon this action, and even themselves you find with that which has been extracted from

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what is known as the seven deadly sins, which has been extracted from the Bible or the capital vices, the cardinal sins, the seven deadly sins that you find which have been which they have extracted from the own sources that you find and lust, gluttony, and greed for for food, greed for wealth. Likewise, we find sloth, laziness, wrath, and envy and pride. So the sixth one being envy, being jealous towards another individual inside their scriptures that we find the word envy Latin word nvidea. What does it carry the meaning of being envious towards another individual love of one's own good, perverted to another

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desire to deprive other men of this.

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Envy is according to them, delight in the misfortune of others. Envy is sorrow for another's good. And the punishment according to their scripts is a person who has envious behavior is their eyes to be sewn shut with a wire. That's what should be done the person who shows MBs behavior towards another individual, and we accept and recognize the religious jealousy, which has been shown towards Islam, and in specific been shown towards the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, as a Quran mentions yada, yada funa Abner home, they know him like they know their own sons. So sometimes Muslims get all worried about the Danish cartoons and some man wished his book The Satanic Verses, other things

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that took place. Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised. It's been a long history of them writing and tarnishing and depicting the Prophet Muhammad or some if you go and read Dante's Inferno, the Divine Comedy written at all for this 13th century is whereby this individual, and he paints a picture or he talks about his journey, either through Hellfire likewise, through paradise, the Divine Comedy, if you read through the script is not uncommon you to read through the script, scripture or something you have to read through elements of this rubbish to understand what people are saying, in the places Lucifer and and the fifth, or the sixth ring of the hellfire. And below

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that he places who in the 13th century the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, so don't be surprised. Don't be surprised you're a fool no komatsuna have no they know him, like they know their own sins that know their own sons, but it's jealousy that leads them to begin to speak ill against the Prophet Muhammad SAW the sun. Likewise, if I mentioned what the Casio Rahman Al Kitab, though you do not remember the manickam Cofer and hazard them in Indian foresee him you know large portion of people that would want you to return back to what to Kufa towards disbelief. Why hasn't there been any unforeseen jealousy which exists within their own selves? Mr. Quran mentions while untergang kya

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hua alumna Sora had to be our main data when using a Christian and never be happy with you until you don't follow the way of life. so jealous element that exists that is P will begin to show towards the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem likewise the Quran mentioned but Baba tillbaka amin a for him tofi sudo room Akbar hatred is already spilled out of their mouths hatred jealousy towards the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem warmer toffee sudo room Akbar what their hearts concede is far more greater. So at times, they may be beautiful words, good praise, good comments. They just external comments, warmer trophy so the room above what their hearts conceive is far greater than that. So sometimes

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they may come up with their nonsense, expose their own selves, but that we should concede inside their heart is far more greater. These are the words of Allah Subhana Allah lapcozy find one way to Latina cafaro they use the punakha be I'm sorry semiotica We are coluna inna hula mucha known these people want to do what towards the Prophet Mohammed Islam, they want you to slip

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to make a mistake to carry out some grave error that we can then begin to blame the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam lama semiotica when the vicar is presented with these individuals were your coluna in no number June the beginning begin to say he's a mad individual. Just like today we find read some of the comments that they write against the Prophet Mohammed says I'm begins person to think when a Muslim ever written comments about any of the prophets, or any individuals that may be respected in our society. Do you ever find Muslims making such derogatory statements? unacceptable statements, depicting the profit management even manner using corrupt words towards a blessing

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prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam likewise defined the Quran the response of the Quran mentions palmu to be how you become die in your rage, your rage, your anger, you have jealousy, you have die away, perish away. The context of this is that we find you those individuals that begin to show love and affection towards those these individuals. These are the individuals that you you believe in all the scriptures and you believe in the scriptures that came previously. But these individuals they don't want to show any love and affection towards you. So that's the Quran mentions that die inside your rage the anger and the jealousy that you show to the Prophet Mohammed Salah

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Salem your jealousy wants to do what is the Quran mentions? You read una youth fionnula la he be of where he him? They want to extinguish the light of Allah. Allah with their mouths. Well yeah, but la Who? La new timber neuron Well, okay.

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Healthcare for your own, but Allah, Allah will not allow that the light of the last round Allah is taken out a last point that are never allowed to take place. What okay healthcare for your own even though the disbelievers dislike this, who will lead the Ursula Sula, who Bill Hader watin in the youth Irrawaddy nicolini Hello Korean Lucia Rico is one of those who sent His messenger with the right guidance, the right way of life, they may prevail and become dominant over all other ways of life. One Oh carry on machinery code, even though the machinery and the policies and he may dislike this, unless you find that these people want to block the way of people coming towards that

00:35:42--> 00:36:25

guidance. As Lauren mentioned. Yeah, you're Latina, Manu, inokashira, Mina, Bernie, Leah coluna, Amal and nursey bill Burton, when you should do and Sybil Are you believe indeed many of the rabbis, the priests, the monks, etc. The religious clerics that you find out there, they want to eat the people's wealth, by a bottle by a falsehood, lying to people concealing the truth, not letting people come to that guidance or changing their affairs. Till eventually you find what you sow do not consider the whole the life becomes what to prevent people from coming to the path of Allah Subhana Allah, so does the modern world at the moment. Islam is a faith which is intolerant Islam is

00:36:25--> 00:37:08

barbaric Islam is vicious Islam is this Islam is that why we should do non Serbian there to prevent people from coming towards a path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, you find any advice you need to as Muslims, any amongst ourselves as well about the type of jealousy that begins to exist inside our society, jealousy towards the jealousy towards people who may have some form of knowledge or some wealth or some possessions that we find these are bad characteristics. They find at times people begin to show jealousy or just want to dissect or take the mistakes of individuals and exploit them. We are all human beings. Human beings will always make mistakes, make Miss judgments,

00:37:08--> 00:37:46

make miscalculations utter wrong words, and is not for a Muslim to focus upon. That evil or that incorrect any stance of an individual and just home in upon that. As me Tamia mentioned that some individuals are like flies. A fly normally comes down upon filth just picks up the rubbish. Unfortunate is harsh to use these words. But some of us Muslims just want to focus upon the mistakes, especially the mistakes of the learner, and then begin to create a form of jealousy. They are human beings, there's no doubt but it should be no jealousy that should be shown towards these individuals. They are individually lost pound has blessed them with understanding your deen of Allah

00:37:46--> 00:38:23

spandana. Yes, they are fallible. They're not infallible. They do make mistakes. But some of us have gone to limit Shang jealousy towards those individuals. And a jealousy eventually begins to do what speak ill of them and eventually backbite about them. And as many scholars have written, a very solid, small works talking about that to backbite against the scholars without any justification is not just backbiting eating, the dead flesh of your brother is eating the flesh which has been poisoned on top of that, because their flesh is very precious, more precious than even our own brethren that we find any around us. Likewise, you find jealousy for persons wealth and possessions

00:38:24--> 00:39:06

that you can put up Manisha, that is a virtue, the blessing of Allah, Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah bestows upon whoever he wants. So why should a person be jealous towards another Muslim? What they possess of their wealth? As I mentioned, Sedona NASA Alana at home in Fort Lee, I'm so nervous, why are you showing jealousy towards mankind? When we are the ones alhama de la minffordd li Allah panda is the one that's given his virtues in his blessing upon those individuals. So why should a Muslim be jealous towards what another Muslim possesses and what they own like or define the family members or children that we find and this one needs to be read the whole series that we find we just

00:39:06--> 00:39:51

heard being recited? I mean, sure, we have seen in either hazard from the NDS one the jealous one, when they carry out the jealousy. So we find that jealousy leads to entering into the world of black magic in the world of copper of killing, etc. Why preying upon the emotional feeling of jealousy, the Muslim the only form of jealousy which is allowed for Muslim as you find inside the Hadith, a that we find the hazard Illa is nothing. There is no jealousy, except for in two things. Rajan at a local man, Amanda last panda has bestowed well for young people who spends a day and night and a person has been given the Quran or given knowledge, and they begin to implement that knowledge day

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

and night or recite the Quran day and night. That has said that he left with nothing. And here the word is used jealousy. But that's not the real meaning even the word is hazard.

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

hoonah vimana

00:40:02--> 00:40:39

is aspiration. You know, we mentioned I'm not mistaking Saudi Arabia, Salah hain is aspiration, that you want to be like that individual. Because jealousy means you want that person to lose the network, the world and the lacunae in the world are in the hole doesn't exist with you. It doesn't exist with them. So you want them to lose that blessing, they don't have it and you don't have it. That is the ultimate highest level of jealousy. You don't want that you want the person to lose their wealth, lose whatever they possess, be taken away from them. And you don't have it as well. Nobody has it slightly below the scale that we find. You want them to lose that blessing, and you

00:40:39--> 00:41:16

want to have it yourself, you want to possess it, you want to now have that jealousy. There's another element of jealousy that we find the believer is the one carrying crypto, you want that person to remain with that blessing. Whatever it may be, of knowledge, a wealth of property, children, family, whatever it may be the good things or good health, whatever it may be, you want them to have that blessing, and you want to aspire to be like them. They don't lose a blessing you want to gain or you want to aspire to be not that individual. That's what a Muslim should be. Muslim should be one that thank Allah and Allah, because all of us have numerous blessings, blessings are

00:41:16--> 00:41:52

in different disguises in different shapes. So we will have many blessings upon us. For some of us, we can't seem to see those blessings. And we think that maybe somebody else places or has a better blessing than we have. And the best blessing that we all have without doubt is Islam. And the Quran mentions and hamdulillah Allah he had done and he had makhanda Lena, dia Lola and hadn't Allah Praise be to Allah. And Allah guided us to this to an Islam. That's the ultimate blessing. That this jealousy of having Islam, we should be proud about that this kind of pride is not something incorrect person can display that blessing that we've been guided to Islam. But that doesn't mean

00:41:52--> 00:42:32

that towards Muslims that we should begin to be oppressive or incorrect, you need to watch those individuals. So that is the aspiration all of us Muslims should have been those good things, and try to gain those good things to be like those good individuals. And at the same time, ignore the jealous ones. Because we know that the person who has jealousy which is burned away, that's the natural son of a lost bandana. And that's we don't want to burn out good deeds away. Because acting upon that jealousy, implementing that jealousy. May Allah make us lose our good deeds, until eventually it becomes a bad quality that we find the Hadeeth inside the sort of abida would in and

00:42:32--> 00:43:15

hacer la yaku Hassan al Khaimah takuna, hop in the jealousy burns away, eats away the good deeds of the individual, just like fire chews or burns away at word. That's what jealousy does. So if a person follows the intuition of jealousy begins to implement that jealousy, they're going to begin to lose the good deeds, they're going to burn away the good deed, whether you leave a person in a state of jealousy, they're going to burn away themselves, inshallah won't affect the individual, they just carry on burning away inside their rage and their anger, whatever it may be, and then they'll be finished. So we shouldn't follow the concept of jealousy. And we ask laws that keep us

00:43:15--> 00:43:50

free from these characteristics. And these and these traits, which unfortunately, becoming evident inside society, in a speech in conduct in the way that we interact with other individuals is becoming visible unfortunately, are we supposed to be reviving elements of the sunlight means reviving everything of the Sunda not the external factors, the internal factors, I'm far more important as we began with, that a person removes these diseases of the heart, because the diseases of the heart are dangerous diseases, very dangerous diseases that they begin to develop inside the heart of the individual external, has no element left. And that is very strange. At times we see

00:43:50--> 00:44:27

individuals. Externally there may be any approach to the son of the Prophet Mohammed Hassan, but certain internal characteristics, you find a person is shocked that have we really given the character beer? Have you really given the right teachings to our Muslim community, in our society, in our own selves to develop those inner qualities, then naturally, the external qualities become quite easy. With today, we find the external qualities are very easy for people to adorn themselves with. But the internal qualities takes a lifetime takes a lifetime to begin to try to work upon one's heart. So we ask Allah to give us all the tofik and ability to begin to work upon our hearts

00:44:28--> 00:44:48

strive to rectify our hearts, and to make us amongst those individual raised in the day judgment is sound, the pure heart and all of our actions accepted but lost to Allah. And to become amongst those pious emoticons those good individuals are Kunal Kohli, Heather stokfella Lee, welcome, polygamy and Muslim enough istockphoto in number for him. So Panama behind the shadow,

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

stock fuka Watteau boulais Baraka low FICO. That's right, we find that the evil is usually that the person sometimes it could be jealous I the person could be affected.

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

afflicted in an evil manner can be very, very powerful. And sometimes I find this a person could just look and they have that and they begin to harm the individuals the most dangerous evil is the one which is brought together with jealousy. That person is looking intensely jealous I that this person may lose money, the blessing that they have that we find, in certain words, a Hadith, that the evil eye will even go into the inside of the animal and affect the animal and that's even generally as Muslims when we when we see something which is good and we should praise Allah, Allah Masha Allah mahalo La quwata illa Billah, any good child that you see well possession, whatever it

00:45:34--> 00:46:10

may be, we should praise Allah Subhana Allah. If not even we may not notice it. Because we've looked over that thought in our mind without praising the last bandana, that I could affect the individual and if it's a jealous I with the intent to cause evil, that could be even more dangerous. And that's the idea that we mentioned that these individuals they want to do what they want you to slip be up sorry him with the eyes ahead. olema mentioned this is jealousy of the eyes. The Evil Eye they went to place upon who the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Wa, and we find the context we talk about his Muslim whereby a Muslim is arguing and you know that the person is on the

00:46:10--> 00:46:43

right that person will have any a house inside paradise suppose has to look at the context of what's taking place. If it's obviously randomly walking down the street and someone attacks you for no apparent reason you don't do as Christians say they, they slap in your right cheek off your left cheek, and they slap you slap them back hard, so they feel they feel the pain. So obviously, it depends on the situation. At the end of the day, you know, sometimes muscles become too soft as well, you know, and so obviously, one should be vigilant on what the situation is. But at the same time, the person should not exert a force upon a person person should be able to control them so the

00:46:43--> 00:47:19

person does harm them, you're able to control yourself and to deflect that harm. And likewise, if you're Muslim at the end of the day, the better Muslim brother is the one to walk away, walk away from another Muslim and to advise them inshallah is the best thing to do. whatever type of Muslim it may be, a Muslim is a Muslim and Muslim blood is sacred. So we try to exert our efforts to consult between peoples are unmentionable, in part if attorney mini Nakata Lu for us lubaina Huma, if two groups of believers fight doesn't say one group of believers or other disbelievers it's that sort of project I'd say both are believers they fight what should you do? She tried to reconcile between the

00:47:19--> 00:47:48

two Unfortunately, the Muslims want to stir up problems and this case is is permissible what they call a white lie to go and lie to another Muslim say he spoke well of you he didn't mean it this way, etc. So when they meet a reconciles that's what Muslim should be amongst himself. So we have friends who have problems amongst themselves, especially many of the problems they face are what to do with an Islamic practices. So one, should you remove themselves from seeking revenge or any form of harm towards any Muslims inshallah follow either

00:47:50--> 00:47:51

go check for the

00:47:56--> 00:47:57

Is there any way

00:48:07--> 00:48:40

any whatever if this route barroco loving the foods are from shaytaan, from my own, so sometimes thoughts can come from a person just they could see something or do something and it could food could come into their mind. And that's, as we know, to the end of the final is the sort of Bukhara that before the companions were worried that we're going to be taken for the foods that come to our mind. And then thus these I had to sit down, that almost panda does not place any burden any saw that it cannot bear. So we find that the thought is sheared, the final sort of Baccarat that the thoughts that we have inside our mind, as long as we don't implement them, we will not be held

00:48:40--> 00:48:59

responsible for them. So whether it be thoughts that come from our own soul, or from shavon may be whispering to us as long as we don't implement them. There is no harmony upon us. As for can we clearly make a distinction there may be a time one can get that feeling this may be shaped lining causing me to do this and sometimes this is my own thoughts that are coming into our mind.